The Neighbor Next Door

by Greg Stevens

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“You said you stopped fooling around with guys when you married Bobbie, but the feelings returned. What feelings?” I asked, breaking the silence. I wanted to know what he meant. Jamie took a breath. “I think I knew all along that my connection with guys was more fulfilling than with my wife. Sex with Bobbie was ok; it was just ok. Early on, we would have sex a few times a week, but I realized that I never felt much. When I was with Tripod, I felt something. I felt powerful; I don’t know, maybe it was the passion or excitement or just a deeper level of fulfillment?” I started to understand what Jamie was saying, mirroring my recent thoughts about Claire.

“Several years passed, and I worked hard to suppress my feelings and needs. When the urge hit, I’d watch porn and jerk off, but it didn’t fulfill me. I needed more. I needed to feel someone. Or to feel something with someone. I started contacting guys online and had a thing here or there, but it was too random. Then, a couple of years ago, I bumped into this guy at a home improvement store, and we started getting together regularly. He was younger; I guess I have a thing for younger guys,” Jamie said with a bit of a chuckle, glancing at me out of the corner of his eye. “He wasn’t married and didn’t understand that I couldn’t just drop things whenever he wanted it,” Jamie said, a bit of frustration in his voice.

“Was he the last guy you were with? I mean before….” I asked, dropping my thoughts before finishing. “Yeah, I had given up, to be honest. It was too much work. Then you moved in, and there was just something about you that I guess I couldn’t resist. That night in the man cave, I was more excited than I felt in years. I knew I shouldn’t have done that to you, but I couldn't hold it back. Afterward, I was so scared you would say something to Claire and Bobbie. Thanks for keeping it between us,” Jamie said.

I thought about that night, returning to the house, and then my wet dream thinking about fucking Jamie’s mouth. “After that, I returned to the house and was really angry. Claire was sleeping, so I grabbed a blanket and slept on the sofa. During the night, I had a dream that you came into the house, and when I woke up, my dick was in my hand, and cum was all over me,” I explained to Jamie.

“Holy fuck. Really?!?!” Jamie said excitedly. “Yeah,” I said, suppressing a laugh. “Tell me about it?” He asked eagerly. “I remember waking up to a sound and seeing you standing there without your shirt. I pushed you to your knees and forced you to suck my dick; then, I shot my load all over your beard. I was just angry at you,” I said, trying to rationalize what happened.

“Show me,” Jamie said, throwing back the blanket and getting to his feet. His dick was hard and swung as he moved. “I can’t,” I said, feeling a sense of embarrassment come over me. Jamie took my hand and pulled me up to my feet. “Come on, Brady, show me,” he said, almost pleading. I thought about the dream, about the part where I was rough and hit him. I wasn’t about to try to hit him.

Nervously, I reached up and placed my hands on Jamie’s shoulders; in real life, they were larger and much more powerful than in my dream. I began to push down, and Jamie lowered himself to his knees onto the area rug in front of us. I took my dick in one hand and began to run it over Jamie’s lips. Jamie smiled and looked at me. I placed my hand on his head and grabbed some of his hair.

I ran the tip over his lips, coating them with precum. Then, I began to press my dick into Jamie’s mouth, and like in the dream, he opened it, allowing me to slide my dick in. Then holding his head, I began to draw my dick out and push it in. Jamie took hold of my hips as I began to slowly face fuck him. I was holding myself back, unsure how far, fast, deep I could go. Each thrust became more intense. I was testing to see how much he would take before stopping me.

I began to let myself go. I held Jamie’s hair tighter, pushing and pulling his head into me. Pushing my cock into him. No matter how hard I went, Jamie took it. My grunting and Jamie’s slurping sounds filled the room. Sweat began to run down my body, and my leg muscles tightened. I could feel my balls moving, cocked, and ready to fire.

“OH fuck!” I moaned louder than I ever would have with Claire. My dick pulled loose from Jamie’s mouth, making a sloppy sound. One stroke and my dick shot cum all over Jamie’s face. White gobs of cum coated several places on his face, including his beard. “I’m sorry,” I said, stroking out the last drops and panting from the intense orgasm. Jamie laughed and pulled me to meet him on the carpet.

Jamie wrapped his arms around me, pulling me to him, and began to kiss me with his cum coated mouth. The strong smell of cum filled my nose. My cum passed from Jamie’s lips and tongue into my mouth, and I licked and sucked it from him, taking as much as I could get. I should have been spent from the orgasm, but instead, my dick was still rock hard.   

“Anytime you want to relive a wet dream, you know where to find me,” Jamie said, chuckling. I let out a laugh as well. We cleaned ourselves up and took turns brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed. Jamie was on the bed when I came out of the bathroom. I wasn’t sure what to do as I had never considered where I would sleep, as there was only one bed in the cabin. “Get in,” Jamie said, moving over and giving me room. “I can sleep on the sofa,” I said.

“Get in,” he said, a bit softer this time, patting the bed. After considering it, I got in the bed next to him. Jamie wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close to him, our naked bodies once again coming into contact with each other. I laid my head on his hairy, muscled chest, hearing his soft breathing. Jamie ran his hand through my hair, and we just stayed there quietly, listening to the sounds outside the cabin.

“I’m glad you are here this weekend. To be honest, I had no intention of anything happening, but I’m glad it did,” Jamie said. “What did you think would happen?” I asked, after thinking about what he said. “I don’t know. Not this. I am glad this happened, though,” Jamie said, touching his lips to my head.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed. I blinked my eyes open, feeling more relaxed than I had felt in a long time. Jamie’s back was to me, and I could feel the warmth of his skin as I somehow ended up spooning him during the night. My arm was draped over his midsection, and my fingers brushed his furry muscled body.

“Good morning,” Jamie said softly, sensing I was awake. He placed his hand on my arm and ran it gently over my skin. “Looks like the storm finally ended,” he said. I could see some light gently filtering into the cabin. It was still early, and the sun was just starting to peak through the blinds.

Jamie pulled me closer to him. “Seems like someone is awake,” he said, pressing his ass against my morning wood. I felt myself blush. Jamie reached between us and began to play with my cock; then, he shifted himself so that my dick was touching his hole.

“What are you doing?” I asked, feeling a sense of alarm. “I want you in me,” Jamie said, pushing his ass back against my dick. “No, I can’t,” I said, fear coming over me. “It’s ok, just relax,” Jamie said, as my dick seemed to push into his hole. Jamie pushed his ass back further, and my hard dick began to enter him.

Slowly, his ass engulfed the full length of my rigid cock, until I was deep inside him. Warmth engulfed me, and It felt like his ass was massaging my dick in its tight muscle. “Fuck me,” Jamie’s voice was deep and husky, and his breath was a bit raspy. At first, I wasn’t sure how to do it, as if I had never fucked before, then the mechanics took over, and I began to pull back, allowing my dick to slip out about three-quarters before sliding it back in.

Jamie moaned as my dick slid into him. My mind was going crazy; part of me was lost in the incredible feeling while another part of me was struggling with the act. My mind went back and forth, but my dick remained hard inside the tight warmth of Jamie’s ass. Before long, the desire overwhelmed the fear, and I began to pump my dick harder and deeper into Jamie.

“That’s it, buddy, fuck me hard,” Jamie said as my dick drove into his tight ass. My body slammed into Jamie’s over and over as my dick drove deeper and harder inside him. All my fear and confusion was replaced with lust. A lust at a level I had never felt, never experienced. Fucking Jamie wasn’t about romance or about lovemaking; it was about pure pleasure and enjoyment, and I felt that pleasure in every part of my body.

“Fuck, man. Fuck!!” Jamie moaned like an animal. He reached for my hand and pulled it to his cock, just as jets of cum shot from his thick tube. As cum shot jetted from him, I could feel his cock swell in my hand, and at the same time, I could feel his ass tighten on my cock.

Still holding his cock, I continued to fuck Jamie. Sweat coated our bodies as I fucked him with even more intensity. I began to pant like an animal as I used the full strength of my body to shove my dick inside him. The sounds of grunting and panting filled the small cabin as my body began to swell with the approaching orgasm. “Fuck, I’m going to cum!” I said aloud, still pumping my dick into Jamie. I could feel every muscle of my body tighten. “Fill me,” Jamie moaned.

I didn’t have time to consider what he meant by “fill me”; it was too late, cum shot from my dick, causing every part of my body to go as hard as my dick. “Oh god. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” I heard my own voice as if it were someone else saying the words as the intensity of the orgasm took over.

The sounds of deep breaths filled the room. Jamie and I lay still, waiting for the effects of the intense orgasms to pass. After several more minutes, I felt Jamie begin to twist, causing my still-hard dick to slide from his wet hole. Jamie turned to face me, cum from his orgasm coated his chest and up to his chin. “Are you okay?” Jamie asked, watching me. I wasn’t sure how to answer that. Was I okay? I felt like I shouldn’t be okay, but oddly, I felt more okay than I had in a long time, maybe ever. I felt full satisfaction.

by Greg Stevens

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