11:52pm, October 15th, 2011, Siskiyou Forest, Medford Oregon.


"Lucca, don't you leave me out here!"

Raven, breathing heavily chilled to the bone in a torn dirty white cotton t-shirt stands at the base of an old oak tree, looking up at the top of a rocky outcrop with the full moon shining down upon it. As his lover Lucca transforms into a werewolf and leaps to the other side leaving him scared, angry, and unsure of everything he has come to know Lucca turns and looks down at Raven with sadness consuming him as he transforms into his wolf and leaps off the outcrop into the dense dark woods. If only Raven knew he was doing this to save his life, he loved him too much to let him get hurt... or worse die.

"Lucca you son of a bitch!!!!!"


8:20am, September 12th, 2011, Central Medford High School, Medford Oregon. First day of school.

Raven leaning against the south wall of Central Medford High School. His new school after moving clear across the country to live with his mom's brother after the accident. Taking a cigarette out of his box of Marlboro red 100's.

-sigh- I really don't wanna be here today. It's been all of two weeks and I'm expected to show up at a new school and smile. "Don't forget to try and make some new friends" my uncle called out to me, like I'm really in the mood for anything, especially conversation.

Raven lights the cigarette at his lips with a black bic lighter and takes a deep drag. Letting the slow smooth burn take him away for a fraction of a second.

Hmmm, well at least I did take my Uncles advice and not come to school in those old grey sweets I had been in for days.

Raven had showered and done his hair back in its usual ponytail with the banes hanging down to cover his left eye partially. He had changed into a pair of dark blue boot cut jeans that made his legs and ass look amazing and slipped on his Justin cowboy boots that once belonged to his father. He topped it off with a black wife beater that clung to his thick toned frame and silver chain with a silver medallion on the end hanging just above the line of the shirt. Grabbing his black zip up 3OH!3 hoodie he was out the door. Looking down at his clothing now, he let a small annoyed smile creep over his lips.

I should have worn something that wouldn't make such a statement; I really didn't want any trouble or attention today. Good or bad. Hell I really want to go home and get back into bed, but seeing as how that's not an option Id at least want to make it through this day with no problems; no conversation would be even better.

The final bell that students should be in class rang as Raven still stood outside leaning up against the wall. This side of the school was never used in the morning unless the football team was practicing since all that was on this side were the athletic buildings. Raven talked about joining one of the sporting teams at his new school seeing as he used to be a varsity tennis and soccer player, be he made it clear to his uncle that his heart and head just weren't in the games anymore since he couldn't share the ups and downs with the people who started him playing. But being near the gyms did put him a little bit of peace. Raven puts out the cigarette and walks away from the wall, turning a corner to head towards the main door.


"Son what in sams hell are you doing out here! Didn't you hear the school bell ring?! Get inside now!"

Barked the grumpy old man. Standing at all of 5'7 with a full head of white hair and an average build with a slight beer gut all Raven could do was roll his eyes in annoyance and walk around him to the door. Before entering he sprayed some axe body sprayed and began chewing a piece of winter fresh gum to hide the smoke on his body. He did not need the' it's not legal for you to smoke young man' speech today. He began to approach the office and was then ran into again.

-Thud- As Raven hit the freshly waxed white linoleum floor. He looked up into the face of the most handsome man he had ever seen, no way this guy was a student here, he just looked to perfect. A tall, muscular, Native American god.

"Hey kid you ok down there? Here let me help you up"

"Names Raven, NOT kid, and thanks"

Despite the man being hot, Raven was in no mood to be trifled with and made that very clear by the way he said his name, but he couldn't help the lightning that seemed to strike his hand when he reached out for help up off the floor. His face began to feel hot, and even though he was darker in skin, you could still see a tent of red around his lower eyes when he blushed. He began heading down the hall..

"Ok sorry kid, I mean Raven. Sorry Raven, didn't mean to offend you. I'm Lucca in case you were wondering."

Raven ignored the man, afraid to speak as his voice may have hitched at that very moment. He had reached the door to the office and was about to enter.

"Well I guess I'll see you around then kid, have a good one."


First Period After a very stern lecture about being on time for classes and how this is a very poor first impression from the school attendance clerk Raven heads to class. The school itself is massive, but it's one of only three high schools in the city. Back home there were at least ten high schools, some even within walking distance of each other, but this was not home. Despite being large it was easy to navigate and after doodling in the bathroom for another cigarette and the subsequent de smoke process that followed he entered his first period AP College Lit. Raven was smart and as a result was a year if not two ahead in most subjects although despite being ahead, his grades were average at best, more due to his lack of applying himself rather than not understanding the subject. As he entered the room all eyes were on him, as he handed his schedule to the teacher a squirrely looking woman of about 40 with chestnut curly hair. Scanning the room he saw mixed facial reactions, some of shock, some of annoyance, some of lust, some of anger. The teacher informed him to take any empty seat, but that it would be his seat for the rest of the year. As he finished scanning the room his eyes fell on him... Lucca, looking straight at him with a look in his eyes, his gorgeous honey colored eyes he could not place. He could feel his body growing warm, he ripped his gaze away and found a girl sitting in the back that seemed the best candidate to sit by, as she didn't look at him in any particular way, just sort of how one person looks at another person and thinks much of nothing. He took his place in front of her and the teacher updated him on the page number and notes he should copy down quickly before she erased them. He pulled out his book, a thick white English text, his black spiral with English Lit written on the front in white, and finally his.....

"Oh shit!"

He rummaged through his bag, searching desperately for a pencil. He didn't wanna be that guy on the first day of school, the guy that always had to borrow things.

-Tap tap-

"Here you go, stressful being the new kid huh."

Raven turned to see a girl far more striking than he had originally thought. He figured talking to her might cause problems as she was probably the trophy girlfriend of one of the captains or presidents of one thing or another. He gladly took the pencil and turned around to finish taking notes

The bell rang for class to end and he was surprised at how much he actually enjoyed the topic today "The pros and cons of Shakespeare's affect on modern literature", it was obvious the teacher had spent some time as a college instructor because the topic clearly went over eighty five percent of the class's head, but he enjoyed it and was completely engaged; although he did not speak a word.

"Hey wait up. I can see why you didn't have a pencil; you left this on the desk."

Raven stopped and turned around to see who else but the girl from English Lit standing directly behind him, moving her green bangs from her face.

"Oh wow, thanks. Yeah I lose these things all the time. Thanks for letting me borrow it; I'll bring it back to you tomorrow if that's ok?"

"Yeah that's most def cool with me. Oh I'm Ami by the way. It's ok I don't bite."


"Nice to know, I'm Raven I'm..."

"Knew here? Yeah I know, we don't get many new students here, so everyone's already taken notice of you."


"Oh crap, well Raven I still gotta get all the way upstairs for my next class, catch you later!"

Ami had ran down the hall way before Raven could even respond. He hadn't intended on making any friends, but something about Ami melted his bad mood and he felt in better spirits. Plus no one had tried to put him in a locker or shove him around, not that they could if they had tried, he was a deceptively good fighter, a skill acquired from his mother. "I could never beat your mother in a fight" his father used to say. But the fact that no one tried made him feel good. He took out his schedule from his pocket and looked at his next class. Nutrition.


"Well there goes my good mood, I get to learn about food"

Saying it out loud to himself as there was no one around to hear him. He began walking down the hall towards the athletic complex where all fitness classes were held. As he walked he pulled his IPod out of his bag and put it in his ears.

-Playing "Fox - Youth Dubstep Remix"- The music blasted in his ears and he felt good again. He walked down the hall and turned right down a narrow walk way not even big enough for two people. This was the closest way to the athletic complex and he was already late. He was so engrossed in his music he didn't even notice.


"Ouch" (Lucca)

"What the hell" (Raven)

He hadn't been paying attention and now he was wedged in this little hallway with him. As he tried to wiggle free his eyes fixed on his. Raven was caught in the golden honey color. The heat from Lucca's body was amazing, it felt like the first sun break of spring after a cold harsh winter. He didn't understand why it felt this way, but he couldn't stop it. His whole body became warm and he started trembling with Lucca pressed so close to him. He could feel himself start to get hard, and tried to wiggle free again, but all the rubbing together was having an undesired affect. Raven could feel the firm lump in Lucca's jeans grow firmer. Just then Lucca pried them apart and took off walking, out the hallway and up the stairs directly across the hall. Raven stood there breathing heavily, throbbing in his jeans, and uncertain. The song repeated for the third time as he stood, leaned against the wall and tried to compose himself to get to class.

Lucca ran up the stairs at lightning speed and into the closest bathroom. His heart was pounding. He hadn't ever felt a felling like this without being transformed and even then he had to be in the hunt. He knew what had happened, although he didn't know why, and he prayed he was wrong. He turned to look at himself in the mirror and he was right, the wolf was showing itself. Lucca's eyes normally honey colored were now glowing a brilliant deep gold, and his canines had formed into fangs. His body which was always hot, was on fire threatening to burn him alive, as his hands trembled. He looked at himself in the mirror again and glanced down at the throbbing bulge in his pants. With every throb his breathing grew deeper and his body burned hotter. That boy, that boy had done something to him, but he was to on fire to figure it out just yet. He turned and headed into the nearest bathroom stall, locked the door and before sitting down took off his vans and cargo shorts. He stood in the stall in a blue superman t-shirt and tight superman boxer briefs that were barely able to contain the throbbing beast within. He began to sweet, he knew what he needed and he needed it quick or he would transform and find another way to release the pressure. He pawed savagely at his groin watching as his cock throbbed and danced in the boxer briefs before pulling them down and sitting down. His cock was soaking wet, precum flowed like a fountain now streaming down his full golf ball sized balls pulling closer and closer to the body. He slowly started to stroke his throbbing member, throwing his head back and stifling a howl as you ran his hands over the cut sensitive head. It was too much, he couldn't take it, he sped up the pace. Faster faster faster. His feet were dancing on the floor as he gripped on to the rail at the left side of the toilet, squeezing it so hard that it was giving way to his grip. He was desperately trying not to moan, but just as a bead of sweet dripped off his chine towards the floor, his sculpted chest heaved, and his chiseled six pack contracted and he let out a mighty deep masculine growl from his very core, as volley after volley of his cum shot out of the purple head and quivering balls now drawn up completely beneath his cock. His legs drew up and he arched his back as the first volley sailed clear past his head and hit the wall behind him followed by three more. The next three landed squarely on his face and neck, many more spackled his chest and abs leading down to a thick glob resting on his now trembling hand and cock. He sat there, unable to think or move for several minutes. Finally the feeling began to return to his body and released his grip on the metal rail, not realizing that his grip had broken it and he was holding the bar up, it fell to the ground with a defining clang sound. He realized he had to get out of there, because if his growls and howls didn't alert someone to him, that clag would. He used his t-shirt to clean up his face, chest and abs followed by pulling on his still moist in the crotch boxer briefs and thankfully dry cargo shorts. He stepped out of the stall to look in the mirror and make sure he was ok, sweaty and red, but all clean.

-thump thump thump thump- He heard the footsteps far away. The sound of three running feet headed his way. He realized he couldn't make a break for it out of the bathroom they would see him, and if he moved fast enough to not be recognized that would start a panic of some sort, and that was against the laws. He decided to through caution to the wind, he stuffed his cum soaked t-shirt in his pocket pushed out the glass of the window and climbed out, jumping the two stories down into some shrubs. He stood up shaking out his hair, and looked up at the window. Not seeing anyone looking down after him, he made his very hasty escape to the other side of the school and his truck where he always kept two changes of cloths.

-Slam- He closed the truck door behind him, precum dried in his boxer briefs, still shirtless, sitting in the cold truck, so deep in thought someone could have snuck up on him if they had dared. He reached in the glove compartment and pulled out a pack of hand rolled cigarettes and a flask. He quickly took a swig from the flask and then lit one of the cigarettes, quickly throwing everything but the lit cigarette back in the glove compartment. He reached behind him and grabbed an extra shirt and then departed his truck to sit on the back and ponder what has just happened to him.

"What does that boy do to me? And why is his touch on my skin all I can feel?

Scared, he looked up into the forest for comfort, but is greeted by a pair of familiar and unsettling moss green eyes.





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