For Parker Adams getting ahead in the journalism world is his prime mission. He's been working as an intern at a local news station  for over 2 years and he's ready for the big leagues. At 25 he has already amassed an impressive resume. He's interview past and current presidents, reported on local riots, and even about missing people who were then found. He knew his time was coming and today he was ready to tackle on an even bigger story.

"Mr Richards?", Parker asked as he walked inside his bosses office.
   "Yes Mr.Adams what can I do for you?" his boss asked nonchalantly.
 "Well I was hoping you would give me permission to check out a lead I've been looking into. I want to investigate Crawford's Asylum." Parker's boss froze in his tracks. He turned this time staring at Parker and looked at him like he was crazy.
"Why in the hell would you want to go up there? Don't you know its haunted?", his boss asked.
"I want to be promoted sir and I feel like this story would really work. Please give me a chance?" Without a word said his boss nodded yes and Parker was out the door.

Its been over 50 years since anyone has been to Crawford's Asylum. Rumors over its demise have been scarce. Some say the the asylum was used to treat Gay men and try to convert them to straight using horrifying procedures. Yet when the gay patients started a riot they burned most of the staff and themselves alive and all that remains is the asylum itself.

Since that time nobody has heard anything or even mentioned that place till recently. While Parker was working on another story he overheard some guys talking about seeing mysterious figures and lights flickering at the asylum. The fact the multiple guys have said something made him even more curious.

Parker was an adventurous man. He was very different from most guys like him. He was not the tallest guy coming in at 5'7" and his pale complexion made his skin look like he was a vampire. He worked out a bit when he had the time, he had a four pack on his abdomen so he didn't think that was too bad. He also had long golden blonde hair he put into a medium length ponytail and piercing blue eyes and he had a slight stubble across his face. Also he was straight! He had a few girlfriends in the past but nothing could ever last due to his love for being a reporter.

After a 5 hour drive Parker had just stopped right outside the gates to the Asylum. He stepped out of his Yellow Jeep and turned the ignition off. The cold air made his nipples hard. He was dressed in a light blue thermal sweater with a white tank top underneath. He also had on his brown leather jacket and a pair of blue jeans with some brown cowboy boots.

As Parker stood outside all he could notice was he derelict asylum that was further up the hill. It was a 4 story high building with black soot all around it. Covering the asylum were thick trees with no leaves something straight out of a horror movie. Parker could hear howls and noises in the distance and it scared him a little bit. But without hesitation he grabbed his camera from his Jeep and flashlight from the backseat and walked up the dirt path towards the asylum.

What seemed like years Parker had finally walked far enough that the Asylum entrance was insight. As he continued on he heard a noise coming from beside him. Parker ignored the sound and continued on his way. Finally a few steps more he made it to the entrance.

The doors were sealed tight. Parker could not open them with all his strength. After a few more tries he had finally given up. Parker walked along the side of the asylum and flung his flashlight on the ground furiously. Had he traveled all this way for nothing? If only he could find another way in. There was no other way in the asylum because all the debris from the "accident" was blocking his way. Parker sat on the ground and shook his head all of a sudden he felt something touching his neck.

"What the fu..!" Parker screamed as he started to notice hands from inside the walls were grabbing at him. Twenty hands were all over him caressing his body. The hands were in places Parker was not expecting. One hand was grabbing at his crotch ,rubbing it back and forth, squeezing his balls through his jeans. While another had its hand over his mouth muffling his screams. As the hands continued to caress his body Parker was all of a sudden pulled into the wall. Parker lay on the floor for a few minutes unconscious and after a few moments awoke to find himself inside the asylum.

As Parker fully came too he realized he was in the heart of the asylum. Creaks and water drips were heard as echoes. Parker was definitely scared this time. Parker looked around for his flashlight but could not find it. He forgot he stuck a lighter in his pocket and whipped it out. After adjusting his crotch region and putting things back in place he pulled himself together and continued on his way. He came for a story and he was gonna get one. 

As he made his way through the first floor of the building he noticed nothing. Everything remained normal. Was he dreaming or was this just a one time paranormal thing? Either way he continued on to the second floor. This wing was called "Patients Ward". As he moved through the dark hallways, only lit from his lighter he noticed a patient table move towards him. Parker shook his head and took a double take , again the table moved closer. Finally in one swift movement the table came after Parker. He tried to outrun it but it was to no avail. In a flash the table slide him onto it and the restraints closed themselves around both his legs, arms and his neck. The table slid him into a room and all of a sudden a light from above came on and in the distance he heard a voice say, "Welcome"

From the shadows came a crazy looking nakedman. He had on a mask covering his face but the most impressive sight was his 9inch cock hanging down. The sight of the monster cock scared Parker quite a bit and he tried to break free from his restraints but it was not going to work. He was the asylums prisoner.

"You can try to break free all you want but it is no use. We love to see your kind squirm!" ,the man said as stood right next to Parker,"I quite enjoy watching you wiggle around."

"What do you want from me?"Parker asked hastily.

"Isn't it obvious? We want you!" The naked man then motioned to another figure in the dark and out came a smaller looking man but with a huge cock as well. This man however wore a clown mask, the scary kind, and chuckled at the sight of the restrained reporter. This clown mask guy rolled a smaller table to him with toys and then began to touch Parkers body.

Parker struggled as much as he could but he was tiring himself out. The man then grabbed Parker's hair and cut off his hair tie with a pair of scissors, letting his golden hair flow off the end of the table. Then he grabbed a at Parkers blue sweater and white tank and cut it open right down the middle exposing his bare shaven chest. The man's rubbed his hands all over Parker's chest. Parker let out a few grunts but even he knew he was unable to do anything and he also liked the feeling...sort of.

The man then drew his attention to Parker's lower area. With a snap and another snap Parker's jeans were unbuttoned and then violently pulled down to his feet exposing a snug pair of white ftl briefs. The man noticed the bulge hiding in he underwear and slid his finger by Parker's thigh. Parker could feel the mans fingers touching the side of his nutsack. his hairy balls were being softly touched and it felt good. Parker tried not to enjoy it but he couldn't help it its been so long since he had any. The man continued his exploration of the balls under the underwear. The man then stuck two fingers in and started to massage the big hairy balls. Unbeknownst to Parker he was starting to sprout some wood. The man ran his finger from Parker's shaft to his to where it began and could feel his hairy cock!

"In due time", said the clown masked man "But first you got to learn to give in order to receive!"  And in one quick flash the man was on top of Parker's face with his big thick cock hanging in front of him. With a sudden thrust Parker's mouth wrapped all over the man's cock. "Suck it straight boy!"screamed the man as he thrust his cock down Parker's throat. Parker groaned and gurgled and his whole mouth was being penetrated by a thick cock. He could feel the cock hit the back of his throat. The gagging sounds made the man even more excited and with every gag Parker made it was like the man's cock grew. Parker could not believe he was sucking cock. The veiny member was smooth and it felt right in some way. But being straight Parker protested and still tried to get out of it. But again the man grabbed his head and forced his cock further down Parker's throat.  After what seemed like an hour of sucking cock the man screamed out loud, "Get ready to swallow boy!" and in an instant a hot liquid shot down Parker's throat. It was salty and creamy and it was almost never ending. Parker could only swallow so much but had to gurgle out some of the cum all over the masked clown man's cock. With the load still spewing into Parker's mouth he noticed that the table was moving him to a new area. after what seemed like an eternity in Parker's eyes the man pulled out his cum soaked cock and rubbed it all over Parker's face. Parker swallowed the remainder of cum down his throat and finally opened his eyes. He was in the observation room

Parker was thrown from the table and into the middle of this circular room. all around he could see the spirits of all the gay patients that died here. Parker stood in horror as a couple figure came to him and stripped him off his cut open shirt and leather jacket, and his white underwear, exposing a flaccid 7inch hairy cut cock, and shoes and jeans. Parker stood there naked as the patients around the room laughed and some even applauded. A new set of figure approached him and took him to a nearby sink. The figures the bent him over and one of them spread his ass cheeks and began to shave his asshole. Parker had never shaven that part of himself before and it was quite exciting for him. As they finished up with his backside they focused on his frontside. The shaved his cock and balls smooth.

"That's how we like our straight boys! Smooth like a little twink! Bring him over to the pillory!" The tall hung man from earlier exclaimed. In a second Parker found himself bound with his bare ass for everyone to see. His hands and head were bound so there was no use in fighting it. Parker also had the strange urge not to fight it. What was happening with him? Did he like this kinda abuse? "I'm gonna enjoy this boy and so will you!"

"Ahh!" screamed Parker as the man stuck his huge cock deep inside of his ass. The man didn't even use lube and just went in dry and Bareback. Parker tried to wiggle out of his restraints but the more he tried the more he found the anal penetration quite enjoyable. Parker then decided if he had to endure this he would at least enjoy this experience. Parker continued to wiggle his ass all over the thick cock deep inside him. He loved the way it felt all over his insides. The man even pulled out then pushed in and every time it made Parker scream in enjoyment. Parker even started bleed out of his ass and the man used that as lube. Parker couldn't believe how good a cock feel inside of him he even began to beg for more, "Please fuck me harder!?" asked Parker. The man obliged and thrust faster and faster. The whole pillory began to shake. As he was fucking him the man motioned to another figure to join him.

"Oh fuck yes!" screamed Parker in pain and lust. He now could feel two thick cocks inside of his asshole. He loved the way the veiny cocks slide together in sync and could feel it stretching his hole. The two men drove deeper inside Parker's hole and again waved another man to come join them.

"Whaa..." that's all Parker could muster before another patient stuck his big meaty cock right down his throat. Parker loved the way his man's cocked tasted. Parker sucked and groaned as he was getting fucked in both holes. The cock in his mouth moved faster and the two cocks in his ass sped up. they were about to cum.

"Fuck yeah!" screamed all three of the men as they came at the same time. Parker could feel his hole pill up with hot semen and his mouth was swallowing every drop this time. He was a cum hungry slut. As the men pulled out you could see the cum dripping from Parker's stretched hole all over the ground and it started to make a small puddle on the ground. But the men were not finished. They removed Parker from his restraints and put him down on the floor.

"As your reward we will let you cum but only if you say you are gay!" said the man as he stood over Parker's now erect 8 inch cock. "Yes sir! I'm gay now please let me cum!" begged Parker. The man obliged. He stroked Parker's cock up and down while the other two men held his arms and legs down. "Feels so good!" exclaimed Parker. He loved getting his cocked rubbed and it didn't even bother him that it was a guy anymore. The man continued to stroke up and down and even used the cum from he puddle as lube to get him off faster. After a few fast strokes Parker's pelvis thrust up very fast and he blew his wad. The amount of cum he blew was enormous. His cum was thick and white it flew 3 ft in the air and landed all over Parker's body. Even the man was surprised by the amount Parker blew. Parker opened up his mouth and then scooped up whatever cum he could off of Parker's body and fed it to him.

"You can go now." said the man as he left a naked cum soaked Parker on the floor. Parker gathered himself up and replied ,"Can I come back?" Parker asked. The figures all over the room started to evaporate and giggle. "Anytime" they said and in the blink of an eye they all vanished. Parker then passed out

Parker awoke outside the asylum. It was now morning. All he had on was his ftl briefs the rest of his clothes were gone. Parker took a moment to stand up and waddled his way back to his Jeep. After a long trek back Parker found his keys lying on the ground and used them to get into his car. Parker stared off into the distance....the only he story he got from this night is he's gay and a filthy cum slut and that's okay with him. With a grin on his face he drove back to civilization. This was a lead he would never forget.



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