Ok it started out like this I was laying in my nice warm bed reading a book and I was quiet enjoying because I like to read well that was only going to last a little bit longer anyways because next thing I new I get a text on my phone. Guess who it was. Kyle asking if I wanted to hang out.

I replied "sure" what the hell go give him a quick blow job swallow some cum jack off go back to my book silly me thought It was going to be that simple. But what got me was he told me he was going to have a few friends from his school over and they were going to hand out and spend the night so I didn't think I was going to get any action hence the book lol

I get some jeans on cuz im in nothing but black silky boxers with shiney blue paw prints on them and a shirt. Not exactly what u wanna walk out side in lol so I get to his house and knocked on the door.

"Come in" said kyle.

I walk in and kyle and two other guys are sitting at the table playing poker. I knew how to play just was never a really big fan of it.

Kyle says' this is milo guys and milo this is jason and tony'

"Hey guys" I say

Pretty much the same greeting back from them.

Then tony pops up and says " so who gets their cock sucked first?"

So I have this completely puzzled look on my face

And kyle says "I should cuz milo's my bitch"

Jason says "well we're your guest so we should get blown first."

"Wait" I interrupt them "what do u mean' whos getting blown first.'"

Kyle says " shut up bitch we all know how much u like suckin dick so ur going to suck alotta big cock tonight got it?"

I said "fine. Who's small dick is getting blown first then?"

"Oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" buts in tony "damn u gonna let ur bitch talk to u and ur friends like that? Just wait til u have my giant man meat down ur throat u'll be gagging for air with just the head in"

Kyle replies "duh ur my bitch so ur suckin me off first.

"But that's rude to ur guest" I said with a smart-alec smile on my face

"Well why don't we just play for it" said jason "the one who wins the next hand gets to get sucked off first "

That sounded like the best idea we could come up with so they agreed I guess I didn't get a choice in this matter I mean it was just my mouth.

So they played a hand and jason won with a full house everyone else had nothing in their hand.

The second everyone put down there cards and saw he won he said "what are u waiting for, get over here and suck my cock., hope u can deep throat"

"Like id need to be able to deep throat ur small prick" I said

"PLEASE tell me we can dick slap this little cock suckin bitch" jason said almost beggin.

Yeah go a head but he is still MY bitch

I get out of my chair go over to jasons as he moves his chair where he can still play and get his dick sucked at the same time.

I get on my knees and start to rub his dick through his cargo shorts well I tried his dick wasn't to the side or anything it was laying on top of his nuts I undo his belt and took it off (just cuz it would have been so much more easier with it out of the way lol)

I unbutton and unzipped and took off his shorts and left him in his shirt and briefs he had a pretty ok bulge going on.

I take out his cock I was slightly surprised it was still soft I take all of his soft dick into my mouth and pull hard with my swallownessi could feel it thickening pushing my checks farther apart.

Damn hes fuckin good he barely started and im already getting a boner said jason

I continue sucking his man member and they continue their game

After only 2 of the deepthroat hard suction cock sucking I had gotten his 7.5 dick hard I deepthroat fuck his dick for about five mins

Then jason said shit man this feels awesome and I love u bobbin on my knob and everything but its been a few days any I just want to get my rocks off kyle don't deal me in til im done with this bitch

Jason stood up and I got into a better posistion he grabbed me by the back of the hair and started face fucking me trusting his hard dick all the way to the back of my throat so that his balls were hitting my chin. A few pumps of his man meat and he was shootin is hot thick cum down my throat as he shot I swallowed the three shoots and swallowed ever drop. Staggering he put his softening dick away pulled put his pants and lit a cigerate.

Damn your fuckin good at suckin dick! Kyle how often do u get a blow job from him>

Everytime I tell that bitch to suck my cock. Kyle replied.

Who's next? Asked tony

Duh Whoever wins next I said.

U said we could dick slap that fuckin cock suckin bitch right asked tony

Just remember what I said answered kyle he is always my bitch first later on he can suck ur guys dick whenever u want him to but if I want mine sucked he has to come suck mine got it?

The other two boys nodded to gether

They played their next round and kyle won this hand.

Come here and suck my dick said kyle grabbin his junk and rubbin it throught his basketball shorts I had looked earlier and he really wanted to cum I hadn't sucked his dick in a few days and he was already mostly hard and bulging quiet nicely when I was lookin at him pleasure stroke his self while I was suckin on jason's dick.

I went over to kyle got on my knees and pulled down his basketball shorts and pulled out his already hardening dick and balls through his black boxer-briefs. His dick was just about completely hard and he took it in his hand and started slapping me with it on the face after a few smacks he grabbed the back of my head and f***ed his man meat in my mouth suck that cock bitch he said and I start takin all of it inMy mouth.

Kyle was so much better he could smoke play cards and get his rock hard cock sucked on. Come on bitch deepthroat that daddy dick he said as he pulled out his dick and started slapping me with it and then returning all of his six inch dick into the depths of my throat. I started massaging his nut and started getting tight im about to cum he said grabbing the back of my head and fuckinn my throat and then it all happened 3 of his cum shots hit the back of my throat swallowin it all kyle took out his softening cock and dick slapped me one last time good bitch he said.

I got up and oh my fuckin god I thought my rock hard monster schlong was going to rip out of my jeans it had been so long since I had gotten to suck two dicks in one night

Well dick licker what are u waiting for said tony come suck my cock its my turn

Your suppose to WIN a hand at poker I replied licking up a little of kyles cum that had came out on to my lip

Bitch he said got up from his seat walked over to me and pulled me up til I was standing he dragged me behind Jason's chair as to get back and to my fuckin surprise he GRABBED MY COCK!!! I thought I was going to shoot a load down the leg of my pants and make a giant mess all over the floor he gave it a few tugs with a look of surprising shock and got to his chair pushed me HARD onto my knees and sat down.

Alright cockmuncher swallow my monster meat.

He grabbed my hand with his and put it on his dick and forced me to rub it.

It was a-fuckin-mazing!! I could feel the thickness of his hardening and growing dick pushing my hand farther away from his leg that I would be touching if his third leg wasn't in the way

He stood back up and dropped his pants no unbuttoning no unzipping his body.... Omg his body.... He was skinny enough that he could drop them without undoing anything kicking his discarded jeans to the side he sat down

Being the jackass I am I lifted his shirt off his crochinal area and said damn guys look tony's got the smallest dick of us all there isn't even a bulge in his boxers. –I did though lol- (speakin of his fuckin boxers I was fucking jealous those wear fuckin sexy Idk what fabric they were but omg I loved them and the design dark blue and light green squiggly lines on them)

Bulge?? Who needs a bulge when u got a body like this he said and then that hung pricked stud fucker did it... he took of his shirt at that moment I was so close to fuckin cumming!!

His body... omg his body...he had those fucking skater pecs only God himself could design and UNBELIEVEABLY defined six pack I swear It felt like I had been staring at his body for a month he slowly moved his hand down his pecs on to his pack and reached his junk suck my schlong bitch he said as he grabbed and rubbed it.

I replaced his hand with mine and started rubbing his now mountain of a bulge in his boxers I pulled out his dick.

It was the most beautiful piece of meat I had ever seen his throbbing cock pulsating sticking up 8 ½ inch straight up in the air with two enormous nuts hanging an inch and a half below his cock just waiting to empty their grand load of hot steamy cum down my throat

I stopped thinking it was all I could do to breath, and hold back my nut myself lol

I took his rock hard meat staff at the base in to my hand my thumb and middle finger being only able to tap each other I started lickin it for bottom to top like it was my favorite flavor lollipop (meat is my favorite though ;)

After the 6th or 7th or 12th lick hell who was counting? Lol

I got back up to the top and took in the head of his dick into my mouth and he let out a gasp of excitement. Oh hell he was excited beyond believe he already had a good amouth of precum flowing that I slurped up greedly. I took every inch and piece of his dick having from the top of his cock to balls deep while I cradled his balls in my hand letting them know I was SO going to take every drop of jizz they held waiting to shoot down my throat

Oh yeah suck that big cock moaned tony grabbing the back of my head as I was bobbin on his knob I would push my head back down on his nuts before I could get more than an inch and a half back up his meat shaft god It was cock hardening having his nuts slapping against my chin and having his hot pre jizz sliding down my throat

Guaaaawww u like suckin the that big meat pole> he asked as he took out he dick and slapped me in the face a couple of time and rammed it back in to place

Ha said Jason more like donkey dick idk how u can keep it in ur pants

That's why I have to wear boxers is cuz my cock is so huge said tony closing his eyes and putting his hands behind his head just chilin enjoying some bitch suck his cock

I took some of his cock out of my mouth so that I was just hard suckin his head and an inch or two more of his dick I started going nuts on his cock suckin hard and going up and down as fast as I could and suckin as hard as I could while squeezing his harding nuts with my right hand and stroking what amount of even more stiffing dick that I could get into my hand

Fuck bitch that's amazing!! He said he stook up and scooted back his chair so he was standin

Ooooooooohhhhhhhh god damn suck that cock slut!!! Omfg that feels so while saying this he's got a hold of my head and forcing his diamond hard dick balls deep pullin it out to the head and doing it again and again and again I was in fuckin heaven!! It felt like he was doing 5 pumps a second

And then it happened so quickly he stopped at balls deep that just thrusted maybe a quarter of an inch away from balls deep with the best of his cock still clogging my throat in the mean time he had both of his hands on my head forcing me to have no choice but to take his dead with a few more strings of dirty talk and breathless gasps

god it was so hot I remember how got it was lookin up and seeing how his godly body was shaped and posed with he pecs packs and lungs working crazy his head tilted back with a face or exstacy and pleased-pain trying to nut

suddenly his top half lerched forward with three or more thrust of his man glory

he came

I had never tasted cum so sweet before I lost count after 8 shots.

Omg all of that man juice there was just so much

Proudly glouting I did get most of it down my throat all though some did dribble out the sides of my mouth and down to my chin after two more mouth fully shots of jizz down my throat he pulled his still unbelievably hard dick outta my mouth I licked the extra cum off of my face and he slapped me a few times with his dick

Breathing hard trying to catch his breath he said wanna see a trick? As he started stroking hid dick again

sure I said

I think he only pumped his dick three or four time before another large steam of cum came out and splattered across my face

He started to stagger and flopped back into his chair I couldn't reach all of the cum so I just whipped it off with a paper towel i got back to him and his dick WAS STILL HARD

You want me to suck u off again I asked

Don't make me dick slap u like a bitch he said flashing me a sexy grin

Depending on how good the nut was depends on how long I stay hard after I cum

Was it any good asked kyle

Duh! Did u see how much spunk I made that bitch swallow? My cock will probably be hard as a rock for the next twenty mins

Well put ur elephant leg away no one wants to see that. Other than milo

Why? does my monster cock make u scared? Or jealous? U wanna bob on my knob for a while Jason? Asked tony standing up and waving his throbbing dick in jasons face.

No I don't said jason almost blushing

I don't see ur problem u have a nice cock ur bigger than kyle but u don't hear him bitchin

Kyles is thicker than jason's I said laughing and then kyle and tony laughing with me and Jason going really red in the face ok we'll im bouncin bitches peace out I said

Hold up said kyle get on ur knees real fast. As he stood up I got down and he whipped out his low hanging limp dick and slapped me with it a few times.

Later he said. Then I took my monster rock hard cock home to cum myself!

SOOOO???? How did u like it???



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