His name was Brian and her's was Jennifer, I had met the couple while working for a resort company doing marketing. Brian was a nice enough sort, and Jennifer was definitely a DDD on my scale of titties, but very young, 20 or so, not of drinking age, her and Brian were a couple from the time I first met them. I remember the first time I saw her, truly, she was gorgeous!!!, with a very innocent-looking face and a soft-spoken personality, Brian was just the opposite, loud and boysterous. I had, had many outings where I worked with both of them. Several weeks into my employment, Brian mentioned to me that they were looking for a roommate to share thier 2 bedroom apartment with, and I having a time where I was living, agreed with them that it was time that I moved in. Well, shortly after getting moved into the room, Brian and I were getting drunk one night, 'Dean, you'll find that this is a very friendly household, beware of coming out of your room unanounced..' Brian said, with a look of obnoxiousness in his eye. 'Brian, why is that?', I said, just wondering to myself what this was all about, Jennifer was in the kitchen cooking a meal and had heard what he said but kept working on. ' I sometimes like to jerk off in front of the mirror on my door, out her in the hallway.' ... whoa!!!.. This was the first mention by either of them concerning thier sex lives, and I was getting excited at the mention of Brian, with his cock in his hand, or even shooting all over the mirror.. I must admit this excited me to no end!!! this sparked me to say: 'Oh Hell Brian don't worry about it, we are here living together in close proximity.. this apartment is not too big, besides, you never know I just might like seeing both of you without you're clothes on' as I smiled very happily. Jennifer was still working but I could tell she had heard everything that was going on.

Brian looked at me and seemed excited also, 'and sometimes we like playing a bit of strip poker, we usually have another couple over to play with us but now that you live here we might as well break you in...' WOW!!!. there it was. 'Jen are you ready for some of our naughty poker tonight?, I'm thinking of breaking Dean here in on our customs, since he's living here. 'Sure, Honey whatever you want, I wouldn't mind a peek at Dean, I hope he's not a sour loser...' Jennifer snickers... 'We can show him what I like to do best..'

Jen brought the drinks and the game began.. I took several bad hands and suddenly I was showing them my bulge in my white cotton undies.. Brian had also suffered defeat and was shirtless. Jen had won every game until the 5th game where she began a long losing streak that took her to her underwear also, white cotton panties and bra. Oh god, I thought, just a bra separating me and those hot titties I had inavertantly been staring at for many months and wondering... what do they look/taste like? It was at this point where I lost my last hand, and off came my underwear, revealing my very, very hard, hard-on.

I was incredibly turned on at the fact that I was showing my genitals and no one else was, 'I don't remember does the game end when someone gets naked??', Jen smiled at me and explained the rules of the way they played the game. Once someone gets naked then the one with the most clothes on writes on a piece of paper an 'act' that he or she would like to see someone do. and puts it in the hat in the middle of the circle. an IOU meant to be enacted by the loser or the one who gets nude first, if the nude person can win back his or her clothes and then the absolute loser is the first one naked after every one is naked. Well anyway, it was a kinky idea, I wonder what Brian wrote on the paper??. Jen lost the next hand and off came her bra revealing the most beautiful pale white tits with beautiful dark pink nipples slightly bigger than a silver dollar, a definite triple D set of hot knockers.

I proceeded to win and lose and both of them were naked and there was 3 slips of paper in the hat. One was mine: sounded like a fair proposition... I didn't know if they knew I was bisexual but they were soon going to find out. I was chosen as the one to do the piece of paper. Jennifer was now quite nude. and I was staring at her pubic hair and large jugs, I also had a nice view of Brian's 7 1/2 inch thick cock. He had once boasted to me how big it was, but I just put it off as a hetero guy thing to say, but now I was longing to see how it tasted. Jennifer's eye's went wide as she read what I had to do: 'Kiss the head of Brian's cock for 3 minutes', they both stared at me, wondering if I was actually going to do this thing. My heart leaped. I think it suprised both of them when I leaned over to Brian and swallowed his cockhead in my mouth. I heard Jen gasp, and then I looked up at her and she smiled at Brian, and said 'I think we picked the right kind of roommate for our flat honey', and Brian was just in extasy as I broke the rule on the paper and sucked the entire cock in my mouth, 'Look honey, he's not just kissing the head anymore', she moved to get a closer look. I had the feeling of being cheered on in this activity, especially when she put her hand in my hair and help me go up and down. Brian was cut and very thick one of those dicks that bulges out, if you know what I mean. 'Ok, your three minutes is up' Jennifer said. and the next piece of paper was for Brian, he wanted to do something so Jen read it. I think it was what she wrote.. 'Crawl on top of the person to your right and put your genitals in thier face.' To the right of Brian was Jen, he had her lay down and crawled to where his cock was sticking in between her massive breasts, with his sizable head pointing directly at her mouth. This was truly hot for me, I layed down beside her and sucked her right tit as Brian pounded in between her tits, she was gasping and moaning, I knew she wanted to suck him but I think she wanted to have me involved.

I began kneeding her clitoris with a free hand, I knew she would start to wriggle as the intense pleasure began to overwhelm her, and Brian seemed quite happy to be tittie fucking her, 'Jennifer, do you like Dean?', she opened her eyes just long enough to moan 'ooooohhh yeah, honey, he's hitting all the right spots...' I disengaged long enough to read the one last piece of paper remaining in the hat.

I opened it and read it aloud, I think it was Brian's and it definitely hit at the right time. 'Dean must eat Brian's cum' It wasn't quite what I expected but it sounded good to me at this point. 'Do you want me to share it afterwards?' Jen moaned while I expertisely fingered her clit. 'Yes, I'd like a taste of that too Dean'. That definitely was the hottest moment of my life to this point. Brian was not stopping with his breast fucking. 'Move closer, Dean' Brian signal me to move closer to where he was fucking her..... 'OOhhh Dean, I'm getting close to cumming...' I was supremely loving this and taking every advantage of feeling Jen's soft pale 20 year old body. I still haven't licked out her pussy.. I was thinking as I noticed Brian, being overcame by orgasm.. I then move to put my mouth down in front of the large stream of sperm, the position was just right so I could catch each hot spurt in my mouth, generously his jizz spurted...

Jen moaned 'Oh yeah, Dean catch it all in your mouth.. don't waste any.' The whole event must have really turned Brian on, because I don't think that Jennifer had ever seen him spurt so much cream as he did that night into my mouth.

I rolled the cum around the inside of my mouth for a few seconds, savoring the jism taste, as I pulled back a little and let a stream of it drip into the open mouth of Brian's girlfriend. The very same hot 20 year old that I had masturbated to for some time. Truly it was a fantasy cum true. I let her have some of the cum but not all of it. She was in for her own treat very soon. my cum. I swallowed the remainder of Brian's cum and then proceeded to give her a hot french kiss, where she licked my mouth clean of any remaining cum and off of my chin where some wads had dripped. God this was all too much!!!!.

It didn't take her long to handjob/blowjob my hot jizz. It was very hard to keep from cumming when I had just had one of the hottest encounters on record.



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