It was another Saturday night and I was on my hands and knees at my Master's feet. Well, worshipping his shiny black leather boots, to be exact. I was not allowed to look up at his face without permission, but I knew exactly how he would look as he stood there - his bearded face and dark hair setting off his rugged looks, his tall muscular body encased in supple black leather. I took a peek upward just a couple feet to see the tight bulge in his leather pants and felt my cock harden.

He had called me earlier in the day to tell me to be ready and waiting in the dungeon at 8 o'clock on my hands and knees and I was so excited that I thought about what he would do to me all day long. By the time I got home from work I was so horny that I would have jacked off except that He told me I was no longer allowed to cum except at His command.

So there I was at His feet, the place where I most wanted to be. I was wearing a leather thong that exposed my ass and barely concealed my cock and balls. Other than that, I was naked.

After I had kissed and licked His boots to his satisfaction, he allowed me to stand. He kissed me hard on the mouth and pulled me against his body so I could feel his erect cock through the tight leather pants. Unfortunately for me, this meant he could feel mine.

'Did I tell you you had My permission to get hard?' he asked in his deep voice, tipping my head up so he could look into my eyes.

'No, Sir', I responded in a small voice.

'Well, then, I think some chastisement is in order' my Master told me sternly in his low voice. 'A spanking is in order. Bring me my crop and a medium-sized spanking paddle' he commanded me.

What could I do? Quivering with fear and anticipation, I went across the dungeon floor and got the riding crop - a long, very stiff one. I then moved to the selection of spanking paddles and selected a wood one with a good grip and a black leather spanking surface. I went back to Master, got down on my knees and presented these implements to him. He told me to turn around and reached down to carress my buttocks gently, teasingly, then brought his hand down hard. Several times that hand rose and fell hard enough to sting.

My Master then sat down and pulled me face down across his leather-covered thighs. Using the paddle, he began my punishment. He started with a fairly light spanking, but the paddle already hurt. I could feel my buttcheeks turning pink as the paddle continued to slap against the skin of first one buttock, then the other. When it became too painful, he stopped - for a minute. He reached his hand underneath me to find my dick with his hand. It was still hard - in fact, it was probably harder.

'It appears that you are stubborn' my master told me. He let his fingers gently trail across the now-warm skin of my buttocks. The pleasure/pain as his fingers stroked my sore flesh made me tingle and I felt my cock throb. 'I want you totally naked and lying across my lap - NOW!' my Master demanded.

I pulled off my leather thong. For a second, it caught on my cock and then I was completely naked, exposed and vulnerable. That thought was very exciting. I lay down across my Master's lap, buttocks in the air.

'Since every part of you belongs to Me, I want to remind you that you must ask permission before you are allowed to get hard or to masturbate', He told me, a finger trailing down my spine to my butt. 'I am going to give you a hard paddling and I want you to keep track of every stroke', He said. 'If you lose track, I was have to start over and will have to use harder strokes.'

Once I had lost track and the paddlling I got was harder. Much harder. It hurt me to sit down for a week. I hadn't lost count since.

The paddle descended, striking my already sore bottom hard. 'One', I counted out loud, clearly. The paddle raised, then fell again, not with a slap but with a lower sound of leather and wood against my meaty cheeks. For ten measured strokes, the paddle raised and came down. It was a very hard paddling, meant not as a tease but definitely as a punishment. I would be feeling this for days. I counted each hit clearly and out loud and by the sixth time the paddle struck me, I couldn't help it - I started to cry. The pain was so strong.

After ten strokes, my Master put down the paddle. He cupped one of my cheecks in each hand, feeling the very warm flesh. In spite of the pain, or perhaps because of it, I felt a rush of love - and lust.

'Now I want you down on your knees in front of me', I was told. 'I am going to fuck your mouth.' I got down on my knees. 'Now unzip my pants carefully' he said. 'And then pull out my cock. After that, I do not want you to use your hands. Leave them at your sides and open your mouth.'

I pulled out his huge, rigid tool and dropped my hands to my sides, my eyes forward and my mouth open. My Master shoved my cock deep into my mouth till it hit the back of my throat. I had to work to keep from gagging as he began to roughly fuck my face and I felt so submissive and so helpless.

And then I felt the riding crop cut into my flesh as His cock filled my mouth. His hips moved back and forth as his penis moved in and out of my mouth, hitting my throat again and again. 'Suck it!' he commanded, his powerful pistonlike thursts pounding as the riding crop fell. It was hard to keep my hands down - part of me wanted to protect my bottom from the pain the riding crop was causing and part of me wanted to cup his balls and squeeze them.

'Have you learned your lesson'? He finally asked, his dick still fucking my face deep and hard. Then He paused for my answer, pulling his cock away.

'Yes, Sir' I told him, tears in my voice from the burning pain. Then His cock was back in my mouth and I tasted the precum oozing out of the tip.

'I want you to play with yourself', He said. 'I want you to make yourself cum'.

And with that, he put one hand under my chin to hold my head in place and slammed my open mouth with His hard rod. I reached down with one hand and wrapped my fingers around my cock and began to stroke it in the same rythmn my mouth was being assaulted. My hand moved up and down as my Master's penis filled my mouth and I did my best to keep sucking.

We were moving together now, my hand and his hips. He thrust again and again and my hand moved up and down my shaft as the pain in my buttocks throbbed, the pain somehow stimulating and exciting. And then his pace increased.

'Take all my cum!' he cried out. And that's all it took. My entire body tightened and I felt my cock spasm as I reached my own climax. My Master filled my mouth and throat with his warm, thick cream as I shot my load, cumming very intensely. He jetted spurt after spurt down my throat as I experienced one of the strongest orgasms of my life.

When it was over, He kissed me and then got a cool cloth and bathed my sore bottom gently. It hurt but I loved the attention. Afterward, he took me to a romantic dinner. The food was great, my Master was wonderful and the pain from my bruised bottom hinted at the punishment I had received earlier and at delights to come...




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