My boy friend and me had grown out our hair for quite a long time and we both had long hair falling down on our shoulders now. We decided that we would shave our heads again during our next holidays we wanted to spend at a nice sunny beach of the Atlantic Ocean.

On a hot sunny day we then wanted it to happen at the beach. We packed a hand mirror, scissors, a clipper, shaving cream and razors and looked for a nice quiet spot. We found a really nice place where we would be on our own for hours and here we wanted to have our fun.

We took our clothes off and went into the sea. Standing knee deep in the water I grabbed my dry long hair for the last time with both hands and feeling all my thick hair my penis began to rise. Masturbating my dick now with both hands I bowed down forward and put my head into the salty water continuing masturbating until I had to come up again to take a deep breath of air.

In the meantime my friend had come in as well and he brought the scissors and the mirror to start our shaving business with my head. I bowed down again and put my head again under water. When I came up again my wet hair was falling from the back of my head over my face covering my eyes. Now I was on all four in the water.

My friend had dived under as well and he guided my hands to his wet hair which I massaged. He then took my head and pushed it down under water again. Then he stood above me and started cutting my hair at my neck I felt the cold blade of the scissors on my skin moving up the back of my head and saw my long hair falling down in the ocean and being carried away by the waves.

He pushed my head under water again and it was nice to feel the cold water on the skin of my head. My hair on the whole back of my head now had been cut down to the skin and only the remaining hair at the sides and top of my head were falling over my face. My friend took the shaving cream then and put some on the back of my head and started shaving it clean with the razor.

I enjoyed the blade of the razor on my head and took my thick dick in both hands. After a few minutes the back of my head was shaved clean and my head was pushed under water again and I felt my friend's hands on the shaved back of my head and my own ones moving my dick.

Now I was on my knees in the ocean and my friend gave me the mirror that I could watch the progress of losing my hair. He started cutting my hair again with the scissors on one side of my head. My long wet hair was falling down on my shoulder and soon one ear got visible. My hair was cut off as short as possible and then after another dive under he changed over to the other side.

Soon on that side of my head my hair was also cut down close to the skin. Then my friend sat down in the water and I sat in front of him feeling his hard dick in my back. He pulled me backwards and we both were completely under water then for a while. Coming up again my long hair on top of ma head was all straight back and he grabbed it all with one hand holding it up and forming a Mohawk. I could watch that all in the mirror and masturbated my penis again.

He applied loads of shaving foam on the stubbles on both sides of my head and shaved them clean with the razor. Then he pulled me under water again and washed the remains of the shaving foam off from my head. We then both kneed in the water face to face and I made a bow in front of him and put my head into the sea again. Coming out of the water I stopped at his dick, took it in my mouth and sucked it. He grabbed my hair again and with a few cuts he released me from the last long hair and threw it into the sea. My body was shaking then from a wonderful orgasm and I sent my sperm after my hair swimming away.

Now I was laying in my friends arms and he shaved my head completely bald with the razor. I then sucked his penis again while he was caressing my shaved head and finally he came and I swallowed his sperm.

Now it his turn had come to get rid of his hair. He wanted a dry hair cut and so we went out of the water holding each other by our dicks. We looked for a nice place on the beach and found a big rock formed like a bed. He was lying then on that rock on his stomach and I sat down in the sand that his long hair was falling down on me. I then moved a little bit up and took the clipper. First I shaved the back of his head down to the skin and when that was done he turned round on his back lying on his back now. His head hung over the edge of the rock and his long hair fell down on me again.

I grabbed a big bunch of his hair and shaved if off. I threw it on his body and he started masturbating while I continued shaving. Soon his body wwas covered all over with his hair and when the last hair fell he had his orgasm and his sperm hit me in the face which I enjoyed very much. We then went back into the water and he keed down and sucked my penis now while I was treating his head with shaving foam. When his head was completely covered with it I started shaving the back of his head clean.

Now we looked for a nice place in the water where I could lay on my back and he on top of me. My dick got hard again feeling him on me and it found its way into the ass of my friend. He masturbated his own and I shaved the sides and then the top of his head. My dick got harder and harder and in between we stopped the shaving and fucked him up his ass and he had his next orgasm. The waves of the sea carried his sperm away and maybe his and my sperm that I had sent before met somewhere in the ocean.

After my friend's head was shaved as clean as mine we took turns in one of us standing in the water and the other one kneeling in front. I was the first one then sucking his dick again while masturbating my own. I had my next orgasm feeling his hands on my shaved head and massaging it gently. Then we changed roles and I massaged his shaved head while he sucked my penis. This time he swallowed my sperm and I caught mine with my hands to massage his shaved head with it.

Then we both dived under water again and when we came out both our heads were nice and clean again. We were lying in the sand then he holding my penis and me holding his one. Kissing each other all over we finally fell asleep and had wonderful wet dreams of our Big Gay Ocean Headshave.



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