Hi GD readers. My name is Ricky, an 18-year-old college freshman that was reared on a cattle farm by very kind but strict parents in a southern state. My three older brothers and I lived by rules that taught us to work hard both in school and on the farm. In our community and with our conservative parents, we were taught that sex outside of marriage was a sin and homosexual sex was an act of pure evil. Thus my brothers and me never dared engage in sex with another person waiting for marriage. As youung boys, we each had a turn as an alter boy in church on Sunday.

As I entered college living the life of  a good son, my three older brothers had married and each one had a son providing my parents with three grandsons. I was determined to follow their example and after college find a good girl to marry but for sure no sex before marriage. I would remain a virgin until then. I admit as a young 18-year-old I was horny and often masturbated followed by a prayer for forgiveness--a big guilt trip.


Three weeks ago, I registered for Fall Semester classes as a freshman at the state university and was assigned to a dorm room where I met my roommate, a sophomore named Sean--a big handsome jock on the wrestling team  wrestling at 190 pounds. He had well-kept coal black curly hair, deep dark brown eyes, stood 6-feet and 3-inches   and had ripped muscles up and down that athletic hard body. Unlike me, he was an outgoing experienced  man who made no secret of his sexual conquests with a number of on campus co-eds. He loved a woman's pussy to satisfy that big dick and empty those balls of lots of cum. He often ran around the room naked showing off that jock body and his huge 9-inch cut cock and big balls. He was proud of his manhood.

Sean best friend on campus was Anthony, a senior who wrestled at 150 pounds. Anthony had light blond curly hair, deep blue eyes; stood 5-feet and 7-inches; trim build with an impressive washboard chest and stomach. He was openly gay and very sexually active with some of his jock buddies.

Anthony spent lots of his free time in our room where he and Sean shared their latest sexual conquests causing me to become red-faced and embarrassed. I often would put my head in one of my textbooks and pretend I was not listening.

Two weeks into the semester on A Saturday night, Sean and Anthony invited me to dinner at a nearby popular pizza hangout fro students. We finally got our order of two large pizzas, salads and lots of Pepsi. Sean and Anthony,  big eaters, consumed most of the pizza.

It was around 9:00 PM when we headed back to the dorm but Anthony, who had turned 21 a few weeks earlier, stopped by a store and purchased three six packs of beer for Sean and he. I did not drink beer or strong drinks.

I was having a real hard time with my chemistry class and was facing my first exam in the class the next Monday. After we got back to the room, I shared with Anthony, a pre-med major, my concerns with several chemistry formulas. "Hey Anthony buddy, I'm in trouble with this chemistry stuff. Would you help me with some of these problems? I really need help."

"Sure Ricky buddy, I'll save your ass under one condition. After we go over those problems, you have to join Sean and me consume all this beer and join us in a strip poker game. Sean and I will share our poker game rules as we play. These are the conditions and tomorrow is Sunday so we can have a late night game."

There was nothing more that I wanted than to do well in college and please my parents with good grades. I responded: "OK Anthony, thanks man and yes I will accept your stipulations, I'm really desperate."

Gee, as Anthony started to sat down by me at my desk, I noticed he had a big bulge in his pants. What was I getting into? I felt his hard jock leg rub hard into my leg as we went over the problems. Sean had begun to watch a porno flick on his computer. It was obvious my biddies were very horny.

Anthony spent over two hours tutoring me--he was magic in helping me understand those chemistry problems. I really owed him big time.

It was close to mid-night when Anthony and I had finished. I noticed Sean had finished the flick and he stood up with a huge bulge in his shorts and said: "Well guys time to drink all this beer and start our poker game."

We drank several beers before going over to the poker table and as Anthony dealt the first hand, he said:  " Hey Guys, the first guy to lose all his clothes has to suck the other two guys damn hard cocks, swallow all that cum and also do whatever else they desire." My first experience drinking beer had me very buzzed and feeling no pain. My buddies were also rather high. I became like putty in their hands and soon was stripped of all my clothes loosing ever hand. They both had only lost their shirts. The laid plan had worked and I had fallen into their trap.

I was shocked how eager I had become to suck cock and do whatever those two hot dudes wanted. It was either the beer or my grateful appreciation for Anthony's help and yea my cock had become stiff when Anthony rubbed his leg against my leg during the tutor session. Fuck my inhibitions were gone and fuck my upbringing. I wanted sex at that moment. I felt shivers up and down my body as my buddies noticed my rock hard cock. It was time for action.

They both stripped down to their birth day suits with huge hard ons. Anthony ordered me down on the floor on all fours that I eagerly obeyed as my mouth faced their big leaking cocks. Th manly smell was awesome. Anthony grabbed the back of my head and directed my mouth onto his throbbing cock. As his stiff boner went deep into my throat, I felt those thick cock shaft veins pulsating on my tongue as I began to taste his spewing precum. WOW, my first taste of a man's seed and I loved it. His velvet smooth hard cock gave me shivers and a growing carnal lust for a man's cock. Oh my god, I loved the smell and taste of man meat for the first time.  Was I gay? I hoped so. 

I lost all inhibitions and began to wildly suck that throbbing dick while I started to feel his cum filled balls hit my chin. Anthony humped his big hard ass cheeks and butt forward driving that hard cock deeper and deeper into my throat. He used his missile to deep throat my no longer virgin mouth over and over while oozing more and more of that delicious precum in my mouth as my own dick became harder and harder. Large gobs of my spit ran out my mouth onto my chin and down on my chest. The blowjob had become very sloppy driving Anthony wild with pleasure. I actually had become a fast good cock sucker.

As I was experiencing my first man sex, oh my god, I soon felt a wet tongue and lips servicing my hairless freckled tight ass. Oh fuck yea, Sean had begun giving me what I would learn was a sloppy wet rim job. I pushed my ass back into his mouth. He was eating my ass as if he had not had a meal in a week. I'd never had such pleasure. I was sucking that great cock while getting my ass eaten out big time. At that point, I had become a slave of carnal animal lust. I was hooked on man sex.

What happened next drove me into an almost out of body experience. I felt Sean pour some cold  wet solution on and in my ass (lube) and he used a finger to drive that fluid deep in my virgin ass. Next I felt his crotch meet my ass crack and holy fuck he took that giant 9-inch missile and began to part my ass as he plunged that horse cock inside me. At first, I felt severe pain but soon that pain turned to the greatest pleasure of my young life,

Sean used his large mushroom head  to locate my prostate and he began to erotically massage that spot. I felt his wet cock leaking precum service what must have been my G-spot. Holy shit, I soon felt his amazing steel hard 9-incher pulsating as that organ explored ever inch of my man pussy. It felt so wet and silk like.

Here I was at that moment a shy virgin and small twink being serviced by two hot jocks . I had Anthony's big tool deep in my throat while Sean fucked the hell out of my ass. Fuck yes, both my holes had a man's large cock inside those holes. Oh I never wanted the night to end. I could live the rest of my life with those two horny dudes cocks inside me. I knew at that moment I had turned  into a lover and worshiper of men's hard meat. 

The sex became even more arousing as Sean and Anrhony over come wiht pure animal lust  took turns talking dirty to me. I was amazed that straight Sean was enjoying fucking a man's ass. 

"OH HELL YEA RICKY, I love that pink white ass of yours. It is so damn tight on my freaking hard cock. My BIG dick has never felt  that good in a woman's pussy., I think you're going to be my fucking bitch from now on. You're now my little whore you bitch, you nasty fucker."

As Sean continued to fuck the hell out of my ass, his dirty talk had set Anthony into action as he said: "Yea you're one fucking slut now, you pig Ricky, you nasty bitch. You like our cocks don't you? Bitch tell me you want it."

With my mouth stuffed with a big cock, all I could say was: "MMMMMMMMMM."

They both went wild driving those steel hard cocks deep in my mouth and ass until finally they reached that moment of no return and such pleasure as their nuts drew up and they began to grunt breathing rapid. (I know you readers know the ultimate pleasure when you reach orgasm---wow such pleasure to shoot a big load). I felt those cocks swell and soon at the same moment  those cocks erupted shooting well stored up thick white cum deep in my throat and up my ass.

When they came down from those orgasms, they pulled out those still semi-hard dicks. Anthony, the big gay one, went down on my aching hard cock and began to give me an awesome blowjob. My first blowjob was beyond any pleasure I'd ever had. I did not last more than 30 seconds when I blasted a huge load deep in Anhony's throat. The hot gay dude swallowed ever drop before kissing me so I tasted my own cum for the first time.

We took a communal shower and went to bed  as I knew this was the beginning of my nightly man sex and hopefully with both jocks . Life had changed forever and I had never been so happy.  #######

Naughty Eric

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