Note: This is a fictional story and does NOT imply anything about the sexuality of this person or what this person does in their free time.

I heard my pager go off and that could only mean one thing, someone checked into the Presidential Suite, so headed down to the front desk. 'Brad,' Mr. Russ said as I walked into the lobby, 'take Mr. Efron and his bags up to room 2020.' I grabbed Zac Efron's bags and headed to the elevator and took Zac Efron to his room. In the elevator I just stood there''silently''and stared at Zac Efron's body until we got to the 20th floor. Once the elevator doors were opened, Zac Efron fallowed me to his room. 'Welcome to the Presidential Suite Mr. Efron,' I said as I opened the door and Zac Efron walked in. 'Were can I put your bags?' I asked as I stared at his ass''from the doorway. 'On the bed,' Zac Efron said as he pointed to the bed. I walked over to the bed and placed his bags on the bags on it. 'Mr. Efron my name is Brad and I'm the Presidential Suite's personal attendant, if you need anything call me.' I said and then walked to the door. 'Brad,' Zac Efron said as I was about to exit the room, 'can you send me a box of sex tools.' My cock hardened instantly, but kept it hidden from Zac Efron. 'I'll send up the Honeymoon Chest,' I said. 'Thanks!' Zac Efron replied as I quickly left the room. I went into my office and turned on the television that I hooked-up to a hidden camera in the Presidential Suite. I placed the cameras in the Presidential Suite after I catch Eric Dane stroking his cock.

On the television I saw Zac Efron, strip naked, take out some magazines, and climb on the bed. On the bed Zac Efron started stoking his hard cock. He was stroking his cock soft and slow for a while, but he started slowly speeding-up. 'Ohhhhhhhh!' I heard Zac Efron moan on the television. 'I going to cum,' I heard Zac Efron say softy. 'I'm going to cum,' Zac Efron said again''softy''as he shot a huge load of cum on his chest. As Zac Efron shot his load, onto his chest, I shot my load. 'Shit! These are new pants,' I said as I took off my pants and my boxers and cleaned myself off. I put on clean cloths and grabbed the Honeymoon Chest and went to the Presidential Suite and knocked on the Presidential Suite's door. 'Just a minute,' Zac Efron said. I just stood there and waited until the door open. The door finally opened and there stood Zac Efron in his boxers. 'I decided I would bring you the Honeymoon Chest myself,' I stuttered as I started to hand the box over. 'You can just set it on the desk,' Zac Efron said as he stepped aside. I walked into the suite and headed over to the desk, by the window. 'Thanks,' Zac Efron said. I left the suite and made my way back to my office to see if Zac Efron was going to do anything with the sex tools. I headed to the television, but sadly Zac Efron was getting dressed so I turned off the television and went back to work.

It was around midnight, when I received a call from Zac Efron. 'Hello Mr. Efron!' I answered. 'Brad can you get me a soda,' Zac Efron answered back. 'Ya! Mr. Efron, is there anything else?' I responded back. 'No,' he said as he hung-up the phone. I placed my phone back on it charger and went my personal kitchen and grabbed a drink from the icebox, each of my personal soda has been drugged.

When I brought Zac Efron is soda he was already waiting by the door to answer''so I didn't have to wait long after I rang the bell. 'Mr. Efron here is you soda,' I said as he took the bottle, 'That was fast,' Zac Efron said. 'I have a service elevator in my office,' I replied. Once Zac Efron took the soda, I quickly made my way back to my office. On the television, Zac Efron was drinking the drugged soda. Since the drug is fast, Zac Efron was starting to fall asleep. Once the soda was completely gone and Zac Efron was past out on the bed, so I made my move. I went to the Presidential Suite and used my master key to enter the room. I made my way over to the bed and started stripping Zac Efron. Once I got all his cloths off, I blindfolded him and tied his hands and feet to the post. I went over to my bag and retrieved the smelling salt, then climbed onto the bed. Once the smelling salt was placed under Zac Efron's nose, he woke-up. 'Where am I?' Zac Efron asked, 'What's going on?' I didn't say a word; I just climbed off the bed and started to strip. 'Who's there?' Zac Efron asked, but I didn't answer.

Once I was fully naked I climbed back onto the bed. 'Who's there?' Zac Efron asked again. 'You're about to find out what it's like to have sex with I guy,' I said in a deep voice. 'Brad!' Zac Efron tried to yell, but I covered his mouth with my hand. 'Brad isn't coming,' I said in a deep voice. 'Why!' Zac Efron said, but I didn't answer. 'Get ready to have the best sex of your life,' I said in a deep voice.

I got between Zac Efron's legs and I lowered my mouth around his 7 1/2-inch or so cock. 'Ohhhh!' I heard Zac Efron moan. I started sucking on his cock softly and slowly''messaging it with my tough. 'Please stop,' Zac Efron begged, but I didn't listen. 'Please! I'm begging you to stop,' Zac Efron begged again, 'I'm not gay.' I still didn't listen and just kept sucking his cock. 'Stop!!! I'm about to cum,' Zac Efron yelled, so I started sucking his cock harder and faster. 'AHH!!! I'm going to cum,' Zac Efron yelled, as my mouth filled with his cum. The taste of this High School Musical star was delicious. Once I swallowed every last drop of his load, I got of he bed and went to the bathroom. 'I can't believe you swallowed my cum,' Zac Efron said in disgust, 'Not even my girlfriend does that.' After I was done pissing, I climbed back onto the bed. 'Gay men love eating cum,' I said in the deep voice as I untied his feet. 'Are you letting me go?' Zac Efron asked, but I didn't answer. I got between Zac Efron's legs again and lifted them in the air. Without hesitation I shoved my 10-inch cock into Zac Efron's ass. 'AHHHHHHHH!' Zac Efron yelled in pain as I started fucking his tight asshole missionary style. 'Get your fucking cock out of my ass, you faggot!' Zac yelled. I started fucking him harder and faster''pounding his tight, straight ass. 'Now you know how your girlfriend feels when you fuck her,' I said in the deep voice, in a sarcastic way, but soon I felt my body start to tremble. 'I'm going to cum,' I moaned in the deep voice. 'Don't you cum in my ass or I beat the shit out of you,' Zac Efron yelled in pain. 'To late,' I moaned in the deep voice as I shot my load into Zac Efron's ass. 'OH MY GOD!!!' Zac Efron yelled as he slightly lifted off the bed. I pulled out of Zac Efron's ass once I stop cumming. I got off the bed and went to my bag and grabbed a spoon, I climbed back onto the bed and caught the cum that was leaking out of Zac Efron's ass with it. Once the spoon was filled with cum I climbed over to were Zac Efron's mouth was. 'It about time you taste cum,' I said in a deep 'I am not going to taste cum, you fucking faggot.' As Zac Efron said that I shove the cum filled spoon into his mouth. The cum poured into Zac Efron's mouth and he was forced to swallow it. 'Gross!!!' Zac Efron said, 'That taste horrible.' After Zac Efron said that, I said nothing. I quickly got dress and left the room, with Zac Efron stilled tied to the bed and blindfolded.


Jeph Lyons


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