I had always wanted to have sex with a hot, young stud like the ones you see on those Twink porn sites but had never had the chance. That is until I decided to repaint my living room. I own a beautiful Victorian that I worked very hard to remodel. I asked a few of my other gay friends if they knew of any young men looking for a little work. My friend Jeff told me his nephew was looking for a summer job before starting his senior year in high school. I told him to have him drop by for an interview. I consider myself to be a goodlooking man. Yes I am in my mid thirties. Yes I have a lttle grey hair around the temples but I still maintain a lean, trim, muscular build and a cock I am quite proud of. It's long and thick. Almost 9 inches when hard and my sac is low and about the size of two lemons.

On the day Jeff's nephew was due to arrive, I put on my best "come hither" outfit which consisted of a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a pair of old faded jeans and no shoes. I dressed to get paint splattered on me. I had just finished laying down the protective cloth on the floor when I heard the doorbell. When I answered the door, there standing on the other side was quite possibly the hottest young man I've ever encountered. Tall with dark brown hair cut in the style of that young canadian singer who's so popular in the charts now. His brown eyes sparkled. His body was lean and trim. He wore a faded t-shirt and ratty jeans.

"I'm Cody" he said. I invited him in and closed the door behind me catching a glimps of his firm ass. "Kyle" Cody looked me over and his smile widened. "So, my Uncle says you need help with painting a room?" I nodded. We walked into the living room and Cody nodded. "Nice." I chuckled. Thanks, shall we begin?" Cody nodded. We opened paint cans and I held the ladder steady as he climed up, catching another perfect view of his rear. My cock by this time was straining to be released. Painting helped me keep my mind off all the carnal things I wanted to do to Cody.

Soon the room grew hot and we both took off our shirts. I nearly gasped at the perfectness of his chest. Smooth, sculpted pecs, flat, ripped stomach and muscular arms. We worked until 4 and then decided to call it a day. "Would u like to stay for dinner?" I asked. Cody nodded. "I noticed you have a pool out back. Mind if I go for a dip?" I nodded. He followed me out to the backyard. "You didn't bring any swim trunks with you." He smiled lustfully. "That's cool, whenever I swim I swim nakie!" he exclaimed quoting Phil and Lil from Rugrats.

My breath caught as I watched him kick off his shoes and unzip his jeans. I saw his pelvic bone and boney hips. I could just make out the top of a dark patch of pubic hair. Slowly he pulled his pants down. Suddely his cock popped out like a coil. My mouth watered as I beheld his monster rod. Cody was huge!! 10 inches at least. It was thin with a bulbus, pink, mushroom like head and a pair of smooth, fleshy balls. I watched as he ran and did a cannon ball into the pool. When he surfaced he was smiling. "Aren't u going to join me?" I felt a little embarassed but quickly removed my clothes. Cody watched me, smiling the whole time. I dived in and surfaced a few feet from him.

He swam over to me. "My uncle told me you were hot but damn!" I was shocked. I had been set up. I reminded myself to thank Jeff later. Cody touched my chest and his hand sent shivers down my spine. "Would u like to make love to me Kyle?" Cody said smiling slyly. I nodded. He reached into the water and began stroking my cock. I closed my eyes. It'd been so long since I felt another mans touch. "Lets continue this inside." Cody nodded. I watched as he climbed out, water sloshing off his smooth, firm body. I was going to enjoy this!

We chased eachother up the stairs like little kids to my master bedroom. Suddenly I stopped in the doorway. I couldn't believe here was the hot, young stud I had always dreamed of, standing naked in my bedroom. Slowly I went to him and placing a hand on both firm, smooth cheeks, pulled him to me. I leaned down and our lips met. Cody's were soft and slightly moist. I pushed my tonuge until he opened them. I kissed him deeply until I felt his knees give way. I picked him up and laid him on the bed. "God, you are so beautiful!" I exclaimed looking into his beautiful brown eyes. He smiled. "You're nothing to sneeze at you'reself!" We kissed again and my hand ran down his smooth, sculpted chest all the way down to his flaccid cock. When I began stroking it Cody moaned softly.

I kissed his neck, making my way down to his nipples where I sucked on each like they were a piece of hard candy. When I got down to his cock, I noticed a bead of precum had formed. I smiled when I licked it off and felt Cody jerk. "Want me to suck you're cock baby?" Cody nodded but didn't say a word. I swirled my tongue around his head making it glisten with my spit before devouring his rod. "Holy Fuck!" he exclaimed. I began moving my head up and down, enjoying the feeling of wet, slippery boymeat between my lips. Cody grabbed a handful of my hair and gently tugged. "Oh, fuck yeah!" he moaned.

After a few minutes I stopped. I didn't want him to cum too soon. I wanted him to enjoy everything I was going to do to him. I gently flipped him over on his back. I held my body over his. Licking his neck, I made my way down his back to the soft mounds of his ass. When I licked his crack from balls to tailbone I felt him jerk. "MMM!!" he purred. I parted his smooth cheeks and there in the middle was his hole. I spit on it and began licking it, flicking my tongue. Cody was moaning and sighing like a two dollar hooker. "Oh yeah! Lick my ass!"

After a few minutes I inserted a finger. Thet drove him wild. When I stuck another in he howeled in pleasure. Damn, this kid sure had a sensative ass. I could tell he'd never been fucked before and although the thought of being the first to pop this young stud's cherry made me rock hard, it also worried me. I had come to care deeply for him and didn't want to do anything to hurt him.

I laid beside him and kissed his neck. "You ready for me to fuck that hot little ass?" I murmered into his ear. He nodded. I massaged one of his smooth cheeks. "What was that?" I asked slapping it gently. "Fuck me please?" I loved it when a young twink begged. "You want a condom or bareback?" Cody smiled. "You're clean right?" I nodded. "Ok then." I chuckled as I grabbed my throbbing cock by the base and slowly inserted it between his smooth cheeks. I heard myself moan. "Ooooh! Your ass feels so good!"

I pushed past his anus and heard him grunt. " UHHH!" I smiled. "It's ok, I'm just popping you're cherry." I pushed harder and my cock slid further in. I stayed still. "See? How do u feel now?" Cody shrugged. "Ok. I I began moving my cock in and out of his hole. I was laying on my side while holding his leg. I could tell it was beginning to feel good when he said "OOH Yeah! Fuck Me!" I moved faster, my heavy balls flopping against his lilly white skin. Soon we were both panting. "Oh baby! You're ass is fucking amazing!" I moaned. I was getting close. I flipped him onto his stomach and really let him have it. "OH FUCK!!" Cody moaned "Fuck me daddy!" I jack hammered my cock into his velvety softness and exploaded, coating his insides with my spunk. "SSSHHHHIITTT!!" I screamed, my eyes shut tight and my mouth slack.

When my cock finally finished twitching I pulled him up and dragged him into the shower. I rubbed my hands all over his smooth, muscular young body. When I took his cock into my hand Cody moaned. "Yeah, make me cum daddy!" He held him close, our slippery bodies pressed together as my hand became a blurr. "OOHH I'M GONNA CUM!!" Cody screamed. I watched as his ab muscles tightened and he sprayed the shower walls with his boy cream. "UUUHHHH!!!" We kissed and cleaned off.

When we plopped down in bed again Cody smiled. "I'm glad I came to help u." I kissed his sweet lips. "So am I".

The End.



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