The first thing I saw when I woke up the next day was the dog collar on the bedside table.

Be ready for your walk.

Meaning... I knew better than to try to guess what Simon had meant. And someone was already knocking on the door. I threw on some clothes and then put on the collar, trying to tuck it down inside my shirt so it wasn't as obvious. Then I went to open the door.

Again, it wasn't Simon. This time it was a young Hispanic guy who was standing in the hallway. He had two pit bulls with him.

He stared at me without expression. "Pedro. Here to walk you. For Simon."

"Not sure I follow," I told him.

"I walk all his dogs," he said. "You got the leash?"

I went and got him the leash ("fetched" is what I was thinking). "I still don't..."

"You gotta strip down," he interrupted. "Come on, man."

"These are my neighbors," I said. "I can't-"

"Shit, man, it's early. We'll be back before anybody gets up. Now fucking strip."

"And if I don't?"

Pedro shrugged. "He said you might not. Said I could fuck you up a little if you didn't. Up to you."

One of the two dogs growled at me, while the other yawned.

"Fuck," I said. It was just past six, early enough that almost none of my neighbors would be awake. I stripped out of my clothes, and then slowly got down to my knees. "This can't even be legal," I said.

"Simon'll bail you out," he answered. "But you probably get raped a little first, huh?" And he slapped my face gently a few times, then tossed a pair of knee pads down on the floor. "You'll need these," he said.

When I was ready he tugged tightly on the leash to yank me toward the door. The dogs-the "other" dogs, I was thinking-sniffed me and seemed a little too excited to have me down there with them, but Pedro kept them in line.

He walked the three of us out into the hallway, then down to the elevator. On my hands and knees, I could barely keep up with them, and he yanked me again when the door to the elevator opened.

"Sit," he said, and the two pit bulls immediately sat by his side. He swatted me in the face again and said we were gonna have problems if I didn't listen to him. I sat back on my heels, facing the door. When it opened a moment later, Pedro put his boot under my ass and lifted me up, and shoved me out. "Let's move, let's move, bitch," he said.

The lobby was thankfully dark-Courtney didn't come on duty until seven, thank god. I walked as quickly as I could beside Pedro as he led all of us out the door. For a moment I was completely exposed as early rush hour traffic flew past, my back instinctively arched and my ass lifted high as Pedro guided us along the sidewalk toward the little courtyard behind the building. It was if I couldn't keep my ass from sticking up anymore, like I'd been trained to be on display.

The courtyard was, again thankfully, still fairly dark. We walked the length of the courtyard, the two pit bulls stopping now and then to sniff things, and then he brought all three of us toward a little strand of trees near the south entrance, beside the rear gate.

The two pit bulls immediately lifted their legs and unleashed a long, hard stream of urine toward one of the tree trunks.

"Let's go," he said, tugging on my leash again.

I realized he expected me to do the same. I shouldn't have been surprised. Making my way over to another tree, I started to lift my leg just as a man I recognized - my bartender neighbor from the floor below, a young guy who shared a gym with me- stepped in through the rear gate. He saw us and froze.

"Morning," nodded Pedro. To me he said, "Finish up, bitch."

I lifted my leg, eyes locked on my neighbor's, and peed.

He stared down at what I was doing as if he couldn't help himself. And then, finally, he broke free and walked hurriedly toward the building.

The other dogs were getting restless so we got moving again. Pedro took us around the block, returning just as the sun was rising. By then I was ignoring everyone and everything, focused on making it back to my apartment as quickly as possible. No other neighbors noticed us, as far as I knew, but I wasn't sure it would even matter now that I'd been seen.

We made it up the elevator and back to the apartment without any other incidents. I started to unbuckle the collar when Pedro slapped my hand down.

"I'll take that off, bitch," he said. "Just one more thing, then we're done. Got it?" And he walked into the kitchen while I stayed in my spot by the door, still attached to the leash.

A minute later he came back with a jar of peanut butter. He dipped a finger inside and then held it to out to one of the dogs, then offered another scoop to the second dog. Finally he reached in for a third scoop, and held his finger out in front of my face. Like a good dog, I licked his finger clean.

"Yeah, that's good, huh."

He set down the peanut butter on the floor and snapped at the other dogs when they tried to sniff it. Then he unzipped his pants.

Of course, I thought. I opened my mouth and waited.

He laughed and swatted my face again, almost with affection. "You think I let a dog suck my dick? Nah, that's not for you man."

He picked up the peanut butter and the leash. Reaching into the jar, he came out with a big handful of peanut butter. I hoped he didn't expect me to lick it all out of his hand.

He didn't. He told the other dogs to sit and then brought me into the living room. Then he got down on his knees facing the couch, and reached back to smear all the peanut butter into his muscular ass, up in the cheeks and all over his asshole.

"A little extra treat for the good doggies," he said, and laughed. He spread his legs and then pulled the leash hard and down so that my face was buried in his ass.

I'd never licked a man's ass before. He had a scent, not totally bad but I could tell he hadn't showered in hours. I didn't try to be sensual. I was a dog, not a person, so I went after his ass the way I thought a dog would go after something delicious. I buried my nose in his asshole and licked him roughly, long hard strokes to lap the peanut butter out of his hole and off his hairy, meaty balls. From his noises I could tell it felt good for him, but I focused on my reward, getting all the peanut butter. He pulled harder on the leash. I attacked the crack of his ass in a frenzy, and when that was clean I went back to his hole, forcing my tongue into him to get the last of it, suddenly needing it more than anything I'd ever needed before. I kept licking even when it was gone, all of it, and realized that I'd been whimpering against his asshole the whole time I ate him.

"Damn, damn," he said, laughing. "You really liked that, huh. Maybe someday you come home with me and we let the dogs really play with you." And another laugh. He pulled up his pants and then finally took off my leash.

"Simon said to keep the collar on," he said when he was at the door. He shrugged. "Maybe like a reminder or something?"

I closed my eyes as he shut the door. As if I needed another reminder.

*  *  *

Coming home from work that night, I ran into the bartender getting into the elevator. I nodded but tried not to make any eye contact.

As the door opened to his floor, he said, "I like the collar. Good look for you."

When I got to my place I finally took it off. My neck was sore. The peanut butter was left on the kitchen counter, yet another reminder of the things I'd done for Simon.

No more emails tonight. I laid down on the sofa and tried to relax. Below me, the bartender had turned on some music, so I listened, not thinking about anything. My mouth was sore, my ass was sore, my neck was sore. It was nice to just be left alone for a bit. To feel normal again.

A few minutes passed.

I sat up slowly. Not really thinking exactly, just considering. The music drifted up from the floor below. I got to my feet and walked to the kitchen, picked up the collar from where I'd tossed it. I buckled it back on, grabbed the leash, and left.

"Hey," he said, when he opened the door. Big guy, nice-looking in a bland sort of way. Thick arms.

I held out the leash. "I need someone to fuck me," I said. "Like a dog. Can you fuck me like a dog?"

Maybe he was used to hearing people say crazy things from being a bartender. He blinked, and said, "You suck my dick first?"

I almost laughed. Instead I stepped inside and took off my clothes while he quickly got out of his jeans. He snapped the leash onto the collar and brought me back to his bedroom.

"Hold the leash tight," I said. He threw open the curtains and brought me down to my knees. For the next twenty minutes I sucked his beautiful dick-it really was beautiful, curved and harder than anything I'd ever seen-and licked his balls in front of the open balcony doors, while he gripped the leash in his hands and signaled roughly whenever he wanted more pressure or to get deeper in my throat.

Finally he pushed my head off him. We went onto the balcony and he had me grip the bars of the railing. Then he tied my arms in place and stuffed something in my mouth that I realized was one of his jock straps, securing it with tape. I didn't care what he did. I wanted it, whatever he was going to do.

Finally he kicked open my thighs and picked the leash back up. Music played behind us in the apartment, muffling his groans and my whimpers as his cock slid into me, curving painfully up into my ass. He wrapped the leash around his hands like he was holding a horse's reins, pulled back sharply, and then he fucked me. Like an animal, like a dog, driving into me again and again, his dick huge and throbbing like a living thing taking over my ass, possessing me.

I could barely move anything except for my ass. But I kept moving for him, bringing it up to meet his thrusts so he knew how much I wanted it.

"Perfect little bitch," he moaned, and he shuddered on top of me and yanked the leash even tighter as he blew his load inside me.

Finally he let go of the leash, and I crumpled to the balcony floor, my mouth still stuffed, my hands tied to the rail. I barely noticed when he untied me and pulled the jock free. All I could feel was my ass, accepting his cum inside me.

As I left his place, not long after, he said, "Let's do this again sometime."

"Any time," I said. Just a figure of speech, but as I said it, I knew that Simon had conditioned me well, because it was true. Any time, anyone, anything. I was ready to do it.



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