A high-pitched shriek filled the warm summer air: 'Help! Oh, help, help!'

My sister Beth stumbled as she skidded to a stop in front of me,as I helped her up a flurry of words flew out of her mouth,'Alexander!!,Edward and I were playing in the barn!' she sobbed. 'He was showing me some kind of magic trick with a candle and he set the hay on fire, and now--'.

It was a gust of warm wind filled with the acrid smell of smoke that assured me that my siblings weren't fooling around with me.

The completely wooden barn was just behind the villa.It became painful to breath the closer we got to the barn,when we reached the barn the smoke was stinging our eyes and throat.

I told me sister to wait where we were standing,at a safe distance from the barn and then ran up to the barn door.As I looked inside the heat of the flames welcomed me as did the sight of my brother backed up against the barn's back wall surrounded by hungry flames.

No time to wait for emergency services.I ripped off my shirt--not very modest, but it was hardly the time for modesty--.I soaked it in the water trough, and ran into the barn.

The flames got higher and hotter every second as they gobble down the stacks of hay.I used the wet shirt to beat aside the fire for just long enough to reach Edward.Then I grabbed his hand and ran, pulling him after me.Flames hissed in my ears and licked at my shoes as we staggered into the barnyard. The servants were there by then; they grabbed Edward and me and pushed us down into the dirt,smothering out the flames.

I hear shouting.Beth had succeeded in waking the entire household,and then we were engulfed by people,my mother and father and most of the servants.Emergency services arrived and the fire was quickly put out.My mother cried,alternately praising me for saving Edward and berating me and Edward both for stupidity.

When the excitement was finally over,the entire family returned to the house.

I walked through the vineyards, through the courtyard, and towards your family's villa. The villa was old but well-constructed,beautiful.My mother and her love for flowers,some of the walls were covered with bright flowers and in the yards there were the occasional trees.The fountain ever radiant was erupting spouts of pure water.Through the giant windows some of the servants could be seen pacing about doing their daily chores.

I was never amused by the wealth my family possessed,not that I was complaining but I always loved the out-doors.My father was the owner of a successful business but the fact that he was great friends with the king also helped.Although my father tried to hide it,I knew that he was talking with the king about my marriage with his son,the prince as I approached my sixteenth birthday--when I would officially come of age.

Whenever I wasn't pestered by my father to train my physical body and was free from school,I read.I can read a little in some foreign languages.

The next few days meandered past. Nothing of note occurred, except for the arrival of my Uncle Pedro and Aunt Lenora for my coming-of-age ball.My uncle insisted on financing the ball but my father wouldn't allow it,finally after an entire day of quarrel,my aunt Lenora suggested that they both finance it.

Finally,my birthday arrived and I was actually excited even after looking at the over-the-top decorations and a giant banner that said,'HAPPY COMING OF AGE ALEXANDER'.Downstairs,my mother and father awaited the guests, talking with my aunt and uncle.Up in my pleasant,exorbitantly-furnished bedroom,my fourteen-year-old brother Edward helped me dress for the party.

Chattering without a pause for breath,Edward finished tying my bow-tie. 'There!' he said.'Now you can look!',I turned to look at myself in the glass--a very fine mirror indeed.

'You look splendid!' Mateo declares.I was happy with the way I looked,my brown hair covered my ears and forehead and the way that the tux made me look.Edward clapped his hands in delight. 'Come on, Alexander! I can hear guests arriving! It's time to go downstairs!'.

I stood with my mother and father, receiving guests and graciously accepting their best wishes.The guests were mostly families from nearby estates, plus a few friends of my parents' from farther away.

After a little bit of small talk I joined a few of my friends in dance and flirted back with the guys who flirted.One of the didn't leave me,he followed me around everywhere and to be honest I liked it.

I took only the first step with him when my father's voice boomed out,calling for everyone's attention.'I wish to propose a toast!' he said.'In honor of my son's birthday!'

There was a smattering of applause.Goblets rose.

'And I wish to make an announcement!',my father continued.He pauses to be sure he had the attention of the entire room, and then said,'I have been so fortunate as to receive the favor of our most gracious King, he has invited me to the palace along with my son Alexander'.The news didn't surprise me as much as the boy's proposal to spend the night with him did.I excused myself from the party and guided him to the guest house,it was sure to be empty and guest free.I didn't waste time in introductions,surely he knew who's party he was attending, although I think he said his name was Jeff.I took off the jacket and shirt and I undid my zipper, dropped my tux pants and remained in my boxers. Jeff could see the bulge and he said Alexander show me the meat, not the bulge,'. He was eager to see my cock. He wanted to see it, so I slid down my boxers and kicked them off, and there my cock was in plain sight, curved slightly upward and big, about 8'. ' Wow, that's friggin huge for a sixteen year old, but not bigger than mine'.

' Well then, lets behold thine manhood, oh great one,' I uttered unto him. He did not hesitate to get his pants and underwear off. Oh, his was big, but surprisingly the same size as mine. We compared our hard shafts and laughed a little, still hard. We sat on the bed and stroked eachother's cocks and moaned together.'.Suddenly Jeff said,'a blowjob, have you ever had one?' 'yes' I said.' Would you like one, from me?'.I had never been fucked but I used a dildo and it felt so good.

'Yes please',I said in a slutty voice. He then came and knelt in front of me and licked the pre cum off my nob, oh,it was so good! He took the whole thing into his mouth and sucked on it like a hungry lion while he played with my balls. I couldn't help but moan as the pleasure took hold of me. I ran my fingers through his dark and silky hair, then pulled on it. He took my cock out of his mouth and ran his wet tongue up and down my shaft, giving me pure delight. Now all I wanted was to cum, down his throat. I took my swollen pole and shoved it into his mouth. I held on to his head and started fucking him really hard. He took a good grip on my arse and squeezed them while he groaned as I fucked. I was about to cum, so I told him and he was ready to swallow my cum. I shot my cum in his eager mouth and he swallowed every drop. I could tell by the way he sucked my dick that he was no stranger to this.

As the months passed it was finally time for us to travel to the kings palace.Edward was accompanying me.He was too young to be presented at court, of course, but my mother and Aunt Lenora thought it would be well for me to have a companion and well for Edward to get an idea of how the court functions.I wouldn't have thought it would be much fun, to be dragged along to the capital and once there, spend most of the time under Aunt Lenora's supervision and none at all enjoying court functions--but Edward was delighted. He chattered excitedly the whole journey, hardly even stopping for breath.The journey was long and tiring,I wasn't this tired when I flew to America.It was a refreshing place from England here,when I returned many people said that I'd picked up their accent.

At any rate, the five of us--my father,aunt Lenora,uncle Pedro and Edward arrived at the capital before we had gone completely deaf from Edward's chatter,swallowed some supper and retreated into my room.I undressed and as I did so I couldn't help but notice my body in the large mirror,suddenly I looked older,my arms and legs were bigger,seemingly strong muscled,my chest glowed with sweat from the hot summer,I guess I was well toned, not too much muscle, just a well built chest with a hard stomach and between my legs my tool,I always knew I was bigger than other people my age,I liked what I saw,I really needed to look in the mirror more.I fell into bed and stroke my hard cock till I erupted,I cleaned myself and then I slept.

The next day was a rush,the next thing I knew I was being shown the palace by Irvin,the prince,even prince Irvin had been to America,but then again these days who hadn't.He was very cute.I was still staring at his bottom when he stopped and turned around,he probably saw me but he continued,'and this is my room.Though he wasn't someone who I recon was interested in men,he was,that was the reason we were here.My father and the king wanted us to marry,it wasn't official yet,but I knew,I wondered if he knew.He was nearly 6 foot,covered with proportionate muscles nothing over bulging.He was so--as the American's say--hot,medium length light brown hair, gorgeous hazel eyes, and through his trousers,I could see my target in plain sight.God! I almost busted right there,though I was leaking like crazy.

He showed me his room,it was beautiful,filled with the finest royal furniture and the biggest TV with a playstation 3 and everything,it was a mix of royal heritage and modern advancement.As he took off his shirt to get dressed for the evening's party,I gasped,he was...he was beautiful.

'Excuse me Irvin, i dont feel well,may I use your bathroom,',he nodded and I ran into the bathroom. I really needed to jerk off. There was already a huge bulge in my jeans. I quickly unzipped them and got to work. I gripped my shaft and jerked off hard. In my mind,I imagined Irvin stripping for me.I imagined what his cock looked like. I began to moan.

'Oh shit! He probably heard me!' i thought to myself.

I finally jizzed. It got everywhere. I cleaned it with some tissues and paper towels. I walked out. You sound very sick',Irvin said. Then, he looked at my crotch.I looked down.It was still hard.'Oh shit,' I thought, i looked back up at him and he looked at me. He smiled. I blushed and looked at his crotch. It was also bulging.

The freaking prince got up and walked to me and instantly started making out. He grabbed my cock through my pants. I tried to do the same but he moved my hand to his butt. I massaged it and stroked his ass-hole while he pulled out my cock and started jerking it and pushed me on his bed. He ripped my shirt off and my pants. He took my shaft into his mouth.He then ripped my boxers in two. I started to moan as his head moved up and down.'Ohhhhhh!'I moaned.

After a while he flipped me over and raised me on all fours. He spit in my butt and inserted his finger in me. I moaned even louder. Then he pulled his finger out and liked my hole,I screamed out in pleasure.He slowly positioned his pole to enter my ass.'It's my first time,please go slow',I whispered.'Anything you want',he replied centimeters away from my ear and then nibbled my ear.He pushed the head in slowly,then a little more.I yelped in the pain of my hole being split in two.Slowly and steadily he began thrusting.After my hole adjusted to the intrusion I moaned every time his hips moved and after a while, so did he.After a while he quickened his pace,moaning louder which in turn made me moan louder,he flipped me over again and moved my head to his crotch. He shoved his cock into my warm,moist mouth and moved my head up and down. Not long after, he jizzed in my mouth,the cum leaked out the sides of my mouth.He licked the cum from my cheeks and lips,then he asked me to stand up and took my cock into his mouth,he told me to move back and forth as my cock fucked his mouth,I didn't last very long,I erupted in his mouth and he swallowed licking his lips. Then,he brought me down to kiss him and we made out for a while.

Although this is only the first part of the story,Irvin and I are still living happily ever after.



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