Chapter 1:

It's a warm sunny summer day in Chicago, I'm just getting out of Church and I can't help but notice him.. I smile to myself then walk to my car. Im on the expressway headed out of town for the next week and all I can think of is him. His smile, his perfect chiseled body, his sexy voice, I get so moist whenever I think of him. I'm not sure if he's gay or straight but I'm hoping he's gay. I highly doubt that he's gay because he's the preachers son. I think about him day and night.

Besides thinking of him, I'm excited about my trip to Wisconsin. I'm going to see my high school friend, we lost touch about a year ago after we graduated from high school. I'm a sophomore in college now. After 3 hours of driving I've finally arrived at my friends house, I get out the car and run a 100 meter dash to his door! This was my bestfriend Ron and also my only ex boyfriend I keep in contact with.

How long has it been? I missed you so fucking much! Ron said.

About a year Ron, ever since we stopped talking after graduation I've missed you, and after we broke up...

Yea, that was hard.. But at least we're still good friends!

Yea, I'm glad we reconnected, grab your bags and let me show you where your sleeping!

Ron was my first boyfriend who was even in love with me, We broke up because we wouldn't see each other because we were going to different colleges. He led me upstairs to a beautifully furnished room with a queen sized bed and a 32-inch TV, a walk in closet and a bathroom.

Damn Ron, you must have won the lottery! If this is what the guest room looks like, I can't wait to see what your room looks like!

All this use to be a 2 bed 1 1/2 bath house until, had some renovations done and now its A 3 bed 2 1/2 bath house.

It must have cost a fortune!

It wasn't cheap but my dad knows people who do renovations cheap, all together the total was about $6,000.

I couldn't help but stare at Ron's huge muscles sticking out of his wife beater.. I miss his big arms caressing me as we made love. Maybe we'll fuck while I'm here I thought. Ron led me to his room, his room had double doors with his initials, RB on them in cursive. I walked into heaven.. Ron's room was absolutely amazing! Queen bed, 60 inch TV on the wall, jacuzzi tub in the bathroom plus a shower with 6 heads in it! My friend has truly been blessed. Over my 7 day vacation, Ron and I fucked 12 times....

Its Sunday morning and I'm on my way to church excited as fuck to see him!!! Maybe today I'll ask him.

He Ricky! I said in a shy voice

Ohh, Hey JoJo whats up?

Nothing much just got off the road from a vacation, I'm tired but I wanted to get my weekly dose of God and wanted to see you of course lol.

So you came to see me.. he said with a smile

Lol yea

Hope you didn't forget we have that big dinner tonight!

Ohh shit I totally forgot..

Don't worry just be here at 7:30pm, I'll pick you up and we'll go from there.

Throughout the whole service, all I could think of was Ricky's words " I'll pick you up".As I got into my car, I noticed Ricky right behind me and tapped his watch reminding me to be here at 7:30pm.

I race home to decide what I'll wear tonight, I remember the pastor saying anyone who's attending tonight's dinner should incorporate green into their outfits. I have so much green stuff it's crazy, I laid out my grey slim slacks, my black short sleeve button up and my silver, green, and white tie.. And my black thong. I shower and get dressed and arrive at the church at 7:26 to see Ricky's black charger sitting on 22's. He greeted me at my car, opened the door for me.

Hi Ricky I said like a little teenage girl in LOVE.

Hey JoJo, your looking nice tonight!

Thank you, so do you.

To my surprise Ricky was brick hard.. Asked him if he was excited to see me and he said yes..

Yes i'm very excited to see you, and before you ask, yes I'm gay. I don't know how to tell my dad, I know he'll be ashamed. I was going to wait till after dinner to give this to you, he pulls out a note and tells me to read it, as were headed to the dinner I read the note.

Dear JoJo,

This note wont be long but it'll sum things up for you. Im gay, I like you, I notice you like me, if you want me tell me..

I scream out of excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We make our way to the dinner holding hands and inside im like this has to be a dream.. But its reality!!! We arrive at the hall were the dinner is being held and we walk in a get our seat numbers, we get 68 and 69 and both giggle. We get the table to ourselves so Ricky is constantly "tying his shoe" he would feel my hard dick and squeeze it, I couldn't take it anymore, I had to have him! We left the dinner early and he took me back to the church so I could get my car. We drive in separate cars back to my house so I can get a weekend bag of clothes. We arrive to his condo and its fucking lovely, He gives me the grand tour and then back to the kitchen. He's hungry again I thought? damn he's fat. He picked me up and put me on the island and kissed me on the neck then worked my shit off and his way to my nipples.. I got his totally naked and he jumped on to of me and and I squeezed the shit outta his big jiggly ass. He says damn babe. He finally got my pants off and went to town on my bare freshly shaven hole.. Fucked me so hard with his tongue I could barely contain myself, He picked me back up and we kissed all the way up the stairs to his bed, He said "Damn, this is hot" He massaged my back...



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