Brian Kelly walked into the recruiter's office with some trepidation. He wasn't a timid sort of guy...he'd been a jock since he was six...but all the stories about the military naturally gave him pause for thought. He gained his courage from his natural tendency to look at such things in life as a challenge. The young, sharp marine stood up from his desk and put out his hand.

'Hey, glad you came in,' he said.

Brian took his hand, noting his name-tag...Conner...and the strong, not-put- on grip and the sinewy muscles dancing in his forearm. He waved Brian to sit down.

'I have to assume you're interested in joining the marines.'

'Well, I want some information,' Brian said, noticing the way the marine filled out the uniform, and trying to imagine what he would look like in it.

'Okay, I'll give you my spiel then you can ask me any questions you want,' the sergeant said.

Brian listened to the sergeant's canned speech about the tradition of the Marine Corps, how great it was to be a marine, what he could expect of the marines and of himself. Then he opened it up for questions.

'By the way, are you out of high school?' he asked.

'Finishing up my senior year,' Brian replied.

'Good, because you'll need a high school diploma.'

'Yes, from all I read and hear, it takes some smarts to get in. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm pretty sure I can pass the physical, but I'm not so sure about the mental part.'

'It takes no more than average intelligence,' Conner said. 'Mainly, we want to know you've got what it takes to finish what you started and finishing high school gives us some indication. Given that, we can find a place for you in the marines. There's a battery of tests to determine where you would be most suited. So far as the physical...' He paused and looked him over. 'Well, obviously, you've got a head start on that, barring any hidden deficiencies.'

'I don't know of any hidden deficiencies. I don't know what they would be,' Brian said. 'I've been an athlete all my life and I take good care of myself.'

'Yes, obviously, I can see that from the way you fill out your clothes. But the physical training in the marines is different from pumping iron in the weight room. You could bench 300-pounds and not pass the Marine PT test. It's a whole different ball game. It's based on strength and stamina. Most guys who have the muscles don't have the stamina. But you've got the foundation, and most of all, what it takes to accomplish what you set out to do. You don't

get to look like that by sitting on your ass.'

'Well, I think I can take whatever the Marines dishes out,' Brian said.

Conner nodded, smiling. 'You came in with the right attitude. I like your confidence,' he said.

'But what kind of hidden deficiencies would they be looking for?' Brian asked.

'Look, I can give you a preliminary physical if you like, see if there's anything we need to be concerned about or have taken care of before you enlist.'

'You can?'

'It wouldn't be the official physical, understand; just a prelim. You couldn't even tell anybody I did it. But sometimes I can detect a problem that can be addressed before you show up for your physical. Like flat feet, or an enlarged prostate, I can check for hernia...things that can be corrected in advance.'

'Well, I don't have flat feet, and I don't have any hernia that I know of,' Brian said.

'If you want me to do it, I can lock up for a little while,' Conner said.

'Sure, I guess. It wouldn't hurt,' Brian agreed.

Conner walked over and turned the deadbolt. 'Okay, let's go in the back room.'

Brian followed him into a small office where there was a desk devoid of any papers, and shelves stacked with supplies.

'You wanta strip down for me?' Sgt. Conner said.

Brain hesitated.

'If you've got a problem with that, you came to the wrong place,' Conner said, laughing. 'It can't be that big a deal, you're a jock.'

'No, it's no big deal,' Brian said, a little embarrassed that he had been even the slightest bit hesitant about taking of his clothes.

Conner rested his butt back against the desk with his arms crossed over his chest as he watched Brian strip down.

'Shit, the shape you're in, I'll be surprised if I find anything wrong,' he said. There was an intense expectancy when Brian was down to his briefs. 'You're going to make a hell of a marine,' he remarked when Brian straightened from taking them off and stood naked before him. 'Okay, let's have a look at

your feet.'

Brian lifted one foot then the other for the sergeant's inspection.

'Those feet and those legs will carry you through twenty mile marches, easy,' Conner said. He pulled up a chair and sat down. 'Okay, stand in front of me with our feet apart. This is familiar to you, I'm sure.'

Brian took the stance that he knew so well. He knew this routine but he had a funny feeling about this stud-marine giving him the exam. Nobody but a doctor and some girls had ever touched him so up close and personal.

'Fuck, that's gonna go over big in the barracks,' Conner laughed as he shoved Brian's heavy cock to one side. He probed gently up into his crotch. 'Cough.'

Brian coughed a couple of times. Conner shoved his cock to the other side and probed again. 'Cough. Again...' Brian was a bit concerned that he seemed to linger on his left side.

'Is something wrong? Did you find something?' he asked.

'Looks like I found something all right, but nothing that's going to keep you out of the marines.' He gave Brian's big cock a smack. 'Goddam, how'd you get that thing so big?' he asked, laughing.

'I don't know, it just grew,' Brian said.

'Everything's feels fine,' he replied as he probed one more time.

Brian winced when Conner lifted his balls in his hand and gently squeezed and mauled them with his fingers.

'Looks like these are trying to keep up with your cock,' Conner joked. 'I gotta say, you're put together damned good down here. Better than most guys who come in here.'

'Thanks...I guess,' Brian said nervously.

'Okay, you know the routine from here. Bend over the desk and spread your feet,' Conner said.

'No, I...I don't,' Brian said. 'I never had this exam before.'

'They don't do it as part of your sports physical?'


'Well, you're in for a treat,' Conner said with a chuckle as he reached over the desk and got a tube of lubricant out of the drawer.

Reluctantly, Brian bent over the desk, propped up on his elbows, with his feet set wide apart.

Conner scooted up behind him on the chair. 'If you've never had this done before there might be a little discomfort right at first, but it's nothing you can't handle if you're going to be a marine,' he told him.

Brian jumped when he felt Conner's finger on his asshole.

'Try to relax,' Conner told him.

'I just never had anybody touch me back there before,' Brian said.

Conner worked his finger around the tight hole, massaging the clenching muscle. Gradually, he felt the boy relax. 'Ah, that's it, just relax and take it like a man,' he told him. Brian winced again when the marine's thick finger slipped inside him. Thankfully, he held it still for a moment to let him get used to it. Then he began moving his finger around, massaging the inner muscles of his ass.

'Ohh,' Brian gasped softly.

'You okay?'

'Yeah...yeah...I just never felt anything...OHHhhhhh,' he gaped louder as Conner probed deeper. He held his breath as Conner slowly shoved his finger in as far as he could. 'Awhhh,' he cried softly when he started moving it around. The guy had big fingers, and Godddd, it was feeling good!

'You still okay?' Conner asked.


'Okay, let's go on a search mission and see if I can find it,' he said as he began probing and moving his finger around deep inside Brian's ass.

'OHhhh...Awwwhhhhh...Ohhhhhh, fuck!'

'What's the matter?'

'Awwww, man, you found something!' he moaned.

'I don't feel it yet,' Conner said.


'Is that hurting?'

'NO! Ohhh, no, it's not's...fuck, it's not supposed to feel like this, is it?'

'I don't know, how's it feeling?' Conner asked.

Brain didn't answer. He couldn't tell the sergeant that it was feeling good. Shit, he would think he was gay and that would dam sure keep him out of the marines.

Conner kept probing and massaging the boy's love nut. He'd found it right away but he pretended he was still searching so he could keep his finger moving. He explored and traced the full perimeter around the hard-spongy muscle, then zeroed in. He rubbed his fingertip all around inside the perimeter and nudged the sponginess with his finger.

'AAAhhhhhhhhh! Ohh, Goddam, Sergeant...y-you're g-gonna have to find it pretty damned quick, before I...'

'Ah, there is it,' Conner said.

'Ohh, Goddd...'

'Hang in there, stud,' Conner said. 'Everything feels normal so far...need to get a feel all be sure you...'

'Ohhhhh...ohhhhh, Geezusss...Awwwwhhhhh, man, Sergeant, you gotta stop!'

'Come on, stud, you can handle it,' Conner said as he kept rubbing the now-swollen prostate.

'It's not that!'s f-feeling...awww, man, its feeling good, and I don't think it's supposed to feel good.'

'If it feels good, let it,' Conner said.

'Awwwhhhh...Ohhhhh, Sarge...Ohhhhhh,' he moaned as he began thrashing his butt around on the sergeant's finger.

'Do you want me to stop?'

'Yes! No! No, d-don't...awwww, don't stop, man, you're gonna make me...c-can't help it...I'm gonna COME! Awwhhh... awwwww, here it comes...ohh, shit, I can't help it...I'm c-commmmminnnnn!'

His asshole squeezed tightly around Conner's thick finger as his prostate went into action, quivering and palpitating to force the thick, hot come out of its reservoir, sending it hurling up through his cock. It felt like a tiny heart pounding. Brian couldn't do anything but hang his head and let it happen. His body lurched with each spurt, his legs shook and his stomach muscles trembled. The stuff was shooting out all across the desk and he hunkered back but his cock was so hard it still stuck up in the air. He reached down and shoved it down between his legs and heard the stuff hitting the side of the desk. Godd, it felt incredible! So much come; he didn't know he had it in him, didn't know where it was all coming from.

Sergeant Conner kept his finger inside him till he began to settle down.

'You okay now? Want me to stop now?' he asked in a gruff, gentle tone.

'Yeah,' Brian whispered.

Conner pulled his finger out every-so-slowly and gently. Brian almost hated for him to take it out; his asshole still felt good squeezing around it. But finally, he was clenching the air as his hole gradually closed up. Conner patted him on the butt.

'Well, in my humble opinion, I don't see a fuckin' thing to keep you from becoming a first-rate marine,' he said.

Filled with embarrassment, Brian hesitated before he found the courage to shove himself up from the desk. Fuck, what a mess! There was come streaked all over the desk, some went clear across the desk and hit a file cabinet. It was a good thing the desk was cleaned off. He glanced down to see the thick ropes of come clinging and slowly running down the side of the desk. Fuck, he thought, I shot all of that?

'I'm sorry, I don't known what happened,' he said quietly as he stumbled to get his clothes.

'Don't worry about it. That happens to some guys,' Conner said.

'It does? It's happened to other guys?'

'Yeah, and they all get so embarrassed, like it was the first time they ever shot a load.'

'Well, it is the first time I ever went off in front of anybody else,' Brian said.

'Hey, you shouldn't keep it to yourself, that was damned impressive,' Conner said, laughing.

Brian pulled his shorts up and tucked his heavy, rubbery manhood inside. A big spot appeared in the pouch, soaking up the come that had clung to his cock and was still oozing out.

'If you have some paper towels, I'll clean this up,' he offered.

'Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it,' Conner said.

'Naw, you don't have to...I don't want you to have to...'

'First thing you have to do as a marine is learn to follow orders,' he cut in. 'Now let's go out to my desk and finish the interview and see if you want to sign some papers.'

'Y-you still want me to join, after I did...this?' he asked, with a wave of his hand toward the desk. 'It didn't mean anything that I...that it...'


'That it felt good? I don't think a guy...a normal supposed to have those feelings in his ass. I never heard of anybody enjoying that exam.'

'Why not? Nothing in the regs that say a guy can't shoot a healthy load now and then,' Conner said as he went on out to his office. 'Hell, you wouldn't be a man if you didn't. Of course, you're more of a man than anybody I've had come through the door. Shit, it looks there was a horse back,' he said,


Brian scrambled to get in his clothes. He rushed to take his chair across from the corporal's desk.

'So, do you still want to be a marine?'

'Definitely, if you'll still have me, but....'

'But? You've still got some reservations?'

'Well, I....I was wondering, if...if they do that to me when they give me a real know, the old finger exam...I mean, if I shoot off like that when they're examining my ass, are they gonna think I'm gay or something?

Sgt. Conner laughed heartily. 'Son, all they're gonna think is they've got a prime specimen who's going to make a first rate marine.'

'Well, then, I sure do want to join up.'

'Okay, but I don't want you to sign right now. You take these papers home and read them over. Have your dad look at them if you want to. Then get back with me.' He stood up.

Brian stood up and took the corporal's hand, realizing only then that it was the hand with the finger that had been so deep up inside his ass.

'Look, I'm sorry again...about that,' he said nodding to the door leading into the back office. 'I don't know why it felt so good, but you weren't stopping and it just got to feeling so damned good I couldn't help it.'

Conner laughed. 'Just be glad one of us kept his senses,' he said. 'Truth is, I was getting pretty hot, too, and if you hadn't shot off when you did, you would've likely had something more than my finger in your ass.'

'I was afraid you might use more than one finger,' Brian said.

'I wasn't talking about my fingers,' Conner said as he dropped his hand between his legs.

Brian's eyes widened. Sgt. Conner laughed, and Brian realized he was only kidding. Or was he?



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