You often wonder does that stuff the movies and t.v. shows really happen at parties, or do they just make it up. Well I found out it does happen. And here's my story how.

My name is Zekiel Marble. Yes Zekiel. People called me Zeke for short. I am 5 foot 11, 170 pounds and very very fit due to my previous training and upbringing of sports; mostly track, soccer,  tennis, baseball, kickboxing, and a vigorous workout plan. I have been attending college  for two years now and had grown very accustom to the college life and all of its perks. The independent-ness, the adulthood, the responsibility, and all. I loved it.

I had made tons of friends and met tons of people, went to tons of parties and did a bunch if stuff.  I was happy with my college life. Then it became slightly different.

"Yo, Zeke are you heading home over this winter break? I've got to get the head count of the kids that's going."

" Sure, your just trying to get rid of me Ben." Zeke responded with a bit of a giggle.

" You say, huh? I'm just doing my job." Ben giggled back. Ben is the floors R.A. He was in charge of 20 total members on the floor. All guys. The university would randomly selecte floors within the dorm halls that would be non-co-ed. And this was the floor Zeke stayed on. An all guy floor. "What about the roomie? Joseph leaving?"

"Yeah, actually.  He's leaving Thursday evening after his final. Gots his shit all packed and everything. His nerve. He's not been a happy camper lately."

"Why's that?" Ben ask leaning in the door way of their room.

"Josephine is no more." That's what Zeke called Joseph and Ella, Josephs girlfriend. "She left him for some dude in the same frat as him. You know, a little latino/latina soap opera type deal. Pretty ironic if you ask me."

" Oh wow."

"Yeah, he's like half of Joseph's size an-"

"Dude, I've got to get through this. No time to chatter." Ben sighed as he left the room. "But hey, there are four other dudes staying so far. I've got two left to talk too."

"Maybe this won't be a kill after all. " Zeke was really dreading that he had to stay but with his job, and it paying for the last fourth of his tuition that his scholarship didn't cover he had to do it.

Ben soon called a floor meeting and they all discussed the rules of checkout before leaving, and the rules of staying there and more. As soon as the meeting was over everyone that was done that Wednesday night, left and everyone done that Thursday morning left that afternoon.  No one on the floor had Friday finals. Soon it was Friday and Zeke and the five other boys were left on the floor alone.

Zeke woke that Friday morning and peered out the door into the empty hallway. Examining the empty hall and locked doors he could tell who was here. Alex and his roommate Danny, a set of gorgeous twins. 6 foot even, long shaggy platinum blonde hair, big ocean blue eyes and perfect bodies from being in dance, cheerleading, theater, and track for 95% of their lives. Futher down the hall Conor, who looked like the descendent of a Greek God, was still here.

Conor a Greek himself had flawless olive skin, short dark brown/black hair, green eyes and an amazing workout plan that keep his greek god body in shape.

Micheal. Conor's neighbor. 6 foot two basketball player, with a buzzed head of gorgeous brown hair and amazing blue eyes.

Lastly was Zeke's neighbor Jessie. Jessie and Zeke bonded closer than any of the him and the other guys on the floor due to them sharing the same interest in sports and being sparing partners in Kickboxing. Jessie was 6 foot 1, bleach blonde hair, gorgeous blue - hazel gray eyes.

Zeke retreats back into his room, and grabs his shower tools, and heads towards the shower.

"Yo! Zeke the freak! Z-Man! How's it hanging bro?"

"Jess.  Hey bruh. It's going. Gonna shower only to sleep another twenty-five more hours." Zeke responds shaking up with Jessie whom recently showered and still had a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Dude. No! We can't start the break like that!"

"But it's night one. The 5-0 will be out hard core dude."

"Okay. So dorm party. Just you, me and the guys in the floor."

"Solid. I just brought 2k15 and my brother just sent me Tekken 6, so you bring the drinks I'll being the entrainment."

"Solid." They dapp fist and head their separate ways.

Jessie back in his room shuts the door, and stares at himself in the mirror. This could be my chance he thought. Maybe, I can get Zeke into my bed. Jessie had been accused of being gay by the guys but he never told anyone except the twins who were openly bisexual.  But it wasn't the twins he lust for. It was Zeke. Zeke and the way he pushed his medium length hair back when he was sweaty and hot from working out. The way he moved his hips when he walked and his lips. His rose pink plush lips, probably soft from the use of his strawberry chapstick. He couldn't stand another night without being with Zeke.

He was determined and found the perfect way. All this thinking about Zeke has gotten Jessie harder than a rock. He heads to the door, locks it, drops his towel, and grips his 7 and a half inch rod and begins to jack off. Minutes later, he stops, saving hus load for Zeke and falls fast asleep, waiting for the nights festivities to arive.

Around 6:30 Zeke does roll call and collects the guys from the hall. First the twins, and their 'Naughty Truth or Dare', Conor with the chips and dips, Micheal with the glasses, and Jessie with the alcohol.

"Let's get this started!" Jessie yells as he enters the room with a tote piled high with alcohol.

"Yes. Let's!" The twins agreeing with Jessie in unison not missing a beat. "Jenks. You own me three shots. Jenks again. And again. You owe me a bottle."

"Yo, y'all gone be doing that all night cause if so, you gone have to bounce." Micheal asked looking a little weirded out.

"Yah. We're good." Again they say in unison. "Dude really. Stop."

The night rolled on, and so did the games. Bottle after bottle, then game after game. The had all played rounds in the games Zeke brought, followed by a bottle. Smashed the chips and dips, then a bottle. Some more games, then another bottle. By the time it was 12:30, they had nearly gone through three fourths of the tote.

"Fuck! I'm bored as shit." Jessie and Micheal said at the same time.

"BODY SHOTS!" the twins yelled together in unison, taking their shirts off.

"Are we doing this?" Micheal said slowly coming out of his shirt.

"I guess." Jessie agreed pulling off his tank.

"You guys are wild as fuck." Zeke responds with the removal of his shirts. "Here's how it goes, everyone takes a shot off of everyone. Agreed?"

"Agreed." The boys all said in unison.

The shot flew, and the heat rose within the group.

"Now that we've gotten each others trust, some more than others, I think it's time for this." Alex says as Dylan pulls out Mr. Nice Naughty Truth Or Dare. The pulled the top off the box to reveal pink and white cards. The twins explained the game and the cards and the game begin. They sat in a circle. Alex, then left to him Dylan, and left to him Jessie, then next to him Zeke, and then Michael back to Alex.

"Dylan, Truth or Dare?" Alex asked.


"Truth. Is it true, you and Rebecca Lynn had a three way with Susie Alkatrez?"

"No. Not just Susie but her boyfriend too. Susie and James and Rebecca and I. One of the hottest fucks I've had." He states with a little wink at Micheal.

"Yo, Jessie. Truth or Dare?" Dylan ask.

"Truth I guess."

"Truth. The card reads: Did you, or did you not jack off within the last twenty-four hours in a different position than normal?"

"False. Keep it routine. Keep it clean. I don't have time to try new stuff with the way mine and my roomie schedule is set. Next."

"Okay. Micheal. Truth or Dare?" Zeke ask.

"Fuck. I'll take the first dare."

"I dare you to streak the hallway. All the way up, all the way down."

" That's not what the card says!"

"Is too. Here I'll even let you read it." Zeke gives Micheal the card and he reads, then hangs his head low and strips in front of the guys. Alex throws a little wink at him and slaps his ass and does a little 'whoo'. Micheal exits the room and the boys follow and he does his dare. Running up and down the hall,  his dick flapping up and down, very long long bouncing off of his fit stomach turning himself on a bit.

"It's done." Micheal says entering the room and blowing kiss to Alex. Micheal sits naked back in the chair. Zeke's turn

"Truth or Dare Alex."


"The card says to handstand, naked for 30 seconds and if not competeled we all get to throw water on you. Cold water."

"Okay, I'm a dancer. I got this."

Alex does the handstand, making eye contact with Micheal. Letting the moment get to him making him bone up. The boys ignored his hard on as to see how long he could hold it. Except for Micheal. That was all he could focus on. Micheal had never admitted to the guys but he was also bisexual and he was really feeling Alex. But he would never tell them that due to his fear of judgement. Micheal turn.

"Jessie, Truth or Dare."


The next dare card was pink. Pink are pick two people. "Oh pick two people. This will be fun.  Obviously Jessie. And..hmm...Zeke. Let's see. Jessie, I dare you, to give Zeke a full private room lapdance."

"I don't know how to do that!"

"Yeah you do. As much as your at the strip club, just mimic them you ass whip." Micheal answered back. "Either that or a black card." The black cards are the more sexual cards ranging from blow jobs to weird stuff like having sex in a public area.


The boys put on a very sexual song and Jessie places Zeke into the chair. Jessie walks around him, rubbing his hands across his shoulders and stopping behind him, pushing his hands down his chest. Grabbing the bottom of his shirt and slowly pulling it up and over Zeke's head and throwing it onto the floor. He pushes his hands through his hair pushing it over his eyes. Jessie walks around and steps over Zeke's body in the chair backwards and slowly sits onto Zeke's lap and slowly starts to grind and wind onto his lap.

Slowly dancing on his lap,  grabbing his hands, and rubbing them on his body, moving to the beat he leans back and blows on his ear. Jessie gets up, holding Zeke's hand, placing them on his abs, moving his hips in motion to the music, body rolling, and rotating his hips letting Zeke's hands slid down to the rip of his pants and slowly gripping onto them. He allows Zeke to pulls him onto his lap, still winding and grinding his hips, he pulls Zeke's hair back into his face and leaning in and teasing Zeke by biting and licking  his ear. Jessie could feel Zeke's semi hard cock turn into a rager. Jessie was throughly impressed because his dick was bigger than he thought. He felt like he was about 9 inches. Still teasing Zeke he kisses his neck and bites it a little more, feeling Zeke drop his head back in pleasure from the neck biting and hip grinding.

Zeke had his eyes closed enjoying the body pleasure he was getting and let a moan or two slip out. They boys laughing at Jessie and Zeke, slowly died as he moaned a little more slid his hands up Jessie's back. He let his hands slid up and down his back and begin to grind back on him. Zeke picked his head back up, and placed his nose onto Jessie, looking into his eyes. Jessie's hazel eyes, his big hazel eyes turned Zeke on so much more and he couldn't resist.

"Damn." Zeke whispers. "Your so fucking good. I can't believe I've waited this long." He grabs Jessie by the face and pushes their lips together. Making out with Jessie doesn't refuse nor back up but kisses him harder than before. Kissing and rubbing their hands through each others hair and grabbing and scratching each other's backs. Alex get ups and locks the door to the room and moves over to Micheal who is still half naked, and follows in suite to Jessie and Zeke make out session.

Jessie and Zeke move from the chair and to the pulled out futon next to Micheal and Alex. Making out, and grinding their hips together. Zeke over throws Jessie putting him in his back, slowly kissing down his body to his shorts, pulling them off and fixing on to his 7.5 inch cock. Grabbing the base, and teasing the head of his cock, making Jessie arch his back.  Micheal follows, pulling off Alex's sweats and swallowing his cock all the way to the base. Zeke and Micheal bobb up and down, licking and sucking the boys dicks in unison making them moan and pull at their hair and scratch their backs.

Alex and Zeke's moans became deeper and stronger, feeling the urge to bust they fight it as best they could but can't hold out any longer. Jessie and Micheal,  taking their cocks, slowly down their throats, bobbing up and down, sucking and licking swallowing and choking on their dicks until they finally swallowed them and let them blow their loads down their throats.

Pulling off of their dick and turning them over, sprawling them open over the bed, pushing their legs up, positioning their assets in the air. The spit into their pink holes,  jamming their tounges down their holes, eating their ass. Licking and teasing their hole, slapping and spitting,  pushing fingers into their ass. Fingering them while sucking on their sore cocks and low hanging balls. Hearing the boys moan, they tease them even more, adding a third finger into them, still sucking and teasing their balls.

Dylan and Conor in the corner, with their dicks out wanking recklessly to the scene unfold before their eyes.

"Fuck Us!" yelled Jessie. "Fuck us hard!"

"You want our dicks? You fucking want it?" Micheal ask, grabbing the lube and squirting it into Jessie and Alex's asses.

They both slide into them, pushing their big rods into their asses. Backs arching, pulling them closer and screaming loud, their big dicks were destroying the walls of their anuses. They had set a slow back and fourth fucking pace, slowly pulling nearly all the way out and plummeting back into their holes with a slap of their balls following. The pace picked up faster, pushing their dicks in deeper and harder, pulling out and flipping the boys over and pushing back into them harder and deeper than ever. Jessie pulling Zeke's hair, arching his back even more. Pushing back into him making moan even louder. They fucked the boys raw, hard and deep, until they all simultaneously came deep into their asses and onto the futon. Leaning down over him, Jessie and Micheal turn and kiss their bitches mouths still slowly grinding into them, swirling their tounges around in their mouths until they grow limp inside of them and fall out.

They all turn and sit on the futon, breathing hard, laughing and giggling about how hot the fuck was. Then by surprise,  Dylan and Conor walks over to the four boys and blow their loads all over their faces and chest. Moaning and groaning from blowing their weeks old loads.

"That was fucking great. Guys we've got six more weeks until break is over. Let's get drunk every night" said Micheal.

"Who said we were drunk?" said Zeke.


Rainbow Fortune Teller


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