I had always sought partners around my age, but Jay was different. We met online and really connected, so when I learned he was several years older than me I decided to withhold judgment and see how things went.

He was so handsome. One of the first pictures he sent me was of him driving in his car, and he was looking straight into the camera. He had piercing blue eyes, accented by auburn eyebrows. His full lips were framed by a neat goatee. The auburn wasn't nearly as noticeable in his hair, which at first glance appeared to be brown, but the red in it was obvious under closer scrutiny. He was a big guy, probably around 5'10' tall, and I would guess his weight to be around 250 pounds, and he carried it well. His body was proportionate, and accented with just enough dark hair on his chest, belly, arms, and legs. The more I saw of him, the more I wanted him.

His personality was the kicker. We talked on the phone and he had a great attitude and disposition. We always laughed a lot when we talked and we related to each other well. He was very easy going, and the sound of his voice just resonated with me.

In contrast, I'm much slimmer, with a nice build, though I admit I have a small belly. I'm about 5'10', about 175 pounds, with curly brown hair, hazel eyes, a goatee that traces my jaw line to connect with my sideburns, and everyone tells me I have a great smile.

The trouble was that Jay lived a couple hours away from me, so we hadn't had a chance to meet yet. I was starting to get a little frustrated at the prospect that we were having so much trouble coordinating our first meeting, but that was all about to end.

'Hey, Babe.', said the voice on the other end of the phone, warmly. I always anticipated Jay's calls, and his voice sent a sense of calm and excitement over me, all at once.

'Hey!', I replied.

'Let's go away together.', he said bluntly.

'What? Are you serious?', I asked, hopefully.

'Yeah, let's go camping. Just me and you. How 'bout it? I know a great place, pretty close to where you live.', he explained.

'Wow, cool. When?', I asked.

The next few minutes we spent wrangling with our schedules for the next couple of weekends, but in the end we made it a priority and decided we would go this coming weekend. I was totally psyched, and it sounded like Jay was, too.

The week trudged by, but Friday eventually came. Jay had assured me he had everything we'd need, so all I had to worry about was my clothes and things.

Jay left work early, so we could get an early start. He got to my place around 3 p.m., and I was ready and waiting as he pulled into my driveway. I opened the front door and walked outside, and he was exactly as I imagined. He came inside, and we kissed for the first time. First just a quick kiss, and then a deeper longer kiss. This was going to be a HOT weekend. His lips were so warm and he tasted so good. I loved his scent, and the way his big hands held me gently as he kissed me.

I grabbed us a couple of sodas, and grabbed my bag, and we hit the road. We weren't in the car long, before Jay reached for my hand. He held it gently as we talked, and I just felt so connected with him. I couldn't wait to be alone with him, and I couldn't keep my eyes off him.

Turns out we were heading out into the Willamette (pronounced Will-am-it) National Forest for some primitive camping. Jay drove us deeper and deeper into the forest, and finally parked the car in a small clearing and said we'd have to hike the rest of the way in. So, we grabbed our things and started what I thought might be a considerable trek into the woods.

Now, I'm not super adventurous, and it did cross my mind that I was now alone, deep in the forest, with a guy I had only known a short time, and who I only met for the first time today. But, I guess I was willing to risk a lot in hopes that everything was legitimate and we were going to have a great weekend.

We had only been walking about ten minutes when we came to a decent size stream. It was an incredibly beautiful walk through the forest, where we could hear the tall trees creaking above us, and the voices of a variety of birds surrounding us. The air smelled so clean that it was actually exhilarating. And, now, Jay had dropped his gear in this great spot next to this babbling stream. It was like we had arrived in a different world, altogether.

'This is it!', Jay announced.

'Wow, this is incredible.', I replied.

He approached me and slid his arms around me. 'Yeah? You like it?', he asked.

'Yeah, it's beautiful. This wasn't what I was expecting.', I explained.

'Well, let's make camp, and then maybe we can go on a hike or something.', he offered.

'Coo!', I said.

We were unpacked and setup in a matter of minutes. He had spread a blanket on the ground and laid down on it, patting the space beside him for me to come lie next to him. This was an offer I couldn't refuse!

I got on the blanket beside him, and he wasted no time in kissing me. He was so sensual and gentle, yet he was masculine and strong. He maneuvered me with a firm hand, rolling me onto my back and laying his body on top of mine, as he continued to kiss me. He unbuttoned my shirt, and kissed his way down my chest and stomach. I wanted him so badly, I caught myself arching my back, almost begging for him to remove my shorts. Jay didn't disappoint.

Before I knew it, my shoes and shorts were gone, and I was lying on the ground totally nude, looking up at a blue sky framed by majestic trees. It was as though I were living out some fantasy. With my clothes gone, Jay started to explore my cock and balls with his tongue, as I ran my fingers through his hair. I had wanted him so badly, and now here I was in this erotic scene. Part of me was afraid someone would stumble upon us--which added an element of excitement--while another part of me never wanted to wear clothes again!

I guess I had lost track of time and space, because I suddenly realized I was cumming! My back was arched, I was gasping for air, my fists clenching the blanket, as I flooded Jay's mouth with my cum. I didn't know what to say, there was nothing to say. I felt like we were folded into the nature around us, where every creature behaved as it was expected to, and required no explanation. Jay said nothing either as he kissed his way back up my body, as I lie there looking up at him.

I began unbuttoning his shirt, as he positioned himself between my legs. I wrapped my legs around his body as we kissed. I was in heaven. I then slid his shirt off of him, and then guided him onto his back. It was my turn to do some exploring.

Not a word was spoken as I explored his body, kissing his arms, his hands, his chest, his big belly. I worked my way down his body, removing any clothing that stood between me and his flesh as I explored. Soon, he too was totally nude, and he looked just as pleased as I did to be rid of the barriers between him and nature. A gentle breeze came off the stream and across our bodies, that felt like nature was as engaged with us as we were with each other--a thousand gentle fingers caressing our bodies, but more importantly our souls.

I sucked on his beautiful thick six inch cock and balls. I made sure to get his cock super wet and lubed, and then I moved up his body, and lowered myself onto his hard cock. I wanted him so badly that his head easily slipped inside me, and soon his shaft followed, until I was resting on his cock. I reached up and played with his nipples, as I rode his hard erection, feeling him move deep inside me.

He closed his eyes and slowly tossed his head from side to side, his hands on my thighs, encouraging my gyrations on his cock. He seemed to love being buried inside me, and his big nipples were now erect, enjoying the attention I was lavishing upon them.

His body was starting to shake and tremble beneath me, as I continued mercilessly gyrating and maneuvering on his cock. His fingers were digging into my thighs, and his breathing had turned to panting, as beads of sweat appeared across his forehead.

'Uh.... Uh.... Oh....', he sighed as I felt him erupt inside me. I couldn't be sure, but it felt like quite a load. I continued my gentle rolling motion on his cock, as I felt it start to soften, and I watched as he drifted off to sleep, totally at peace. Not a word had been spoken during the entire encounter, and it seemed none were needed. We were both at peace with ourselves and with each other, and I slowly pulled myself off of him, and nestled in beside him, with my hand on his chest. I felt his big arm encircle me, as he rested his hand on my hip, and we drifted off together. We slept for a couple hours, incredibly, and awoke to a setting sun.

'Hello.', he said as I looked up at him.

'Hello.', I returned.

'You are beautiful.', he said, as he kissed my forehead, me still snuggling with his chest.

'So are you.', I replied, as I kissed his chest.

'C'mon. Let's go for a swim and get cleaned up.', he offered. 'Then, I'll make us some dinner.'

We approached the water, and I quickly realized that this would not be an incredibly pleasant experience. I was no fan of cold water, and this stream was quite cold. Still, we both needed to clean up, and there were certainly no showers close by, so the stream it was!

'Just go completely under, and it won't seem so cold.', he offered, noticing that I was wrestling with my aversion to cold water.

'Yeah, ok.', I said.

Then, he took my hand and pulled me into his arms. With his arms now firmly embracing me, the fucker fell backward into the stream, dragging me down with him. The cold water felt like it was separating my soul from my body. I can't remember the last time my body was exposed to such cold water, and I came up spitting and sputtering, and he was laughing.

'Aw, you are going to get it!', I threatened.

'I'm sorry.', he offered. 'But, doesn't it feel better, now?'

Oddly, my body did seem to be adjusting to the cold water, and it felt refreshing. It was incredible being in the stream nude, and as he pulled me to him and I wrapped my legs around his hips, we locked lips and spent the next hour or so just making out and enjoying each other in the stream.

'I'm getting hungry. How 'bout I start a fire and make us some dinner.' he said.

'Sure. That sounds great.', I replied.

As he led me out of the stream, all I could think about was how just the first few hours were so much more than I could have imagined! This just wasn't what I was expecting at all, and now I felt like I had known Jay my whole life. I couldn't imagine ever being apart from him again.



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