I had a good enough look to know that the dog was injured before the car hit it. The woman slammed on her brakes just as I hit mine. She came running back, sobbing, just as I reached the dog and knelt beside it. The dog looked at me, whimpered a dog version of 'would you believe the fucking day I'm having?' and licked my hand. I smiled and automatically rubbed him behind the ear. The injured, emaciated animal took a deep breath, and thudded his tail twice. At that moment, I became a dog owner. I calmed down the woman, and took my new friend to the nearest vet.

The vet had dark blue eyes that burned when he looked at the newly named Pan, which was short for 'Companion,' but I didn't want anyone to know that. I'm a sap, but I don't want it general knowledge. The vet flicked his eyes to me, and I flinched. 'You found this dog?' he said, his voice dangerous. I swallowed hard and nodded. 'Yes. Right after the nice lady in the car hit him.' The vet continued to glare, but not at me anymore. 'This animal has been horribly abused.' Pan was a little shook by the angry voice and moved to put his head on my hand. The vet recited a rapid-fire list of surgical things that needed to be done. My job was to nod and sign papers and dig my credit card out of my wallet. Pan drifted off to sleep. I went out into the waiting room, read every magazine, every brochure and tried not to throw up from fear.

A very long time later, the vet came out, smelling like soap and a lot of other medicinal things. He smiled at me. 'With care and a good diet, he should be just fine,' he said. Suddenly, I noticed that his eyes were very large and crinkled at the corners when he smiled. His mouth looked full and soft. His hair was thick, with premature silver strands running through it. I cleared my throat. 'May I see him?' The vet nodded. 'He's still out, though.' He led me in to what was no doubt the doggy recovery room. My new friend was stretched out, swathed in various places with pure white bandages. I knelt beside him, murmured to him and massaged behind his ear. Pan moved slightly, and his tail managed a weak thud against the floor. He knew I was there. I promptly burst into tears.

I cried helplessly, until it dawned on me I was standing, my head on the vet's shoulder, his arms around me, his palms caressing my back. I shouldn't have realized that, because it made my cock hard. Very hard. For a second I was horrified. I moved my head back, and started to babble an apology, when I saw his face. He looked like he was fighting his arousal with every fiber of his being. As I watched, he surrendered, and moved his hips against mine, his cock surging to life. He moaned softly. I took his mouth with my tongue, which he sucked desperately. As I moved my mouth to his neck, he murmured 'this isn't ethical' in my ear. I licked his neck. 'You're not my doctor,' I whispered. 'You're Pan's doctor.'

Pan's doctor had a nice office with a foldout couch in it that he used when he needed to stay and monitor one of his patients. He folded it out with one hand and gripped my cock through my pants with the other. I grasped his wrist and humped his hand. When the little metallic 'click' signaled the bed had locked into place, we went over sideways. He scrambled on top of me, thrusting his hips at me, his breathing coming in quick, short gasps. The entire surface of his skin twitched. Suddenly, he began to shudder, his arousal so intense he lost all motor control. I eased him onto his back and gently opened his pants. 'How long has it been?' I whispered gently. His eyes glittered with tears as he stared blindly at the ceiling. 'No one should have to go without as long as I've gone without,' he said in a choked voice. 'No one.' I lowered my mouth to his cock.

He gasped and arched his back in shock as my tongue slid over the head of his cock. I lapped up the precum that poured from him, then fastened my mouth around his silky head and sucked hard. He gripped the sheet into two fists, let out an agonized howl and exploded cum into my mouth. I had expected him to come quickly, so I was more-or-less ready for the flood that filled my mouth and dripped down my chin. I swallowed and wiped my chin. He lay on his back, still gripping the sheets, staring at the ceiling. He lifted his head on the third attempt and managed something that was intended to be a smile. 'Wow,' he said. I grinned at him, kissed his abdomen, and managed to get his clothes off, then my own. When I slid naked onto the bed next to him, he turned his head and looked at me. I barely had enough time to think 'Holy shit!' when he lunged at me, pinned an arm over my stomach, one over my thighs, and sucked the hell out of my cock.

I lay there with my cock slipping deeper and deeper inside the mouth of this sucking machine, and all I could do was raise my head and stare at him. I wanted it to last, but he needed it now, so I willingly handed over control of my body. His mouth was fierce and demanding, his lips locked tight, his head bobbing up and down as fast as he could move it. His tongue seemed everywhere at once...sliding over the head, wrapping around the shaft, then doing it all again. My swollen cockhead slid neatly into this throat a couple of times and he growled his appreciation. I felt the deep vibrations through his throat and it was exquisite. I reached to grip his arm to let him know I was going to cum. He held my hand and sucked my cum greedily, swallowing ever drop then licking me clean until I couldn't handle the sensations anymore.

He checked on Pan, then came back, bouncing on the balls of his feet. He made coffee and scrounged around for foodstuffs, whistling happily. I watched him, admiring his body and his beautiful half-hard cock. He grinned at me. He looked younger, the stress lines gone from his face. There would be plenty of time to talk, now was time to play. I slid off the bed, crawled on my hands and knees over to him, knelt and licked and nibbled at his balls. He inhaled sharply and buried his fingers in my hair. I nibbled at his balls, nearly putting an eye out with the rigid shaft that sprang at me. I looked up at him, and said, 'fuck my mouth' loudly and clearly. I took him in my mouth and held up my wrists. He gaped at me, hesitated, then grabbed both my wrists, pulled my arms up and started to thrust. He pumped his cock through my tight lips, over my tongue and as deep into my mouth as it would go. His eyes were closed, his head lolling on his shoulders, his breathing erratic and loud. Sound came from him, something repetitive and deep, that was released without his control. He fucked my mouth hard, tensing his muscles to make it last. The sound changed, raising in pitch, and he moved his hips even faster until he gave a final thrust and climaxed with a long, shuddering howl. I caught him on his spontaneous trip to the floor and eased him down. His hand shot up, grabbed me around the back of the neck and pulled my mouth to his. He sucked my tongue hard.

We lay on the floor and necked like teenagers, reveling in the wordless comfort we felt with each other. I slide my fingertips down his spine to the crack of his ass, and he groaned with delight. I made small circles on his smooth, tight cheeks, then slid the fingers gently into his crack. He began to pant, and his reviving cock poked at my balls. I rolled him to his stomach, mounted his shoulders and lowered my mouth to his ass. I nibbled and kissed every inch of him as he lay underneath me and trembled. My tongue flicked up and down his crack, and I pushed down on his hips with my palms as he tried to thrust his ass up to me. He groaned as I continued to tease him. I felt him move, and was stunned to feel him fasten his mouth around my big toe and suck. It was a very arousing sensation. I spread his cheeks and exposed his tight pink hole, then lowered my head and flicked it with my tongue. He moaned with satisfaction and sucked lustily on my toe. I thrust my tongue into his hole, and tongue fucked him.

He managed to give me a few clues as to where the lubricant was. I tore his office apart as neatly as possible, nearly howling in frustration. He lay on the floor and laughed helplessly. Finally, I realized a 'door door' was the 'drawer by the door' and triumphantly found what I was looking for. I sat on his thighs and smacked his ass a few times. He laughed until he had a stitch in his side. I grinned, leaned down and gave him a most respectable hickey on his left ass cheek. He moaned appreciatively, and managed to say, 'fuck my ass' coherently. I think the rest of the sentence was in Latin, but the 'fuck my ass' was clear as a bell.

I got off his legs, and his ass rose into the air immediately. He kept his head down, grunting in anticipation. I slid a lubricated finger quickly up his ass and pumped it. His hole was tight, very, very tight. His muscles clamped down on me as I thrust the finger in deep then drew it out again. I fingerfucked him hard, then slid in a second finger. I worked his ass with two fingers until I couldn't take any more waiting. I hastily lubricated my cock, grasped the slippery shaft, put the swollen head against his hole and thrust forward.

'Damn,' I breathed, gripping his hips. 'Damn, damn, damn.' I began to pump, slowly and deeply, savoring the feel of his tight ring sliding up and down my cock. He shoved his ass back to meet me each time I shoved forward. He was hot and tight and I couldn't maintain my slow rhythmic thrusting. I started to go faster and harder, my pelvis thudding into his ass, my balls swinging against his. I sensed his arm moving, and realized he'd put a hand under himself and stroked his cock as I fucked him. I fucked him for all I was worth, harder and harder, until we both erupted in long, shuddering orgasms. We managed to make it back to the foldout bed before we collapsed and fell asleep.

Six months later we stood in front of all of our friends and family with a sleek and healthy Pan sitting between us as 'Best Dog' at our commitment ceremony.


Morgan Grayson

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