I am Julian Moore am roughly 6'3,lightly black brown the color of a chocolate cake,brown éyes,flat nose,wears dreadlock hairstyle&wil b 19 by 24th july say in few weeks time&I am just months in the college.

I came home from school one afternoon to be told a new couple moved into the neighbourhood just the building exactly opposíte ours.The followin mornin saturday 4th july,I was doin some cleanin in my room when I look through my window pane to find two men leanin on a red saloon car kissin in the next compound,i have seen such a sight,although i know am straight but i felt attracted to what was going on.The dudes were caressin each other but after a second thought i rolled down my drape&covered my window.

I knew a couple moved in but i never knew they were gay,but that was cool i thought feelin quite uneasy by my desire to join the lewd pleasure&fun.

After dinner,as I lay in bed i thought of a way of gettin to the couple as the afternoon event came to my mind it was so hot.I rose from my bed pickin my master keys and quietly went downstair&sucessful made to our garden which connect the next compound by a small gate.

I quickly but steathily hurdled the gate by which time i was sportin a hardon because öf the crazy thing am about doin....peepin on a gay couple at nite as i had studied the cømpound in the mornin thanks to my window upstair.

I got to the entrance door&inserted my buglars key and carefully opened it noiselessly as i went upstairs to their bedroom.

My friend Jake&his family used to live there before sellin it in March&i have been a regular visitor so i knw all the nook&crannies.

It wäs few mins to 10pm,they might be asleep or better stil b havin sex which i wanted to watch Second room by my right served as Jakes parents room as sure its same here cos it was wide enoug. As i crept to the door i heard a loud moan"oh justin u have d hottest mouth&d best cocksucker" "&u hav d longest dick ever" a voice said chokin wit something. I rushed to the door&quickly lowered myself to the keyhole the two men i had seen earlier today stood in the room behind the closed door,but they looked a lot different well mayb cos they were naked.

For the first time i noticed hw hot they were,the one standin by the dresser was about 6'6,3 inches taller than i am,blonde,muscular ripped stomach,body&arms.sexy 9 packs with muscular thigh and he can be describèd as 'Intimidating'. His eyes shut in pure estacy as moans escaped from his opened mouth through his pink lips.The other one kneelin down wit a cock in his hot mouth was 5'9,brown hair,dark green eyes which gave him d look of a wild cat,hot red lip&muscular body.The cock in his mouth was about 13 inches mayb more and his is about 10 inches.

"these guys are damn hung' i thought as i was beginin to slowly stroke my cock which had now grow to it full 9.5inches,a pink oversized head givin the look of strawberry lollipop,with balls the size of golf balls .

The brownie suckin' the cock after 15mins of hungrily deep throated the blondie lay on the bed on the bed,supportin his raised legs with his hands as the blondie lowered his face to his man hole took a sniff then went to work with his töngue in the pink hole.I heard a loud møan as the blonde began eat an ass hungrily with his boner now leakin precum,this went ön for about twenty minutes,i wanted to get hold on blondie's leakin cock and milk him although i have never done that as i felt myself jackin off roughly and fastly without knowin all d time i had been.........MOANING?

The guys in the room stopped their action as the blondie got up smiled&quickly made for the door. I wanted to run but;firstly i was confused øn where to run to and secondly a part of me wanted to join the fun and in a twinkle the door was ajar&standin before me is blondie in all his glory.

Immediatély he saw me his eyes popped out as what he saw shocked him....a peepin tom in his pyjamas,dick stickin outta his fly with cock and hand covered in precum.

He was bemused he asked 'who are u? I answered nervously "a peepin tom frm the next compound"as we spoke brownie appeard.

"Well am kenneth marvin and this my partner justin marvin&we're couple"blondie said and as i was stil regainin composure,a powerful hand drew me into the room,shutin the door and in a few seconds later i lying butt naked on the king size bed.

I wäs lying on my back as Justin took my leakin cock in his mouth and started givin my a celestial blowjob blowim my mind off.Ken just lube up justins as and started ramin him deeper&harder.I was in pure haven as Justin suck my cock&balls interchangeably and after about 20mins he stops&lubin my butthole and hands,he gently inserted a finger.

Aaaaah i moaned as he hit my prostrate,he contìnued professionally til he was fistin my ass."the bitch is as horney as hell" Justin said "i'll try dat" Ken said pullin outta justin as he showed me his dick'its 14 inches' i noticed as he walkd to my ass lubed it and entered me roughly makin me moan loudly.

I was very horny that am losin my virgin to this god-man,as his heavy balls slaped my ass.Justin took my cock in his mouth again while i jacked him off,they had every part of me and i like it,with Ken fuckin me doggy style,and justin suckin me hard i was feelin high.

Thirty mins later both justin and i screamed in unison as i shot 7 spruts down his throat&him splashin his seed on my chest and stomach.15 mins ken dumped 12 spruts in my ass as we all lay down tired...TO B CTND



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