After a long day at work I returned to my hotel room and from a pizza service I ordered a pizza to be delivered to my room.

Having ordered my meal I took a quick shower and as I just got out of the shower there was a knock on my door. I wrapped the towel around my naked body and opened the door. What I saw then took my breath away and my towel fell down and I stood completely naked in front a a gorgeous looking man with long black hair bound together to a pony tail.

He looked at me and saw my penis getting hard. He grabbed it and said: 'What a wonderful welcome, I would love to come back and greet him again after I have finished work tonight.' - 'That would be great, what time can you be back?' - 'I finish work at ten.' - 'Well come back then, me and my dick are looking forward to seeing you again.'

I paid for the pizza and gave a generous tip and ate my pizza after he had left. A few minutes after he had finished his work I heard him knocking on my door and now I didn't need the towel anymore when I opened the door.

My plan was that I wanted to be fucked by him and while he would fuck me I wanted to shave my head. I gave him a condom and explained my wish to be fucked by him but I didn't mention what I intended to do while I was fucked.

He undressed and while he was taking his cloths off his penis was growing and finally he was as naked as I was and I helped him with the condom.

We then both stood in front of the big mirror, me in front of him and In the mirror I could see myself and his beautiful head with that beautiful pony tail. His hair reached deep down to his back and I was getting crazy to get his penis stuck into my ass. He pushed it inside me and started slowly fucking my up my ass. I then took my own penis in one hand and started to masturbate and with the other hand I opened the drawer where the clipper was in and took it out.

I saw his astonished expression in his face and I started shaving my chest and when that was done I lifted one arm and shaved the armpit clean. Then I went on to shave the other armpit and after that was clean I started to shave my balls and dick as well.

He got very exited about that and I felt his penis getting bigger and bigger inside me. Now the time had come to get my head shaved as well. I started at my forehead and shaved a line all over my head down to the skin. My new lover had his hands on my hip and fucked me as hard as he could and after a few minutes the top and sides of my head were shaved and then I felt his sperm shooting into my ass.

For the back of my head I handed the clipper over to him and he knew what to do with it. He shaved the back of my head and also made sure that the parts of my head I had not shaved completely clean got really good shaved. As he was doing that I was masturbating my penis with both hands and when he had finished I could then wash my shaved head with my own sperm which I had caught with my hands.

After that was done he said: 'I want that to be done to me as well.' - 'What, you want to be fucked by me? I would love to do that!' - 'Yes, and I want to get my head shaved as well. As I saw you getting so erected it must be quite something and I would like to try it on myself now.'

We then changed our positions. Now I had a condom over my penis and stuck it into his ass. I started fucking him and opened his pony tail. With both hands I went through his long hair and he started to masturbate his penis. 'Now - take the clipper and give me a new experience.' He said. I took the clipper and shaved a line all over his head as I had done before with myself. His long hair fell down on our bodies and he masturbated his thick penis with fast movements now.

I continued fucking and shaving him and soon all his hair covered our bodies. I made sure that no hair was left on his head and then I covered his shaved head with my hands and massaged his skin while I fucked him harder and harder. We had our orgasms nearly at the same time and he did the same with his sperm as I had done before with mine. Then we stood face to face and massaged each others head with our hands.

Finally we went into the shower and I gave him the razor and the shaving cream and kneed down in front of him. I took his hard penis in my mouth and sucked it while he started applying the shaving cream and then shaved my head with the razor.

We then changed positions again and this time my big penis was in his mouth while I shaved his head clean.It was well after midnight when we had finished our business and he stayed the whole night with me in my bed. We fell asleep touching and caressing each others shaved heads and masturbating our dicks again.

The next morning I saw him in the bath shaving his head again and masturbating at the same time. That was exactly what I am always doing when I shave my head. So we both stood in front of the bathroom mirror shaving our heads and serving our best part of the body.



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