Living near San Diego has it's advantages. With both the naval base and the Marine post nearby, there is a lot of eye candy.

Don, my best friend and I love to go cruising for the young military personnel. We have learned how to find the ones that are either bi or gay. When we find one we invite them to one of our houses and we let the fun begin.

We give them our phone numbers and we get their name and number. We let them know that anytime that they want sex one of us will be available.

One thing we never have done is have two military guys with us at the same time. They all want to keep their private desires secret.

However, Don looked at me one day and said, 'Brad, wouldn't it be hot if we could get a bunch of these hot military studs together for an orgy?'

'Fuck yea,' I replied but I don't think they'd agree. You know how they want their privacy.'

'Yea, I do but I'm at least going to give it a try.'

When I saw Don a few days later, he was excited.

'Brad, you won't believe this but I've lined up five guys so far for the orgy. They said that if you and I trusted the guys they would agree.'

'Hey, man, that's great. Keep trying. It would be hot if we could have fifteen or twenty there fot the orgy.'

'Oh fuck yea,' he replied.

By weeks end, he had seven marines lined up and six navy guys waiting. Add he and mi, and that made fifteen. We knew we could get five or six of our other buds to join in.

We set the date so the military guys could request the weekend off and all agreed to meet at Don's house. We'd drive to his property that was private and concealed for our fun. It would be a weekend of total nudity and sex.

The weekend arrived and once everyong was there, only first names were exchanged. A couple of the marines recognized others, but it was not readily obvious. Only a slight smile was exchanged. We loaded up into the available vehicles and headed out.

Don's property had a large cabin with one huge room. There was a sitting area with sofas and a giant screen Tv for watching gay porn, a kitchen area and a bath. The rest of the room had double beds lining the walls.

Every one piled out of the vehicles and went inside.

'We can decide on sleeping arangements later. For now, let's all get naked. Thjose that want to swim, the lake is waiting. We all began stripping rather reluctantly. Bus soon, everyone was nude and dog tags removed and locked away. We tried to respect privacy.

As night fall neared, Don built a huge bonfire and the guys gathered around. To get things rolling, I chose one Marine that I loved sucking because of his huge loads and began working on him. Others watched for a few minutes and I made love to the man's fantastic cock. I began to look around and saw others begint to kiss, suck or fuck. Before long, everyone was having sex.

There was more sucking and fucking than I had ever seen before in one place.

At bed time all the matresses were pulled off the beds and placed on the floor. We all slept together. Saturday dawned and after breakfast sex began again but with different partners than the previous night. As the afternoon wore on, Don said he had a request.

He had everyone form a circle and announced that each person would suck the man on their right. He called it a 'Circle Suck.' Don and I stayed out of it. As the guys began to get into position, Don began taking photos and I Began filming the procedure. Soon they were in a huge circle, with each man sucking cock. Man was it hot to see.

Then later Don did it again but this time it was a 'Circle Fuck' with each man fucking the man on their left. Again, Don took photos and I filed the action.

Close to night fall Don said he had another request. Knowing how much I love eating cum and having it on my face, he brought out a large clear plastic bowl and announced that everyone was to jerk off and shoot off in my face. He handed me the bowl and said to p;ace it under my chin to catch what dripped off.

'Guys, if you can give him more that just one load, please do it.'

Everyone began stroking and I waited eagerly. After a while the first guy stepped up and began firing huge ropes of cum into my face. It began to run down and drip into the bowl. Then one by one, they began to come forward, shooting into my face. Some just shot into the bowl. Several gave me more that one load.

When it was over, I held the bowl under my chin closely as Don began scraping the cum off my face and into the bowl. There was at least twenty-five loads of cum in the bowl. Once my face was scrapped clean, Don looked at the crowd and asked. 'Does anyone want to see him drink it down?'

Whistles and cat calls and 'Fuck yea,' came from the guys. I tipped the bowl sideways and Don took a rubber spatula and scrapped the cum from the sides and bottom of the bowl.

The guys began chanting 'Go, go,go,go.'

I brought the rim to my lips and began drinking the cum down as Don scraped more together. When the bowl was empty, i took the spatula and licked it clean. A huge round of applause arose from the guys.

I sucked off several more that night. We returned home sunday and agreed that we'd all love to do it again. I think it was the best weekend I've ever spent. I still can't believe that I drank the cum down. But at every orgy, the guys all wait for that part of it to watch me do it again.

The End....



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