This year I spent New Year's Eve in an English city and I found a pub there that was well known for gay people being there. I thought it would be a nice change to celebrate the New Year having sex with a nice gay English guy. Of course I hoped as well to find someone who was into shaving heads as I am and so I watched out for a shaved head in the pup and found one I liked immediately. He was standing alone at the counter and I went over to him and asked:

'May I invite you for a drink?' - 'Oh, yes, that's very kind.'

I ordered two pints of beer and we started to talk to each other. I couldn't take my eyes off from his shaved head and he realised that and said:

'You seem to like my shaved head.' - 'Yes, I do like it very much. I also shave my head quite regularly and I really enjoy if someone else does it for me. If I don't find anyone who wants to shave me I'll do it myself tomorrow.'

I took a photo out of my briefcase and showed it to him. On that photo I had my head shaved and a short goatie beard. He looked at the photo and then at me and said:

'You look so nice on the photo but now you are really looking awful with all that hair on your head and all over your face. I would love to make you a good looking person again.'

'I always enjoy very much to look a bit wild before I get shaved again, that's why I do look that way now. I also like to dye my hair then with a different colour before I get it all shaved off.'

'I'm sure I can help you with that, can we do it tonight?'

So I invited him to my hotel room and on our way there I bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate the New Year with him. The shaved guy bought one as well and said:

'With that bottle we do something special, I'll give you a surprise.'

Arriving at my room we immediately threw our clothes off and kissed each other and masturbated each other's dicks. When both penises were big and thick we went into the bathroom and I prepared the dying colour to give my hair a deep black colour. I kneeled down in front of him and took his big thick dick in my mouth. He started applying the colour on my hair while I was sucking his penis. He emptied the whole bottle on my head and it was far too much for my hair that was not that long to take the whole amount of colour which caused that part of his body hair also got some of the black dye.

I realised that and without asking I moved my head around his penis now and dyed all his pubic hair with the colour of my hair. He got so excited about it that I then moved my head upwards to dye all his body hair and finally I reached his armpits and he lifted both arms that I could dye his hair there as well. His whole body now was covered with black colour and his penis grew huge and he masturbated it with both hands not caring about the fact that all the colour was on his hands now as well.

After he shot a big stream of sperm into my direction I told him:

'You better go under the shower now if you don't want the skin of your body and on your hands black for some weeks.'

I helped him washing off the colour under the shower and then he washed the colour out of my hair and shampooed it carefully. He then dried my hair a bit with the towel and said:

'Now we get to the surprise I want to give you.'

He went out of the bath and came back with one bottle of champagne. He opened it and then he asked me to bow my head over the sink. He then rinsed my hair with the whole bottle of champagne and massaged it thoroughly all through my hair. Now it was me who got highly erected and I masturbated my penis with both hands until I could send my sperm away.

As my hair got dryer it was a bit sticky from the champagne but that worked very well to use it for styling my hair. He combed my hair backwards with a brush I had in my bath utensils and made my hair standing up from my head.

'Now it's time to get your head shaved.' my bald new friend said.

'I do like especially to be fucked while my head is shaved' I took his penis, made it hard again, pulled a condom over it and then turned my back to him and guided his dick into my ass. He started fucking me and I gave him the clipper to start shaving my head.

'Do you want it cut short first or shall I shave down to the skin immediately?' -

'I love to feel the blade of the clipper going ober the skin of my head and see my hair fall down in full length.'

As I saw my hair falling down and being fucked at the same time I got a huge erection and masturbated my penis again with both hands. More and more skin was to see on my head now and as the last long hair fell down from me we both had our orgasms nearly at the same time.

'Now I want to do some shaving work on me as well,' I said,'but you have to fuck me again while I'm shaving my head clean with the razor. We will doo it in the bath'.

I filled the bath with hot water and then I went in being on all four and asked my friend to be behind me and starting to fuck me. While he did so I put my head completely under water and stayed in that position until I needed to take a breath. I then applied shaving cream on my head and started shaving it with one hand and masturbating with the other and my friend still fucking me. When I had shaved my head completely clean I dived under again and shaved my head under water again with one hand and felling the shaved skin with my other to make sure that nothing remained to be shaved off. I felt another shot filling the condom in my ass with sperm and enjoyed that very much.

'Now your head looks fine again, but something has to be done with your ugly beard now' He took the clipper and shaved my cheeks and then gabe the remaining hair in my face exactly the goatie I had on my photo I had shown him before. Then he took the shaving cream and razor and shaved my face around the goatie clean.

'You look so good now that I would like you to fuck me now.' he said. He touched and caressed my shaved head grabbed my penis and made it hard, dressed it with another condom and then pushed it into his ass standing with his back to me and using my penis as a dildo. I fucked him hard then grabbing his shaved head and minutes later I shot my load into him.

We then went to my bed and opened the other bottle of champagne. We both drank a glass and started masturbating lying on the bed. As the clock struck midnight the New Year had arrived and we burned our special fireworks in sending a rocket full of sperm high in the air of the hotel room. The remains of that firework fell down on our bodies and we fell asleep rubbing our sperm into the skin of our bodies.



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