I had just turned seventeen and was in my junior year of high school. It had been just dad and i at home after my mother died when I was eleven. Dad was a super dad and spoiled me even though he was strict. And at the age of seventeen he decided that I needed to become more responsible and earn my own money.

For my birthday he had bought me a used pick-up truck in great shape. I decided i would go around the subdivision and mow yards. He was good enough to buy me a new mower, weed eater, tools and everything I needed and set me up n a payment plan to pay him back.

I soon had several yards to maintain and with summer coming on I knew I could get more. The largest belonged to Rick Stanton, a single guy with a large house and lawn who lived on the back edge of the subdivision. Mr. Stanton was in his mid thirties, near my dad's age. Dad was only thirty-six and was nineteen when I was born.

I did Mr. Stanton's yard every Saturday during the school year but when school let out he asked me to start doing his yard on Friday so it would be nice for the weekend. He owned his own business and was sometimes out of town most of the week arriving home late on Friday evening. Because of that, he gave me keys to his house and shed as well as his alarm code.

The back yard was surrounded by a ten foot high concrete block wall affording total privacy to the patio, hot tub and pool. I had noticed that when I was doing his yard on Friday, he was always in a thong type swim suit. He was extremely well built, with well defined pecs and abs. His chest had a light but large coating of dark brown hair even though his head was shaved. He also sported a thin short beard and moustache. His eyes were sky blue and his smile was something anyone would love to have.

He was always telling me that I was welcome to use the pool after I finished my work and often invited me to share the hot tub with him.

For some unknown reason to me, I began to find myself constantly stealing glances at his body and the large bulge in his swim suit. I could have sworn that he was frequently getting erect when I was there.

Summer arrived and I switched to doing his yard on Friday. After doing the front, I would use my keys and unlock the side gate and move to the back yard. Before starting the back, I would go in, turn off the alarm and fix me something cold to drink.

One Friday, I know it was wrong but I got nosey and began checking out his place. In the den, He had a large screen TV mounted on the wall and under it was a cabinet with several doors. I began to check out the contents of the cabinet and when I opened the last door, i was shocked by what I found.

Inside, was at least twenty or so gay porn movies. I looked through them and there ware all types. I couldn't believe that Rick, as he insisted I call him, was gay. I made sure that they were all just as I had found them before checking out the rest of the house.

I soon was in his bedroom and I began looking around. The bottom drawer of his chest of drawers was slightly open so I checked it out. Opening it further, I found all sizes and shapes of rubber life like cocks. All I could do was stare.

I returned to the den and realized that my own cock was rock hard and wondered why. I'd never been attracted to men before but suddenly was thinking about seeing him use his dildos on himself.

After that week, every Friday if he was out of town, I'd check things out. I even took one of the movies home with me and watched it one evening when dad was gone, returning it the following week.

A few weeks later, he was home on the Friday I did his yard. After finishing the front and going o the back, I found him in his thong by the pool. He was sipping a beer and had a cold soda waiting for me.

"Have a seat, Mark, and take a break. You've earned it."

I did and as we talked, I happened to mention that my dad was out of town on business for the weekend. His eyes seemed to light up and he smiled slightly.

I had never mentioned who my dad was so he didn't know much about my personal life, just that it was me and dad at home.

"Well, if you're all alone, when you finish, why don't you stay here and we can order dinner and spend some time together. I agreed, not wanting to have to go home and cook my own dinner.

After I finished the yard, he suggested we hit the hot tub. I said that would be great but I wasn't prepared and didn't have my swim suit with me.

"Hell, I always go in it and the pool nude. It's suck a free feeling. You're welcome to do the same."

"You swim nude?" I asked.

"Mark, the only reason I have anything on right now is because you're here. I was afraid I might offend you but when I'm home I live nude."

"Damn! Now i understand why your wall is so high around your yard."

"Exactly. And now that you know, if you won't be offended I'll be myself and go nude when you're here."

"Rick, I see guys in the gym at school nude all the time when we shower. It won't bother me any."

"So you wouldn't mind if I got rid of this thong?"

"Not at all," I replied.

He stood up and removed his thong then walked casually over to the hot tub and turned it on. Stepping in, he said, "And when you're here, feel free to do the yard nude of you want to."

he stepped into the bubbling steaming water and sat down,moaning softly. Something came over me and for some reason, I stood and walked over to the hot tub and stripped, tossing my clothes in a chair, before stepping in and sitting a foot away from him.

"I take it you're not bashful or shy either," he said.

"Not really. We're all built alike."

"Well, that's true but some of us are larger in some areas than others. I could tell your equipment is as large of not larger than mine."

Laughing, I said, "I heard one of the football players at school say one day that it's not what you got but how you use it."

"Very true," Rick said, "and I bet you really know how to use it."

"Well, I've only used it a few times but she never complained."

He smiled and said, "I wouldn't either."

A few seconds later he moved closer and I felt his hand on my thigh near my knee. The touch of another hand on me felt erotic and I liked it.

Ever so slowly, he moved his hand up my thigh, closer to my crotch. As he did, my cock grew rock hard. Soon, his hand was against my hard cock and once he felt it, he wrapped his hand around it and said, "It seems that he might need some attention."

"He's always ready for attention, but all he usually gets is my hand."

"Oh really? How does he like my hand?"

"He likes it. It's the first time he's ever had another man's hand on him."

"Mark, you want to give mine some attention?"

"Uh, yea, I guess."

I slowly slid my hand over to his crotch and slowly closed my hand around his hard cock.

"Fuck yea! He definitely likes that," he said, as he began to slowly stroke me under water.

I moaned softly and he looked at me and said, "Mark, if you would like, I can show you something that will feel ten times better than what he's feeling now."

Thinking about the movie I had taken and watched, I knew what he was suggesting. "Uh, sure," I said.

"Sit up on the side," he said.

I did, with my cock sticking straight up. He moved so that he was between my legs and after again grasping my cock, he swallowed it.

"Oh Fuck!" I exclaimed at the feeling.

He sucked me slowly for a while and as I neared my climax he sped up. I warned him that I was close but he didn't stop. My cock suddenly exploded into his mouth and I watched as he collected all my load before swallowing.

I was breathing heavily as he asked, "Now wasn't that better than jerking off?"

"Hell yea," I replied.

"Mark, is that the first time you have ever had that done to you?"

"Yes, it was."

"Well, I enjoyed it and if you ever want it done again just let me know.

"I will," I replied.

He suggested we call and order dinner. We stayed nude and his nice size cock facinated me. We ate and talked and I asked him what all he did.

"I do it all, Mark. Oral and anal. I've been gay since my mid-teens."

We later went for a swim and afterward, i asked him if he would do me again. He suggested we go inside to his bedroom. We did and he lay between my legs and sucked me again.

As we lay, together I told him that I had a confession to make. He asked what it was and I told him about finding his gay movies and borrowing one. I didn't mention finding his dildo collection. "Rick, I knew when you asked me to get nude in the hot tub and put your hand on my thigh, I knew what would happen."

"I'm glad you did. It made it easier for me."

My curiosity got the best of me and I began fondling his cock and once he was fully hard, I went down on him. I sucked him to completion and swallowed. It surprised me at how good it tasted.

We sucked each other a couple more times during the night. I knew I liked sucking cock.

Over the next few weeks, he introduced me to anal. At first I wasn't too fond of it but the more I let him fuck me the more I enjoyed it. During that time he also introduced me to rimming and kissing. I was enjoying it all and began going to the park to find other guys to have sex with.

Shortly after my senior year began, I was with Rick one Saturday after doing his yard, when he said, I met a man a couple of weeks ago at a party I attended. I think you would enjoy him. Would you like me to set up a three way?"

"Sure," I replied.

He did and when the time came I was at Rick's pace early.

"Mark, there is one thing you should know. This man is well known here in town and requires his face not be seen. He insist that the three of us all wear mask."

"Fine with me," I said. "I think it would be hot not knowing who I was having sex with."

We both put on ski mask with only our eyes showing and a hole for our mouth. when the man arrived, Rick sent me to his bedroom while the guy came in. I as called out only after the man was nude and had his hood on.

We began kissing through the mouth hole and fondling each other. Soon, the stranger was sucking my cock. I stopped him and we got into a sixty nine. It was awesome. The man was well built and hot. We got each other off and swallowed then took turns on sucking Rick's cock.

Then, when I went to eat the strangers ass I saw it. It was a birth mark on his ass that caught my attention. I stopped for a second before eating his hairy hole. He later ate my hole before fucking me. After he fucked me, I lay him on his back and raised his legs. I slid my cock into his ass and began fucking his hot hole.

"How's that feel, Dad?" I asked.

Both the stranger and Rick froze. I reached down and pulled off my hood. The stranger's eyes grew wide. I then removed his hood. I was still fucking his ass as I looked into my dad's eyes. Seconds later I climaxed and filled my dad's ass with my load.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Rick asked.

"Rick, this man is my dad. Right Mr. Mayor?"

"Fuck, how did you know?"

"The tell tale birth mark on your ass.

Rick was still speechless and said, "Fuck, Dan, I had no idea he was your son."

"I know you didn't but this is one hell of a way for us to find out about each other."

"I think it's hot knowing that my dad, the mayor of our fair city, is gay."

"Son, I think we need to end this and go home and talk."

Dad and i dressed and met up at home. we talked and dad said he had been bi since high school but went totally gay after my mothers death. "These out of town meeting I have are mostly to meet other guys for sex."

He asked about me and how and when I started and I told him all, telling him how i found out about Rick and that I wanted him to make a pass at me.

Dad and I were cool with each other being gay and we had sex almost daily. Rick and i still have sex and our three ways are now without the hoods.

Sex has brought dad and I so much closer and we are now much better friends. I love dad and Rick and would never reveal anything about dad to hurt his reputation in town.

I am now in college and Rick and Dad are now lovers although they maintain separate residences for appearances. When I'm home from college we get together daily. Life is good.




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