In the woods of Fire Proof, two persons was on the hot trail of a D ranked criminal. The criminal in question wasn't all that threatening; in fact the crime he had committed wasn't even worth jail time. The dirty crook had only stolen some goods from one of the stores in the red light district. It was much too small of a crime for the two Jonin, Fire and Jessie, to take on. All that changed though once the owner of the store had told them that the crook had stolen merchandise that hadn't been approved for the market yet and was much too dangerous if gotten into the wrong hands.

"This guy is fast," Jessie said as he leaped from tree to tree as he tried to keep up with the culprit.

"Yeah, but I'm faster." Fire replied from next to the silver headed Jonin. The Thuns then shot chakra down to his feet and leapt even closer to the cloaked hoodlum.

"You seem to have your mind set on capturing me, ;" The hooded figure in front of Fire said in a brute like voice.

"You got that right." Fire said with a smirk, as he reached a hand out to grab the hidden character's shoulder.

"Let see what your mind focuses on once you have a sample of this." The crook then pulled out a black and shining powder out of his pants pocket and threw it at Fire before the boy's fingers could even touch him.

The raven haired boy choked on the black powder as the strange substance went down his throat and into his nose, causing Fire to cough and wheeze heavily. The Thuns was in such a fit that he fell off the tree branch he was standing on.

"Fire, are you alright?" Fire heard Jessie voice above him as his back lay against the forest floor. The coughing boy opened his eyes so he could see his ex-sensei, but when he did he could only see a mixture of the colours orange, blue, and yellow circling around in the air. The colours seemed familiar to the Thuns; as if they held a meaning.

Suddenly the colours stopped and formed a face. The face had whisker marks on the side of its cheeks, and it eyes that seemed bluer than the sky, with blonde hair brighter than the sun.

"Alex..." Fire whispered and as soon as he said that everything seemed to become clear. His coughing had stopped and his vision was returning to him.

"Fire, are you okay?" Jessie asked again. He was beginning to grow very worried with the boy's sudden stillness.

"Jessie, where is Alex?" The Thuns requested, sitting up.

"I...don't know." Jessie said a bit apprehensive. He noticed how calm Fire was acting after having that horrible cough; almost as if nothing happened. He also thought it was odd how the boy nonchalantly asked for Alex.

"I need to find him." The pale boy said causally as he got off the ground.

"What are you talking about?" The person said, annoyed that the boy wanted to leave. "We're in the middle of a mission. You can't just leave."

"I need to find Alex." Fire said again but this time a bit more roughly.

"You can't! We-"Jessie stopped talking. Fire was now glaring at him with eyes so red and intense that the devil himself probably couldn't match them.

"I'm going to find Alex..." The Thuns said in a harsh voice, "...and you are not going to stop me." Fire then turned around and headed back to the village.


"Bye." Alex said to the owner of the ramen shop as he left the store for home.

He had just quenched his hunger by eating 14 bowls of ramen and he was now very tired and ready for bed.

"Alex," A disheveled voice said from behind the young blonde.

Turning around, Alex was unnerved at what he saw. Fire was standing no more than 3 inches away from him. The brunettes' breathing was ragged and his hair hung down his face making him seem like some kind of beastly predator. It was the Thuns's eyes, though that frightened Alex the most. Fire's eyes were pure red and the kitsune vessel could tell that his best friend wasn't using his sharingan.

Fire grabbed Alex's shoulder and pulled the blonde even closer to his face.

"Alex," Fire repeated again before shoving his tongue down the boy's throat.

Alex's eyes bugged out at feeling his friend and rival's tongue inside his mouth. The Thuns began to suck and nibble on Alex's own wet organ causing the boy to make a deep throated groan. Apparently Fire approved of the boy's moans because he began rubbing his crotch against Alex's groin.

Feeling Fire's fully erect bulge rubbing against him surprised Alex, but it also made his member twitch and he rolled his head back in pleasure. Noticing the vulnerable neck, the Thuns began to suck and bite on the flesh that Alex had offered him.

"Aaahh..." Alex cried out as he felt the pale boy's teeth make a permitted mark on his skin. The blonde could hear voices whispering around him and Fire. Obviously the sight of two boys making out in the middle of the village brought on a huge crowd of onlookers. For a moment Alex wondered if Fire would actually have sex with him in front of public viewing eyes. He got his answer once the Thuns shoved his hand inside the blondes orange pants and pulled out his full length dick.

"S-S-Fire..." Alex tried to question his friend, but couldn't due the delight sensation he was feeling from having Fire hand wrapped around his thick and precum coated member.

"Alex, I need you so badly right now." Fire said while staring down at the boy in his hand.

Alex stared up into the Thuns's crimson eyes and saw pure passionate and heated lust inside them. It was at that point that the kitsune vessel felt like giving Fire anything he asked for that moment.

"Alex! Get away from him!" Came a shout and suddenly Fire was being pulled away from his wanton prey.

"Get off of me!" Fire yelled as he was dragged off by two leaf persons. Alex watched on sadly as Fire was pulled away from him; he then felt a figure beside him and turn around to see Jessie at his side. Embarrassed at being caught with his pants down, Alex quickly put his privates back into his jeans.

"Alex, you need to come with me."



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