A few months after the death of my partner, my doctor recommended I take some time off since I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. At thirty-four I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself.

A weekend outing with a friend found me in a tiny tourist town located three hours from where I lived.

The town, with a population of only 1,200 is known as Little Switzerland due to everything being built into the sides of the mountains. While the place is crawling with tourist during the summer, the winters are total deadsville! One of the big attractions is an outdoor theatre with a nightly production. While visiting, my friend jokingly suggested I should audition for the upcoming season.

Just for fun I did, and was hired on the spot.

I had one month to find an apartment, pack my belongings and settle in.

Opening night proved to be a treat. The show's dialogue was prerecorded, so mainly it was nothing more than making sure you hit your 'mark' and moved your mouth in a some-what believable fashion.

Being a theatre major in college, the job was a walk in the park for me. Since I was not in the last two scenes I hung out in the dressing room.

While I'm alive and animated on stage, offstage I'm a very shy person. The majority of the cast was in the room, and most were hurriedly changing clothes in order to rush out as soon as the show was over and beat the audience at getting out of the parking lot.

I sat in the dressing room, biding my time, just waiting for the changing rooms to empty out.

Sitting across the from me was the cutest twink I had ever seen. Andy was a senior in high school, seventeen and hot as hell!

This tall, lanky red head was just my type. He stood six foot two, and weighed a whopping one hundred thirty pounds. With shaggy red hair, baby blue eyes and just the right amount of freckles across his face, my cock throbbed just thinking about what he was hiding under his costume.

As it turns out, I didn't have long to wait.

That first night, once everyone had dressed, I slipped into the changing room. I had stripped down to my gym shorts, which I wore under the costume, when Andy walked in. He introduced himself, then stripped down. All he was wearing under his costume was his briefs. Nice tight white briefs, which left NOTHING to the imagination. He had a nice little bubble ass, and from the indention his package was making in the front, I was guessing he was sporting at least seven inches. His chest was totally smooth, and he had a pale red glory trail. His legs were baby ass smooth. His pits however, were a different story. For someone so smooth everywhere else, Andy had the biggest bushes for pits I had ever seen. I was in fucking heaven.

I'm a pit man! Give me a bushy, hot, sweaty, ripe pit and I go totally gaga!

It was obvious from the boner I was suddenly sprouting that I found him attractive. However, being twice his age, I convinced myself that I stood about as much of a chance as a snowball in hell.

Andy looked down at my hard-on, which I had no way to hide, and made the sly comment 'Looks like you're having a good time tonight!'

I made some lame-ass remark, then hurriedly dressed and headed home, where I promptly snorted half a bottle of poppers while watching a twink porn and beating my eight inches till I blew one hell of a fucking hot load.

From that night on, no matter how late I waited to change clothes, Andy always managed to hit the changing room at the same time. I began to ask around and found out that Andy had been doing the show since he was all of ten years old, was born and raised in the small tourist town, and his parents owned an antique store on main street. Being an only child, Andy would work with his parents after school and on weekends, helping transport furniture. As a result, he was almost always hot and sweaty by the time he arrived, often just a tad bit on the 'ripe' side, especially where his pits were concerned. While some made crass comments, I took every opportunity that arose to get close enough to him to get a good whiff of his man scent.

Four months into the show, one hot, balmy, sticky August Saturday night, I found myself working alongside Andy in one of the plays opening scenes.

I had changed into my costume and taken my place on a bench on the side of the mountain, just out of eyesight of the audience.

I looked up as Andy took a seat next to me.

'Hey.' he said.

'Hey you.'

Andy pulled his costume, a long biblical robe, up over his knees. I could tell that he wasn't wearing anything but his briefs, and the sight of his legs alone was enough to make my cock rock hard.

The temperature was nearing ninety and there wasn't even a hint of a breeze. I eased my costume up over my knees and caught Andy glancing over as I did. I was wearing nothing buy my boxers, so I was showing plenty of leg.

'Man, it is so damned hot out here tonight. Something tells me it's going to be a long ass night.' Andy said as he tried to fan his crotch with the fabric of his costume.

'I hear ya. I'm already so hot my underwear is soaking wet!'

Andy looked at me with a wicked grin on his face. With that, he raised his arms up over his head, which allowed the sleeves of his costume to fall down around his pits.

Sitting as close as I was on the small bench, I was immediately offered a good whiff of his overly ripe pits.

'Damn Andy, those things are ripe!'

Andy instantly lowered his arms.

'I'm sorry. I've been helping my parents haul furniture all day, and I didn't have a chance to shower before I came.'

I took my bare left leg and knocked it up against his bare right leg, then gently rubbed it up and down against his.

He looked over at me. I winked at him.

'Hell, I didn't say I minded! As a matter of fact, I think it's a turn on!'

'Really? Everybody seems so grossed out by it.'

'Their loss....my gain.' I winked and ran my tongue over my lips. I rubbed my leg up against his once again. He still didn't pull away.

'What are you doing after the show?'

'Nothing I guess.'

I gently placed my hand on his knee and squeezed.

'You are now.'

Other cast members began arriving on site about that time. As we got ready to start the scene, I leaned over close to Andy and whispered in his ear, 'Once we place the stretcher behind the house, hang up for a second, I've got a surprise for you.'

Andy nodded in agreement just as the scene started.

Ten minutes later we carried the empty stretcher behind the fake 'house'. As we leaned it up against the back wall Andy leaned over and whispered in my ear. 'What's up?'

'Just this.' I pushed him up against the back wall and leaned in bringing my mouth to his. Without waiting for an invitation, I shoved my tongue past his lips and deep into his throat. I wasn't sure what to expect. Andy grabbed my head and returned my kiss, deep, passionate and full of want.

I pulled away. 'I'll wait for you in the dressing room after the show.' With that I turned and made my way along the back trail to the far side of the set for my next entrance.

That night, the show couldn't be over with fast enough. True to my word I was waiting for Andy in the dressing room when he finished his last scene. We changed clothes hurriedly.

'Are you ready?' I asked.

'You have NO idea!'

Andy followed me to my place, a ten minute drive from the theatre. Once we got inside he placed a call to his parents and made the excuse of spending night with a couple of his younger cast mates after driving over to Fayetteville to take in a midnight movie.

It took us no time at all to get comfortable. We stripped down to our briefs. I put a porn flick on and grabbed a fresh bottle of poppers out of the fridge. Andy had never tried poppers before, and in no time at all I had him begging for hit after hit.

His cock was rock hard and mine was already sticking out of my boxers, throbbing and leaking precum like crazy.

I took Andy by the hand and led him to the bedroom. I dropped my boxers, climbed onto my king sized bed and pulled him to me.

I laid back and pulled him on top of me. We didn't need words. We took a few more hits of poppers and I buried my tongue down his throat, pulling his head to mine, burying my hands in his shaggy red hair.

Holding onto him tightly, I rolled him over, placing myself on top. I sucked his nipples one at a time, then began chewing on them.

Andy moaned, his cock straining to escape his briefs. I licked my way down his chest, chewing on the hairs of his glory trail. I worked my way down, sucking his cock through his shorts.

Then, using brute strength, I tore his briefs off his lean body.

Leaning down I swallowed his seven inches, sucking like a mad man. I slipped a finger inside his tight ass and began finger fucking him while deep throating his cock. Andy writhed on the bed, moaning with pleasure. Not wanting him to climax yet, I pulled my mouth off of his cock and ran my tongue back up his chest. I straddled his chest.

'Open your mouth.' He complied.

I spit down his throat.

'Have you ever sucked cock?'

'A few times, yeah.'

'Let's see how good you are at it.'

With that, I shoved my eight inches down his throat and began fucking his mouth.

That little bitch could suck like there was no tomorrow.

Wanting to save my load for his hot little ass, I pulled out before I could climax. It was time for my mouth to go to heaven.

I climbed off of his chest and laid down on the bed.

'Give me those pits bitch.'

'Yes SIR!'

Andy shoved his left armpit onto my mouth. The scent was so fucking ripe it stung my eyes. My cock throbbed, my head began to spin.

I buried my tongue in his pit, licking it clean, sucking all the hair, moaning with animal lust.

When I was satisfied that I had all of his sweat, I switched pits. Once again I buried my mouth into his pit, sucking, licking, breathing in his man stink. My cock felt like it was ready to explode. I couldn't get enough of his sweat.

I licked my way down to his cock again, then swallowed both balls and began sucking those. As I felt his balls tighten, I popped them out of my mouth and swallowed his cock, sucking like a Hoover vacuum. I felt his cock stiffen and his balls tighten. Andy moaned even louder.

'Ah fuck Ryan, I'm gonnna fuckin blow! Oh FUCK!'

His cock exploded and I swallowed shot after shot of hot steamy semi-sweet cum. He just kept shooting load after load. My eager mouth wasn't going to waste a drop. I swallowed every single drop, then licked his cock clean. Then, without giving him the chance to relax, I licked down between his legs, raising his legs high in the air and burying my tongue deep into his sweet tight ass.

Andy began to push his ass up to meet my tongue.

I pulled my head up and looked him in the eyes.

'You like the feel of my tongue up your ass boy?'

'God yes Daddy! Tongue fuck me harder!'

I didn't need to be told twice. I rammed my tongue deeper into his ass, loving the musky taste of his hole. I ate like a mad bitch dog.

When I had his ass hole nice and wet, I stood up and pulled his legs straight up, then split his legs apart and stood over him.

'Get ready to go to heaven baby boy!'

Without warning, I rammed my eight inches deep down into his ass till my balls slapped his ass.

I stood there pounding his ass while he lay there looking up at me moaning with each thrust.

He inhaled more poppers and began to talk like the little bitch boi I knew he was.

'Fuck my boy cunt Daddy! Fuck it deep. Fill my nasty shit hole up! I want you to seed me Daddy! Fuck me harder!'

I smacked his ass a few times till it brought tears to his eyes.

'I'll fuck your boi cunt you worthless little bitch boi. I'm gonna fuck you till I get this little pussy of your pregnant. Then you're going to have to marry me so I can fuck your ass every single day!'

I pounded his ass till my cock felt like it was going to fall off. He handed me the poppers and after a few hits I knew I was ready to blow.

With one last deep hard thrust I shot up his ass. I had saved up a weeks worth of hot cum for this night, and I shot load after load deep into his ass.

When I finally finished, I pulled my cock out, bent down and felched the cum out of his ass, then laid down on the bed beside him and pulled him to me. I pulled Andy to me and fed him my cum fresh from his ass. He wrapped himself around me and swallowed gladly. Then I pushed his head down on my cock and let him lick my cum and his ass juice from off of my cock.

Once I was clean I pulled Andy to me.


'Oh fuck Ryan, that was fucking awesome! Can we do it again?'

I grabbed his hand and placed it on my already stiffening cock. 'What do you think?'

I kissed his lips ever so softly.

'Andy, I want you. I want you in my arms every day from now on. I've wanted you since the first night I saw you.'

'Ryan, I have to admit, I've wanted you to fuck me ever since that first night when I saw how your cock got hard when you looked at me. Trust me,I'm going to make this happen. I don't know how, but I will.'

Andy spent the whole next day with me, and not surprising, we never left the bed. Even to piss. Turns out he was eager to learn water sports. Even that boys piss tasted great! He spent every Saturday night and every Sunday with me after that night. After he graduated the following June, he moved in and became my lover. The age difference was never a problem for us. Andy kept me young at heart and stiff at cock!

We were lovers for three years. Then one rainy, foggy April day, I received a phone call I never dreamed I would get. Andy and his dad had gone into Fayetteville to pick up an antique bedroom suite to bring back to their antique store.

On the way back a driver ahead had stopped to turn across traffic. Andy's dad hadn't seen the SUV through the fog, and as the SUV turned across the road, the oncoming SUV in the opposite lane swerved and hit Andy and his dad head on. Both were killed instantly, as well as the driver of the SUV that hit them.

Once again I buried another lover. Once again, on the verge of another nervous breakdown, I packed up and moved on, vowing to myself that I would spend the rest of my time alone, for fear of having to go through hell all over again.



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