Previously in Part1: Bobby, an aspiring underwear model, got a job sleeping naked chained to a mattress in the display window of a high-end bed and bath store. All seemed to be going well, but in retail sales it is always so difficult to sell the display model of anything. An unscrupulous salesmen sweetened the deal by offering Bobby as an accessory. Nobody told Bobby. Now, he is shrink-wrapped to a mattress being transported uptown in a moving truck.

Poor Bobby never had any comprehension at all of the joyous, unprecedented celebration in the showroom that attended his departure. A red letter banner had been strung up across the store entrance saying Two Hundredth Pretty Boy Sleep System Sold! Inside of the store, Christoph had just accepted an award for Salesman of The Year because of his hard work to close this same 200th sale that Bobby unexpectedly got wrapped up in. There were kudos all around for the efforts of the sales team, and the mood was self-congratulatory.

By coincidence, Christoph was also departing the showroom floor at exactly the same time that Bobby was making his grand exit. Strangely, even though Bobby and Christoph each owed some debt to each other for the achievement of this great milestone, neither one of them acknowledged the other at all. Christoph was departing to go on a three week cruise to The Bahamas as a reward for his sales achievement; Bobby was headed to an altogether different destination, but his journey would be no less of an adventure.

Several of the partygoers remarked critically about the extremely unprofessional way that Bobby conducted himself at the celebration.

“Did you see how when Christoph left, Bobby made no gesture at all to congratulate him for his achievement – didn’t even acknowledge him?”

Another guy observed that Bobby was a bit of a showboat who always had to be the center of attention. “He doesn’t have enough class to just step back and let Christoph have his moment without hogging the limelight for himself.”

“Yeah, really. That kid needs to just get over himself. He’s got a big cock, alright, but it’s not nearly as big as his ego.”

Someone else laughed uproariously.

“Well, he’s so young. I just attribute it to immaturity. He’s clearly just not ready to swim with the big boys.”

“But, didn’t it seem sometimes like he was really spaced out, like, almost catatonic even. That was weird, wasn’t it?”

“He’s probably stoned out of his mind on drugs. All these super-models are zonked out half the time on drugs.” (It is always fun to say mean things about super-models at a party, because it shows everyone that the speaker knows lots of super-models and can generalize.)

Another person came with something important to share. “Well, Christoph told me that … yesterday … Bobby … suddenly came storming out of that display window in a rage, marching through the showroom buck naked … (and, you know how he parades himself around all the time) … and … he demanded that Christoph stop what he was doing immediately and run out to buy him lunch!”

“He needs catered food service now? What a fucking prima donna!”

“He humiliated Christoph in front of an important customer. It almost seemed like Bobby was trying to sabotage Christoph and jeopardize his award.”

“What a manipulative little bastard! I had no idea he was like that.”

Another salesman joined the discussion also. “OK, now I have a real bombshell for you. Listen. Ernie told me that Bobby told him some really strange things … perverted sex things, you know … that in turn led Ernie to suspect that Bobby might actually be … (whispering significantly) … a male prostitute!”

“I knew it.”

“Well, you know why they had to bring in that industrial steam cleaner and spend so much time cleaning up the display model, don’t you?”

“No. Why?”


“Are … are we all right? We don’t all have to get checked out now do we?”

They all suddenly realized that they never really knew the real Bobby, and this manipulative, depraved, drug addict with crabs had somehow wormed his way into their lives. They felt so relieved now knowing that he was gone.

James sat with Bobby in the back of the moving truck while Sam drove them all uptown. At one point he squeezed Bobby’s big toe and said, “You be a good boy now. You’re going to make someone very happy.”

Sam and James transported Bobby slowly uptown through the dense, honking, irritable gridlock traffic that characterizes midtown Manhattan during the holiday shopping season. Progress was grinding and slow. Sam and James also had several other deliveries to make along the way. No hurry. They’d started packing up at 5:00 am sharp. They finally left the store a little after 9:00 am. They stopped for a late breakfast at the Empire Diner. They had plenty of time to deliver Bobby to his new home by the 4:00 pm cut-off. Bobby was fine. You’d occasionally see him wiggle his toes.

Again, there was shuffling around and some swearing. Bobby and the mattress were wedged diagonally into an elevator, then edged corner by corner down a narrow hallway. There was some hassle with a door that had to be taken off its hinges to get him in.

When someone yelled “Surprise!” and several others in unison blew loud party horns, Bobby mistakenly thought it was just his penis transponder again passing through yet another security corridor. He was unwittingly rolled into the middle of a surprise birthday party in which he was the surprise. Sometimes a girl jumps out of a cake. Sometimes a naked boy rolls in shrink-wrapped to a mattress. Comme ci comme ça.

“Oh my god! I’ve never seen anything like it! Alvin, you shouldn’t have!

“It’s so … so ……… so ….”

“Thank you, dear! It’s lovely!”

With a practiced ear you could tell that the recipient was straining to be polite and gracious about an epic gifting fail, and the gift giver was trying to salvage the situation by pointing out all of the attractive features that the receiver might have missed at first glance.

“He’s a really good looking boy, Terrance, don’t you think?”

“Come here. Look at his big feet. See how they wiggle when I tickle him? I just thought he looked amazing when I saw him in the display window with his foot sticking out under the sheet. He was adorable!”

“Terrance. Look. Look. Have you ever seen sheets with a thread count like this? I never have!”

There were other gifts to be opened also, and toasting with champagne, blowing out of candles, and distributing slices of birthday cake to everyone. The movers discreetly asked Alvin if he still wanted the items moved upstairs to the bedroom now.

Alvin said, “Oh, of course. Terrance is just a little overwhelmed at the moment. But, I guarantee he will fall in love with that mattress as soon as he lies down on top of it!”

Alvin might have been looking at the king sized mattress itself when he said that -- or he might have been staring fascinated at Bobby upside down with a mattress tag hanging out of his taint, his fat mushroom head submerged in piss pushing on the wall of a clear plastic egg like a sea creature, and his trembling muscular legs spread impossibly wide across the entire width of it.

The birthday party wound down, and the last guests left before 8:00 pm. Terrance took a glass of Chardonnay up to the bedroom to have another look at this thing. Unpacking had progressed to the point where the mattress was in its frame, and the frame mounted on top of the base, but the four posts and oak headboard weren’t yet mounted, and the nightstands and accessories were scattered in parts on the floor. The bedroom was a mess. Alvin was kneeling beside Bobby on the floor where they were both sorting and counting an assortment of bolts and screws that were supposed to go somewhere.

“Now, let’s see. ‘…Turn hex bolts #8, #16, #24, and #32 counterclockwise using the 1/8 inch allen key until they synchronously mate with docking slots X5, X10, X15, and X42…. Use a torque wrench to adjust each bolt to 350 ft lbs….’”

Bobby asked, “What’s an allen key?”

Terrance asked, “Alvin, I thought you said this thing would assemble itself. Why are you on the floor helping?”

Bobby hadn’t eaten for two days. His penis was heat sealed in a plastic egg. His ball sack hurt with a transponder tag embedded in it. He was drugged up with a balloon log in his ass, and he didn’t feel very well.

Alvin said, “I’m just helping him out to move things along a little. He seems a little shaky.”

“Alvin, would you please come out here in the hallway and talk with me for a minute?”

Alvin patted Bobby’s head, mussed his curly chestnut hair, and reluctantly went out in the hallway to “talk.”

Whispering, Terrance asked, “Alvin…. Alvin, did you really get this for me? Because… because, I remember … when we were hinting about birthday presents,… when we were making plans for my birthday,… that I might have thrown out a few suggestions for things to get me,… say, a new coat, or … a motorcycle, or … a trip to Greece. It is possible. Maybe it slipped my mind, but I … I truly do not remember ... ever asking for … uhm (how should I put it?) … a sex slave chained to our bed!”

Alvin said, “Now, now, Terrance. Don’t be like that. You’re making it sound dirty.”

“Alvin! What the fuck are you thinking? This is not a gift for me! This a gift for you! And, for that matter, if you felt so strongly compelled to go out and buy a boy,… why in the world … (whispering again) … why in the world did it have to be a white boy?”

Alvin had committed one of the worst transgressions that you can ever commit in married life. He bought his partner an extravagant over-the-top gift (which he honestly, truly thought that Terrance would enjoy,) but which he might also incidentally want for himself. It was almost unforgiveable.

“Alvin, is this really a gift, or is it some kind of a message? You’re tired of me now, is that it? My ass is not tight enough for you anymore? You’re movin’ on up, and you need to go out and buy rosy cheeks, over there, out of a store to fuck him instead?”

“Baby, it’s a gift from love in my heart. There’s no secret message. Please believe me.”

Alvin felt awful about Terrance’s reaction and his harsh judgment. The real truth of it is that he saw Bobby chained to the bed in the display window and fell completely in love with him. He automatically just assumed that Terrance would see a beautiful angel with its wings ripped off chained to their bed, because that’s all he could see with his love-struck eyes.

Back in the bedroom, Bobby ran empty and curled up more-or-less into a ball on the floor. He had handled the shock of events and the day’s ordeal remarkably well, mainly because he’d been bound up so tightly for transport that it was physically impossible to collapse earlier. Alvin finished putting the set together. They all three went to bed unhappy – Bobby passed out on the floor, Alvin and Terrance in their comfortable new bed but far apart from each other. 

“Keep that thing over on your side,” said Terrance.

Late into the night Bobby woke in his sleep in the dark and tripped over his chain, disoriented. He nudged Alvin. “Sir, I’m cold. Could I please have a blanket?”

Alvin rubbed his eyes out of sleep. He said, “You can come under here with me, boy. I’ll keep you warm.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Do you want to have a choice? If you want to have a choice, I’ll give you one, but if you don’t, then get your ass up here.”

Bobby got up into the bed side-by-side, back-to-stomach with Alvin. There was a slight clinking of the chain, but the bed didn’t transfer motion at all from one side to the other; so, Terrance asleep on the other side didn’t wake.

With him so close, Alvin couldn’t resist getting his hands all over his boy (oops, Terrance’s boy!) under the pretext of warming and comforting him. He ended up with one hand rubbing Bobby’s chest and the other exploring his ass.

“Is there going to be fucking? Because, I should probably mention to you one of the features of The Pretty Boy Sleep System is it’s engineered for perfect bounce and sinkage….”

“Most definitely baby. I think you made the sale, but I’m just checking you out for now. You had a rough day, and there’s time for that. Call me Daddy.”

“You paid a lot for me … uhm … Daddy?”

“A small fortune. Try and go to sleep now.”

“Oh, OK.”

At the start of his captivity it upset Bobby that he couldn’t even read his own care and use instructions, because the mattress tag was up in his taint and the print was so small. This is what it says:

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


This article contains ALL NEW MATERIAL consisting of:

one hot boy, one stainless steel chain,

one stainless steel ankle manacle with built-in lock,

one key (only to be used in emergency),

one integrated theft protection device.


December 10, 2015



Always lie on top of the mattress.

Do not lie under the mattress as suffocation may occur.

Daily PrEP and condom use recommended.



Hand wash using a damp cloth and air dry only.

Do NOT machine dry. Do NOT use bleach.

Rinse anus and mouth with water frequently to maintain freshness.

Liquid-only diet recommended for easy clean-up.

Daily strenuous exercise advised for physical fitness.

Firm discipline and frequent corporal punishment recommended to build character and facilitate bonding.

Warning: excessive damage to testicles will void product warranty.


Meets requirements of 16 CFR Part 1633 flammability standard for mattresses. 



SIZE: KING                  MODEL: BOBBY


Made by his mom and dad in the USA.

He had been delivered to his captors in shock and disbelief, but as soon as he got himself together he took stock of the situation he was in. People often tried to say that Bobby was just a pretty boy, but he had more sense than was credited. It was immediately clear to him that he could not afford to sulk, pining for his lost freedom and derailed career.

Option one: He makes a scene and throws a fit. He resists and fights and makes it difficult on them. He trashes their bedroom. The likely outcome of that is they will be dissatisfied with the purchase. They will return him to the store, and that would be good, right? Probably not, because there is an active secondary market for used bedding materials to be repackaged and resold to second-rate fleabag motels. They would rip out his current tag, and they would stitch in new one just like it, except that it would say “This article contains ALL SECOND HAND MATERIAL SANITIZED IN ACCORDANCE WITH LAW.” He could easily see himself next chained to a vibrating bed in Las Vegas with mirrors in the ceiling being fucked wide open and heavily used by gamblers with whiskey breath reeking of cigarettes, conference goers, wannabe prize fighters, magicians, and meth heads. He’d be all used up and wasted by twenty-five if he even lasted that long. This would not be a good outcome.

Option Two: He runs. With time and dedication to the task he might find a way to pick the lock and escape out the door. But, then he becomes stolen property. Bobby had little doubt that they could quickly triangulate on his balls, track him down, and then transport him right back. Again, it would be a bad outcome.

No matter how difficult and humiliating his current predicament, there was still more he could lose. It reduced down to a forced choice for Bobby – really only one option. If he was going to preserve even any shred of personal dignity and prospects for any kind of life, he needed to put the losses behind him and accept this. Not only just accept it – He needed to actively cooperate in making himself a sex toy for his new owners, needed to actually work at it with devotion and enthusiasm to delight them so they would keep him. The consequence of not keeping him would be too terrible. And, he was already catching the vibe that Terrance didn’t like him.

The amazing thing about Bobby is that no one had to explain this all to him. He saw the implications and got it immediately. Like so many young people starting out, Bobby thought that his career path was in one direction, but chance and fate and malicious coworkers intervened. Underpants were no concern to him anymore. Unbeknownst to anyone, he was a unique perfect fit for this new career that he fell into by accident.

Alvin came awake in the early morning. The sleeping boy was still in his arms spooned against his body. Just the smell of the boy was making him hard enough to drown puppies. He recalled his partner over on the other side of the bed. Terrance was fortunately yet asleep. So, Alvin nudged the boy awake and put him back down on the floor. No harm done.

Not long afterwards the alarm went off, and the two men crawled out of bed to go to work. Bobby hopped to his feet also, which surprised them.

“Gentlemen, is there anything I can help you with this morning?”

Alvin said,

“That’s alright, boy. See how helpful he is Terrance?”

Terrance said, “Uh no, pussy boy … I mean, pretty boy. I’m capable of dressing myself just fine. Thanks anyway. On second thought, yes, you can do something. Turn around and look at the wall. I don’t want you eyeing me when I’m putting myself together in the morning.”

“What a good boy you are!” Alvin patted Bobby’s rear end, and Terrance fixed on him a meaningful look that said, “We will talk more about this in the kitchen.”

When they were drinking coffee in the kitchen, Terrance said, “I know you were playing with that thing in the bed last night. I’m not stupid, you know.”

This is another real pain-in-the-ass thing about relationships. Even when you go to all the trouble to get a precision engineered sleep system that’s silent and transfers no motion, your partner will still somehow figure out what you are doing. What could he say?

“Sorry. You slept well though, didn’t you?”

“Yes Alvin. I admit it is a very comfortable bed. But, maybe it’s just not right for us. Maybe, we should return it.”

“He’s such a nice boy, Terrance. Couldn’t you give him a chance? What do you have against him?”

“It’s dick is too big. It offends me. There should be nobody in my own bedroom with a bigger dick than me, Alvin.”

Alvin felt sorrowful pain in his chest that he was going to have to send the boy back. He felt heart-broken, but if it came to that, he wasn’t going to spoil their whole relationship over a bed set.

Terrance had to go upstairs to get something, and when he came in the bedroom Bobby hopped up again and put his face in the wall. Bobby said, “Wow! Your coffee smells great! I just love a good cup of coffee in the morning.” He was building bridges of communication.

“Oh really, do you now?” Going back downstairs again, Terrance yelled down the stairs, “Alvin, the mattress wants a cup of coffee. Maybe, you should brew another pot!”

Then, he had to pause going down the stairs laughing at his own joke, which he thought was hilarious. Oh, that was funny. In that moment he first started to think about a possible upside to this. He could definitely come up with more one-liners about this. He might be able to stretch this out into a few weeks or months of laughs at Alvin’s expense. His heart started to warm to the rich criticism and ridicule value that the situation had. Then there was the gossip and sympathy factor from all the stories he’d get to tell his friends about Alvin carrying on with this white boy. It had potential. Maybe, this would be a gift that keeps on giving.

Back downstairs, Terrance said, “Look, honey, I’m not saying it has to go back right away. You go ahead and play with your little toy for now. All I’m saying is, just don’t go throw away the packing materials, because when you are done with your little high-school crush, that thing needs to go back.”

That was the end of discussion for now. Terrance was an English professor at Columbia and had a class to teach. Alvin left for his job in the financial district. (That’s why he was the one who saw Bobby in the shop window downtown.)

Paulina lets herself in mid-mornings to straighten up. She is the housekeeper. She encountered Bobby when she came in to straighten the bedroom. For someone else it might be a shock and surprise to find a naked boy chained to the bed when straightening up the bedroom, but for Paulina it was Tuesday. She’d been told that they had a house guest.

“Buenos dias, Señor Mattress.”

“Oh ... uhm, hi. Nice to meet you,” said Bobby.

The one thing that did surprise her was that the bed was all straightened up before she even got here. She immediately liked this Mattress.

“Hey! Excuse me, miss? Do you know … if there’s any way for me to ... uhm ... use the bathroom?”


“Um … el baño,… por favor?”

“Ah, sí. Potty chair.” She brought out a little kid’s potty chair.

Bobby was incredulous. “Are you fuckin' kidding me?”

It was shaped like a green frog and made a “ribbit” sound when he sat down on it. Daddy had picked out this potty chair especially for him. It would be the only way he'd be allowed to go from now on. Bobby's face turned bright red. He had no other choice and he really had to go. Paulina was waiting impatiently. He couldn't believe they were making him do this.

Bobby didn’t at first understand why Paulina now came back and stood over him with a water bottle and a turkey baster.

“Lavarse el ano,” she said.

He got the idea after she filled the baster with water, gave it to him, and pointed at his butt.

“Oh, I see. You’re coming on to me now, aren’t you lady? I know I look hot on the potty chair, but please try to control yourself.”

Paulina did not really understand this weird naked man, but she did find him amusing. She hoped that her bosses would give her a bigger bonus. 

Finally, he was done with that whole business, and she took the chair and the baster away.

“Tu lavas,” she said and gave him a damp cloth to rub over his face and body to clean himself up.

Bobby noticed for the first time he had three days’ worth of hairy scruff coming in on his face and neck and that the little hairs on his pecs were already starting to come out. He was used to shaving every day, and he kept his chest smooth and is pubes trimmed down because, well, nobody wants a hairy underwear model. But, Paulina didn’t have anything he could use for shaving.

Paulina did have food for him though – well, sort of. He got his choice of prune or clamato juice and choice of one of several different flavors of Muscle Milk protein drink with an extra bottle of water that he could hold onto for later. He felt relief to get something in his stomach. The liquid diet was OK with him. He’d been on diets before.

“I was so hungry, Paulina. Gracias”

Bobby didn’t have anything else to give her for gratitude; so, he offered her a sip of his banana flavored protein drink. From that time on, he always tried his best to be on good terms with Paulina. 

His new owners had tasked their housekeeper to satisfy all his most basic physical needs and to tidy him up as if he were the washing machine, the toilet bowl, or any other appliance that they owned. They wouldn’t want to be bothered about any details, such as feeding him. Bobby definitely could not afford to piss off Paulina.



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