S-1737 opened his eyes for the first time. “Welcome, Sentinel 1737. Can you hear me?” The man in a lab coat asked. I felt code run through my mind and a whirring sound quietly hummed inside my head. “Yes sir.” I answered and received a delighted smile from the man.

“His cognitive functions are a little slow, but all together function properly and will progress as he goes about his job.” The man said into a microphone inside of his jacket. 

They questioned S-1737 for several more hours before programming

my new job as a Sentinel Guard into my coding. Once I had been given my assignment and was ready for the job, they equipped me with the most state of the art weapons and sent me off. S-1737 was to be the new town Sentinel, the highest rank of my android kind, and I was programmed to be perfect. 


Max woke up to his alarm and the sound of flying cars zooming above him. He remembered that he had yet another android to introduce to the Sentinel Squad and he wasn’t too excited about it. After getting dressed he headed out to meet the new android.

Max stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the android in his office. It was the most incredible model they had made yet. The android had white plating where muscles normally were and under that were thick, strong, black cords and wires that made up his muscles and bodily functions.

Max knew they didn’t have emotions, but he sure wish this one did. He took a seat in his office chair and met the face of the android… and there was none. The android’s face was like a smooth face rounded computer screen with the display being his orders and what not.

“So I take it you’re the new Sentinel to be trained?” I asked. “Yes sir. And if I may, sir, you look exceptionally attractive for a human.” I stiffened, both in posture and somewhere lower. 

“Hmm… they didn’t tell me that the new android was the flirty type.” I said back before chuckling, knowing that the droid wouldn’t get the joke.

“I’m sorry sir if I was being disrespectful. I was just stating a subjected fact.” I blanched. No other droid had ever responded to jokes or retorts.

“Tell me, S-1737, do you have emotions?” “I have the closest thing a robot can have to them, sir. I was equipped with all human behavior and bodily functions while keeping robotic parts, making me extremely effective.” He responded which made my eyes widen.

“So, Sentinel, were you flirting with me?” I asked again, knowing that he could in fact answer. “To be blunt sir, yes, I was flirting with you. My artificial emotions leads me to a person I am attracted to, and in this case it is my Commander.” I was surprised, but also a little aroused.

“Can you close that door, Sentinel?” I asked him. He nodded and closed it. “Now tell me, Sentinel. Were you equipped with all human parts?” I waggled an eyebrow at him.

“Well, not all parts, sir. I don’t have respiratory systems or excretory systems, since an android doesn’t need those, but I do have some facial features, and most importantly male genitalia.” A small picture of a penis appeared on his front monitor.

“And you said you were attracted to me?” I asked again, just making sure I wasn’t dreaming. “Yes sir. I saw you and I had no choice but to be attracted to you… sexually.” The way he said it was like no other person or android ever. It sent shivers down my spine.

“Well if you really are serious about being attracted to me, meet me at

my home tonight at eight pm for some fun, if ya know what I mean.” I said before winking and gesturing for him to follow me. 

After training I got home, stripepd from all my clothes, douched until I was clean, and began preparing dinner. You can never be too prepared, am I right? At exactly eight pm my doorbell rang. I answered to find S-1737 holding a small bouquet of flowers and a black fabric tie that was around his neck, perfectly matching his robotic suit. 

I smiled and grabbed him by his tie and dragging him inside, causing a large exclamation point to appear on his monitor. I closed the door behind us and I pushed him against the wall. Lips formed from his screen and I began kissing them. To my surprise he had a mouth with a slimy, but delicious, goo that was similar to cum. We kissed for a while and hearts were popping up on his monitor. He slowly pushed me back.

“Was I going to fast?” I asked him. He shook his head no. “This is all I want, me and you. But I was simply trying to free my artificial penis from its case; it hurts like you wouldn’t believe.

I laughed and undid that strap that led to a metal white cup that encased his enormous package. His cock unfurled and I was shocked. His penis was the biggest I’ve ever seen on porn or in real life. The shaft was like a hard fabric and the head was a soft rubber plastic that shined like metal. Rainbow colors danced down the side of his cock in tune with his mechanical heart.

I began stroking the monster cock and was beyond excited to try sex. “Are you equipped for playing subservient roles in sex?” I asked him. He seemed to sadden a little. “I’m afraid not, since I do not posses a working excretory system. Although I do have an ejaculation system that could make up for it. The user puts in the wanted amount of semen and then the type, color, density, consistency, and temperature to get the optimal result.” he said plainly.

I smiled, still holding onto his tie and dragged him to my bedroom. I stripped from my clothing and patted the bedding next to me. He sat next to me and said, “I’m sorry, but I think I am experiencing what humans call ‘sexual hunger.’ I want to fuck you so bad, but I don’t want to harm you.” It was sweet, but I was definitely in the mood to be dominated tonight. 

“Listen, S-1737, I now give you full control. Override all user agreements and dominate me. Use my body for you only however you want to. Be rough, be gentle, I don’t care, I just want to be dominated and I want you to dominate me, S-1737!” I practically shouted to him. Something flashed across his screen like he was making choices and then he wordlessly nodded his head. He showed me the choices screen for the cum. I saw an “impregnation option” and I selected it, also selecting the most amount of cum he could pump out, the most gooey, blue colored, glowing, and dense so that it would stay inside me.

I flipped onto my stomach and waited for his decision. Within seconds he was upon me, holding my hands over my head and pushing for entry into my hungry asshole. I moaned and I felt a large amount of lubricant gush from his penis. I wriggled my ass and his head slid in. But before I was ready for more, he plunged his entire cock deep inside me making me shout in slight pain.

I looked at my stomach to see the bulge where he impaled me and I could see the flashing rainbow lights of his cock pulsing inside me. I wanted him so bad. He began fucking me and a portion of his robot cock swelled so he could smash my g-spot every single time.

Within minutes I was writhing, trying to gain freedom so my body could squirm around. He began pumping faster into me and I didn’t even touch my cock as I came. I felt his robot cock swelling and I shouted out, “Fuck me deep and fill me up! Impregnate me!” 

He didn’t have to hear it twice. I felt his cock as it extended to twice its length and girth. I cursed as the bulge in my gut grew every time he pumped in. It grew to the size of a softball and moved up to my stomach, completely impaling me. 

I heard his mechanical voice begin cum simulation and I prepared for the breeding of a lifetime. At first nothing happened but then glowing blue, sticky cum began pouring like a water geyser into my stomach. I watch as my gut swelled, my manly abs disappearing, and It swelled more as gallons and gallons poured into me.

The blowing blue cum gave my stomach a blue glowing hue and I felt like I was being impregnated by an angel… my angel. I felt his powerful muscles against my back even as I arched it and he slowly pulled out. None of the cum leaked out and he seemed overwhelmed with joy.

He felt my baby bump and kissed it. “Our child will be the greatest robot human hybrid child there was.” And I agreed. 



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