Hey guys. It's my first time ever writing a story like this. I'm completely open to writing a chapter 2 if enough people like it! Let me know what you guys think!! xx


It was a Saturday night of just Mark and Stephen hanging out. While this may seem odd to some, this was not odd to them. Since they can both remember, they have been best friends and been inseparable. Mark and Stephen's houses were across the street from each other. They would hangout everyday, and if they couldn't, the day would not feel complete. Although they went to different schools (Mark went to public, Stephen went to private) - they would call each other every day and hangout. They would play in the park near their house, go on walks, play video games, backyard baseball...the list goes on and on.

As the years went on, Mark and Stephen developed a complicated friendship together. They began to feed off each other. The time they spent together was not always enjoyable, but felt required. They became very drawn towards each other and depended on each other's company completely. Even if they fought over everything that day, they would never leave and always continue to hang out. To them, they both became the only friend they truly cared about and would feel jealous and empty if they hung out with other people.

Most days were good, and the day that their relationship became uniquely physical, it was a very good day.

The two were playing against each other in their favourite video game. Mark would win one round, Stephen would win the next. They were exchanging funny little remarks to each other as they would beat each other. It was the final round, and Stephen was the winner! They both laughed and Stephen was grilling Mark on how he came out victorious. Mark took a pillow and threw it at Stephen and demanded a rematch.

"Haha screw you! I want a rematch" demanded Mark.

"There is no way! I am the winner!!!!" screamed Stephen.

"Okay seriously you have won this one time out of five hundred... I think we know who the real winner is" whispered Stephen.

Stephen laughed, and said "I just don't think you can accept that I won."

Mark jumped on top of Stephen and started to push the pillow in the face. They were both laughing and began to wrestle. Mark continued to push the pillow into Stephens face and by this time, Mark was completely on top of Stephen. They both looked at each other for a while and the whole room went silent...nothing else mattered. Their faces got closer and closer. They were become intoxicated on the scents of each other. Losing all inhibitions and rational thought, Mark leaned in and kissed Stephen.

"Oh. I'm sorry.." Mark said as he still lied on stop of Stephen.

"I..I...uh....don't be." Stephen said.

Stephen passionately kissed Mark back. Their tongues were pushing into each other's mouths. They couldn't get enough of each other lips. They were both moaning. They could not get closer to each other. Stephen jerked up and pushed Mark onto his back on the couch. Stephen got on top of Mark. They began to kiss again. Stephen pushed Mark's legs open and put his body in between them. They both were jabbing their tongue in and out of each other's mouth and Stephen began to thrust. They could both feel their hard rock cocks pushing against each other. Stephen pulled Mark's shirt up and began to lick his nipples. Mark could not find this more pleasurable. He was moaning in extreme pleasure.

"Yes...yes..yes..." whispered Mark.

Mark felt like he was going to blow. He pulled Stephens head up to his hands and started to kiss him again. Mark pushed Stephen off of him and onto his back. Mark jumped on top of Stephen. He pulled off his shirt and revealed his tan body. Although his body was not perfect, Mark could not get enough. He began to lick Stephen's nipples. Stephen found this equally as pleasurable.

"Oh my god.. please. Yeah. Fuck yeah." whispered Stephen.

Mark loved pleasuring Stephen. Mark took his hand and shoved it down Stephens sweat pants. He put his hang around Stephen's thick cock. He began to jerk Stephen. Stephen moaned in absolute pressure. Mark started to alternate between licking Stephen's nipples and jamming his tongue down Stephen's mouth. There appeared to be not a worry in the world.

Suddenly, something clicked in Mark. The room no longer appeared to be so quiet. The video game music was pounding in Mark's ears again and his inhibitions started to scream. As he felt Stephen's cock in his hand, his mind began to scream...

Mark jumped off Stephen and sat on his knees on the couch. Stephen perceived this as it was now Mark's turn for a jerk and nipple lick. Stephen jumped onto Mark. Stephen began to kiss Mark's neck...making his way down to his nipples. Stephen started to lift Mark's shirt up again.

"No!" Mark screamed.

Mark pushed Stephen off of him, hitting Stephen in the nose in the process.

Stephen was speechless.

"I have to go. I have to go to work tonight." said Mark as he looked at the door. He couldn't bare make eye contact with Stephen.

Stephen never said anything. Mark grabbed his jacket and left. What had just happened?


That night, Mark lay down in his bed staring at the ceiling. He got into bed at 12, and now it was 3am. He had not moved. He kept replaying the days events over and over again in his head. At first he felt violated, but that was quickly squished when he realized that he had made the first mood. Neither him or Stephen took advantage of each other.

Mark kept thinking what Stephen could possibly be thinking. Was he lying in his bed thinking the same? Was he out with someone? A girl? A guy? Mark began to drive himself crazy with his thoughts. He checked his phone to see if Stephen had texted him. He didn't. What if Stephen was staring at his phone too?

"I have to go to fucking sleep."


Unlike Mark, Stephen was not lying in bed. He was much more upset. He was pacing around his basement, crying. Crying because of what happened, but also because for the first time in a long time, his dependent symbiotic relationship with Mark was weakened. Stephen was holding his phone staring at Mark's contact. He wanted to text him. He wanted to ignore what happened. Or did he want more? He was so frustrated. Stephen grappled with the question - did he want things to stay the same or did he want to say something? Is he going to lose Mark?


Sneaking out of each other's house to hang out was not peculiar. Mark and Stephen thought their parents didn't know when they would do it, but they always did - they just knew that they weren't far and who they were hanging out with.

Mark wasn't getting to sleep. He opened his phone and stared at "New Message - Stephen" for a while. He started to type.

"Stephen, I.." typed Mark.

He erased it.

"Are you awake?" typed Mark.

He again also erased it.

"Stephen" typed Mark.

He sent it.

He waited. He could feel his eyes filling up. Was he sad? He couldn't piece one thoughtful answer together. He stared at the empty conversation. There was no response. The word 'Stephen' started to burn into Mark's brain.

"Just come over." typed back Stephen.

Mark knew he had too. If he didn't, by morning, he knew their friendship would be done forever. He opened the backdoor of his house, and made his way across the street.


Mark stared the downstairs door of Stephen's house. He contemplated turning around and saying goodbye to Stephen for good. Mark thought of slipping back into his house, packing, getting on a plane and disappearing forever.

Instead, he knocked on the door.

Stephen opened the door and didn't say a word. Mark walked in. They both stood on opposite sides of the basement.

Mark stared blankly at Stephen, while Stephen started to pace again. Neither of them knew what to say. Neither of them wanted to say the first word.

Mark could hear Stephen starting to cry. Mark couldn't look at him. Mark understood how much pain Stephen was in. Mark walked over to Stephen to try to console him. Mark put his hand on Stephen's shoulder. Stephen took his hand and touched Marks. They both looked at each other. The same look they had this afternoon.

Stephen started to pull away, but instead Mark jerked him back and kissed him passionately. At first Stephen resisted - he would not open his mouth. Mark pulled away slightly.

"Open your mouth..I'm ready. Let me in" whispered Mark.

That was all Stephen needed to hear. He opened his mouth. They stood there for what seemed like an hour just passionately making out with each other. They were both moaning in pleasure.

Stephen picked Mark up in his arms and shoved him against the wall. Mark's legs were wrapped around Stephen's waist. They could both feel their hard cocks pressing against each other. Mark pulled off Stephen's shirt and Stephen did the same for Mark. They could feel the heat from each other's heat raw bodies making contact with each other.

Conveniently for them, Stephen's bedroom was just off the basement. Still lifting Mark up, Stephen brought Mark to his bedroom. Their lips never lost contact with each other. Stephen threw Mark onto his bed and jumped on top of him. Mark loved the feeling of his Stephen's body lying on top of him. Mark started to pull down Stephen's pyjamas. Mark began to massage Stephen's tan ass with his hands, teasing his hole.

"Yes! Yes! God" moaned Stephen.

Stephen loved Mark touching his ass. Stephen started to kiss Mark's neck, and soon was licking his nipples with a great intensity. Mark was essentially seizing with pleasure. With both hands, Stephen started to pull down Mark's pants and brief. Stephen smiled when he saw Mark's cock for the first time.

Mark started to thrust one finger in Stephen's unshaved tight hole. Stephen kept switching from nipple to nipple and sometimes would lightly bite them - sending Mark into a frenzy. Stephen took his hand and started to jerk Mark's cock. Mark could not take this pleasure anymore. In avoidance to cumming, Mark pushed Stephen on his back and jumped on top of him. Mark started to kiss Stephen's entire body, making his way to his cock. Mark started to suck on Stephen's 7" tanned cock. He worked the entire shaft, shoving it into the back of his throat. He would lick the balls and perineum. Mark would suck Stephen's cock and then suck his nipples.

"I'm going to cum... I'm going to cum...." moaned Stephen.

Mark stopped.

"Not yet..." said Mark.

Stephen yanked Mark's waist toward his mouth. He started to suck Mark's 7" cock. Mark was thrusting into Stephen's mouth. Stephen made his mouth feel so tight that made Mark feel amazing. Stephen took his hand and started to thrust two fingers into Mark's tight ass. Mark was moaning in pleasure. Mark took both his hands and covered his mouth to avoid waking up Stephen's parents.

Stephen was completely dominating Mark at this point and Mark loved it. Stephen would flip Mark around - on his back, on his side, on the top, on the bottom... always fingering his hole and sucking him dry. Mark had to bite the comforter on Stephen's bed to mute his moanful screams.

"Fuck me HARD" screamed Mark.

Stephen got off Mark and went to his dresser. He pulled out a box of condoms. He turned towards Mark.

"Are you sure?" asked Stephen.

Mark nodded.

"I love you" whispered Stephen.

"I love you too." said Mark.

Stephen jumped back onto Mark. Mark spread and pulled his legs towards his body. Stephen slipped on the condom. He started to tease Mark's hole with his cock. Stephen pushed the head of his cock into Mark. Mark felt a lot of pain but enjoyed it. Stephen didn't have lube so instead went to his bathroom and got some of his body moisturizer. He rubbed it all over his cock.

Mark's ass showed some resistance for a while, but before they both knew it... they were having passionate sex. Stephen was pumping it Mark and Mark was loving it. They were both moaning in pleasure. They were each covering each other's mouth they were screaming that loud.

They tried ever position. Mark would ride Stephen, leaning down to passionately kiss. They fucked on the side, on the bottom, on the top and doggy. Their favourite position was when Stephen was on top and Mark on the bottom. Mark loved to be dominated and Stephen loved to dominate. Stephen's cock and Mark's ass fit perfectly together.

"I can't take this much longer...." whispered Stephen.

"Fill me. Fill my mouth." whispered back Mark.

Stephen, near orgasm, pulled himself out of Mark and removed the condom. As Stephen removed the condom, Mark put one hand around his cock. Before Mark could jerk it once, Stephen exploded all over him. Stephen fell to the side of Mark.

Stephen and Mark laid next to each other in silence for a while. It was a good silence though. A happy silence. Mark cuddled into Stephen's chest and closed his eyes. Life was good.



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