The room was hot and our bodies were slick with sweat as we moved against each other, him rising up to meet my thrusts me driving down in to his slick, hot, tight hole. The room smelled of sex, sweat and poppers. And the sounds of sex too. I could barely believe that this almost boy was so raunchy, so sexual and so predatory in his passivity.

I was on holidays in Los Angeles visiting friends and family. I'd been there before a number of times so I wasn't hitting the usual tourist traps. I was mainly spending time visiting with people, good friends I hadn't seen in too long and reconnecting with family instead of the usual emails and phone calls. I was staying in a hotel in West Hollywood. Why there? Well it was about halfway between my family and my friends (I didn't stay with the family though they had room as I like to have my own space and time) and I knew the area.

I'd been out for a nice meal in a small Italian place just down the road. There is little that is as relaxing as having a leisurely dinner with friends, a few glasses of wine and being able to sit outside in the warm summers evening, especially coming from the chill, rain damped nights in Dublin. After they left citing babysitters and work responsibilities I strolled back toward my hotel, stopping in a bar for a couple of slow drinks, enjoying watching all the people pass and the other customers flirt with each other.

Soon I'd had enough though and I walked the short distance back to the hotel determined to get a reasonably early night. I had promised to take my niece to the aquarium the next day in return for her promising to pet a shark. She was a barrel of energy and I really didn't need a hangover since keeping up with her would be hard enough. My hotel was nothing special, just the usual anonymous glass and concrete building but it was comfortable, the air conditioning worked (a blessing in the heat of the night) and the bed was good and big and the mattress good and firm.

I stripped off and showered, opened a cold bottle of beer (my last of the night I promised myself) and sat down with my book. The book wasn't good but it was all I had left to read and I really didn't feel like cranking up my laptop so soon I was bored and the beer was finished. Finish the chapter then get some sleep that was the plan. Then the phone rang.

I jumped, startled at the sound, terrible thoughts running through my head as they do late at night when the phone rings before I realised anyone ringing me would have rung my mobile (cell phone to my American friends).


'Is John there?'

'No you've a wrong room number mate'

'Oh sorry about that, never mind him how are you?'

'Fine thanks, was just on my way to bed'

'Really? Least I didn't wake you. Anyway why are you going to bed so soon, the night is young, people to meet, drinks to be drunk blah blah blah you know?'

We chatted for a bit, small talk really but he was funny, I was bored and fully awake and slowly getting intrigued. Slowly, ever so slowly the conversation turned on hints, innuendo. Phrases like him saying he was bottoming out after an evening on the tear with a bunch of straights (emphasising bottom and straights) and me responding in kind that I was feeling on top form. All the time we were both getting more intrigued, more interested until he flat out asked me what I looked like. I told him, truthfully, I was 30, about 5'10' fairly slim, smooth and shaven and only wearing a towel. (And by this time after all the innuendo and smutty references the towel was more hanging on me than me wearing it). He described himself and he sounded the stuff of fantasies. '20, 5' 6', lean, muscled, shaved everywhere, passive and horny as hell'.

I think I moaned slightly, I know my left hand was cupping and stretching my heavy balls. He giggled, not like a girl, more mischievously told me he was clean, his room number and he was waiting, hoping.

The phone went dead. I looked at it, actually looked at it. I couldn't believe it though obviously my cock could. I barely even thought and jumped in the shower again making sure I was clean all over. I put my leather cockring on, threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt, grabbed my lube, a cold six pack from the (tiny) fridge and put a fresh bottle of poppers in my pocket. My heart was pounding as I walked to the lift and my cock was throbbing. The only blessing was that the shower had calmed me enough for it to drop to half mast though there was still a respectable bulge in my jeans and I could feel a nice string of pre-cum against my thigh.

I stood outside the door for a minute. Could it be a joke? Some kid messing late at night? Fuck it I thought, no one knows me here, what have I got to lose? Taking a deep breath I knocked, just as I knocked I noticed the door was open, barely a crack but still open. A voice called out, his voice, 'Come in, it's open, I was hoping you'd show'.

I pushed the door open in to the darkened room. He'd pulled the curtains only leaving a crack to let the night light in. The room was dim, almost black but I knew my eyes would adjust and I'd see just fine. I let the door shut behind me as I stepped further in to the room till I saw the bed and then him, sitting at the desk facing the door. He was naked, his hard cock standing proud. As promised he was hairless, excited and looked younger than his years. Except for the way he was exhibiting himself, his very obvious excitement, I would have though he looked innocent.

I put the beer, poppers and lube down on the desk. As I did he looked at me, thanked me for the beer and knelt in front of me. His hands tore at the buttons on my fly releasing my smooth cock. Gently he grasped my shaft in one hand while he tugged at my hairless balls with his other. He moaned softly as his tongue darted out to lick my cock head clean of the pre-cum.

I reached down, my hands running through his hair as his mouth engulfed my cock. I pulled his head back to his obvious displeasure as his tongue darted at my cock, my hands grabbing him by the hair. 'Really how old are you?'. I needed to know, he looked just too young even if I wasn't sure I could resist. 'I'm 20 like I said and I can prove it if you really want me too but what I want right now is your big, hard cock and your cum. I'm just your sweet, nasty, little bitchboy who wants to be face fucked and ass fucked and you know you want to do it to me'.

With that his hands grasped my ass and pulled my cock into his mouth. I felt his tongue swirl around my cockhead as he swallowed my precum and felt more than heard my own groan of pleasure. He was good, better than good and obviously far more experienced then he looked. His eyes darted up to mine as he pulled away for a minute before softly say how he loved the taste of precum. Suddenly he drove down onto my cock and swallowed me whole, taking me in all the way down his throat. I could feel his breath against my crotch as the last inch of me went into his warm, inviting mouth. He was gifted and beautiful and I knew I couldn't hold out for long with the assault his mouth and throat was making on my cock. I started to face fuck him just like he wanted. Grabbing and pulling at his hair. Forcing his head up and down on me, pulling his mouth and throat around my hard, smooth shaft.

I nearly roared as I came. Sensations seemed to overcome me for a moment as I shot first one then a second stream of hot cum down his throat. I pulled back a little to fill his mouth as he tried to swallow my seed. Try was all he could do as his mouth overflowed and some cum dripped down his chin and onto his nipple. I saw all this as his mouth and throat worked overtime and thought it would be a little treat for myself in a minute.

All too soon I was spent, drained for the moment though he still looked adorable kneeling naked and smooth in front of me, panting, rock hard and dripping. I stepped out of my jeans and pulled my shirt off and dragged him up on his feet. Again I grabbed the back of his head, held him, looked into his eyes for just a second before I mashed my lips against his. He was at least as good a kisser as he was a sucker and our tongues darted against each others as I sought out he last remaining drops of my cum in his mouth. I loved the mix of my cum and his saliva in tasted through the hot, wet, inviting hole that I had just cum in.

I dropped him onto the bed and fell on top of him, our tongues still darting at one anothers. Slowly, teasingly I licked my way down his body. I kissed, sucked and bit his nipples tasting my cum that had fallen there and dragging moans from him. He arched his back trying to get more of him into my mouth as my hands ran down his hairless, smooth as silk flanks pulling and pinching his asscheeks. I worked my way down his belly feeling his hands caress my head and hearing his low, guttural moans and whispered injunctions of Oh Daddy.

I reached his cock, smooth and hard, glistening with precum and his balls tight in their sack. It was about 6 inches long, slender, leaking precious juices. I swallowed him as he had me. He tasted warm and slick as he bucked into my mouth. I let him move as my finger pinched and prodded and pulled at his ass, pulling him further into me, swallowing his essence as it leaked from him. My fingers found his hole and as I teased it his came in great spitting gobs of cum. He tasted as good as he looked and I swallowed not losing a drop.

He collapsed back onto the bed and I dropped down beside him. Nothing was said for a few minutes, we were both recovering, basking in the aftermath of an intensity I had rarely felt.

'Shit that was fucking good' I said still panting slightly for breath as hands gently stroked me. We talked quietly for a minute or two before I stood up. 'You're not going yet are you?' he asked with a slight tremor in his voice. There wasn't any way I leaving yet at least not before round two and hopefully three. I stood leaning against the desk, opened a beer and told him the night was young and his ass was mine for that night at least.

He took a beer for himself and grinned an impish grin. 'Good because I want more of that cock and I think you know where I want it'. With that he moved to his jeans and took out a small box, opened it and lit up a joint. We smoked the joint, drank a beer and recovered. I was feeling more relaxed than I had been in a long while. The beer was finished, the joint was smoked, we were both feeling the effects and out cocks were rising once again.

I put my bottle down and told him, ordered him to get on the bed. With a gleam in his eye he obeyed laying down on his front, that glorious ass of his sticking up in the air facing me. If he wiggled it I thought to myself he was in serious trouble. And he did.

I smacked it, good and hard, right on the right cheek seeing a satisfying redness appear. 'Did I tell you to lay on your front and stick your ass ass in the air? Well did I boy?' I smacked his other cheek just as I finished speaking. He moaned, positively moving himself to get another spanking while saying 'sorry Sir '. I gave him another one just to see his beautiful ass move before forcing him onto his back and pushing his legs back towards his head. Damn he was flexible.

I sucked and licked my way down and around his smooth balls. Sucking one then the other into my mouth, lathering them with my saliva. I could feel his scrotum tighten and his cock get even harder if that was possible. I looked up to see his head thrown back on the pillows and his cockhead leaking precum.

Quickly I darted my tongue down to his hole. I was smooth and hairless and clean and tasted great. His moans increased as I ate his ass. Running my tongue all around the outside of his chute before driving it in. He bucked his ass onto my face trying to get more of me in him. I would lick all around him before forcing my tongue inside of him. My hand reached out to grab the lube and poppers. Taking a deep snort (got to love the rush) I passed him the bottle. As he took along, deep hit I poured some lube onto his whole though truth be told after the rimming he was open and wet. As the popper rush hit us I slid first one then a second finger into him. Sliding my fingers in and out I eased his hole open further till soon I added a third. I bent my fingers as they slid in and rubbed his prostrate dragging a deeper moan out of his throat and a long, pearly string of precum from his cock. With my other hand I smeared his cock with the mixture of my own precum and his, lubing it so it slid through my hand with each thrust he made back onto my fingers.

I pulled my fingers out with a slight popping, squelch and grabbed the poppers. Taking a long, deep hit in both nostrils I gave him the bottle till he sniffed deeply. He was sliding his slick ass up and down my cock murmuring for me to give it too him. He was right on the edge and so was I by this time. I watched as his most intimate hole opened and closed inviting me in. As it opened I placed my cock against it and pushed. I didn't slam into him, not yet, just pushed with a constant pressure till my inflamed head popped. I rested there for a second teasing both him and me before I grabbed his hips and continued my way into his warmth. All too soon my whole 7 inches was inside him, his slick ass right up against me.

I pulled out nearly completely marveling at the sight of my cock sliding out of him. Again I slid my length into him feeling his hotness surround me. His moans were driving me insane with lust and his tight, hot hole driving me to the brink. I started to fuck him properly with long slow strokes. Sliding in and out. He was totally open now. The sheen of sweat on both our bodies glistened in the faint light. I pulled out totally before slamming into him again and again.

We were both on the edge, ready to cum but holding off so we could have more of the pleasure. I grabbed his legs and pulled bending him back over himself as I resumes fucking him. I could feel my cock rubbing his prostrate each time I slid my way inside. A long, thick strand of precum started to fall from his beautiful cock. Holding him I aimed it at his mouth watching it fall as he waited with his tongue out to taste himself. He practically sucked it into him and I bent over to kiss him, to taste him again. That set me off. There was no holding back now and I piled my cock in and out of his hole. My strokes got shorter. The noise of our moans and the smell of sex filled the room.

Suddenly he groaned, threw his head deep into the pillows and shot his cum over himself. Some I knew ended up in his mouth, some on his face and the rest on his chest. That set me off. I couldn't hold back any longer and with a final grunt I slammed my 7 inches deep inside him and came. I shot two thick, hard streams of cum deep in his bowels before I pulled out The third shot covered his cock and balls and finally I was able to jam my cock into his open mouth. There was so much cum from both of us he couldn't swallow it all. As my cock stopped shooting I wiped up as much as I could see and fed it too him. I collapsed on top of him. We kissed tasting our mingled juices, swapping it between our mouths. Our bodies sliding over each other from our sweat and cum. Eventually I lay back on the bed, drained utterly, satisfied like I hadn't been for a very long time. It was late, later than I expected but I knew we'd have round three.



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