James only 27 working at college to teach rotten big headed 21 year olds. Why would he do it? Well porn isn't as fun as the real thing when seeing real people you know by name.

James began his lecture on air pollution. His eyes scanning the students while he spoke. His eyes resting on one student. He smiled warmly at Ryan a student who sat in the back of his class. Clearly not paying attention to his "interesting" lecture.

Walking around the class to pass out the homework he took his time Pausing at Ryan's seat. He looked down a little bit to see the outline of Ryans junk showing through his tight pants. He smiled at Ryan before continuing to walk around the class.

Walking back to his desk was very hard. His hard-on hurting from being trapped and not having room to grow. "early dismissal" he yelled allowing them to go 10 minutes early. He paid no attention tot he students. Till Ryan began to walk out. His ass perfectly shaped. James closed his eyes remembering the image. Once the last student left he got up closing the door and locking it. Smiling seductively as he walked to his desk sitting on the edge.

Crossing his ankles he unbuttoned his pants. Sticking his hands into his boxers. Moaning quietly as he rubbed his stiff cock feeling pre-cum leaking down his thigh. Rubbing the tip of his cock. His underwear restraining a lot of movement. He took of his pants sliding them down to his ankles repeating the steps with his boxers. Then taking off his shirt.

He reached behind his desk reaching for his 9 inch dildo . He bent over doggy style gently pushing the dildo into his ass. He moaned loudly as it entered. He kept the edge out on purpose. He closed his eyes enjoying the feeling of his ass feeling full. He sat down shivering fro mthe cool desk. The rest of the dildo forcing its way into him. He screamed in pleasure.

Grabbing his dick making a fist pre-cum subsituting lube. He bit his lip tasting his sweet blood. Going up and down up and down. He moaned loudly. He kept on going up and down till he felt close to cumming. He stopped sliding on a cock ring to stop himself from cumming. He moaned quietly the image of Ryan floating through is head. He licked his palm rubbing the tip of his cock. "RYAN" he screamed pretending Ryan was giving him the best blowjob he has ever had. He tilted his head back cum ready to spill. He yanked off the cock ring screaming loudly in pleasure. Cum spilling onto his chest. Moaning loudly "ryan" he gasped gulping air.

Not bothering to wipe of the excess cum left on his chest or cock. He pulled up his boxers and pants buckling them. Then puttign on his shirt before calling his next class in.



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