The Park

I visited one of our local park yesterday evening in hopes of finding a nice cock to suck. Thanks to family obligations I rarely get a chance to indulge so I was looking forward to it.  I didn’t know what to expect because it was after 10 o’clock but the wife was away and I was determined to take advantage of it.  

 I drove to the parking lot behind the girl’s baseball fields and parked in on the circle in the back right corner near the walking trails. There were a few cars but no people in sight.  And there were some straights there also. A car drove slowly by with an older fellow driving. He looked promising so I waved and he waved back but parked far away. I gave up hope where he was at and moved to another parking space. 

There, without acknowledging me he walk across the foot bridge and into the woods. I walked behind him by 20-feet but he barely noticed me. I couldn‘t tell if he was interested or not. At one point I stopped and he looked back and made eye but kept walking. As I walked behind him, I still wasn’t sure if he wanted sex or not.

I wasn’t sure if following him was the right thing to do or not so I stopped. He turned, looked at me and then walked behind some bushes into a little clearing. When I nervously stepped around the bush into the clearing he was standing there waiting. He was just an average looking Joe…Levis, sports shirt and a slight beer belly. May be 10 or 15 lbs. over weight. 

As I approached and tentatively asked if he wanted company. I was very relieved when fondled his crotch and said, “Yes.”

My lust surged as I dropped to my knees in front of him and rubbed his nice bulge. I was panting with excitement, wondering what his cock looked like.

I quickly unsnapped and unzipped his Levis. As I pulled his fly open, he pulled out a beautiful, thick cock. A manly but beautiful cock. It was the perfect size; just large enough to fill my mouth and start down my throat, but not so large as to present difficult breathing problems. It was semi hard with a large flared pinkish/purple head and thick shaft jutting out of a thick clump of pubic hair. 

Because of the size of the head and the thickness it was going to be a challenge to get in my mouth. I stroked it and admired it and told, “My god you’re blessed. It’s huge.”

Being an egotistical male he liked that. Then I kissed the tip and cooed and kissed some more and then ran it velvety head over my face. Then I stretched wide and took the head. I held it a second or two, then tightened my lips and worked my way on down the entire shaft; it was a challenge but not impossible. My lips and nose were pressed in his pubic hair and his soft balls rested on my chin and the huge head of his cock flared in my throat; 

It was such a superb feeling, my mouth was filled with cock after so long doing without that I thought I was going to faint from joy. My head spun and I was giddy with lust.   

When I started flicking my tongue on the ridge on the underside of his cock and he moaned, “Oh, Ohmigod! Yessssss,” and squirmed. I pulled back to breath and started a bobbing short in and out going all the way on every stroke and poking my throat.

 Then I pulled off to admire and slowly stroke the beautiful thing. I smiled and looked up at him and told him how much I loved his cock. He didn’t say a word, just put his hand on the back of my head and firmly pushed me back on his cock. 

He wanted my mouth bad. And I loved the dominate treatment; it’s such a turn on to be taken like that. He was in heat also just which fuelled my desire for his cock.

 I gentle cupped his soft fuzzy balls and I took him deep in my mouth again. Tightening my lips I held him there as I worked my tongue. More, “Ugh, ugh, ughs,” came forth. Then I slowly bobbed up and down, enjoying the salty taste of his skin.

I got some air and then took him deep and teased him with my tongue on him. 

When I started bobbing slowly up and down again he gasped the sides of my head and guided my up and down until he was sure I had the rhythm. Then he told me, “Keep doing that.”

 Oh yeah, I’d found his weak spot so I obeyed. 

He started quivering and moving his hips. He said, "Oh shit, here it is. I'm close…I’m gonna cum."       

It made me so hot to hear it that that I clamed my lips and went faster. I wanted his cum so bad.

A minute or so later he started jerking and then I felt his balls tighten against my face. When the first squirt of tangy musky cum splashed into my mouth I stopped bobbing and went all the way down and held him deep so he’d got the satisfaction of planting his cum deep. I clamped my lips down hard on his cock so I can feel it pulse and throb as he pumped ribbon after ribbon of tangy cum into me. 

Despite my moaning and squirming while he orgasmed I managed to hold his cock deep in my mouth until he could plant his cum deep.

 He kept moaning and pulsing and shooting. I moaned around his cock with every spraying pulse. I held him deep until he finished cumming and reluctantly released his cock when he got soft. 

I looked up at him with glowing eyes and a mouthful of cum and smiled. 

He smiled back and said, “Oh man that feels so fucking good. God I love it."  

Unfortunately I didn’t get his email but as he was zipping up he said, “I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.”

So will I if Barbara is still working late. It was one of the most perfect blowjobs in my life; I’m still glowing.



As I was about to leave a guy in a basketball shorts and a wife beater t-shirt was coming up the path. There was a full moon and I could see him clearly. I liked what I saw so I stepped off the path and waited for him.

He finally gets to me and my attempt to strike up a conversation was a dismal failure but he did let me walk with him. 

We didn’t walk far before I ask him, “Do you want a blowjob? You know…get your dick sucked.”

But he didn’t answer. Didn’t say anything. 

I was confused and worried. Finally he stopped and cupped his crotch in front of me. That was my signal so I reach for his bulge. I suppose I was expecting a tiny cock for some reason but there was a huge lump in is pants. Huge and pinned up against his tight mesh underwear. 

We walk little further and then found a quiet spot. Oh man I’m thinking, this is wild. 

When he started to pull down his basketball shorts to get out his cock, I knelt subserviently in front of him. 

Out came this huge uncut monster, close to 9-inches and fat. It was already dripping pre-cum and smelled of musk.  The almost purple head was only partly out of the foreskin and huge. Grabbing it at the base, I got to work kissing, licking and complementing his big cock. The head popped all the way out and it was even huger than I thought…like a big plum. 

I open wide and slowly take him in. I closed my lips around the head and then slowly worked my mouth down his thick shaft. It was a lot of work but I finally I get all of him in my mouth and press down so I could feel his pubic hair against my nose and lips and that delightful sensation of a pair of balls on my chin and a cock throbbing in my throat.   

I worked my tongue in the underside as I hold him deep. He moaned, "Ooooh yeah faggot, suck it, suck my cock,” and thrusts jamming his cock so deep for a minute or so I couldn’t breathe. That deep in my throat it was so hard to breath around that monster. I had to pull off to get air and then I took him all the way again. He loved that. “Not many cocksuckers can swallow me,” he boasted as I tightened my lips and started bobbing up and down all the while trying desperately to get air. He was moaning, “Oohhhhhhhhhhh yes,” and thrusting gently.

 I pull off for a second to get some air and before I could grasp the situation, I felt the warm ‘splat’ as the first shot of cum hit me just below the right eye. The second hit my shirt. I quickly dove back and got the head back in my mouth. He continued to shot, flood my mouth with cum.

My hands on his hips to keep him from moving, I let his cock shrink in my mouth.

 Quickly pulling his basketball shorts up, he left, leaving me with his musky scent, cum on my face and shirt and stretched mouth. 

I hope he comes back again, but in reality he’s much too big for comfortable cock sucking. But I’ll be willing to do him again if I see him again. Maybe I can train myself to breath was very hot.



Barbara hadn’t been working late so it had been a couple of weeks since I’d been here. I had an unexpected half day off work so here I was. My first daytime visit. There was nothing going on so I was hanging around talking to some of the old buzzard cocksuckers, just chit chat and cocktails, etc. and who should pull up but the first guy I sucked. 

I was so excited that I practically pounced. I’d never expected to see him again. Now that I was I was going to take advantage of the situation. His uniform for the day was again Levis but today Dallas Cowboy’s t-shirt.

I walked up to him and asked, “Remembered me?”

 And was gratified to hear him say, "OH yeahh,” with a big smile. I was weak in the knees at this point. I wanted him so bad. 

He told me, “I’m going for a walk in the woods. Wait a few minutes and follow me.”

And I did but first I warned the old buzzards that this guy was MINE ha.

 So I walked down the path and he looks back every few minutes or so to make sure I was still following, as if I would chicken out now. My heart was racing and dick was stirring. Could this time be as hot as the first time was?

I stepped into the small clearing that we’d used the last time and I almost faint when I saw that his big cock already out and stiffening. Without a word I walked up and grabbed it. As I was stroking him, he reached out, unbuckled and lowered my pants and started feeling my cock and ass. I don't do anal but felt myself melting under this strong man. 

 Then we gleefully played with each other’s dick for a few minutes.

Then put his hand on my shoulder and firmly pushed me to my knees. I almost fainted as I fall under his power. He was a real man, hair on his balls and everything. No faggy manscaped metrosexual. His beautiful but manly cock was bobbing in my face and looking impossibly thick. I was spellbound and panting with lust. 

I eagerly grabbed his thick cock and brought it to my lips. I kissed and licked the head then cooed and swooned as I compliment it. But he was really horned up and not in the mood to put up with that kinda shit. 

He firmly grabbed my head and pushed it down on his cock. I so love it when I can make my lover so fucking hot that he took charge like this; it showed me he how much he wanted my mouth.   

Somehow I got his whole cock in my mouth.  As his cock throbbed in my throat, his big soft hairy balls rested on my chin. Still holding him deep I work my tongue vigorously on the underside. He moaned, “OOHHHHH shit, that feels so good,” and squirmed.   

I sucked and licked for a little while and then pulled back for air.    

But he is having none of that either. His hand on the back of my head he roughly shoved my mouth back down on his big cock. He was moaned, “Uugggghhhhhhh,” and cried out, “Ohmyfuckinggod…yessssss.” 

Could he be ready to cum already? 

I licked hard and he told me through his groaning to keep it up that he was ready. He yelled, shit, here it is. I'm cumming," out, his cock throbbed and the first blast of cum hit my tongue. Then it pulsed again and another rope of cum shot down my throat.

I clamp my lips down hard and could feel his big cock pulse as he planted his cum deep in my throat. He pulsed again and again. His cock softened a little and I got a breath of air but he pulsed and shouted, “Ugh,” again as he gave me another shot of cum…then another…and another.

Just when I though he was finished he gave another hard thrust, slamming his balls against my chin and gave me another pulse of cum and another. I had never had so many shots before. He finally let go of my head and I very reluctantly release his cock. Then licked and kissed the last drop off the head. 

I was fucked out and giddy for this powerful man. I love it when a guy cums quickly. It makes me feel like I’m wanted and that I did a great job. 

Unfortunately I didn’t bring a pen so couldn’t give him my email. I told him but I doubt he remembered. He told me that he comes there a lot. It also seemed that I was his special cocksucker which I found gratifying. 

Hopefully I’ll see him again, but I don't get out much.

The end…



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