the one chance encounter

as we both glanced across the room at each other it was only a matter of time when we could no longer keep our desires away from each other and it was onlya matter of time when the resistance of our lust for one another could no longer subside.

as i walked slowly and seductively towards him he approach with hestitation only to entice me to want him more. his eyes were only telling me he wanted me to pounce on his naked body with full force. but i hold back with just enough space to allow him to seduce me with his lips that were wet and ready to bathe every inch of my hot body.

it was an explosion of utter animalistic lust and as he took me in

his arms i felt his throbbing cock sliding up and down my ass.

before i had the chance to grab his hot rod into my mouth he slipped me into the bed and tongue bathe me from the top of my hot throbbing cock to the bottom of my balls where he took them in his mouth so softly and caressed them to the point i wanted to shove my manhood into his wet lips that felt like warm air penetrating my body.

we continued to wrap our bodies into each other and as our bodies screamed in esctasy and wanting to fill our desires, he took me and positioned my ass in the air while he penetrated his wet tongue into my hot hole and rimmed me on end while stroking my cock. his lips found mine and our tongues entertwined with every inch of the wetness we felt and before i knew we were on all floors with my ass in the air and he slid his hot throbbing cock into my hot hole and pumped me slowly while kissing me lips and i knew i could not wait any longer and i knew he could not wait so he just pounded and pumped his cock into my ass and his words fuck yeah, fuck yeah , i love ur fucking sweet ass and he pumped harder and harder as i begged for him to fuck me fuck me fuck my ass take it babe come in my ass and the explosion happened he poured his hot load into my ass and i shot my load in to the air and we both collasped from exhaustion. at that moment we spooned each other and enjoyed the tremondous high from the pleasure of our sexual desire. he took my lips and kissed it soflty and we both fell into each other's arms and slept like babies.



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