The house was still. My parents had gone to bed. I was home for the summer and was still used to my college schedule. I'd be up for most of the night, most likely. Adrian, my dad's business partner at his law firm, had to stay due to his apartment being fumigated.

He was nice enough. It was my first time meeting him. They had worked together for a year, but this was my first opportunity to come home. Class and extra-curricular activities kept me fairly busy. But, after a few dozen phone calls from my mother-each lasting a couple of hours-I decided to put my other duties on hold and come home. I needed a mental break anyway.

Adrian slowly meandered down the stairs around one in the morning. I was still wide awake and doing some reading. I wasn't much of a TV person. Burying myself in a thick book was more my style.

"What are you reading?"

"Moby Dick." I looked up over the top of the book.

"First time I read that I was surprised to find out it was about a whale. He should have rethought the title."

Laughing softly, "Yeah, well...what can you do?"

"True." He sat on the couch across from me. "Figured you'd have been in bed hours ago."

"I could say the same about you." I closed the book and slid it onto the rustic coffee table. "Having trouble sleeping?"

"Never have been comfortable sleeping anywhere but home." His legs drifted apart. The white linen sleep pants he wore didn't hide much. Remembering my manners, I kept my eyes up. Adrian wore black rimmed glasses. Was scruffy, but kept it trimmed neatly. Lean build. Tall, like me.

"It took me a while to get used to sleeping away from home, too."

"Glad to be back?" The more he repositioned himself in the chair, the more pronounced his bulge became. The impossibly thin fabric might as well have been completely transparent.

"Yeah...I needed a little break."

"I know the feeling." His hand fell down to his inner-thigh. Inches away from his groin. The sudden movement forced my eyes downward-again.

The living room was getting warmer. Or maybe it was just me. It was like a blanket of heat had wrapped itself around me. Stifling heat. "Dad works you hard, huh?"

"Man knows how to ride my ass. But you didn't hear that from me." Adrian smirked.

"Mums the word." I pressed my index finger to my lips. "I know how he can be. He takes his job seriously."

"And there's nothing wrong with that. But a little escape never hurts." He looked around the room. "So...since we're both there anything fun to do?"

"We could read through your legal files."

"Fuck that shit." Adrian laughed.

"Let me see...we could have a drink."

"I thought your parents didn't drink."

I stood up and went towards my suitcase that hadn't made it up to my room, yet. "They don't. But I do." Unzipping the main compartment I pulled out a small handle of vodka.

"Nice." Adrian hissed with joy.

After mixing our drinks I rejoined him in the living room. Soon we were both a little more relaxed and sitting quite a bit closer. "So how long will you be staying, again?"

"Tonight. Maybe tomorrow night, too."

"Cool." I took another sip.

"I like my apartment, but I'm finding your company to be rather nice. If you don't mind me saying."

I suppressed a massive smile, reducing it to a grin. "That's nice of you to say. I'd be silly to be offended by a compliment."

"You'd be surprised how many people are offended by a compliment."

"Well...I'm not one of them. I'm enjoying your company, too."

Adrian gulped down the rest of his drink. "You know...I only live five minutes across town. Maybe, if you're home long enough, and can get away from your parents, you can drop by and see me before you leave."

Our knees were almost touching. The energy passing between us was undeniably potent. "Oh, I'm sure I can get away." I took his glass and fixed us another round. "But, if I do, what would we do?"

"Tons of things to do."

"Like...what?" Unintentionally, I leaned in further-and lost my balance. My face dropped and landed in his lap.

"Like...that...for instance." His hand slipped under my face and grabbed at the waist band of his linen pants. He lifted it up and over his thick, uncut, cock.

"You sure you want to cross that line? Might not be able to look at my dad with a straight face when you're at work." I prodded him playfully.

"None of his fucking business. You're an adult...aren't you?"

I answered by taking his cock in my hand and slipping my tongue into his foreskin, before pulling it down over his shaft and marveling at the large, full, throbbing head of his cock. For a thin guy, his cock was larger than I would have thought.

"Oh...yes." He whispered.

His cock pulsed in my mouth.

While sucking, I ran my hand down to his balls. Clean shaven and round as fuck. The slightest touch made him moan. His back arched over the seat of the couch. The slick black strands of his hand began falling out of place. The well-groomed paralegal was in rare form.

"Lift your ass."

He did, slightly. Enough for me to slip his pants over the rounded slope of his buttocks. When I got home I had gotten a few good looks at it. Another thing about a guy as slim as him; it was unusual to see one with such a prominent ass. Deliciously round---and tight. Every now and then I caught a glimpse of the deep indents in both cheeks.

Adrian spread his legs and I crawled between them.

After a long day, he had that warm scent that drove me wild. The crack of his ass taunted me. Enticed me. Made my mouth water. He slid down, slowly, exposing more of his smooth crack. He reached underneath on both sides and spread them farther apart.

"Please lick my hole." He quietly begged.

Pressing my palms into the flesh of his ass I hoisted it higher. "When I come over, promise me I can keep my face buried between your cheeks."

"You can do whatever you want. Use me."

On that note I pushed my tongue deep into his warm ass. His hands lay off to his sides. Fingers digging into the carpet. I ate until his hole was wet and puckered. Whenever I stopped to get a little air, he'd moan and beg for me to put my tongue back in.

"You love having that hole eaten."

"And I don't get it eaten enough."

I leaned in and nibbled on it. Watching him squirm made my cock spring through the opening in my sleep pants. Spitting inside him, I worked a couple of fingers in. I pushed until I felt his prostate. And then I pushed harder.

He moaned furiously. Struggling to keep quiet. I vigilant. Any sign of my parents stirring upstairs and we'd have to stop in a hurry.

"I would have pegged you as such a bottom." I laughed.

Adrian groaned. "Versatile...with an extremely sensitive hole."

I continue lapping at his hole like it was candy. Only it was sweeter than any candy I'd ever had. Less calories, too.

"What's going on?" My dad managed to slip passed my radar and stood at the base of the stairs. "The fuck is this?"

"Um...." Adrian rose to his feet, pants by his ankles and cock pointing straight at my dad. "I can explain."

"Don't bother." Dad stormed across the room and bent Adrian over the couch. "I've seen enough to understand." He ripped out his cock, which made his paralegal look average, spit on his hole, and shoved it in. Every inch.

"Dad..." I whispered, loudly.

"Shut up and put your cock in his mouth to keep him quiet. Don't need your mother coming down here and fucking things up."

Not hesitating or questioning him, I did as I was told and slid my cock into Adrian's mouth. His soft lips slid over my shaft. The head pressed into the back of his throat. I pulled out slightly to keep him from choking.

Dad wasn't being so forgiving.

He spit on his hole again and railed into him mercilessly. And, even with how savage the fuck was, Adrian was perfectly content. My dad is a muscular guy, works out constantly, and has enough stamina to keep him going, no matter what he's doing.

The harder he fucked Adrian, the more he swallowed my cock. I bit my lip as I exploded down his throat. Dad pulled out and unleashed a massive load of creamy white spunk all over his hole...and then pushed back in, using his cum as lube.

When he was done fucking, Dad pulled out and pushed his cock into Adrian's mouth. "Clean my cock off."

"Yes, Sir." Adrian licked it clean, and then some. He sucked on the head of my dad's cock so hard that another load wound up all over his face.

"I'm going to head back up to bed. Try to keep it down. You're mom doesn't sleep as soundly as she used to." He started up the stairs. "If you want to fuck, go into the basement...I had it sound-proofed." With a coy smile, he quietly went back upstairs.

"Are you tired....or can you handle some more?" He asked.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" I grabbed both cheeks of his ass. "And I am still processing what just happened."

"Don't overanalyze it." He turned and allowed my cock to slide back into his ass.

After that, I didn't think much.

I just fucked.

I even let him take a shot at my ass. He gave my dad a run for his money in the rough fuck department. My hole was gaping and sore when he was done with me.

A shower was necessary when we were done.

The next morning I decided to extend my vacation. I had the ability to take a semester off. And now was a good a time as any. I was hungry for more of the paralegal-and I intended to have my fill of him.


Jace Payne

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