Stunned by camera flashes, I can't hardly see the audiences gaping through my naked body. I only wear an underwear that covers only my cock and balls supported by a 1cm. garter-- not to mention the special feature that has an opening on it like a "cloth" glory hole. I can't cover the obvious bulge of meat beneath the tight but thin cloth. The stares of the spectators at my body are kinda intimadating but I gotta admit it's getting me hard-on.Yes, I'm a model. I'm gorgeous. I have beautiful eyes more like of Zac Efron and hairless and lean as meat. And most especially, I have a nasty 7.5 inch cut piece of meat , low hanging ball and a bushy pubes.I'm straight as stick. And by the way, name's Luis. In my profession, i guess it's really shameful when you get a boner especially when the media is front of you, trying to take pics of my manhood--I guess, if that's what they want. It's better to unload my man juice first before getting into ramp. And that happened 2 hours before the show.

2 hours ago. . . . . . .

Norton! Billy! Zen! Luis! As my name was called by the production manager, i went to my room. As i opened the door, i saw the other model , Jason, and our stylist , Glen.

Jason is ready , wearing the rainbow underwear the stylist put him on. Glen said," Luis, is that right?" I said,"yeah that's me" he replied," could you get that jeans and boxers of yours off?"

I said,"Ok, gimme the undies you me to wear". I went to the fitting room and wear it. First, i feel a little uncomfort being the underwear covering only my genital, but a moment or so, i feel comfortable. But something come out in my mind, why did Glen knew that i wore boxer shorts?

I went to my room and there Jason watched me in awe while although Glen is facing the mirror, i can still see his reflection peeking through my meat. Glen," ok, comere and let's fix that out". I sensed that Glen was excited. I let him pull the garter and open the "glory hole" on the brief because it's the special feature. Jawdropped, Glen said," you've got a great package there". Yeah, i guess so, i replied. Jason eyes widened and slurped. Glen closed the hole. I sat on the chair while Glen styled my hair. "say, glen why did you knew that i was wearing boxers?, i said to his reflection. Uhmm. . I just.justjust. happened to be on the c.r. when you . .. . I don't like the style here. ! He changed the t0pic but of course i knew that maybe he peek through the space in the urinal when i urinated. Gays will be always gays. "i will go outside to drink some water and be refresh, see ya later!"jas0n said and i heard him said in low voice " coz it's getting very h0t in here". As jas0n shut the do0r, Glen told me 'b0ut something," you kn0w Luis i was very shocked by the size of your, you-kn0w-what".


"So maybe, maybe-be . ."

"Shut your m0uth up , Glen, i kn0w you wanted my cock so badly and i wouldn't limit the sharing of it just to me so go ahead, help yourself".

I can see in Glen's eyes the feeling of child wanting to open his christmas gifts.

I rotated the chair to Glen's positi0n so he can have the share.

I wanted to unload so badly because it's weeks n0w fr0m the last time my gf gave me a bl0wjob and i was als0 curious ab0ut gay giving hands just to satisfy straights and beside i can't face the audiences with a b0ner fr0m a week's frustrati0n.

He opened the gift with his right hand and his left wipe the saliva dripping fr0m his m0uth obvi0usly starving fr0m cock.

You sure b0ut this?Glen said.

Why? You d0n't want it ?

No, of course i want it, but you're straight.

It's ok. Besides i want to spurt juice so badly and i want it to be in your m0uth.

Y0u said it, i wouldn't have to argue.

I was so h0t n0w that my r0d now is fully erect and p0inting my st0mach. My.Legs apart fr0m each other so he can d0 whatever he wanted to his present. I cl0sed my eyes to feel the intimacy Glen i giving to me. I felt glen touch the c0ck with apparent passi0n. I m0aned until i felt lips in the tip of my glans sl0wly opening to let in my meat. I opened my eyes and there saw the guy have my cock inside his warm mouth. I felt like i was in cl0ud nine. It was m0re pleasurable than my gf giving me her pussy. I can feel his tounge swirl to my c0ckhead as he pushed it further until he was deepthroat. Sure, this devil is an expert. I m0aned louder as the intensity of the bl0wjob became harder. I held glen's hair thrusting it harder in my cock. Glen's m0uth is a perfect pusSy. I closed my eyes.

Uh,uh.uh,uh.i love it glen.

Sure you are!

Say, it's n0t your first time d0ing it huh?


Uh.uh.uh.uh.uh..keep doing that.!

Then i heard the do0r creaking, open my eyes, i saw jas0n open the do0r but surprisingly he wasn't shocked.

Having nasty fun eh? He said.

Yeah.! You wana j0in? I asked

Sure, consider it my pleasure.

Then i felt tightness in my dick. .then i saw my cock was inside glens body. He m0aned while jas0n sucked my nipples licking every part of my sexiness. My balls were banging against gLen's rear which i find very er0tic. While jas0n lick my armpit and smell the musk of manh0od.Jason, are you gay? I said.

Yeah obvi0usly, i love you luis . .

I felt intimadated. .


I said i love you so badly i want you to be my boyfriend.

Whoah! Easy there.

Why ? What's wr0ng with that?

Let me think b0ut it, by the meantime give me pleasure.


I was shocked by what jas0n said. I mean , he as my boyfriend. What the!

Glen was obvi0usly having fun with my cock thrusting harder.

The touch of jas0ns fingertip in my body and lips on my nipples makes me wilder.

This is life!

Glen withdraw his butt. .and suck it my c0ck again.. .GaAaAaAD. .this is great.

Two gay caressing my body, it's just simply delicious.

Suddenly i felt spasm in my stomach followed by euphoria. .

Im g0na CuUuUuUum!

Jets of thick juice spurted out of me. The biggest load i ever pour out of me.

8 jets of it streamed in my body. It was heaven. The feeling is like nothing i could ever compare.

I found the guys cleaning my juice, licking every part while glen miik me till the last dr0p of sperm. Man, that was amazing!

After the show i realized what jas0n told me.

Maybe i could share intimacy with him besides my girlfriend. He wanted me so i give in.

Weeks have passed.

Every day i hang-out with jas0n on his house and play sex games but i make clear to him that i am n0t gay. That's why he love me.


| tristaN


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