The pool had seemed colder than usual. But I was invigorated. I had done my laps and then some. Over an hour in the water. Everyone else had left a while ago. Or, so I thought. I was hot from exertion yet still experienced a chill. The smell of chlorine in my nostrils. A slight burning in the eyes. My skin was taught and sensitive to the air. My laps had reddened my chest, I could feel the heat of the exercise. My thighs pulsed from the workout. My shriveled dick and balls sensed the nylon of my speedo. I walked through the door from the pool to the men's changing room, turned and headed for my locker. I stopped numb. My heart raced - not from my exercise but from what they now beheld.

His back was toward me. He was naked to his feet. Shoulders, broad and white, sculpted flesh spread beneath thick dark locks and wide neck. From the shoulders, the line to the waist, an ever so slender waist, cut sharply inward, a perfect 'v'. From that waist, that delicate waist, slowly turned the finest and purest white spheres of a so virile ass. The density of their musculature seized my gaze and transfixed my attention. Yet, slowly my eyes were drawn to the broad thighs that held that ass so firmly high. And from there I saw the back of his tapered kneed and the swell of his elegant calves rising like towers from the most delicate heels and toes. Have you ever seen a the work of the ancient Greeks? It was as though Praxiteles had created a living god before me.

He reached forward into his locker. The shoulder of his right arm rounded in a graceful arc. Like the rising sun, his bicep rested above the crest of his shoulder. Like marble, the surface of his skin shimmered in shades of bluish white. From the locker he withdrew his boxers, a dark blue plaid.

He must have heard me, or perhaps sensed me. He turned his head only slightly. The profile of a god: nose straight and pink at the nostrils; lips full yet delicate; eyebrows soft and full and dark highlighting the brilliant blue of his eye. He paused a moment. Why?

With his boxers in his two hands he bent forward. Forward beyond what was necessary to raise his leg at the knee as one would when dressing. But then, he didn't raise his leg. He only bent forward with the boxers in both hands. He bent forward and slightly moved his legs apart. Between the mounds of that richly shaped ass he revealed the pink entry to his hole: a pink entry ringed by a single circle of dark hair as rich as the locks on his head. The muscles of his ass seemed to clench. For a moment he turned his head back again toward me. Was this a signal?

Straightening up he now raised his right leg from below the knee and slipped it into his blue plaid boxers. Then, he raised the left and did the same. As each leg raised, he tilted slightly sideways and between their curves I distinguished the flutter of his balls. Recovering from the shock of this vision I moved to my locker opposite his. My dick was rapidly rising. I sat on the bench and pretended to dry my feet. My dick was pressing against my stomach and I dared not straighten myself. After all, a speedo tells all. But I couldn't keep from watching.

His boxers were just at his thighs. As he pulled them up he suddenly turned. Ever so slowly he continued to draw them up, up to just below his cock. He seemed to pause at that point. His cock was small, tight, its skin gathered together. He too seemed to have been in the water, although I had not noticed him in the pool. He pulled again. He let the elastic waist band push up first against his balls then against his flaccid cock. Again a pause. The rim of his blue plaid boxers were just below his manhood. He let them sit on the waist band like an offering, an offering to me. Then he turned. Now he again displayed the tensed muscles of that perfectly rounded butt, the boxers just below the rise of his ass. Slowly he moved them to cover those two white globes of manly perfection. With his drawers in place he again made a turn. The sight of his chest, the strength of his pectorals, the delicacy of two tight and small nipples, the carved outline of the stomach caused my heart and guts to heave. But now for the first time addressed me.

'Water was cold tonight.'

'Yes,' I muttered. The words caught in my throat.

'Makes you shiver all over doesn't it?' He quipped. 'Shrivels 'em all up'. His hands rubbed at his crotch. 'Gotta warm 'em up.'

'Yeh, guess so.' I stammered. My eyes fixed on the fly of his shorts. The fly was semi-open.

'Gotta get some heat goin'. His dick popped from the opening. It was clearly fuller now than before.

'There we go' he said. 'Now, it getting somewhere.' Without a word further he moved toward me. His half hard dick, emerging from his boxers, was directly before my face.

'Go on,' his voice became a whisper. 'Go on'.

Silently, I opened my mouth. He approached. Never had I tasted such sweetness. His cock was not yet fully hard. I felt the soft warmth move and turn above my tongue. I felt its thickness, still pliable, work its way about my mouth.

My hands rose up and seized his ass. The softness of the cotton boxers made the muscled flesh beneath all the more desirable. My fingers probed for his hole but the fabric held them from penetrating. He thrust and turned his hips then suddenly withdrew. His cock, wet and quickly hardening rose before my eyes.

He fell to his knees.

'Stand,' he said. In dizziness I stood and as I stood his hands pulled down my speedo. My dick, hard and throbbing caught momentarily then freeing itself, flung upward and smacked against the wall of my stomach. With a great sigh, he pulled it downward and the pull caused some distress. In rapid greed his lips encircled me. The heat of his tongue and the depth of his throat engulfed me. I gazed downward to see his eyes half shut, the beautiful lashes fluttering in their gluttony, his delicate lips working their way against the blond of my pubic hair. I seized the thick curls of his head and jostled his head back and forth back and forth between my legs. My fingers lost themselves in their silky thickness. My balls flung themselves against his elegant chin. His nose buried itself in the luxury of my golden crotch. Deeper and deeper into his throat, he buried his face in my middle.

He pulled away. 'Stop' he cried and he laid himself flat on the floor.

'Pull them off' he begged.

I wrenched off the boxers. A beautiful rod, with a slight curve towards his stomach sprung upward as the shorts came down.

'I want you on me.' he said.

'And I want you in me' I answered.

I sat myself on the curve of his cock and he leaned his head forward to suck my manhood.

Slowly I ground the crack of my ass down and around his throbbing dick. I could feel the thickness of its head pressing against my hole.

The moment was coming. He pulled his head away and extended his arms as though upon a cross. The curves of his arms the fullness of his forearms and biceps spread out before me.

In his arm pits, soft patches of dark hair glistened with sweat. My mouth arched forward to taste first one, then the other. My lips continued their way across his pecs and my teeth encircled the hard tips of his rising nipples. Now his hips raised and his cock ground against me ass seeking entrance.

'Now, now,' he cried, his head writing from side to side.

I raised my hips. His hands moved into place beneath me and raised his pole. It was aiming straight upward.

'Now' he cried again.

In a single push I let his pulsing rod impale my throbbing ass.

I felt the cap of his dick head break its way between my gates. I felt my tightness give way to the heat of his cock. I felt the curve of his spear as it bent inward within me.

I raised up and then plunged down again. Over and over. He was in me. He reached me to the core. I felt him deep inside to the inner walls of my stomach.

Then suddenly he screamed.

'Take me' he cried. 'Hold me, hold me. Hold me tight inside you.'

My ass seized up against him. I clutched him. I held him tight. I pressed harder that can be imagined with all my weight. The velvet of his pubes rushes against my ass. He screamed in collapsing ecstasy. I felt the heat of his cum within me.

In a fury he pulled me forward and pressed his mouth against mine. His arms gripped me around chest and back, his legs heaved upward around my sides. His tongue devoured the moisture of my mouth.

'Fuck , fuck ', he cried again and again. 'You're mine, you're mine' his voiced began to soften.

Then, we lay still. But only for a moment.

'Now,' he whispered. 'Fuck me. Fuck me hard like you've never fucked anything before.

He kissed me gently then pushed me away. Still on his back and with his arms again distended, he spread his legs. The muscles of his thighs, thick and full, led to the gateway of that solid ass. He lifted his hips. His eyes beckoned with longing. 'Look' he whispered. And there in its middle of his magnificent ass, that pink hole surrounded by the fine dark fur.

'Take me' he whispered again.

I raised up his legs in my arms. His ass was open before me. The pink hole throbbed, opening and closing ever so slightly as though calling for me to enter. His legs straddled my shoulders and my hands cupped the globes of his ass. I moved in. Quickly he met me and pushed against my cock. There was a slight moment of tightness. Had he ever done this before?

'Push' he called. 'Push'

'I don't want to hurt you.' I answered.

'Push, push. I want you to.'

I made a slight thrust. But he pushed back even harder. The gates of his ass parted. Suddenly, the lips of his hole clasped themselves around the head of my cock. The heat was intense. I could come in a moment.

'Push again' he cried. 'Deeper, deeper. I want to feel you.'

But his ass was too tight. I could go no further.

'Try again,' he called out.

I wrenched out my cock. The edges of his ass seemed to try to hold it in. The rim of my dick head burned red with heat.

Carefully I positioned my spear directly before his pulsing hole. Its contractions begging me onward. My cock was poised before him. The heat of his ass inflamed my rod.

'Fuck me' he cried.

I thrust. The head was in. I thrust again. My cock rushed forward. In one massive siege it was in to the hilt. He screamed in pain> He screamed in desire.

Now it was he who aggressed. Raising his hips even higher he shoved and shoved again. I was still. He was thrusting. Thrusting with his ass.

'Yes, yes,' he cried. 'Fuck me, fuck me.' 'Deeper , deeper'

His ass pushed its way to the fullest length of my nine inches. His ass cheeks were pressed tight against my balls and pubic hair.

He pulled back and then thrust again with the violence of one possessed.

In a great gush I spilled myself within him.. I fell forward. My arms clutched his chest and back, my mouth fell against his and opened to his tongue. His tongue entered my lips as my dick entered his ass. His arms gripped tight around me. We were locked as one.

As my cock began to fade, it lost its place within him. In desperation he raised himself up and pushed me backward to the floor and leaned above me.

His hands brushed at the blond of my hair.

'You are the most exquisite man I have ever seen.' he said.

'I saw you in the pool. The softness of your blond curls as they flowed around you in the water. The rise of you ass above the surface as you did your laps. I waited here a long time for you.

I waited and now I know why. I want to love you completely. I want you to love me in return.'



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