"dad, mom, can I talk to you please?" I said sitting on our couch watching tv. "sure Jake." my dad said in a calm voice reading the Boston Globe as he does every night. "um... Can we turn off the Tv?" I said. Mom shut off the tv. "what's wrong Jake?" my mom said. "no nothings wrong, mom. I uh.... I'm... I think I'm gay...." I said quietly.

My dad threw down the newspaper. "what did you say Jake?" he said angrily. "I think I'm gay dad." I replied again quietly. "no... My boy isn't gay. No.. No! Get out of my house you pervert!" he screamed at me starting to stand up. "Ron your overreacting!" my mom said. I started to feel alone and unwanted. I didn't understand.

He walked over to me, grabbed the back of my head, and walked me towards the door. My mother was yelling, begging for my dad not to do this. He opened the door and threw me out on the street. It was completely legal because I was 19. He threw my clothes at me in a black trash bag. "DON'T EVER COME BACK!!!!" he hollered at me.

I cried as I walked briskly to the curb and down the street. The streets of Boston were cold, it was mid December and I had no jacket. I walked down the street towards the government center station. I walked down the stairs and found a bench and sat down. I was still cold and the only light that was on was an old flickering incandescent bulb.

I was shaking, I checked my pocket and found no money. I thought about jumping the gate, I did so and started to walk towards the platform of the green line. There were no trains running so late because the green line stopped service around 10. I decided to sleep in the tunnel so the police won't arrest me. I walk down the dark tunnel with only the signal lights to guide me.

Every step i take echoes. I find a place in an emergency exit doorway off of the tracks. I lay my head down on my bag and closet eyes. I'm about to fall asleep when I hear footsteps walk towards me. I started to get a little more scared. I sat up and hid in the shadows, trying not to be seen. A boy walked by and suddenly stopped and sniffed the air. Maybe he smelled food.

He slowly turned to face me. He had stunning blue eyes and blond hair which he spiked in the front. He was tall and very muscular. I could see his pecs clearly defined by his muscle shirt. He wore jeans and a black leather coat. He was stunningly attractive. His eyes grew big when he saw me. He walked towards me and I braced myself against the wall. He smiled and he showed Me his beautifully defined teeth. He held out his hand, and his smile disappeared. "are you ok?" he said in a very sexy and seductive tone in which I found very attractive. "I... I don't know." I stammered.

"what do you mean you don't know? Why is such a cute boy like you laying in the subway tunnel all alone?" he said. I started to think. "was he gonna rape me? Or hurt me?" those thoughts filled my head. And for no reason, I grabbed his hand. He pulled me up. "what's your name?" he asked. "Jake." I said a little hesitantly.

"cool. I'm Liam." he replied.

"nice to meet you Liam."

"hey, would you like to stay with me? I got a spare bed in my apartment. I don't like seeing people like this." Liam said quietly as we walked back towards the platform.

"sure. Thank you." I said. I was contemplating where else I could go and that was nowhere. I didn't feel comfortable going with him but I did because I have nowhere else to go. We walked out of the station and back out to the street. I immediately got cold and he sensed it. He wrapped his coat around me. It smelled so good. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he was glaring at me. And I mean glaring.

He was studying me like a book. He watched me walk. We soon were in his apartment. I was finally warm and felt safe. He closed the door and threw off his shirt.", revealing his muscled chest and hairless body with a very slight treasure trail sown into his red boxers which I could see was exposed but only enough where the waistband is visible.

I found that so attractive and couldn't stop staring at him. I looked up to his face and his eyes had changed, they were cat like and bright red. I saw his fangs. I gasped in fear. I ran towards another room and he screamed in a low, demonic voice. "where do you think your going?!" he screamed. I was terrified. He grabbed me, and threw me on his bed which squeaked as I landed.


He lunged on top of me and grabbed my head. He angled my head to expose my neck and my thick vein showing. "wow..." he whispered. I turned over and stared into his red eyes. I widened my dark brown eyes into his gaze. His eyes turned blue again. "what are you?" I asked.

"as you can see.... I'm a vampire." he said quietly. I relaxed. I put my hand on his cheek. I saw through the monster that he was a caring guy. He hugged me close and he warmed me up. "...I'm a monster." he said looking down.

"no. It's your natural urge to feed." I said. I really liked him, even through he was a vampire.

I looked into his eyes and they slowly started to turn back to the clear ice blue that he once had. I found him to be confused. I couldn't understand, but he seemed to want to love me. I didn't know what to think. I was in such a strange mental state, where that I could not even formulate sentences. Especially with a vampire laying on top of me. I had a good solid boner in my pants, and Liam knew I did.

" do you like me?" he said in his very sexy voice.

" yes I do. But I'm a little concerned that you would try to eat me." I laughed as I look in his eyes. he didn't seem to be laughing at my jokes. I think you found offensive.

" oh, I thought you would get the joke... I'm sorry."

"you don't need to be sorry Jakey. I think it's funny." he said, looking preoccupied with something.

" you have a funny way of showing it." I laughed. and with no particular reason, he lunged at my mouth and laid a passionate kiss on my lips. It felt so good to have his lips against mine. It felt so velvety and soft, that I thought I could come right there. we kissed for a few more minutes. Enjoying each other's taste. I felt tons of emotion as we did so. I felt a tongue in my mouth. It was Liams.

I decided that I would do the same thing. I found his fangs, and I got a little nervous when I found them, but I decided to worry. I knew he wouldn't hurt me. But just to be safe I kept my guard up. We continue to passionately kiss on his bed for a good 20 minutes. Just absorbing each others flavor, and getting to know each others masculine scents.

he was so manly, and it made me feel insecure. I was a little skinny person not too skinny, but skinny enough for you could see that I have pretty much no muscle on me. But I made up for it with a great ass and a faded 6 pack, and a cute, boyish face. Without a zit on it.

" you're so cute Jakey." liam said in his masculine tone.

" you're really hot liam. who would have thought that I would have met such a caring person like you in a subway tunnel." I said laughing.

" I'm not caring. I kill people to eat. I feel terrible, but this is how I felt for the last 250 years. ever since I was turned, I've always been some what of a loose cannon. someone who feeds on whoever I could find. But until I found you, in the green line tunnel, I felt something different. Like I could love something." he said reluctantly.

"how did you get turned?" I asked quietly.

" it's such a long story, but, I will tell you. Around 250 years ago, I was 11 years old. My whole family was slaughtered at the hands of 1 man, and that man was my dad. He came after me and stab me in the heart, and I fell to my knees. I remember lying there in the cold cold night. waiting for anyone to come and help me. when a man approach to be very slowly, and and he said to me I'm going to give you a second chance.

I was a little confused , but I listen to what he had to say. He came over to me and pick me up my neck. I screamed in pain, but it soon turn to pleasure. Soon I've fell asleep. But I woke up the next morning at the same place, but I felt different. I look for the nearest mirror. and what I saw I was so scary. I couldn't believe my eyes. when all the sudden, I had the urge to eat.

I found that I was drawn to human blood. I had found someone who is dying, and sank my fangs into his neck. He screamed in terror, but I just kept sucking out of his blood. Soon he was dead in my mouth was very very bloody. It tastes so good, but I knew what I have done. I had committed murder. i ran with lightning speed, faster than I ever saw that was even physically possible.

And before I knew it I was out in the woods 20 miles away from Charlestown. It was cold and dark. And a lot of the wildlife was running away from me. I found the cave, and went side. Which kept me from the elements. It was warm, and cozy. I brought my legs close to my chest and started to hug them. I had lived in the forest for over 180 years.

Until I decided to live in the subway tunnels, because they were warmer. And because they were darker, and more accessible to people, and so I wouldn't go hungry. I know it's horrible for me to say that, but it's my natural instinct. I can't fight it. Except when there's a stronger feeling of good. Like I have with you. I was able to stop myself before I actually hurt you." he said.


Right then and there, he had giving me his entire life story. I was in off, and couldn't even catch my breath. I had felt so bad for this poor boy, that I just wanted to hug him and never let him go. He had such a long rough life people, and I wanted to make him feel just a little bit better anyway I could. I told him close to me, and embraced him as tight as I could.

" 1 more thing jakey." liam said in a serious tone.

" I must mark you as my human..." he said looking at me. I was confused. And I didn't know what he was trying to do. But I let him continue anyway. his fangs grew again. liam grab my head and turned it to reveal my vain.

" wait Liam... No... Stop..." I started to plead with him. he inch closer to my neck and his fangs entered my Vain. I started to feel blood rush down to my collarbone. it started to hurt at first but then it felt very good. electricity rushed to my head over and over, and down my spine. it was pure bliss. I think he was really sing his endorphins into me. he pulled his things out, and looked into my eyes.

" your blood tasted so good Jakey... but that's not why I did it. I marked you as mine. No 1 else can have you. It is my job to protect you as long as you live." he explained. I can't believe my ears. very cute person just said that they would spend the rest of my life protecting me and being by my side. he later very passionate kiss again on me.

I return the kiss, and embrace him even tighter. I love him. And I have only known him for about 3 and a half hours. if it was almost like he could read my thoughts. to test it, I thought about giving him a blowjob. Just to see what happens.

" no baby. I'm not gonna make you do that." liam said. apparently he could read my thoughts... But could I keep my secret from him? could I keep the fact that my dad does not like gay people from him, and what would he do to him if he found out? I didn't know the answer. But I thought that I could keep it from him as long as I didn't think about it.

" stay with me jakey... please stay with me and my apartment. I need you here with me." liam said.

" I'll stay with you liam. You're the only person who actually offered to help me in my time of need." I said looking into is beautiful ice blue eyes. liam crawled alongside me, wrapped me in his arms from behind and I fell asleep.




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