Again I was in my hotel room and after my experience with the pizza service some months ago I wanted another treatment from my pizza deliverer.

So I phoned the pizza service and asked for the man who had shaved my head and with whom I had such wonderful sex if he was still employed with that company. He was and I could talk to him and asked if he remembered me. He did and I asked if he wanted to come again after his shift. He agreed and later that night he came and I told him what I would like to have.

I sat down naked on a chair in front of the bathroom mirror and filled the sink with warm water. I took my penis in my hands and he put his hands into the water and with his wet hands he went through my hair. My penis grew immediately and not only my hair got wet but also my hands from the precum from masturbating. My hair got more and more wet and when it was wet enough he put a lot of shampoo in his hands and started to shampoo my hair.

I leaned back on my chair and watched my hair being shampooed and very soon I had my first orgasm and with the sperm I caught with my hands I shampooed my pubic hair. Now my partner put my head over the sink and shampooed my hair with more water and shampoo and I saw my wet shampooed hair falling down into the sink. He rinsed my hair with water and when that was done he had a second go at shampooing my hair me lying back again in my chair.

That was the time when I took to clipper and started shving my armpits and chest while e was still working on my head. Then I guided the clipper down to my dick and balls and shaved them clean as well. I had seen in the mirror that his pnis had got erected as well now and I got up from my chair and guided his penis into my ass and told him to fuck me as hard as he could and to continue shampooing my head at the same time.

He was successful with both actions. I masturbated my own clean shaved penis again and he shampooed me and shot is sperm up my ass. He continued shampooing my hair while I took the razor and shaving cream and shaved my body clean.

After that had been done it was time to get rid of my hair on my head. For a last time my hair was rinsed. This time I sat on my chair with my back to the sink and leaning backwards my hair was rinsed now and combed backwards. Her then took a hair dryer and dried my hair.

Now I had to sit on my chair putting my head over the sink again. He pushed my head down and started to shave the back of my head with the clipper and I saw my hair falling down into the sink. He shaved the back of my head down to the skin and then applied shaving cream and shaved it clean with the razor.

Now the rest of my hair was washed again me lying with the shaved back of my head on the edge of the sink. Feeling the cool sink on ma shaved part of the head turned me on again and I started working on my penis again wit both hands while my hair was washed and rinsed again.

After that I was sitting upright on my chair and in the mirror I could watch my hair being dried again. Then he took a pair of scissors and started to cut my hair shorter and shorter until I felt the blades of the scissors touching the skin of my head. Of course this was a very uneven haircut and to make it perfect he took the clipper and shaved my head really clean.

Now I thought that it was my turn again to give him some fun and I stood up with the head over the sink and offered him to fuck me again while I would shave my head clean now. He grabbed my hips with both hands and pushed his penis inside me while I applied the shaving cream to my head. Fucking and shaving happened simultaneously and towards the end of shaving my head I did shave my head with one hand and masturbated my penis with the other. We nearly had our orgasms at the same time when my head was clean shaved all over.

We then went to my bed and fell asleep for some hours. When we woke up he told me that he liked his new look that I had given him a few months ago when I had released him from his long hair. He had kept his hair short since then and now he said that it would be nice if I could shave his head again.

We went back to the bathroom and standing behind him I shaved his head clean with the clipper first. He had his penis in his hands all the time and when I started shaving his head with the razor my penis went inside his ass and fucking, masturbating and shaving were done at the same time again. In the meantime we had filled the sink with warm water and when his head was shaved clean he put it completely under water and we both had our orgasms when his head was under water. My sperm went into him and his went down under the sink.

After this exhausting but very nice procedure we went back to bed for a few hours sleep and before he had to leave again we both had a bath together, admired our shaved heads and masturbated again touching and caressing each other's shaved heads.



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