He was hurt and it’s all my fault. I can’t believe I let that happen to him. Horus it’s not your fault my mother said looking into my eyes. He is a mortal and more often than us they do get hurt she continued. I know he’s mortal mother and that’s why I should have been more careful if only I had listened to him more. We stood over him watching as his sister and the nurses tended his wounds and it tore at my insides, I could not bear to see him like this in so much pain. Mother, you are the goddess of magic can’t you heal him. Oh, Horus she chided as she turned to me her rainbow wings shimmering in the light, you know I would in an instant but healing comes from Sekhmet and she and I don’t get along so well. As I stood in the room watching Michael sleep his long blond hair tied back in a ponytail and while his muscular body laid stretched out on the bed I couldn’t help but notice how good he looked as he slept. I walked over and brush a few strands of hair out of his face and realized he was burning hot with fever. Oh Michael I thought, you have to live though this I can’t do this without you. As I started to leave the room I realized just I was feeling something that I never felt before towards Michael and I just couldn’t make sense of it, I took one last glance at him then exited his room and stroll down the hall to clear my head. In human form I was dark skinned and I stood 6 feet tall with my muscular body, broad shoulders and my head was covered in long black hair and my eyes which were one gold and one silver although I could change them to make mortals see what I wanted. I headed to the main room to find some clothes since I am a god they did not really assign me a room. I grabbed a black jeans, black tank top and a pair of hi-tops and headed for the bathrooms. I would have changed right there if not for the mortals insisting that we use the bathrooms like normal people after that little accident where Rachel walked in and saw me in all my glory and her eyes could not move away from the dick she saw hanging between my legs. As I stood in the bathroom changing out of my Egyptian kilt and war outfit my mind was filled with Michael and the memory of the a few times when we were merged and he was changing, he pale white skin and his grey eyes as he removed his shirt revealing his chiseled torso and sexy abs and he bubble butt as she took off his jeans revealing his thick six inch cock. I realized my own cock was half hard and I could not make much sense of it, I shook the thought from my head quickly got dressed and left the bathroom. As I walked through the hallway I met Sara, Michael’s sister, he hazel eyes looked worried as she walked by. Are you okay, Sara I asked. I’m just fine Horus, her voice rang with pain and what do you care it’s not like you gods care about us. We might be of the pharaoh’s bloodline but it’s quite simple for you to find new hosts if we die. I’m sorry for what happened to Michael Sara and I know it’s my fault. I do hope he comes around soon I said as she turned to walk away. Whatever Horus she said but that look in her eye was one of shock, she could not believe that I cared for her brother. I decided to go out in Cairo to clear my head, I got to the steps of the Manor and quickly changed into a falcon and flew off my mind stuck in the room with Michael. As gods we are not allowed to free walk the earth without hosts at least for 12 hours. Ra had made that law before he retreated into the heavens after that incident where a few mortals saw my mother’s true form and were incinerated. Michael had only been out for two hours so I had some time. I arrived in Cairo near a pub where I returned to human form and walked in. As gods we normally do not engage in the lives of the mortals but since Ra’s retreat things have gotten a bit relaxed. I sat at the bar and ordered a vodka tonic, those were quite famous in here. Sitting at the bar I could feel the stares of women and men alike just watching me. One of the perks of being a good people always can feel your presence but do not know what they feel. I decided to leave the pub and as I left noticed a skinny looking man and a woman got up to leave as well. The night was very peaceful in Cairo and my mind kept going back to Michael laying at home in bed and a gain my dick started to make a huge tent in my pants. I tried to shake the thought when I realized the man and woman were following me. I made a turn at the next corner and stood in the dark and they followed me right in there. I grabbed the guy’s jacket and shoved him to the wall. Why are you following me I shouted as I held my hand to his throat? The woman quickly spoke up, Please sir we do mean any harm we are just seeking a little fun and thought you were that type of guy. I released him and he fell to the pavement and stayed there. What type of fun are you talking about? I asked. She boldly placed her hand on my chest, A little sexual fun I hope she said licking her lips. She was a tall woman which dark eyes and black hair I could not see most of her features in the dark. She continued to caress my chest and I did not object leaning against the wall with all my thought of Michael my dick was aching to be released from these jeans. I felt the man’s hand on my jeans and within second my dick was out and engulfed in his warm mouth, the woman tried to kiss me but I pushed her off gently. These lips are for someone else I thought. The man was making good on my cock in his mouth using his tongue so expertly to lick the head while bobbing up and down on it. I wanted to spill my godly seed in his throat but I decided I wanted more. I pulled my dick from his mouth and forced him to his feet his small frame shivered in my hands, I quickly pulled down his pants and covered his mouth with my hands and rammed all eleven inches of my fully hard dick covered in his saliva up his ass. He screamed into my hand but I did not give him any time to adjust I fucked him and fucked him hard as the woman knelt and sucked him off. I was fucking him hard but my mind was absent and soon I felt a jolt in my body and jets of cum erupted from my cock filling his ass and he began to shake in my hands, the woman quickly pulled off not wanting his cum in her mouth letting it fly across the pavement. I pulled out of him and let his body go loose and he steadied himself as I quickly zipped up my jeans and turn to leave. Hey the guy called out I did not get your name. I decided not to give them my name it’s Alan I said. Thank you Alan for such a good time my name is Owen and I do hope Michael feels the same way about you. You couldn’t stop shouting his name while you fucked me. I turned away not believing my ears and walked out of their sight and just like that I turned into a falcon and flew off the cool night over Cairo.



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