Hi, my name is Dee, a horny gay college student. I want to share this really erotic raunchy sex story that took place some time ago when I came home to my apartment from a wild frat party totally buzzed from a night of drinking. As a young horny 18-year-old gay guy that had only come out of the closet only three months earlier upon entering this liberal gay friendly university, I had my first gay sex a month ago when a big defensive football player on the university team used his huge cock to fuck my virgin ass at his apartment. The sex was so awesome that ever since I'd lusted after more man sex.

I come from a very small conservative town where the people have no tolerance for the gay life style. In fact, they condemn it as a great sin. There was no way I would have revealed my gay feelings while in my home town. I did not dare have man sex  because there was no way to keep it a secret in that town. I pretended to like girls until I got to the university. But with this new freedom and my first incredible experience of taking a big juicy dick up my ass, I lusted after a man's cock 24/7. I knew my hot wrestling jock roommate was straight and that he had a sophomore steady  girlfriend at our university.

On that given night when I came home to our apartment around 11:15 pm with one bedroom and two large beds, I tiptoed into the bedroom drunk on my ass. But the beer had removed any inhibitions I had. With a night lamp lit, I looked over at my extremely hot jock roommate Ronnie only with the lower part of his legs covered with a sheet. My roommate was a hot wrestling dude with an incredible body. This stud had a dark complexion; smooth hairless body except for his pubic and underarm hair; black curly short hair; black eyes; 6-feet tall; weighed around 165 pounds; and a ribbed stomach, chest, and huge biceps. He was wearing only a tight pair of sexy red boxer shorts and he seemed to have a huge boner pushing out those boxers. Maybe he was having a sex dream? By the way, he had told me that when he was totally erect his big dick was 8-inches long.

His hot body lying there in all its fucking irresistible beauty melted my resistance. My cock had stiffen so hard that it was like a diamond drill that could cut through steel. I'd never lusted after any man like I did at that moment. Ronnie lay there like some Greek god. I peeled off my clothes and made a beeline for his bed. I was so horny and desperate for his cock; I had decided to make my move even if it meant he would awake and beat the shit out of me. I had to take that chance. I was a twink standing 5-feet and 6-inches and weighed only 135 pounds. If Ronnie decided to clean my clock, he would find it a piece of cake to wipe the floor with my body.

I was a small guy with red hair and a very white skinned almost hairless body. My cock was only 6-inches when erect. But the football player who had fucked me told me I had an awesome hairless pink tight ass that had no trouble taking his huge giant cock. He said my ass was the best pussy he had ever fucked so I had something going for me. Now I dreamed of taking my second horse cock up my ass with Ronnie using his monstrous tool to fuck the hell out of my ass. I so wanted to be his bitch that night and many times after that night. I wanted to show him that my male pussy was much hotter and tighter than his whore girlfriend's pussy that by then was as wide open as a barn door.

It was nearing mid-night as I moved over close to his bed with my naked body and very slowly got into Ronnie's bed, slipped the sheet onto my feet. Ronnie was asleep and snoring lightly as he lay on his left side. I moved my naked body up against his sexy back. His butt was only covered with those sexy red boxer shorts. Soon I was in a position to cuddle up close to him with my face and lips on the back of his strong thick neck, my chest touched his back, my twitching cock drove into his boxers and my legs and feet made contact with his legs and feet. The warmth of his body was totally intoxicating for me. My cock began to leak precum on the back of his boxers as I drove my cock into those shorts.

The feel of his warm skin against my naked body and the manly smells of this athlete produced an energy surge that could only be described as my being consumed by a primordial animal lust. I sniffed his whole body as I felt shivers and goose bumps take charge of my entire being.

I began using my wet tongue and spit nibbling on his ears followed immediately by using my stone hard cock to drive that aching dick of mine into his boxers and ass crack. I felt his red boxers press against his ass crack supported by my red-hot dick. This caused Ronnie to move and wake up. I realized that I had begun to try to spoon his ass. Trouble was about to confront me.

I froze in place when Ronnie turned and faced me. I saw anger in his face and fire in his  eyes as he spoke in a loud voice: "Fuck this is Dee. What in the fucking hell are you trying  to do? Are you attempting  to rape me? You fucking bitch, shit damn you, you just spewed that fucking precum of yours all over the back of my shorts. I feel the wet cum on my ass. I smell that damn cum and the wet spots. You are dog drunk as I can smell that beer on  your breath. The only thing that is saving your ass from a real beating is that I chalk up what you tried to do to my ass to the fact that you are loaded. Get the hell out of my bed right now before I beat the hell out of that fucking little ass of yours."

As I shook from pure fear with Ronnie's hands around my neck, I decided not to back off. It was now or never. I managed to grab hold of his precum wet boxers, used one hand to push his wet precum stained boxers into his ass crack once again and meekly said: "Ronnie, you might beat me to a pulp but I know you are horny as hell with your girlfriend on a three-month exchange student program in Europe. I've heard you masturbating up to three times a day. Stroking that cock is not the same as having hot lips suck that big cock until you come. You've told me how much you like it when that whore of a girlfriend of yours gives you mind blowing blowjobs. I can really service that big cock of yours with my hot lips and mouth. I'll not tell anyone and letting me suck your cock until you get off does not make you gay. Masturbating for the next three months is not going to be the same as a hot blowjob. You should know that a set of lips and mouth, male or female, on that hard cock will give you a fucking wild orgasm."

I knew I was making headway when Ronnie pushed his ass back on my fingers as I poked his ass crack with his wet boxers deeper  into that big asshole. He let out a strong sigh and said: "Gee Dee, I'd not thought about a hot blowjob from a man and I'm loyal to my girlfriend and so I can't have another college co-ed suck my cock, so why not? I'm really desperate for a fucking blowjob. I'm tired of masturbating and I really need a set of hot lips on my big sausage. Yea, I guess I can close my eyes and think of your lips and mouth as my girlfriends. Fuck, I was so busy today that I did not get to stroke and jack off. Why not accept your eager offer to suck me off?"

I felt my cock began to throb and my whole body started to shiver with anticipation of getting  that awesome gorgeous cock deep in my throat. I reached around and put my hand inside that fly or opening  in his shorts and grabbed hold of his throbbing cock. Shit man, he was already stone hard as I felt his dripping precum off his piss slit and onto my fingers. I began to stroke that manhood as he started to buck his hips up to meet my tight grip on his favorite toy, that awesome dick.

After a couple of minutes with Ronnie moaning, he had me stop. He jumped up, took off those cum stained boxers and he laid down on his back totally naked with his big horse cock pointing up to the ceiling, he spread his muscled wrestling shaped legs, gave me a wide grin and said: "OK Dee buddy, come on in and take charge of my aching cock and come down on it with those hot lips and wet mouth."

I got between his legs and for the first time had an awesome view of his whole body and especially that big dick, balls and ass. I grabbed hold of that blood filled cock, took my lips and tongue and began to service his cock head. It was not long before I slid my tongue up and down his large cock shaft with the veins pulsating and over and over using my salvia to wet that cock as I serviced it with my tongue as Ronnie moaned. Knowing he was then in a state of pure lust, I began to slowly swallow that giant cock inch by inch all the way into my throat. For the longest time, I came off and back down on that pulsating fresh meat. The taste of his precum was delicious with a very sweet taste. I also used one hand to massage his big low hanging balls. I smelt and felt his whorls of dark pubic hair on my face and up my nose. I became like a wild beast with its prey. I sucked that growing dick, played with those hot balls and slobbered all over his cock and balls.

Ronnie went into waves of pleasure. He started bucking his hips like a wild bull, whimpering and breathing rapidly. As Ronnie got hornier and hornier receiving the blowjob, he sounded like an injured animal as he moaned and grunted. He had lost all inhibitions as to this being a gay act. He then begged me: "Oh my god, fuck yea, this is so great. Don't stop you bitch. Holy fuck, no woman can suck cock like this. This is the best blowjob I've ever had. Make me come. Take my cum down that throat."

As I increased my speed of sucking that cock, I realized that only a man knows how to suck another man's cock as each guy knows how their cock feels when being sucked. I had my roommate where I wanted him and was sure this was only the beginning of sex with Ronnie.

I worked that cock like it was my favorite milk shake until I felt his cock head swell, the veins in his cock shaft began to throb against the roof of my mouth and Ronnie used his hips to thrust his cock deep in my throat. Ronnie let out a wild cry and a big yell: "Fuck, here I come. Take my mother load now." 

Then I experienced a gusher of his hot semen flood my throat. I attempted to swallow as much as I could but the load was so huge that I gagged on that sticky thick cum.

Ronnie's cock was finally drained of all those juices, he pulled that missile out of my mouth and I could not believe it when this straight jock began to kiss me as we shared that cum protein.

When we were exhausted, we flopped back on the bed with our faces and chest covered in part of the cum. The smell of man sex and seed filled the room as I said: "Well baby, how did I do? How did you like your first experience of a man sucking that huge cock?"

Ronnie grabbed my wet cum covered hand and responded: "Hey buddy, I still like a woman's pussy but I admit this was the most awesome blowjob I've ever had. A man is much better at giving head, no question about that. And I actually enjoyed my first taste of semen. Do you think I'm bi-sexual?"

"Hey Ronnie, that too was my first taste of another man's cum. I've eaten my own cum after masturbating but did not like it very much because it was salty. I'm now really hooked on your cum because it is so sweet. Would you consider taking this sex to another level and you fuck my ass? I promise you that my ass will be much tighter and can squeeze your cock like you cannot imagine with your girlfriend's big wide open pussy. I can make you see stars when you put that big cock into my tight ass. Trust me buddy."

"Gee I don't know Dee. I admit this was incredible sex. Let me think about it over the next 24 hours. Are you trying to make me into a fucking fag. Maybe that is where I'm headed. I just don't know. I'm confused thanks to you. Fuck Dee, you have turned me on. I admit I find you hot after that blowjob. Look at that really nice piece of meat you have and it looks tight."

PART 2: Will Ronnie give in and fuck Dee's tight ass? Will Ronnie become a wild horny gay guy?


Naughty Eric


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