I have worked the night shift for a few

years and was kind of used to it. I worked as a security guard for a mental

hospital. Most of the time I worked alone, but on occasion someone would be training

and they would pull a night shift. The other night a newbie came on shift and

introduced himself to me and just sat on his ass. Right then and there I know this

guy was an asshole. I figured to myself how could you come on to a new job and act

like a lazy loser!!

We exchanged some small talk and decided to

make the first of four rounds around the hospital. We checked the proper places and

except for an unlocked door everything was normal. We both loosened up a little bit

and he asked me if I was married. At first I told him it was none of his business,

and we both laughed. After some more small talk we made our second round. This

time we looked into the unlocked room and noticed a small mattress in the middle of the

floor and nothing else. There was no lighting in the room except for the moon glow.

He remarked that the room looked romantic. This kind of got me excited and I

wondered why he would make such a comment.

We returned to our post and had something

to eat and began flirting a little bit. Jason had the sexiest eyes I had ever seen

in a man. He was also well built and had a slow southern draw to his voice. We

started talking about the 'romantic room' and how it would be easy for someone

to fool around there. The next time we made our rounds we actually sat on the bed

and talked, I noticed that Jason had a huge erection and a big grin to match. We

moved closer to each other and began kissing softly. I reached down and grabbed for

Jason's manhood. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and started stroking

it with both hands. Jason spread out on the bed and pulled his pants down to his

ankles. I got between his muscular legs and began sucking and licking his cock and

balls. He gripped the back of my head and forcefully pulled me into him, his dick

went all the way in to the back of my throat.

Jason pumped his juice into my mouth and

then turned over and begged for a rimming. He said he liked to be fucked and then

suck 'the rod clean.' This almost made me shoot my load, but I quickly slammed

my cock into his tight ass. He moaned with pleasure and began dripping juices all

over the place. I came into his ass and he quickly pushed me on the bed and spread

my legs wide apart. He started licking my balls and cock like he was eating an ice

cream sundae. He shoved his tongue up my ass and cleaned me out!! He pulled on my

balls and covered me with his mouth. I exploded violently into his mouth and he

sucked me dry.

On our last round of the night we walked to the

unlocked room and shut the door, locked it and acted as if nothing had happened. I

never had the pleasure of seeing Jason again, but when ever a new guy trains on my

shift I always leave a door unlocked.



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