Like most storys I shall start with a once apond a time but I feel I must warn you this story is like no other let us begin.1897 august 14th London England young William Scott follower is the son of a prized preist his father was troubled that his son did not live by the good lord as he did but he tryed not to think about it to much. William was out one night he stumbled into a pub he asked the barkeep for a glass of water then a fellow came up and sat right next to William

'Hello i'm William what is your name' the boy looked up the very first thing William noticed was his eyes they were so black,cold,and deep but also warm William felt afraid and safe at the same time

'Hello I'm oliver' he said in a deep voice William then asked 'how old are you?'

Oliver said nothing in fact he got up and left William went after him he caught up with Oliver and said'please tell me your age!'

Oliver turned and even thought it was very dark William could feel Olivers deep black eyes looking at him Oliver then walked up and whispered in Williams ear

'19 now go to bed and get some sleep'.

William went home and got in to bed as he laid there awake in his bed all he could thing of was oliver but he soon drifted asleep.that morning William got up ate breakfast and walkedd down to the lake for a swim he jumped in the water and when he reached the surface he saw oliver jump in the water William was happy oliver said

'Hello William did you have good sleep last night?'

William smiled and answered 'yes in fact i did thank you for asking' they talked and swam for hours. once they were done swimming oliver took william to his house oliver's house was very large he also semmed to be weathly they made there way through the house and to olivers bed room oliver handed william a white towel william started drying his hair as oliver took his bathing suit off wiliam caught a glimps and oliver cock he saw that his hair was curly but got startled when oliver asked why william was shaking 'i'm a little cold' william answered oliver told his maid to get a warm bath ready for william at first he declined the offer but oliver said

'I do not want my new friend to get a cold and you must wash the dirt and sand off you' so william got in the tub a few moments later oliver walked in and sat on the stool he grapped a cloth stuck it under the water and began to wash williams back something came over william and his cock which stood completely up oliver saw that and dragged william to the bedroom he closed and locked the door he looked at william standing naked right in font of him he started taking his clothes off he pused william on the bed and grapped a hold of his cock and began to lick it and suck it willliam moaned in lust




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