Tom wiped the sweat from his face. The sun beat down on his young but muscular body as he worked. He plowed and tilled the field, fed all the animals, milked the cows, and it was only the middle of the afternoon. He stopped into his farmhouse for some lunch and then headed back out into the intense sun to carry on his duties.

While he was working the fields, Tom noticed that his neighbors had moved. The moving truck had finally left and a new one took its place. Tom watched as a man of epic proportions stepped out of the truck. Tom couldn’t help but stare at his incredible muscles as he carried his boxes in one by one. He wanted to help. 

After finishing his chores, Tom made his way towards his neighbors house. Once he was there, he hesitantly reached for the door to knock. But right before his knuckles rapped on the door, it swung wide open and the glorious man was standing there, his overalls loose around his shirtless torso.

The handsome man smiled at Tom. “What brings you here?” He asked, nonchalantly leaning against his doorframe. “Well… I was wondering if you needed any help unpacking.” The muscular man’s smile widened.

“Of course! That would be great. Come on, I’ll show ya what needs to go where.” Tom found at that he was single, didn’t have much family, and his name was Bruce.

After several hours, they finished. The sun was just starting to set. They sat down on his porch and drank cold lemonade. The man removed his cowboy hat. “Well, I want to thank ya for helping me. Couldn’t’ve done it so quick without your help.” He thanked Tom and Tom said, “Your welcome.”

“So, I have a horse that could use a good riding. Want to ride with me?” Tom didn’t even hesitate when he blurted, “Sure!” They strolled to his barn where a gorgeous stallion was tied to a post. Bruce began getting the horse saddled up and pulled out a very unusual saddle.

“I’ve never seen a saddle like that before.” Tom said. “That’s because I made this one myself. It allows me to ride behind the guest instead of the front. It helps me see better and what not.” Tom nodded but at the same time realised that that meant that Bruce’s crotch was going to be rubbing against his ass the entire ride, not that he minded.

Once everything was ready, Bruce helped Tom get up first. Once Tom was settled, Bruce climbed on behind him and took the reins. Tom was right. He could feel a massive bulge rubbing in between his ass through his jeans. They set off.

Within several minutes, Tom had a hardon. He could feel that Bruce was also hard and his rough cock pushed against Tom’s ass every time the horse took a step forward. Although, it wasn’t terrible since the horse was just trotting. Suddenly, Bruce kicked the horse’s back legs while whipping the reins and yelled, “YAH!” 

The horse began cantering and then began galloping. Tom had never ridden a horse so fast before. He could feel the powerful thrusts of Bruce’s cock with every gallop of the horse. Several minutes later Bruce calmed the horse down so that they were trotting again. The horse slowed to a casual walk and Bruce let go of the reins.

Shivers ran up and down Tom’s spine when he felt Bruce’s strong, hard hands slowly creep to his waist where they held him steady. Tom could feel Bruce’s pelvis slowly rubbing his cock up and down Tom’s ass. Tom’s cheeks burned with embarrassment, having never had sex before.

Tom let out a small moan and to his surprise, Bruce also let out a moan, albeit deeper and more sensual. Tom gasped in surprise as Bruce’s rough hands crept up his sides to his overalls. Bruce unbuttoned them and slowly pulled Tom’s overalls down so that his torso was bare against the cooling air.

Bruce began caressing Tom’s back and shoulders, making him relax in bliss. “Take off your overalls.” It was a command. Tom wiggled out of his overalls and his cheeks burned when he realised that all he was wearing was a black jockstrap. “Almost like you knew what you wanted.” Bruce whispered gruffly in Tom’s ear.

Tom heard a zipper and then felt something thick, massive, and hot against his bare ass. Tom had never had sex before, but wanted it more than anything in his entire life. Bruce groped his ass and kneaded his fists in it. “Fuck, you have the hottest ass I’ve ever seen.” Bruce whispered into Tom’s ear. Shivers ran all over his body and goosebumps riddled his skin.

The horse began to trot again, forcing Bruce’s hot, masculine cock in between Tom’s virgin ass. Tom moaned as Bruce’s cock pushed for entry into his virgin asshole. “Ah, you’re a virgin, ain’t ya?” Bruce asked and Tom blushed and whispered, “yes.” “All the better then!” Bruce chuckled.

Tom gasped softly as the horse did a small jump over a log, forcing Bruce’s thick cockhead into Tom’s ass. The rest soon followed as Bruce picked up the reins again and began making the horse go faster. Tom had never experience something like this before. 

He could feel every thrust inside of his body every time the horse moved forward, with them in tow. Bruce was holding his hips and thrusting in and Tom was holding onto the horse, trying to stay conscious from the incredible sensations. Bruce moaned and began pumping faster, now ignoring the horse’s pace. Tom tried to keep up with his fervor, but failed. He was lost in a world of pleasure , bliss, and ecstasy. 

Tom’s vision blurred and suddenly hot blasts of cum were shooting into him, pouring deep into his gut, filling him up. Tom Collapsed and felt strong arms take hold of him as his world faded.

“Tom! Tom, wake up!” Tom jolted awake to crystal blue eyes staring down at him. It was Bruce. Tom rubbed his eyes. “It wasn’t a dream…” He said. “Of course it wasn’t a dream! That was called the greatest fuck in the entire history of fucks!” Bruce said, excitedly.

Tom tried to move but his ass was sore. “Woah, woah there. You might need to rest up a bit. Didn’t realise you was a virgin… sorry about that…” Bruce seemed embarrassed.

“Don’t be sorry. I’ve never experience something so incredible and pleasure inducing in my entire life.” Tom responded. Bruce seemed to lighten up. “You want to do it again? I mean, once you’re feeling better and everything.” Bruce asked. Tom giggled and nodded his head yes.

“Hey Tom?” Bruce asked. “Yes?” Tom questioned back. “Would… would you be my boyfriend?” Silence. And then Tom proclaimed, “Yes!” Bruce fell on top of Tom on the bed and their lips met for the very first time. Tom moaned into the kiss as Bruce’s warm tongue slipped into his mouth and their tongues did a little dance of their own. After several more minutes of passion, Bruce spooned Tom, Tom’s back to Bruce’s. He felt safe, warm, comforted. His life would never be the same...



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