3. Βοήθα με να σε βοηθώ ν' ανεβούμε το βουνό.

Spyro had often wondered if he would be able to see visions concerning himself. The prelates had told him it wasn’t even remotely possible and given his restricts to his own flesh he’d never been able to test his theory. Then as the years curved along he knew his fate without the need to prophecies it and much there after ceased to matter.

For a prophecy to work, the hand of the questioner is needed to handle the instrument. The connection of flesh and identity is the source of all the Oracle sees. Reading their spilled seed they can answer any question put to them. On a rare occasion the seed isn’t needed, a vision can be so powerful it fills the Oracles minds as he releases.

Spyro’s and Odi’s intertwined hands sparked a light deep inside the Oracle. There had been no question posed and the seed had been swallowed for a purpose beyond prophecy yet still, still the vision came. It filled his mind. It left Spyro in tears as he regained his breath. Making him cling to Odi. Making him love the man in an instant of a second.

At a little house on a summery beach of a crystal blue sea, they'd been together. The smelled of salt in the air, he’d felt the sun on his skin and the sand between his toes. He submerged in the intense love the other Spyro had for the man holding him this very minute.

When he opened his eyes that deep feeling of love didn’t dissipate, it didn’t fade like the image of the vision did. It stayed rooting itself deep within Spyro.  Filling him and letting him embrace it. As Odi held his hand the certainly of the vision only grew. When the door opened and bright light streamed into his little cell Spyro knew he could follow Odi anywhere. It would be proven that he would do just that.


Cosmas rushed down the small hallway to his wards door. He rapped on the slim wooden door hastily. “It’s time!”

Opening the door his breath caught, the sight of Odi and Spyro together in that small little cell made Cosmas’s heart swell. The look of certainty in Odi’s face and the stance of determination in Spyro made what was to come all the more easily to do.

“The prelates want to greet you before you go.”

Odi’s eyes narrowed in concern. “That wasn’t part of the plan. You think…”

“No.” Cosmas shook his head. “They have no idea. I’ve cut communication with the retrieval group. They shouldn't notice for another hour yet.”

Spyro frowned his eyes pin ponging from one to the other. “Retrieval group?”

“Send out for your replacement.” Odi turned to him squeezing his hand as Spyro’s face paled.

Cosmas grabbed Spyro’s shoulders. “Don’t worry the boy will never come here.”

“I’ll explain later, I promise but we have get you out of here now.” Odi urged. Spyro nodded, he’d ask all his questions later. He’d hear all the explanations and the how’s and who’s later. He just hoped there would be a later. 

Cosmas rushed the pair through the corridors and stairways making up the labyrinth that was the Vaults.

“We’re heading up… and east…” Odi muttered.

“Yes, the Prelates don’t live in situ. They’re never as deep as the Oracles or even near the main Vault. We’ll be close to the east exit.”

“The van is waiting for us at the west exit.” Odi gritted.

“I know, you’ll have to run to the taxi stand across the park. Take one to where you parked that car of yours. It isn’t the most ideal escape route but it will have to do. Taking you back to the west exit is too risky.”

They reached the entrance of the Prelates Chambers halting before they entered. Cosmas straightened out his clothes and steadied his breathing. Spyro felt Odi’s body tense and turned to grab his neck tenderly. He knew Odi liked that, he knew so much from the split second vision it was hard to process all of it. Not that he worried, they’ll have all the time in the world soon enough. He looked straight into his eyes with the confidence and assuredness as if he’d been Odi’s lover for years. Spyro smiled probably a first in years. “We’ll be alright. Trust me.” He breathed sealing his statement with a very slight full of promise kiss.  It was all Odi needed.


The Prelates Chamber was the very opposite of the Spartan cell Spyro had locked away in for all those years. The room spacious and airy, decorated with the full force of wealth behind it. The room only centered a crescent table around which sat three elderly men sitting as kings on thrones. Still the room breathed riches. From the fresco painted wall to vaulted ceiling. 

“Ah, Oracle Spyro we see you are about to leave us.” The middle Prelate robed in red tried to smile as he spoke yet his features seemed too alien to this concept failing utterly.

Spyro held his eyes downcast as he’d always been remanded to do and was about to reply when Odi held up his hand stopping him from doing so.

“Your Excellenties.” Odi began holding down a voice of ordained superiority so unlike is usual cadence.  “You have received payment in full have you not?”

“Yes, Sir Claudevert. The transfer’s confirmed.” The right Prelate robed in blue nodded not even bothering to try and rearrange his features in a more agreeable hold.

“All questions and propositions concerning the boy will now be addressed through me.” He explained keeping his voice and gaze exactly so.

The left Prelate robed in green nodded approvingly and held up a clip of papers for Cosmas to pass to Spyro’s new owner. “The boys documents.” He all but spat gesturing to the doors on his left.

Without much ado Cosmas lead them through the door. Odi took hold of Spyro’s hand the second they were out of sight. “You know that…” he began.

“Yes, I know.” Spyro cut him off smiling squeezing his hand reassuringly, yes he knew. Within minutes the threesome heard feet running through the corridor, shouting and hollering.

Skatá!” Cosmas ran to the east exit door pushing the two out as he the first guard rounded the corner. Gunshots rang through air hitting the heavy metal door as he forced it closed sliding the locks into place. They ran but the second the Odi looked behind him with Spyro at his heels he noticed Cosmas wasn’t there.

Racing back those few meters they'd sprinted they found Cosmas slumped by the heavy metal door, as the guards on the other side tried to ram it open.

“Cosmas!” Spyro panicked at he sight of blood on Cosmas’s abdomen. It was a critical hit, the blood ran black seeping through Cosmas’s shirt showing that the liver had been hit.

Kneeling down Spyro tried to stop the bleeding by adding pressure. “You have to go Spyraki mou.” Cosmas breathed stroking Spyro’s tear stricken cheeks faintly. “You have to Run!”


With waning strength and the sound of the guards battering the metal door beside them Cosmas thrust the clip of papers out to Odi. The cover page bloodied now yet still legible.

Spyro Argyris Papadopoulos born in Naxos, February 28th 19…

Odi’s eyes snapped up. “Take care of him Odilon.” Cosmas spoke already struggling to breath. “Take… care of paidi mou.”

Odi tugged on Spyro’s sobbing body. “RUN!” Cosmas gritted pushing the boy away. They reached the park ducking out of sight just as the metal door caved and the guards spilled out. Cosmas was already gone.


Trying not to make a single sound is a fair deal more difficult than you might imagine. Suddenly everything about you radiates noise. Your breathless breathing filling your ears, the movements of your chest, swallowing spit or even parting your lips makes sound. Attempting to stay motionless generation is very own rushing of blood and steadiness of balance that can be ear deafening.

When there are two of you this only multiplies. Spyro and Odi lay flat on their stomachs in the damp earth under the thicket. The darkness of the night helping their cover as black clad guards searched the area.

As they lay there Odi’s eyes continuously assessing every movement made and person passing. The race of their hearts calmed and the coldness of the air began to penetrate Spyro’s light cotton clothes. He shivered slightly desperately trying to keep as still as possible.

Odi’s hand found his again, trying to sooth him rubbing circles with his thumb. Ever so carefully Spyro turned his head to look at Odi he was in full alert mode, his body tense yet ready to jump into action with the blink of an eye. A trained attitude for sure.

The intense feeling of love his vision had instilled him still hadn’t wavered or faded. As they lay there he wondered what kind of man Odi was. His future self loved him as he did now too so whatever Odilon was, he was a good man at heart. He has to be.

The right man but what kind of man does that make him? A smile curled his lips as he felt he damp earth against his cheek, he’ll have fun fingering that out.

They waited for hours until the dead of night set in the park had been all but deserted. Spyro now chilled to the bone and unable to not tremble where he lay. Odi motioned him to follow as they crawled military style through the thicket and under the cover shrubberies. They chose the taxi with tinted glass, only a few meters away from the parks edge waiting of a ride. With no one in sight they crossed the path and slide into the taxi.

Odi muttered an address to which the taxi driver nodded, “Ça va”

Spyro snuggled into Odi's body absorbing as much warmth as he could. Unfortunately the drive lasted only 10 minutes. Odi paid the driver,taking Spyro’s had once again he led him into a dark side alley. His car, they’re muscled escape stead stood ready and waiting packed and loaded. Odi threw a think blanket over Spyro’s lap and cranked the heat up full volume. 

“We’ll be out of Switzerland within 30 minutes, then it’s straight to Marseille for the next four hours.”

“What’s in Marseille?” Spyro asked huddling himself into the folder so the thick blanket, he pressed his cold face into the fabric inhaling it’s scent deeply. It smelled of fresh lavender just like Odi does.

“A boat.”

Gradually warmth started to circle the interior and Spyro stared of the window sad it was dark outside for he hadn’t seen the outside in year, nor had he smelled the air or felt earth against his skin. They drove along in silence, the lights of the highway illuminating the inside of the car with every one they passed. Huddled in his think warm blanket pure exhaustion started to overtake him. The emotion toll rendered from the last few hours alone made his system need a while. Being sold, meeting Odilon, the kiss, the vision, the feeling… and… Cosmas.

A thought struck Spyro after about an hour into their drive. “What about the others?” he asked his throat thick

Odi checked his phone. “They’re safe. All three.”


“Stavros your would-be replacement is in another country now with a different family. One that will never sell or hurt him.”

“They won’t find him?”

Odi shook his head. “No, his parents think they’ve sold him to the order but we arranged for his pick up before the orders retrieval team arrived.”

“Luka and Panos?”

“They are safe, Cosmas arranged for their escape to time with ours. I could only offer him my resources.” Checking his phone again grimaced a humourless smirk. “Apparently Panos immediately made sure he’d never qualify as an Oracle ever again but he’s safe. He’ll be blending into Canadian society soon.”

“He’s always hated the order.” Spyro mumbled. “His curse was to be the best Oracle they’d ever had, his predictions were always so precise. He fought against it though, tried to lead clients in the wrong direction just to get a rest but that only backfired.”

“What do you mean?”

Spyro shook his head. “I don’t know the exact details but they found something to threaten him with. Made him comply obediently.”

“I wouldn’t have left them behind Spyro. Even if I’d only gotten you out, we wouldn’t have left them behind”

“Did… did Luca also…” Somehow Spyro couldn’t finish his sentence

“No.” Odi shook his head vehemently. “I gave very strict instructions he’s not to be touched. Luca’s is on a plane with a very trusted friend of mine, he’ll be cared for and protected. He won’t be touched until his hormones makes him do something crazy like any other teenager.”

“That won’t be long trust me, I remember being that age and caged. It’s the worst years of being a Oracle cause you’re body wants more than just the mechanics of what you’re getting. Its when we still get a tiny speck of physical pleasure from the service, but we can never enjoy it. He had another year before it became a numb experience. Panos’s reaction is understandable even if it’s sad... He’s always wanted to feel the snow.”

His eyes weighed down though he fought to stay awake yet he felt himself slip away. Last think he felt was Odi’s hand on head stroking him. Last thing he heard was Odi’s voice reassuring him to sleep. To sleep and to dream.



A warm caressing light.

Soft… comfortable….

Spyro opened his eyes; sunlight lay in streaks across his body bathing the room in a golden glow. The bed he found himself in was warm and soft with sheets that hugged and sang to him as he gently stretched out, prolonging the moment as much he could.

He peered out of the window seeing the blue water of the ocean and feeling the slight sway of the boat. Well ship more like, not mere boat. It was almost dawn when they boarded in Marseille he couldn't remember much after that. Pulling the insanely comfortable sheets aside he was almost startled to see his morning erection. No cage to harness it until the first client could be serviced. No more cages… no more clients…

He gently albeit gingerly stroked it a few times before deciding he wanted something else more imminently right now. His white Oracles clothes lay discarded in the corner dirty from last nights escape. The wardrobe next to bed contained all manner of garments in all colours imaginable.

Spyro grabbed the first pair of trousers he saw, marine blue linnen loungers. It seemed hot out, they were comfortable and most importantly not white.  Leaving his chest bear he stepped out onto the balcony that wrapped around the ship.  He stood there in the full blaze of the sun eyes closed and head tilted upwards. Soaking in the vitamine D.

After a while when the intensity of the suns gaze to his pale skin grew too much he wandered the ship on a mission. Finding what he sought on the covered back deck. Odi sat absorbed in papers he hadn’t noticed Spyro’s approach.  Spyro wasn’t sure what he was expected to do now. What he wanted to do was walk up and embrace Odi, just seeing him sitting there stirred a multitude of feelings in Spyro. Dressed in a simple shirt, sleeves careless rolled up and a pair of loungers matching Spyro’s. It wasn’t just the way Odilon filled in clothes or the colours of his brown tussled hair, or the shiny eyes that were focus on reading at the moment.

It was everything, everything Odi was and Odi was his. 

Odi’s eyes flittered to him as Spyro approached and within the pass of a stride Odi had sized him up wrapping his arms around him. Even though Odi stood a little shorter than Spyro it didn’t make his embrace any less enveloping. Spyro’s body responded on automatic pulling the man closer still.

“G’ Afternoon.” Odi muttered into Spyro’s neck.

“Did I sleep that long?” Spyro asked not willing to pull away just yet.

“You seemed to need it, a lot happened yesterday.”

They staying in this embraced until Spyro slightly dropped his arms to Odi’s hips.


“Hm?” Odi pulled back to look at Spyro. Spyro’s whole manner now a worlds difference with what it had been yesterday. That alone, even if Spyro’ chose not to stay with him made it worth it all.

“What were you reading?”

“Oh.” Odi smiled and disentangled himself from Spyro’s arms turning back to the table he’d been sitting at. “Your papers. The one the Prelate gave.”

“What do they say?”

“Normal things, place of birth name of parents. Such things…”Odi said fingering the papers as they lay strewn about

“Why are they confusing you?” Spyro asked reading him like an open book.

Odi looked up and suppressing a grin he loved the fact that there was so much of Spyro he was yet to find out. They were still stranger to each other and yet on the other hand there was none who knew him better.

Sitting down on his chair he shifted the papers searching the right one, “Your mothers name was -”

“Chara, Chara Argyris.” Spyro cut in taking a seat next to him. 

“Do you remember her well?”

Shrugging while nodding Spyro sighed, “I was 11 when she died.”

“The hit and run.” Odi nodded.

Spyro snorted. “Hit and run my ass, well that’s what I started believing after a few years in the vault.”

“It can’t deny nor confirm that.” Odi’s voice  soft filled with sadness in not knowing the real set of circumstances that surrounded Chara’s death.

“You don’t need to moro.” Spyro’s eyes softened as he leaned in and kissed Odi’s temple.

“What about your father, did you know of him?”

“Yes though I never saw him.” Odi’s frown urged Spyro to tell on. “He wrote me every week. First my mother would read the letters to me and then we’d be sending them to each other by ourselves. He had to live away from us for work I think and they were never married. But he was always there for me. Even if not physically.”

“So you know who he is?”

“Yes and well no. I never knew his real name, my mother referred to him as patera and he signed his letters with baba. Mom posted the letters so I never really knew his name and it never really seemed important until I was in the Vaults where it would at least have been a comfort.”

“There is also a file here on Cosmas here.” Odi said pulling another set of paper towards them.

Spyro frowned “Cosmas?”

“Yes, did you know that once he too had been an Oracle?”

Spyro’s eyes bulged and his face drained. “No, he wasn’t.”

“Brought to the order when he was twelvenhe preformed as Oracle Maso for 15 years until he was sold to a Scandinavian blueblood. There isn’t much information on him for the next few years, but apparently the person who bought him gave him his freedom soon after.  I’m guessing he traveled a lot, tried to see the world maybe return to his roots some…”

“He never told me any of that.” Spyro spoke under his breath more to himself than to anyone listening. His gently traced the photograph of Cosmas that had been included in the papers noticing a speck of dark blood staining it’s corner.

“Probably for protection.” Odi ventured

“From me?”

“No, to protect you. The file says that the day they you entered the vaults is the day he started working for the order again but as a warden this time. He demanded to be yours.”


“Spyro. It says here your full name is Spyro Argyris Papadopoulos…”

“What? But….”

“Probably stayed away so you’d be safe from the order. But Oracles always find Oracles right… He called you paidi mou.”

“But…” Spyro’s eyes darted between the photo in his hands and the papers on the table. Within second he started to hastily pull all the documents towards him, reading though them with lightning speed.

Odi watched Spyro devour the information on the table. Feeling out of place, wanting to give Spyro some space he pushed his chair back, “I’ll go make you something to e-“

His words stuck in his throat as Spyro’s hand flashed out grabbing his arm. “No, stay with me… please.”

Odi swallowed hard seeing the need in Spyro’s eyes; he slowly sank back down into his chair. “Of course I’ll stay.” 

Anything for you.


It was late, the sun had set and the ocean was a nice calm though tomorrow brought the promise to give rain. They’ll be docking at Naples tomorrow changing skipper and from then to Tripoli to change skipper again.

The light in the bedroom was dimmed down when Odi entered, he let Spyro shower before him on his own. Giving him some of the privacy Spyro had preciously been stripped of.

He found him standing on the balcony watching the distant sparkly lights of Sardinia as they slowly passed the island by. He’d changed into a very light pair of pajama bottoms but just as he’d done for the entire day left his chest bare.

Odi carefully stepped up beside him. It didn’t matter how much life experience Odilon seemed to have, all the situations he’s found himself, all the people he’s met or the places he’s been. Cause all day he felt like a fish out of water. Not fully knowing how to act or what to do. What would make Spyro most comfortable, what would scare him, what can I say or do or … Odi's even been in love before or so he thought, nothing compares to what he was going through now.

“There is still one thing I don’t understand.” Spyro spoke his voice quiet while his eyes remained.

Odi remained quiet, listening to the sounds of seawater lapping against the hull. Feeling the oceans breeze chill his still humid hair. He waited for Spyro to continue, setting the conversation to the own pace.

“How did you know about the order? How did you know about me? I mean I asked you why before but ‘why not’ isn’t really an answer.”

Odi took a deep breath collecting his thoughts before speaking. How to explain…

“First of all I need you to know that getting you out of the order doesn’t mean you’re obliged to stay with me. You’re completely free once we enter a port to get off the ship and try and make a life for yourself on your own. I’ll help you all I can but your being with me isn’t a condition of your freedom.”

“Odi, I –“

“No.” Odi held up his had silencing Spyro. “Please I need you to understand that. It’s important to me that you know you do have a choice in everything from now on.”

Spyro nodded solemnly giving Odi the green light to continue on.

“Ok. I’ve been hearing about the order for a while now. I have many friends in high and low places and more in between but the order is only known within very specified circles. To be honest it intrigued me. A modern day underground order of prophesying Oracles.  The more I heard the more I wanted to know. My real lead came when I as in Rome and I discovered the city in which the Order of Péos was situated. I drove straight to Genève that night. Such a strange name for an order; péos.  The dictionary confused me. The more confused, the more I wanted to know. Then I heard your name. I can’t remember when it was but it stuck with me as if the syllables alone were pulling me closer. Sound’s idiotic doesn’t it? Trust me I know. I can’t really explain it.” Odi sighed leaning against the railing of the balcony keeping his gaze on the lights dancing on the water in the distance. 

“I only thought there was one Oracle. Otto helped me arrange an audience. He’s the man I impersonated to get inside the order. I stipulated your name cause I though knowing it would prove that I ran in the right circles to know of it. I guess it worked. When I met you Spyro something to happen to me. I can’t fully describe it I still don’t really fully understand myself but that one conversation we had changed me. It shifted the balance inside, as if being without you suddenly meant I wasn’t complete anymore. It felt like a fate worse than death.” Odi chuckled at his own words. “Sorry I didn’t mean to be so melodramatic. It was as if I experienced a moment. Not a lighting bolt or love at first sight or anything like that but it was a moment, a moment of extreme clarity.”

Spyro quiet voice drifted over, “When did you know for sure?”

“I could say it was when you asked me your question just as I was about to leave. You saw through me instantly, that has actually never happened before. I could say that it was your reaction to it the answer too that made me sure. But truth be told Spyro it everything. I think I knew it would turn out to be you from the second I heard your name. Don’t ask me why I…”

“… Can’t explain it?” Spyro finished. For the first time since he started talking Odi turned his head to look at Spyro. He tried to register the look in those eyes but failed to comprehend them.

“It’s a good answer Odilon.” Spyro spoke softly turning his body to face Odi. “I don’t want to be an Oracle anymore.”

“You don’t have to. You can be whatever you want.”

“You know what I mean Odi.”

Odi diverted his eyes to his feet getting bashful for the very first time in his life “When you’re read-“

“I’m ready now Odi, I’m very ready. Trust me when I say this isn’t like what Panos did.” He stepped closer to Odi placing his hand on the mans cheeks. “It’s so much more than that.”

“Are you sure?” Odi croaked. He was nervous. Odi hadn’t even been nervous when it was his own first time all those years ago, he was never nervous about this, not ever. He hadn’t even felt remotely like this yesterday in Spyro’s little Spartan cell, but that had been different it was done for a purpose. Now though now he felt as inexperience as a vestal virgin. It really wasn’t to ensure Spyro could never qualify as an Oracle again.

It was… It was…

Odi thoughts didn’t get any further than this cause Spyro pulled Odi close to kiss him. To kiss a kiss of two hearts, one of lust and one of love. To intermingle the two into a single motion, into the lone act of embracing.

Spyro led, taking Odi to the large bed and with the soft sheets. Odi couldn’t understand his own reactions. How Spyro simply took over while Odi was the experience one, the experienced one in theory at least.

Spyro left nothing untouched as he lowered Odi to the bed, his hand where everywhere. More than once it felt like the man had more than two hands as they slid and touched every inch of Odi’s body.  Spyro’s lips followed claimed every nook and cranny he could reach. Every piece of flesh hard or soft, supple or taught was affected.

Odi tried to reciprocate as best he could. To move his body to Spyro’s gentle rhythm, in what was a slow all consuming dance. A dance that left Odi helpless, one that would set the tone for the many more dances to come.

Spyro reveled in touching his man; he bathed in his heat and drank in his strength. There was so much to explore, so much to feel, to desire, to want and taste.  Spyro’s ministration were having their affect on Odi, flames coursed through his nether regions making his hips roll and buck all on their own. Spyro’s hand held Odi right where he wanted him. He let his ears fill with Odi’s pants and whimpers as he fondled his most intimate places. Feeling those legs around him and arms holding on him. Feeling as if Odi wanted to crawl into his skin to get as close as he possibly could.

When they eventually came together it was seamless. He slid into Odi in the same slow rhythm he’d held their entire dance in. Odi hung on to Spyro letting him move their bodies in anyway he wished as yet again he felt he could do nothing else but give himself completely to the man holding him.

Every thrust, every kiss en grip brought Odi closer to the edge. Closer to the ledge he dances on it was just a matter of jumping. As Spyro pushed and Odi’s orgasm crashed over him as he quivered and spasmed in Spyro’s lap.

The feel and reality of Odi’s climax brought up hence undiscovered emotions in Spyro. Pride, fulfillment and deep satisfaction in taking is lover over the edge. His trusts took a deeper and a more urgent tone. He gripped Odi’s back as their chest pressed together.

One… two… three… four, at the fifth deep thrust Spyro exploded. Filling Odi with everything he had to give with a voice to match the intensity of his orgasm, it echoed over water as they very literally rocked the boat.


Odi gazed at Spyro as they lay together. They’d cleaned up a little and returned to bed but sleep was slow to take them. Instead they lay there lazily touching and smiling at each other, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. Both at ease in the others arms.

“Is there anywhere you want to go? After we change skipper in Tripoli you can go anywhere you want.”

Gently gripped Odi’s chin lifting it to level their eyes, “Anywhere we want.” He whispered reaching down for a small peck on Odi’s puffy lips. “I have a place in mind.”

“Oh? Where is it?”

“It’s an island I don’t know its name yet but I can point it out on a chart. It’s somewhere warm and sunny.”

“Why there?” Odi asked curiously smiling sleepily now.

“It’s a place where we’ll live, love and grow together. We’re going home.”

“How do you know it’s going to be our home?” Odi yawned snuggling into Spyro’s chest. Spyro softly stroke Odi’s hair as he felt him gently slip into sleep as he held him close.

“Let’s say I saw it in a vision.”

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