*Authors Note: This is a longer story than most of my other works. I have always wanted to tell a story about the naive ways of virgins and the ignorant ways of older men in relationships. this story has plenty of sexual activities but is also more than that. I hope you enjoy this tale and please leave feedback. Your opinions can really help shape my writing and posses me to write more.

My shift at work had just ended. Making coffees all day for people is exhausting. I took it upon myself to just sit back and relax at work. I usually head home or go out to the mall but today I wanted to relax. I took off my green apron and sat in the lounge area. I pulled out one of my favorite books, Animal Farm, and had myself a cup of tea. An hour passed and I could hear the incoming sounds of strangers coming and going. The ambience of the café was perfect and I could read in piece.

            “May I have this seat in front of you?” asked a sharp voice with a peculiar accent. I looked up from my book and saw an older looking gentleman pointing to the chair in front of me. I nodded and he sat down. I examined him as I took notice of him examining me. He looked late 40’s, salt and pepper hair, cut short on the sides with leaving the top a little long, he wore a suit in three different shades of blue (Navy blue, Baby blue, and Cerulean). He had fair skin with a hint of a summer’s glow. His eyes were blue like the ocean and his lips were pink like a tulip. The stubble around his face helped define his sharp jaw features. He had his shirt unbuttoned down a bit. It made it easier to see his hairless chest. The whole time I examined him he never took his eyes off of me.

            “What are you reading if you don’t mind me asking?” he asked again in his foreign voice.

“I’m reading Animal Farm. It’s a good book.” I said in my southern Texas accent.

            “I must’ve missed that one. Can you tell me what it’s about?” He smiled that time. I figured he must’ve heard of it but I was keen on small talk.

“It’s an allegory about people, the world, etc. I feel it most represents a dictatorship. I’m a huge fan of dystopias.”

            “You have good taste. I lied by the way, I have read that book many times. Please forgive me.”

“I figured that. So you have a funny accent, where are you from?”

            “Cornwall. My accent is Cornish if you must know. Do you fancy it?” I had no poker face. He knew I liked his voice so I just nodded.

“We can keep kidding ourselves about our mutual attraction or we can get right to business, I have a proposition for you. Would you like to hear it?” The man’s demeanor was serious. He was really straight to the point. I hesitated with my answer but I liked the not subtle way he asked things.

            “Sure. What do you have in mind?” I was not ready for his question.

“My name is Richard Evans. I own a huge company in Britain and I’m here in America on business. I am to attend a huge benefit ball tomorrow night in LA and I need a companion. Long story short, I find you very attractive and pleasing to the eye. Every guy who walks in here fancies you some way or another. I want to take you with me to Los Angeles to impress my potential business partners and as eye candy. I am willing to pay for your services. Give me a price?” I looked at him gob smacked. He couldn’t be serious I thought to myself.

            “Are you being 100% with me?” I asked still in shock by his question.

“Yes I am. I need your answer and price like now. My private jet is waiting for me and I need to get going. I do have some stipulations if you agree to come.”

            “What are these stipulations?”

“You must do what I say when I say it. You will be mine for the duration of this trip. You must also sign a non-disclosure agreement. Nobody is to know I bought you. I will own you for this trip.” He was serious. He pulled out his non-disclosure agreement and pointed at his watch. I knew I had to give him an answer soon.

            “I’ll do it but I need to know one thing first?” I asked.

“And what is that?”

            “Why did you choose me and not anyone else here?” He grinned at my question and gave me a few looks up and down and started on his answer.

“I have been coming to this café all week while I’ve been doing business here. The moment I saw you I found you very arousing. I also loved how every gay man that passed you by was always looking at you. Your southern boy charm and voice are a huge turn on for me. I like the smooth tan skin of your body, the small freckle by your bottom lip, the way your black skinny jeans compliment your bubble ass, I noticed the impressive tool you are hiding in your pants and it makes me interested in what you are hiding. You have a very quiet demeanor about yourself so I assume you are a virgin and I noticed you look only at men, so I assume you are gay. Also let me guess you are around 22? Am I right so far?”


“The major thing about why I want you is you are just nice. You like to read, and listen to crowds of people. You don’t seem fazed by this fake world we inhabit. You are your own person and I want you to be mine for a night. I don’t want to just have sex with you. I want to be with you and own you for one night.”

He leaned over to me and put his strong hand on mine. He was being honest and sincere with me. I grabbed a pen from the counter and signed the paper. I was intrigued by all his notions and assumptions about me. Yes, I was a virgin and I was 22. I have been saving myself for the right guy. I only masturbate once a week and do not engage in sexual activities. I have a simple life, work, school, sleep. My life is pretty much boring and I have always wanted to be excited. Next he asked for the price.

            “$1,000 for the night. That could help me with school bills and such.” I said with such confidence. He looked at me with a silly expression and ushered me towards the bathroom.

            One inside the men’s bathroom he locked the door. He pushed me up against the wall and began to force his mouth on mine. His kiss was full of passion and rage. My body surrendered to his kiss. His lips were powerful in their execution. His tongue was moist and hot. He massaged my tongue with his and bit by bottom lip. I just gasped in heat. He then lifted my shirt, exposing my toned body and my 6 pack abdominal muscles, and started to explore my body and I let him. He found his hands near my nipples and started to pinch them. He rolled my nipples in his fingers, while he tongue fucked my mouth. After the nipple play he slid his hands down inside my crotch. My grabbed my cock with his hand and began to explore my pubic region. He played with my cock head, opening my penis hole and massaging the head, and began to grasp my ball sack. He finally found his way to my taint and began to rub his middle finger around that area. Suddenly when I thought he would go further, he stopped. He lowered my shirt back down, removed his hand from my crotch, and removed his mouth from mine. He backed up slowly and stared at me with excitement.

“Meet me at the airport in 30 minutes. Don’t bring anything with you except a new change of clothes. I’ll pay you $2 million for the duration of your trip. By the way, what is your name?”

            “It’s Toby. My name is Toby.” I said while trying to compose myself.

“See you in 30 Toby.” With that he left the bathroom and left me to myself. I couldn’t believe he was going to pay me 2 million. Before I left the bathroom, after I adjusted myself, I noticed a check on the counter. He had left me 1 million for my time in the bathroom. This was a serious proposition. I left the café and headed home to change. I was not going to miss this flight.

            I made it to the airport and found myself to be greeted by one his employees. It was an older man, but younger than Richard, wearing a black suit and tie. “This way.” He said with an impatient voice. He escorted me through the terminal all the way to a private landing strip. The private jet was awaiting me there. The jet was blue with a light blue stripe on the side. The pilot was a woman her assistant was a man. I followed the suited man up the stair inside the jet. Richard was sitting down waiting for me there.

            Without a moment’s hesitation the jet took off. He must’ve been really in a hurry. I was poured a glass of wine and was given a tray of strawberries. Richard sat and watched me as I drank some wine and ate my strawberries. A few minutes passed and he was straight onto business.

“The bathroom was your audition and I’m glad you came.” He said smirking.

            “What do you mean an audition?” I asked

“I needed to see if we had chemistry and we do. You are a great kisser and I love your willingness to give up control to someone.”

            “You kind of just forced it though.” I retorted.

“You could have said no or tried to push me away. You liked it.” He took a sip of his wine and assumed control of the conversation.

“Tomorrow is the benefit party but tonight is a special dinner at one my business largest estates. Tonight we will go and have dinner. Once there you will address me as your boyfriend and that we plan to marry soon. I need you to shave off your stubble for tonight. I need a baby faced boyfriend. This crowd loves younger men and when they see you, the jealous factor will be too much. I have a suit on the jet for you and I will make sure it is delivered to our hotel room, but first I want to shave your cock.”

Phew! The moment I heard the last command I spit out some of my wine. Richard laughed but I was kind of embarrassed. I wiped off the wine dripping from my chin and responded to his strange order, “Am I hairy down there or something?”

“No, but I have always wanted to shave another man. Stand up please.” His command was real. I stood up out of my seat and he already had a shaver and water nearby. He unzipped my blue jeans and pulled them down to my feet. Next he stared a minute at my underwear, I wore a pair of white FTL boxer briefs, and then he slid them down too. His reaction to my flaccid cock was priceless. My cock was about 7inchs soft and it could grow to about 9 inchs. I was uncircumcised as well. “Well that’s a surprise.” He stated with a smile and then the shaving commenced.

            I had never been shaved before. Not by me or anyone else for that matter. I have never even let another man see my cock before, so this was a unique experience. I stayed soft as he put warm water on my pubes and started applying the cream. With a few strokes of the razor my hair in one section was gone. The sensation felt good and I was starting to chub up. Richard did not notice as he focused solely on my pubes. I felt his warm breath on the skin on my cock and then I felt a warm kiss on my foreskin. I closed my eyes. I felt the razor touch my body again but the sensation of another kiss on my foreskin took my mind right off the razor. Next I could feel a warm liquid, spit most likely, enter my foreskin and could feel a little nibble. My cock began to grown. I could feel his tongue licking inside my skin to my cockhead. When I was fully erect the licking stopped. “I need to shave under you cock too.” I rolled my eyes in embarrassment and the shaving commenced.

            I pulled up my underwear and pants and resumed my position in the chair. A coolness now hit my pubic region and it felt good. Richard cleaned up the mess he made and retired to the bathroom. I could hear him masturbating. The pilot got on the intercom and announced we were arriving in LA. A few moments later we had landed.

            As we made our way out of the airport Richard held my hand. He wanted to show I was his. He escorted me to a limo and we were off to our next stop. He was on business calls the entire way in the limo that the passion and excitement I felt a few moments ago on the plane kind of dissipated. The limo stopped at a luxury hotel. The limo doors opened for us and only I got out.

“You not coming in?” I asked.

            “Sorry but I have to run to a business meeting really quick. I left you something upstairs. Call Eduardo when you get changed and I’ll meet you at the dinner tonight. See you later love.” With his reply he was on the road.

            The hotel lobby was enormous and pristine. I walked to the check in counter and was immediately handed an envelope, they were expecting me. The envelope had a room key inside and I made my way to the elevators. The key fit perfectly in the elevator and I was on my way to the penthouse.

            The penthouse doors were huge. I opened them to reveal a two story glass room. The room was filled with a black leather couch, a fireplace built inside the walls, a fountain of water coming down the walls, a huge flat screen tv, and a glass staircase leading up to the master room and bar. I stood in the open room with amazement and finally took a seat on the leather couch.

            Ring Ring. The telephone rang upstairs. I ran as quickly as I could and picked up the phone. “Hello?” I asked to the stranger on the other end.

“Hello is this Toby?” asked a man with a Hispanic accent.

            “Yes this is. Who may I ask is calling?”

“This is Eduardo; I am your limo driver for tonight. The party will be at 9:30pm you need to be ready by 9 tonight. Call me when you are ready and I will get the limo ready.”

            “Okay, got it.” With that Eduardo hung up the phone and I checked the time. It was only 7:30 so I had time to relax and change.

            I entered the master bedroom and saw my suit from the plane sitting on the blue velvet sheeted bed. I also noticed a box with an envelope attached to it as well. I opened the envelope and it read, “Hello my lover, Tonight I have a very important dinner with clients and friends and I need to make an impression. In the box where the letter is attached you will find all the necessary items I will require you to use. You have your own shaver and cream, some high end cologne, a pair of black Emporio Armani briefs, and a small dildo with lube. Your instructions before the party are simple; Take a shower and masturbate with the dildo up your ass, do not cum but build a load up for later, next shave your stubble and any loose hairs you can find, brush your teeth, and then apply the cologne. Finally get dressed and wear the briefs I bought for you (I will check to make sure you wear them). I will be in the mansion foyer around 10pm tonight waiting for you. Remember, you are my boyfriend and you belong to me. See you soon.” I put the letter on the bed and opened up the box. The items he said that would be in there were. I followed his commands and headed to the shower.

            The shower was huge and was the size of my apartment. The shower has cobblestone floors and a glass door. I turned on the shower head and then removed my clothes. As I entered the shower the steam coming from the shower felt amazing. As I began to wash my body I took notice of the small dildo. The dildo was thin but long. It was about 9 inches long but only 2 inches wide. Richard knew I was a virgin, so I assumed he wanted me to loosen my hole up for later. I grabbed the dildo with one hand and spread my bare ass cheeks to it. The moment it entered me I let out a squeal. It hurt but felt good at the same time. As I moved the instrument back and forth the pain subsided a little bit and all I could feel was pleasure. So much pleasure in fact that my cock was starting to grow. I jerked my cock while I worked the dildo deeper into my anus. I was so close to cumming that I had to stop. When I couldn’t go any further with the dildo I figured it was time to get out and get on with his other commands.

            I shaved off my stubble and plucked a few chest hairs from my torso. I put lotion on my clean body and followed that up with his cologne he got me. Next I put on the briefs he left for me and put on the suit. The suit was black with a blue shirt and dark blue tie. He also had the front desk bring me up a pair of polished dress shoes, in black of course. The time was around 8:45pm so I made the call. By 8:50 Eduardo was at the hotel and I made my way to him and the limo.

            Eduardo said nothing to me as he took me around LA. I arrived at the mansion around 9:30 and was taken up to the front of the estate. The mansion was a huge stone reality covered by trees and shrubs. A red carpet led from the pick-up/ drop-off area all the way to the main area. When we finally pulled up to the spot I was greeted by an usher and he helped me out of the limo. Eduardo drove off and I entered a dream.

            Inside this lavish estate people were having drinks and talking amongst each other. I took sight of the huge grand staircase and marble statues of naked Greek gods around the place. I saw a fountain in the gardens, a maze in the backyard, and a guest house near that. The mansion had huge drapes and huge pieces of priceless art hanging from the walls. I also noticed everyone here at the party were men. Not just any men but older men. These men where in their late 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and one in their 80’s. Most of them took sight of me in an instant.

            “You kind of look like that statue over there.” Said an older man, dressed in a tux, smoking a cigar. He had to be in his late 60’s.

“Pardon me.” I said trying to pretend I didn’t hear what he said.

            “Follow me” he put his hand on my lower back and walked me to a statue on the other side of the estate grounds. Other men watched as we walked to where he landed us. This man had a full head of white hair, he was very built based on his frame, and he was definitely into spray tans. “You look like this statue. This is the Greek God Adonis. Do you know of him?”

“No.” I replied truthfully as I scanned the statue.

            “He was the Greek God of beauty and desire. He was also a talented hunter. He was killed by a boar that was sent from another God who was jealous of his hunting skills. Such a shame if you ask me, he was quite cute. You could almost be him. You have this wavy dirty blonder hair,” he started to wave his fingers through my hair, “it’s so thick and lovely. You also have a delectable bum I might add.” He moved his hand from my lower back and squeezed one of my ass cheeks.

“Sorry, I’m with someone.” I replied as I gently removed his hand from my ass.

            “Pity, I’d be willing to pay a fortune for someone as beautiful as you. You better be careful though “Adonis” some people could get jealous of you.” He smelt the hand that touched my ass and walked away.

            10pm came and Richard was where he said he would be. He grabbed me by arm and he escorted me around the party. He loved the attention he was getting from being with me, but the attention also made me feel uncomfortable. Men gazed at me with all these thoughts in their mind. I could see them lick their lips, touch themselves, and stare at me with anticipation.

            The dinner feast had finally come and it was a huge buffet. I grabbed a small plate to eat and helped myself to the fruit. The older man who touched me earlier tossed a few grapes my way. “Grapes for a God.” He said with a sneer and he gave Richard an evil look.

“Who is that man?” I pointed out towards the old man.

            “His name is Victor Tangier. He owns a huge museum in England. He collects things from statues, to cars, and even men. He actually loves to collect men. It’s one of his huge hobbies. He ties them up and puts them on display at his place and he enjoys watching them perform for his guests. He is a very wealthy man and when he wants something he can get it. Stay clear of him okay.” With that I felt a bit of fear in my stomach. Victor never took his eyes off me the entire dinner.

            Around midnight the party dwindled. Richard spoke to a few of his co-workers and I stood off in the corner. I decided to clean up before we headed home so I made my way upstairs to the bathroom. I washed my face off and peed in the stall. The moment I finished I heard the bathroom door open. I closed the stall and held it tightly. “You can come out Adonis, I won’t bite.” I exited the bathroom stall and saw Victor, drunk, standing in front of the door. I nodded politely in his direction.

“I guess I should go, Richard is ready to go.” I tried to walk past him but he pushed me back.

            “Richard can wait. Besides you don’t have to rush. It’s not like he owns you. Or does he?”

“Please I need to go.” I tried again but this time he pushed me harder and I fell on the bathroom floor. Victor dropped down on top of me.

            “I can give you so much more than he can. I can make you so wealthy and treat you so much better than he can. I won’t let him have you all to himself.” Victor held me tightly and I could not break his grip. He was stronger than me. Victor licked my face and licked my mouth. I denied him entry so he punched me hard. I lost sight for a minute.

            When I came too, Victor was removing my suit from my body. I immediately came too and fought him for ownership of my pants. Victor again gave me another hit and he tore off my pants. My mouth had been slightly busted. I could feel his sweaty hands touching my legs as he made his way up to my thighs. He massaged my inner thighs as he moved his head toward my private area. He took a couple big whiffs of my crouch and buried his nose in it. I could feel his meaty hands being aggressive towards my thighs that it started to hurt. His nose in my crotch also hurt as well. I got a hold of myself and punched him in the head. I could hear the bathroom door being knocked into. Richard bust open the door and saw me bleeding from my mouth and without my pants. In a split second he scooped me up from the ground and rushed me to his limo. Once inside he told me, “I’ll be right back. I’m going to go kill him.”

“No!” I replied. I grabbed Richards hand and said, “Stay with me.” Richard hesitated for a moment but he decided to stay with me to make sure I was okay. He ordered the limo driver to take us to the hotel and with the roar of the engine we were off.

            During the ride to the hotel Richard held me to him. My face was buried in his chest. I tried to say, “What about the blood?” but he never even moved me from him. Once we pulled up to the hotel he, again, rushed me into the elevator and up to our room. Moments later I found myself being treated for my wounds.

“I’m okay.” I stated. Richard didn’t care. He took care of me anyways.

“Are you sure?” he asked as he tended my busted lip.

“Yes. He only got a few good licks in but nothing happened.” I said again. I didn’t want to tell him he was buried face down in my crotch.

            “That asshole! You should have let me kill him. I swear if he would have touched you…. I. I.. I” Richard could not finish his sentence. I pulled him towards me and kissed his weary lips. We both kissed hard and with endearment. I finally laid him back on the blue velvet sheets and we both fell asleep. The situation still had a scary effect on me. I knew Victor was not done with me.

            Morning came and so did a spectacular view. Richard was up walking around naked. I saw his tight muscular body, his huge chest with pink nipples, his hairy flaccid cock swaying from side to side, and his huge balls the hung like ornaments.  When he dropped a paper he was writing something down he bent down to pick it up. When he took his bow I stared right into his hairless man pussy. The hole was nice and pink and my urges to want to touch it were strong. I found Richard attractive before but this was something else. Richard clicked off his phone and he waved his hand towards me to follow him. I immediately got up and followed my new “boyfriend”. I followed him towards the bathroom and he surprised me from behind. He put a blind fold over my eyes and I could feel him undress me till I was completely naked. He took me into the hot and steamy shower and then the action commenced.

            He moved me to one side of the shower and he began to kiss my neck. He moved my arms and hands up above my head, I knew not to put them down. He slowly licked his way down to my now fully erect cock and began to suck me off. His mouth was hot and hungry. I loved the way he played with foreskin every time he came off my cock. My head was already sensitive but he made it worse, but in a good way. He licked my cockhead till I oozed pre-cum and then he tasted me. For the first time I was tasted. He didn’t stop though. He bobbed his head back and forth. “Ahh! Ohh! Oh Fuck!” I moaned in pleasure. My cock throbbed every time his warm mouth encompassed my erect cock. Finally, he got far enough that he deep-throated my cock and I heard him gag a little. He bobbed some more and finally the pleasure was just too much. “I gonna cum!” in a split second I was shooting my first load down a man’s throat. He sucked and sucked till nothing else came out of me. His mouth let go of my cock and it dangled below me twitching for more. When I thought he was done with me he surprisingly moved his mouth up to mine. His forced my mouth open with his tongue and out came my own cum from his mouth. My load was huge that it ran down the sides of my mouth, dripping its way down to the shower floor. I tasted sweet and salty at the same time. He never swallowed me he just held me in his mouth. He made me swallow my own cum and it was amazing. The hot liquid rushed down my throat and I wanted more. After I swallowed the last drop Richard again put his mouth on mine and fed me the rest of my own cum. This time I swallowed slowly. I loved the thick texture, and sweet taste in my mouth. After I swallowed Richard left the shower and left me to my cleaning habits.

            “Drink more pineapple juice.” Richard commanded as I walked towards the living area. I met him near the dining area wearing a pair of jeans and my body was still damp from the shower.

“What will that do for me?” I asked surprisingly.

            “It will make your cum taste even sweeter. You have good tasting cum but I want you sweeter than sweet. You can start now.” Richard gave me a glass of juice and I drank the whole glass.

“What’s the agenda for tonight?”

            “Tonight is the benefit ball. I’m sending you to a make-up artist to counteract those bruises you have. Later I will have an outfit sent over and then we will attend the ball, together this time. As for right now, I want you to take off your jeans and bend over the couch. I want to stare at your virgin boy pussy for a little while, while I finish up this last work assignment.” Richard made a gesture of where he wanted me and I obliged him.

            I walked over to the black leather sofa and removed my clothes. Richard did not notice as he was reading the paper. I got on my knees and spread my ass for his viewing pleasure. An hour went by and it was completely silent. Suddenly I heard him shut his computer and put the paper down. “Make it wink at me!” He demanded. I clenched and unclenched my tight hairless hole for his viewing pleasure and heard him touch himself. “Keep winking it at me!” He exclaimed again and I did just that. My boy pussy stared him straight in the face. It winked around 100 times to him and my hole was basically wanting to be fed. I could hear in the distance a fapping motion. I spread my cheeks further apart and blinked my asshole faster for his viewing pleasure. “Ugh! Ugh!” With a few tugging sounds Richard had cum.

            Richard left for his last meeting for the trip and I stayed in the room watching tv and drinking juice. I did peek my nose into Richards wardrobe of clothes and found about 50 suits in different shades of colors. I also spent my time using the dildo and trying to make it hurt less and less. I did a quick shave and even shaved my armpit hair this time as well.

            Knock, Knock. I heard the door knock and I made my way to it. I saw a letter slide underneath the door and it was address to “Adonis”. I picked up the letter with hesitation and finally opened it out of fear. It read; “Dear Adonis, I’m sorry for last night. My lust got the better of me. I hope to see you at the party tonight. I have big plans for you and me. P.S. Your cock smells great can’t wait to taste it next.” I quickly threw the letter in the fireplace and I watched it burn in agony.

            The time of the ball was here. Richard and I got dressed in our navy blue tuxedos and made our way to the limo. Richard again made me wear a new cologne, white Armani briefs, and this time he made me kiss him on the ride there. The limo drive was about an hour long, due to that LA traffic. We finally arrived at the benefit ball.

            The benefit ball was for raising awareness for suicides in the LGBTQ community. Surprisingly Richard was the host of this ball. The event was held in a prestigious hotel, bigger than the one we stayed at, and was filled with all sorts of people from all over. I felt more at ease for I saw more than juts old men this time around. Young, gay, straight, lesbians, and more crowded the halls and they were all excited to be here for a reason. Richard showed me off to people and they all had jealous looks in their eyes. This time though it seemed they all wanted him instead of me.

            Richard left me out by the hotel garden area and told me to stay put. I felt at ease in my position due to all the surrounding witnesses. I waved hi to a few friendly faces and found myself chatting up with some younger LGBTQ activists. After our fun conversation ended I waited at my spot but Richard never came back. I sat on a bench by the beautiful garden sculptures and waited my “boyfriend” to come back to me.

“You look nice.” Said a familiar voice from beside me. It was Victor.

            “What do you want?” I asked being snarky.

“Isn’t obvious? I want you.” Victor took a seat next me.

            “I already told you I’m with someone. Now please go!” I ordered.

“Are you sure you are with someone. Last time I checked your Richard was flirting with another boy. As a matter of fact, if you take a look around there are 5 more boys just like you just sitting and waiting.” I tried to ignore his words but when I did actually notice I saw he spoke the truth. I saw 3 other guys dressed similar to me but in different colors all just sitting. They were waiting for someone. One guy was dressed in red, the other in violet, with the last guy in orange. I took a look at myself and I noticed I didn’t have any of those colors on me.

            “But there is no way…Richard wouldn’t do that to me.” I said loudly.

“But he has. He might’ve told you about my dirty little habits but has he told you about his? He has a fetish for young boys. He acquires them in certain colors. You are blue while that guy is orange and so on. After tonight he won’t ever see you again. He likes to deflower virgins. It’s his specialty. He makes you follow his orders till he makes you the way he wants you. After the ball he’s going to fuck you then you won’t be a virgin anymore so what use will you have?”

            “You are lying.” I said worried.

“I wish I was. Once he fucks your ass you are done. He never swallows you does he? You never get to suck him do you?”

            “No…actually I haven’t sucked him.”

“That’s so he doesn’t get to attached to you. He makes you fall for him and then he throws money at you like a whore. He won’t ever call or see you again. He is a virgin whore. Trust me that’s all he wants is your boy pussy.”

            “You just don’t want me to be with him. You just want me for yourself!”

“Of course I want you for myself. But I’m not lying to you. I can take you anywhere, give you whatever you desire, and I would never leave you like a whore.” Victor began to touch my crotch. “I can make you feel so good. Give me your cock. Leave him before he leaves you.” Victor kept a firm grip on my package and I didn’t try to fight him. I was hurt and unwilling to do anything. He slowly unzipped my pants and started to rub his hand on my underwear. Victor pulled me up by my package and I followed him in an act of betrayal towards Richard.

            We made it to behind the gardens and Victor finally let go of his grip. He motioned to me to undo my pants and I did. I stood with my pants at my ankles and my white briefs snug to my crotch. Victor bent down and took another smell of me. He put his mouth on my bulge and began to work my cock in a steady motion through my briefs. All of a sudden he tugged me down on the ground. He bent me over with my ass sticking up. He pulled down my briefs to reveal my bare ass. He then grabbed each cheek and spread them apart and then pushed them together. He continued this motion for a few minutes before finally deciding it was time to lick my asshole. I could feel his warm tongue touch the opening of my hole. He did a few quick licks before licking the entire entrance of my hole. He then dabbed his finger on my hole and began to massage my entrance. He took a few more licks into my boy pussy before finally I felt the tip of his tongue actually go inside me.

“Your pussy tastes great!” He exclaimed, “Shame. I kind of don’t want to ruin it yet.” He turned me on my back and exposed my flaccid cock. When he saw I was uncircumcised he was in shock.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

            “I just hate foreskin. I find it revolting. Do you mind if I cut it off sometime?”

“What!?” With that I pushed the old fucker off of me and got redressed. Victor tried to stop me but I was too pissed off to let him.

            “You better come back! You young fucks always come back!” Victor shouted. I would never go back to him. Victor was a freak.

            I saw Richard chatting up a younger guy, dressed in yellow, and I approached him.

“I need to talk to you..now!” I demanded. Richard looked shocked but he followed. I took him out to the parking area. He seemed disturb by my demeanor. He knew I knew the truth.

“What is this about?” Richard asked trying to be coy with me.

            “You being an asshole. So let me guess tonight you fuck me and then that’s it? I won’t ever see you again? What do I look like to you, a whore?”

“It’s complicated!” Richard yelled back at me.

            “Well then uncomplicated it then.”

“I have issues with settling down okay. I love having young men as company. Yes, I have more than one boy at a time, but you were different. I could have fucked you in the hotel this evening but I didn’t.”

            “Do you have a virgin fetish?”


            “Do you have a fucking virgin fetish!?” I yelled that time

“Yes! Yes, I do. Is that what you want to hear? I love deflowering virgins. Also sometimes when they get deflowered I cut them loose because they lose their attraction to me. That doesn’t make me a freak. I just have a fetish.” Richard fell to his knees.

            “You should have told me!” I got teary-eyed.

“Would that have changed your mind? Besides you only came for the money.”

            “I came because I like you. I didn’t even know about the money till after you left the bathroom. I came for an adventure. I came because I’ve never been in love. You are just as worse as Victor.” I began to storm off.

“Don’t leave Toby! I’m sorry!” Richard tried to plead with me but I was having none of it. I made my way back to the hotel and retrieved my regular clothes. I left a good-bye note on the bed and then called a friend to wire me some money home. My services were no longer for sale.

            3 DAYS LATER….

            The dream of luxury for me had ended. I returned to my life in the café shop and everything went back too normal. I returned the 1-million-dollar check back to Richard. I didn’t want his money. I decided to keep my virginity intact. I was going to wait for the right time to lose it.

            My shift had just ended and I decided to spend the rest of the day finishing my book. I could hear people ordering and exiting the café. I heard someone sit in front of me. It was Richard! He wore a suit like always but this time he looked sympathetic.

“Before you run away please let me explain. I do like you and did from the moment I saw you. I have intimacy issues and that is a problem. I do have a virgin fetish but I am seeing a therapist for it. I had to stay busy the entire trip because I was afraid of having sex with you. That’s why I didn’t swallow you or fuck you. I was afraid to lose interest in you. Victor told me what happened in the garden at the benefit ball, I understand you tried to get back at me with him. But you do need to stay away from him. Can you forgive me?”

            “Yes. Can you forgive me about Victor?” I asked

“Already have.” Richard kissed my cheek and he got up from the chair.

            “Where are you going?” I asked

“I have another meeting to attend in NYC and them I’m off to my home.”

            “I’ve never been overseas.” I hinted to him.

“Well then, I’ll pick you up this weekend. You will have to stay with me for at least a month. Do you think you could do that?”

            “It beats staying here.” I jumped up from my seat and kissed him in front of the café patrons. They all clapped with joy, like the end of some romantic movie. In just a couple days I would be living with a man who needs some company. He is also a man who needs someone to help him. I figured that should be. Good bye America!



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