The perfect man Chase walked into his apartment it was quiet too quiet. He saw his boyfriend's car in the parking lot so he was there. Then chase hard the moaning and groaning. The door to his bedroom was open and then he saw his big boyfriend on top of a smaller man. Even though Chase knew that he was smaller than that dude under his boyfriend of 4 months Brandon. Brandon was fucking the little dude into the bed their bed. Chase had tears in his eyes he didn't say anything but left a note on the fridge. Saying ''GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU CHEATING ASSHOLE''. Chase ran out the house and didn't look back. He hadn't noticed that he was being watched.

Chase went to his sister Emily's house. He knocked on the door. He felt eyes on him and turned but nothin was there. Emily came to the door her hair in a ponytail. She looked at her brother ''what's wrong little bro'' Chase started to cry ''he cheated on me in our bed in my house''. He blew the hair out his face in the guest room of his sister's house. After telling her what happened she made him stay with her.

James watched from outside the window as the boy fell asleep. He didn't want the boy to feel pain because of stupid humans. The boy was fast asleep he opened the window and quietly snuck in. He did this all the time since that stupid human Brandon was out all night. He sat on the bed and brushed the hair out of the 21year Old's face he was the most beautiful thing in the world to him. The boy smiled like he always did when James snuck in and rubbed his head against the hand. James kissed the boy on the head and left he whispered ''you are mine'' and left.

Chase woke up in the morning he had the dream again someone was touching his face. The hand was cold at first but then it got warm the person kissed his hand and said in a deep voice ''you are mine'' and the warmth left. Chase touched his face it wasn't real was it he thought. Emily yelled ''come down to breakfast Chase'' Chase walked down the steps his black shoulder length hair in his face he was short for his age 5''6 and had golden shiny eyes. He always thought they were weird. He sat down in the chair.

Emily sat down and said ''ok honey tell sister what happened'' ''he cheated on me''. Emily said ''that asshole you didn't give him you know what'' Chase smiled ''no I'm still a virgin sis'' Emily smiled ''good'' and kissed her brother on the fore head. Chase's phone rang the deep voice from his dream said in his head ''don't answer'' Chase was freaked out but listened to the voice. Emily said ''what's wrong'' Chase said ''nothing'' Chase thought ''who are you'' the deep voice said ''I'm your mate the one who came to you last night''. Chase said ''why aren't you with me'' the voice said ''come up to your room and I'll will be there''. Chase said ''I'm going to go change ok sis'' Emily said ''ok'' and smiled she knew all about the man that sat in the guest room. Chase and Emily were born into a magic family but Chase still hadn't gotten his powers yet.

Chase ran up to the room and there was a tall black handsome man standing by the window. He had black dreads was about 6''2 was dark brown. Chase said ''who are you, what are you, why are you here'' the man turned and smiled this handsome smile ''my name is James, I felt that you were upset so I came, I've been watching you just in case you get in trouble, like I said I'm your mate oh I am also a were wolf''. Chase stared at the man the man started to walk to him Chase stood there and the man kissed him. James kissed him hard and slow and pushed his tongue into Chase's sweet mouth to his surprise the boy started to suck on his tongue. He wondered what the boy could do with that mouth. Chase heard the thought ''you forget I can hear you right''. Emily came into the room and said ''me too I can hear your thoughts too my little brother isn't going to do anything with his mouth'' Chase broke the kiss and screamed ''EMILY YOU KNEW HOW COULD YOU HEAR HIS THOUGHTS''.

Emily said ''we are magic honey mom passed it to us when we were born both of us. Your just a late bloomer'' Chase couldn't believe this Emily smiled ''you better believe it''. James said ''I smelled your magic when I first saw you. You are beautiful now wonder my wolf wants you'' Chase blushed when Emily giggled. Chase said ''so what is a mate anyway'' James sat on the bed ''when that means your mine I will love you forever you can never get rid of me I know your scent anywhere you would have to kill me to get rid of me.''

Chase smiled ''I think I like having a mate'' and kissed James. Chase's phone rang again James said ''don't answer it it's that punk Brandon''. Chase listened to his mate and didn't answer it. James said ''I have strange feeling like something about him makes me want to protect you more I think he's not human I smelled a vampire the night he was caught cheating I think someone changed him.'' Chase got worried James said ''don't worry babe'' and kissed his fore head. Chase relaxed into James's chest.

Brandon sat in the apartment he hissed when Chase didn't answer his 3rd call. ''Where in the hell is he'' he knew that chase caught him in the bed with another man but he didn't care. He wanted his virgin back. He would do whatever he had to find him. ''I will find you Chase'' and left out the house to go find a whore in the bars.

Chase was laying on James's chest he knew his mate was in trouble. He stayed with them that night. Now his small mate was sleep on his chest looking beautiful with his black hair shinning in the moon light. He felt the boy move and looked down at him and Chase's beautiful golden eyes were open. James smiled ''what is wrong honey you can't sleep'' Chase smiled and said ''I just wanted to know if you were still here'' and yawned and fell back asleep smiling. James whispered ''I will never leave you honey'' and kissed the top of Chase's head.

In the morning James woke up and his mate wasn't there. He said ''Chase where are you'' Chase came from out the bathroom and James let out a sigh of relief. Chase said ''babe I'm ok'' and sat on the bed freshly showered. James stiffed ''you smell good'' and came over to him and kissed Chase on the neck. Chase giggled and said ''stop that tickles'' James purred into Chase's ear and wrapped his arms around Chase's waist. Chase smiled ''come on James can we go out today I want to go to the library.'' James sighed ''fine but I have to call my beta and my adviser to come with us'' Chase smiled and kissed his mate on the lips ''okay''.

A 1 hour later two wolfs stood in front of Emily and Chase. James sat beside Chase ''this is my beta John and my adviser Paul. Paul said ''so this is your mate he's cute'' Chase blushed. John said ''yeah he is'' just then two hyper smaller people came in one a woman one a man. The woman sat on john's lap and the man sat on Paul's lap. ''this is their mates Isabella and Jake.'' Jake and Isabella said ''hi lets be friends'' Chase smiled and said ''ok'' and the three of them ran out the door. James rolled his eyes and yell ''Chase don't go anywhere''. They went to the library and Chase checked out lots of books.

Brandon sat at the bar all night waiting to see if Chase would come by but he didn't. Brandon called his phone again the phone was off. He growled and walked out the bar. As soon as he walked out the bar he smelled Chase in the air he couldn't smell the wolves but he could smell chase. Brandon followed the smell and it lead him to the local library. ''Found you'' he waited for him to come out of the library.

Chase felt weird like someone was waiting for him Emily came beside him. ''What's wrong'' ''I feel something strange outside''. Emily called over James ''there's something outside that is freaking out Chase. James called over his pack and James grabbed onto Chase ''come on we have to leave I smell a vampire''. They walked out and Brandon was standing on the sidewalk waiting. Chase moved closer under James. Brandon turned and saw Chase. ''chase come home'' Chase looked at him like yeah right ''no I'm not coming back'' Brandon looked at the man holding on to Chase. ''so you found someone new'' Chase smiled ''yep''. James growled ''mine'' and kissed Chase on the lips.

They walked past a mad Brandon ''you wanna know why I fucked another man'' Chase turned ''because I wouldn't give you my virginity right''. He was right Brandon said ''I do love you I will get you back'' it was the truth Brandon did love Chase he wanted to have a family with him. Chase said ''but you cheated on me now I'm with someone else''.

Brandon watched as Chase walked away with another man and he lost it. He will get Chase back even if will be by force. Brandon was about to start running after them when a women turned around ''YOU BETTER LEAVE MY LITTLE BROTHER ALONE'' and push him back with a gush of wind. Brandon watched as the woman rush over to Chase and she growled. Brandon thought ''so she's magic huh Chase must not have gotten his yet ''perfect'' in a devilish voice he will be able to get what was his. Then left and went back to the apartment. All of Chase's stuff was gone ''they must have token his stuff dammit'' and he hit the wall.

Isabella and Jake already had all of Chase's stuff in his room by the time they got back to the house. Chase was so happy that his stuff was out of the apartment. Emily said that he can stay with her for as long as he needed to.

A year later Chase and James hadn't heard from Brandon in a year after that day at the library. He hadn't called or nothing. They thought that he forgot about Chase by now. Emily had a baby they found out 3weeks after Chase and the wolf pack moved in. Emily said it was fine since the house was huge anyway it was in the middle of the woods and it was a mansion that their mom left them. It was still close to town. Kelly Chase's new niece was playing on his lap. Kelly was giggling. Emily came in she knew Chase wanted a kid bad. So she decide that she should tell him a secret Emily came and sat next to Chase. Chase was holding his bouncing niece ''I really want a baby I wonder if we can adopt'' Emily smiled ''you don't have to adopt'' Chase looked at her ''what do you mean'' ''I mean you can have kids'' Chase was surprised ''really'' Emily shook her head. Chase said ''oh my god I'm really happy'' and got up with Kelly and placed her on the floor and put blocks down for her to play with. James came in ''what's got you all happy'' Chase turned ''nothing''.

That night they went to their room Chase jumped onto James ''I want to give you my virginity please'' James looked surprised and said ''this has something to do with a baby doesn't it you want one'' Chase pouted and shook his head yes. James said ''then I want one if you want one'' Chase kissed James. James said ''but let me get the pack and us a house first'' chase pouted and said ''fine'' and laid down on James's chest. James kissed his head and Chase fell asleep.

Brandon was sitting in the apartment with a big looking man bigger then himself. The big man said ''so what do you need help with sir'' ''my pet has been away from me for too long I him back.'' The big dude said ''well that shouldn't be hard to do why did you call us'' ''because his new master is a wolf and his sister is magic''. The man said ''fine when do you wanna start'' Brandon smiled ''I will let you know''. With that the big man was gone. ''I will have you Chase''. With that he went to bed.

A year later it was Chase's birthday and James and the pack had a big party planed out. They were going to throw a party for him at the house and then James would give him the gift he's wanted forever. They had built a bigger house and was moved in including Emily and Kelly and the rest of the pack but it was very big so everyone would fit and some more. After the party Chase got into bed and was about to fall asleep when James bounced on the bed and got on top of him ''what the hell James'' James smiled evilly and said ''it's time for me to give you your present'' and kissed his lips hard. Chase's dick started to get hard. He started to suck on James's tongue James growled and tore off Chase's clothes. James clothes were already off. Chase kept sucking on James's tongue James growled and said ''suck my cock now'' Chase had no choice but to obey him. He got down and sucked on James's hard cock. James moaned '' good suck faster'' chase sucked faster and harder the feeling of chase's hot mouth was too much. James was going to come if he kept it up James picked up chase and laid him on the bed on his back. James started to suck on Chase's cock and deep throating his little mates cock. Chase started moaning and thrusting his cock deeper in to the older man's throat. It felt so good he screamed and came in the hot sucking mouth. James left up ''so good'' and licked his lips. Chase whined ''please fuck me'' the older wolf got between his legs ''you ready for this'' Chase said ''uh huh'' right when James pushed in it burned and he whimpered James said ''I won't be able to last can I fuck you faster I don't wanna hurt you'' Chase shook his head ''fuck me faster'' James got all the way in and started to pound the mess out of Chase's tight ass. James's wolf wanted out and he bit Chase and chase and James came at the same time. They landed on the bed panting and Chase fell asleep in James's arms.

Brandon was outside the window watching them. He was in disgust he couldn't believe that he gave a wolf his virginity but not him. ''I will get you Chase and you

ever see that wolf again.'' He leaped down and ran to the local bar. ''soon soon I will have you Chase''.

Chase woke up to a sore ass but then remembered last night best birthday ever. He cuddled into James. James rolled over ''5 more minute's mom'' Chase giggled and said ''what the hell I am not your mom'' James opened his eyes and grinned ''no you're not you too sexy to be her''. Chase laughed ''come on we have to get up''. James growled ''fine'' and got up then licked the scar on Chase's neck. ''we are fully bonded I will be able to find you anywhere'' and growled ''mine''. Chase turned and kissed his mate. He stopped when he saw the fangs ''what's wrong James'' ''I smell a vampire'' and went to the window ''it's come and gone he fucking watched us.'' He called John and Paul up to the room ''he was fucking here last night'' James growled. ''He was outside my window and I didn't sense it'' Paul said ''we didn't either brother we will find him''. Chase said ''we better cause um...'' he ran to the bathroom and threw up. James said ''shit!! Emily!!!'' Emily came running ''what is it what's wrong'' James said ''Chase is pregnant and that's assholes still after him.'' Emily said ''oh crap'' she ran to the bathroom with her brother.

John and Paul looked confused James said ''he can get pregnant after the bonding because of the type of fairy he is'' Isabella and Jake came into the room and said ''Chase is going to have a baby yay''. James said ''not yay until this mother fucker is dead I am not going to have my family hurt now I'm going to kill that son of a bitch''.

Chase finally came out of the bathroom ''I don't feel good'' James came over and wrapped his arms around Chase ''of course you're not going to feel good''. Isabella and Jake made Chase lay down ''I'm not that pregnant yet you guys.'' He sat up Emily said ''you do need to take it easy honey'' Chase pouted and said ''fine'' and I laid back down. Emily said ''I'm going to call mom''. Chase cringed at that word ''oh hell no don't you dare'' Emily turned and said ''I have to Case''. ''don't do it Emily please'' Emily turned and looked at the people in the room she sighed and said ''fine but I'm going to do it later cause I need to know how to take care of you'' Chase sighed and said ''fine''. Emily left out the room James asked her ''why doesn't he want to talk his mom'' Emily looked depressed for the first time since he met her.

She sighed ''she used to beat him because he liked guys it got really bad when I left for college you have to ask him about it''. Then she went into her room and shut the door James saw tears in her eyes. ''What the hell did his mom do'' James went into the room and Chase was humming a song to the baby.

Chase looked up and said ''you wanna know what she did don't you''. James shook his head yes. Chase sat up ''when I was 15 Emily was 18 at the time I came home with a friend we were good friends and I told him I was gay and my mom found out about it from my friend. Well that night my friend told her she called me in to the living room and she beat me sense less. Since she was magic it hurt more.

I went to live with my sister in her apartment.'' ''so you ran away from home'' Chase shook his head ''I haven't seen her since I was 15''. James came over and wrap his arms around Chase ''its ok honey'' Chase shook his head.

4 months later Chase was painting the baby's room since she was due in 2 months Renee was sticking out more. When the phone rang Chase touched the phone it burned him. He dropped it and screamed when he saw his mom. James and Emily ran into the room. Chase was griping his hand in the corner Emily said ''why are you here mom what did you do to chase'' she ran over to chase and looked him over ''sh...e burned me'' chase stuttered. James was getting angry he said ''leave my house now''. She turned and said ''you're the one who got him pregnant I guess'' James said ''yes I am''. The woman looked at him with disgust and looked back at her son ''well I see your still a faggot'' Emily said ''mother stop this you're going to hurt the baby with all the stress'' ''I don't care'' Chase screamed Emily said ''mom stop hurting him you're hurting the baby'' Chase stood up and blew his mom out the way ''no one is going to hurt my little girl and I mean it'' and slammed her into the wall. Emily said ''Chase you have your powers'' he slammed her into the wall again before screaming ''get the fuck out don't come near my child you got that'' as she disappeared Chase passed out. Emily said ''he used too much power'' and lifted her brother with magic and took him to the bedroom ''he needs to rest''. James shook his head and tucked Chase in and got into the bed and held Chase.

The month Renee was due he finished the baby's room pink and green. The pack put all the baby things in there for him it was perfect. Chase was in the living room when he felt something was wrong. ''James'' James came running sifting while running the rest of the pack came to. Emily stood in front of Chase with blue fireballs flaming on her hands. James growled ''two wolfs come with me the rest stay here protect my mate and my daughter at all cost do you all understand'' the pack yelled ''yes alpha''.

Isabella's and Jake's wolves and Emily stood around him. An hour later the boys hadn't come back yet they heard growling, yelps, and whines, nothing ever came in. Chase's water broke ''uh you... guys'' Emily turned ''yeah bro'' Chase screamed ''I think I'm having Renee'' Emily said ''god dammit Renee you're going to make auntie hurt you''. Isabella shot messages to the boys saying ''Renee is coming guys''. James came running into the room ''WHAT!!! COME ON WE NEED TO GET UP TO THE ROOM NOW'' they took Chase up to the room he laid down. Isabella and Jake were at each window john and Paul was at the doors and Emily was at the bed. Chase had his pants down he screamed ''I FUCKING HATE YOU JAMES'' James laughed. Chase grabbed his hand and squeezed hard ''IM NOT JOKING YOU FUCKING DID THIS''. James kissed his head Emily said ''one more push Case'' Chase pushed and out came Renee. Emily cleaned her with magic and gave her to James. She had black hair and golden eyes. She pulled on James's dreads. James handed her back to Chase and she fell asleep so did Chase.

Emily said ''ill check them both over when they wake up but they both look fine'' they stayed in the room. James laid on the bed with his mate and daughter. He wrapped them in his arms then there was a flash of light James growled when he saw Chase's mom and stood in front of his mate and daughter. ''what the hell are you doing here'' the women smiled ''I just came to see my grandchild'' James growled ''I don't want you here''. The woman said ''fine then you don't want to know what Brandon is planning'' and she disappeared.

The baby started to cry and Chase woke up ''what's wrong Renee'' Chase said sleepily. James came over Chase's hands started to glow James watched ''what you doing'' ''I'm looking for what's wrong'' Chase said ''oh she's hungry'' James said ''ok be right back'' and ran out the room.

Brandon watched as James left out the room. He flashed into the room Chase was half sleep with Renee in his arms. Chase looked up and screamed ''James''. Brandon smiled ''what's wrong Chase I'm not going to hurt you and you know that'' James came in to the room. He growled ''get away from my mate and my daughter'' Brandon frowned ''do you always have to call the dog''. James handed Chase a bottle ''now get out of my house and live my family alone'' Brandon said ''they aren't going to be your family for long I will be back Chase'' and he left out the window. Chase sighed ''I can't seem to get rid of him''. James sat on the bed and said ''don't worry baby he won't hurt you or take you two away from me I promise you''.

5 months later Emily and Chase went into town with Renee to go to the store. Renee was giggling in the cart. Kelly was in a different cart with Emily. Chase smiled ''you are so silly Renee''. She had grown more she had long black hair to her ears her eyes would change to blue and golden it depended on her mood. He was in the baby food lane he could hear Kelly talking to Emily. Then he saw Brandon at the end of the lane he almost screamed but his mouth was covered from behind and he passed out. Emily couldn't hear Renee anymore she felt like something was wrong she ran with the cart and Kelly to the next lane. She screamed when she saw the cart empty and Chase and Renee gone. She saw a rag on the floor next to the cart. Someone came running she asked ''what was wrong'' ''my brother and my niece have been kidnapped'' she picked up Kelly and ran out the store just in time to see a black car leave she heard Renee crying. Before the car left she put a spell on Renee so she could find them.

She popped back to the house James was sitting on the sofa everyone was in the living room. She broke down into tears ''Brandon took Renee and Chase''. James got up ''what'' Emily looked up ''Chase was getting baby food and I was in the next lane getting milk and then Renee stopped giggling I couldn't hear them so I ran to the lane and the cart was empty and there was a rag beside it. I ran outside and I saw a black car leaving and I could hear Renee crying I put a spell on the car so I can track them.'' She started to cry harder James sat beside her ''don't worry we will find them and I'll kill whoever is behind this''. James stood up and changed into his wolf while the rest changed too they ran outside to track the car down while Isabella and Jake stayed with Kelly.

Chase woke up in a big house ''where am I'' he looked for Renee he screamed ''where is my baby''. Brandon came in holding Renee ''you mean our baby'' Chase growled. Brandon looked at him ''shh she's sleep'' Chase frowned ''can I have my baby please'' Brandon handed Renee to Chase. Brandon sat next to Chase ''look I'm sorry for cheating on you ok'' Chase blew the hair out his face. Brandon got closer ''now forgive me and forget about James''. There was a flash of light and then blackness.

James stopped dead in his tracks. ''what the hell I can't feel my bond with Chase'' Emily said ''oh shit my mom must have helped Brandon or someone's magic that is stronger then Chase's made him forget about you.'' James frowned ''I will find my daughter and my mate'' Emily said ''there is something you can do if the victim gets close enough to their mate then the will remember their mate''.

Two years later Chase was living with Brandon in Alaska with Renee a hyper 2 year old. Chase was pregnant by Brandon. Chase sighed he couldn't get it into his mind that Brandon was his mate. He didn't believe it but he forgot about it. Chase pick Renee up from school he got home and Brandon's car was in the gate he picked up Renee and toke her in the house. The house was quiet their bedroom door was closed. He opened the door and almost dropped Renee. There was Brandon was on top of his so called best friend. Chase screamed ''asshole'' and walked into the living room grabbing Renee. The baby kicked Chase started to cry Renee said ''daddy why are you crying'' Chase put her in her car seat and buckled her in her seat and started the car. Chase said ''I'm ok baby''. He started driving and didn't stop.

A week later James was still searching for his mate and daughter. Emily came to the door and said ''I sense chase and Renee back in town. They went into town and saw Chase with Renee James saw that he was pregnant again James growled ''he got my mate pregnant that asshole'' he could see tears in Chase's eyes. James tried to think to him. ''Chase''

Chase heard someone say his name in his head ''who are you, why can I hear you in my head'' the voice said ''I'm your mate Renee is my daughter and Brandon kidnapped you 2 years ago and made you forget about me'' Chase was confused ''I'm coming to see you with your sister''. James walked into the store Chase remembered as soon as James walked in. chase ran to him and said ''what happened'' and looked at his stomach ''what the hell''. James told him that he was kidnapped by Brandon and that he was pregnant by him. ''why did you leave him Chase'' ''I caught him cheating with his best friend'' Chase broke down into tears ''I'm sorry James'' James picked up Chase and said ''it's ok honey he made you forget about me it's not your fault and I don't care if you're going to have another baby ill raise it like its mine ok honey''. Chase shook his head and kissed James. Renee said ''daddy who's he'' and pointed to James Chase picked her up and said ''that's your dada''. Renee frowned and smiled and said ''ok'' and pulled on James's dreads. James took her out of Chase's arms and hugged the little girl forever. Emily appeared she screamed ''Case'' and ran up and hugged him and felt the baby. ''you're going to have another one'' Chase shook his head we still Renee's stuff in her baby room.

Brandon sat on the bed cursing ''damn it I lost him again and he's 6 months pregnant god dammit.'' Chase's mom flashed into the room ''so your telling me I wasted magic for nothing'' she sighed. ''I'll get him back'' ''um he hates you'' ''I know all I have to do is get him to trust me''. With that she was gone.

5weeks later Chase had the baby a baby girl. They named her Laya she had black hair and brown eyes. Renee was getting attention from James and Laya was getting attention from Chase. James was playing with Renee while Chase was sleeping with Laya on the sofa. There was a flash of light and Chase's mom stood by the door. James said ''what do you want'' ''I want to talk to my son'' James rolled his eyes ''well he's sleep''. Renee pulled on his hair ''hey stop that little girl'' and kissed her on the forehead ''it's time for your nap''. Chase's mom just stood there. Laya started to cry chase started to wake up ''James what is she doing here'' ''I don't know honey'' he put Renee in her play pin. She fell asleep as soon as she got in there.

Chase looked at his mom ''what do you want'' ''I want to get closer to you'' chase covered Laya's ears ''hell no'' and got up and picked up Renee and toke both babies in to his and James's room. He put the put Renee in her bed and Laya in her crib. He sat on the bed and put his hands on his head. James came in ''baby are you ok'' ''no I have a bad feeling about her and I'm not going to trust her.'' James sat on the bed ''you don't have to honey'' Chase laid his head on James ''thanks'' and kissed his cheek.

3 years later it was Laya's birthday and Chase was baking a cake. A three year old Laya and six year old Renee and eight year old Kelly were running around. Chase said ''hey you guys stop running you will make Laya's cake fall'' Kelly said ''sorry uncle Case'' Renee and Laya said ''sorry daddy''. Chase came in the living room and said ''it's ok''. Laya ran over to Chase ''daddy I want pink icing'' chase smiled and said ''ok my little princess'' and put her down. James came in from outside the girls ran over ''dada!!'' ''hi my little ones are you girls being good'' ''yes dada'' ''good girls'' and pulled out two presents one for each girl. The oven beeped and chase ran and toke the cake out. He blew on it and cooled it and used magic to decorate the cake.

He put the cake on the table right when Isabella and Jake and Paul and John came in. Isabella and Jake gave their presents to Chase. Emily helped put the stuff out then they sang happy birthday and Laya blew out the candles. Laya was sitting in Chase's lap and Renee was sitting in James's lap.


Brandon was heated he couldn't believe Chase had his daughter calling that wolf daddy. He was pissed off he knew that today was his daughter's birthday. He didn't know the child's name. He was outside watching the party. He hissed and burst through the window.

Laya was opening her presents on Chase's lap Renee was on James's lap. When the window burst open and Brandon came through. Laya started to cry from the sound hurting her ears. Renee held on to James ''why are you here'' ''come on chase baby it's my daughter's birthday I should be here shouldn't I'' chase stood up and placed Laya on the sofa ''well that's your problem you're the freaking on who cheated on me and you haven't even once tried to come see her in three years so you can go screw yourself''.

Laya said ''dada'' and reached for James. Brandon looked mad ''she's calling him dad'' ''yes because he is here with her now leave'' and he started to create fireballs with his hands. ''I'm not leaving'' Chase started to get mad ''get away from my daughters now.'' He shot the balls at him ''you know what I'm tired of you, you kidnap me and my child for 2 years get me pregnant cheat on me again any then don't even see your child'' and shot another fireball at him. This time it hit him and it lit Chase pushed him outside and watched him burn. When he was ash chase came back in and sighed ''so that's done with'' and picked up Laya.




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