Danny was my childhood play buddy for as long as I can remember.We were always in and out of each other's homes right through to high school. I knew I always liked Danny as more then a friend and even though his Dad was a truck driver and always out on long hauls, I rarely saw his dad over the years. His dad was a very rugged man, always a heavy 3 o'clock shadow on his face. His thick neck on his broad 6'5" shoulders was very impressive .When he smiled, his eyes sparkled and dimples popped out and his big white teeth against his heavy outdoor tan made my legs weak.

Danny and I continued to be close even at 19.We were both going to the local community college and even took a few of the same classes. I found any excuse to see Danny and study with him, though that was not my reason for going over. Danny was turning out like his dad, tall and broad shouldered and the killer smile. I've made advances towards Danny in the past, gentle ones. I'm not sure he understood them,but he never pushed me away. He always smiled and put his head down and went back to the books.

Danny's Mom had passed away a year earlier, so it was just him and his dad now. When the news came about his mom, I ran over and grabbed him hard and he did the same. We held each other for the longest time and he knew I was there for him. I remember the look on his Dads face after our embrace. It wasn't a look of discust but a look of approval. I never said anything to Danny about it.

Mid terms were next week and we had to buckle down for sure. Danny had called, asked if I wanted to hit the books hard and do a all nighter. He suggested I stay over. I didn't hesitate on the invite. After raiding the frig we settled down on the floor in front of the fire place. Danny put it on to take the chill out of the fall air. A few beers, a warm fire and the hottest guy around, what more could you ask. After two hours of studying Danny started playing around a bit. I stopped what I was doing and pushed him back laughing and grabbing him in a neck hold. We rolled around laughing,Danny still in the neck hold.........but our eyes met as if for the first time. His look almost took my breathe away. You could hear a pin drop in the room.He gently licked his lips and my eyes were fixed on his mouth. I released my neck hold slowly as I pulled him towards me. Our lips barely touching at first, I felt his tongue search out my mouth. I opened up and within a flash we were embraced tightly to each other. My body was on fire.Danny surrendered to me.

For the next 3 hours it was pure lust. After each session we'd collaspe out of breathe. It never ended.I had never had sex like this before in my life and now I was having with the man I always loved. I could tell from Danny's motions he felt the same. Finally....we came together as we should have.

I was on cloud nine and nothing could have gotten me down from there. We jumped up naked and ran for the kitchen holding hands without a care in the world. At that point anyone could have walked in and it wouldn't have mattered.

For the next 3 months Danny and I were around each other 24/7.I'd go to sleep with him on my mind and wake up with him on my mind. The next day was better then the one before.

While studying on the floor one night,obviously closer then before we heard the back door open,or at least I did. I hesitated for a second to listen before continuing with what we were doing, when I heard this deep husky voice say......what's going on here? Danny quickly turned and said Dad !! I wasn't expecting you for four more days. Ummmm...well yeah, but my haul got canceled so my trip was shortened. What's going on here ? his Dad repeated. Danny and I were just studying Mr. Grey. It was obvious from Danny's reaction he wasn't out to his father.Danny's fathers eyes were fixaded on me,almost looking through me.The look made me very uncomfortable. I'm sorry Mr. Grey, I'll leave now if you want. NO!! he blaired out...I never said that. Danny looking over his shoulder at his dad, not sure what to say next. Listen guys, Mr. grey said, I didn't mean to spook you like that, you caught me off guard and frankly I have been waiting too long for it to happen with you two. Mr. Grey smiled at them and said..............anyone for a beer? Danny's mouth dropped as he smiled. Sure Mr. Grey...a beer would be great.

The winter had come and the snow was already presenting problems. Danny had left 4 days earlier and flew a few hours away to attend a family funeral his dad could not attend. I had expected Danny back earlier in the day so I saw no need to call first. I headed over to the house and was greeted at the door by Mr. Grey.

Come in Michael.........it's too cold to be standing in the doorway. Is Danny home yet? No I'm afraid not, his flight has been canceled due to the weather. Looking very disappointed I followed Mr. Grey into the kitchen. Did you speak with Danny today Michel,he asked. Actually no...his cell phone was off or dead, not sure. I couldn't leave a message. I'm having a cup of hot tea...want a cup Michael ? Sure Mr. Grey.

No sense in standing on formality Michael...call me Dameon. If you say so Michael said. Sitting there thinking of Danny and what he was doing this very moment, I continued sipping my tea. So tell me Michael, how long how you had your eye on my son ? With a small grin I turned to him and....and I couldn't focus on the question. Well we've been....I suddenly felt tired and the room spun around for a second and darkness fell. My head had hit the table and I was blacked out.

Mumbles,unclear words and a small whisper of light is what I awoke too. Lying down gathering my thoughts of where I was and what happened I went to raise my arm only to find I was strapped in. My head still in a fog I struggled to shake off the foggyness.The reality that my entire body was strapped to a steel table was setting in.

Above my head was Mr. Grey looking down...well,well,well Michael, welcome back. What the Fuck is going on Mr. Grey. what are you doing. Unclear why this was happening to me I kept repeating my demands. Mr. Grey remained silent as I screamed at him and for someone that could hear me. All he would do is smile at me with those piercing eyes.Shhhhhhhhh relax Michael....you're where you belong. You're mine now and when the night is over........you will be mine body and soul.

Looking around I didn't recognize anything. The room looked almost ancient,big stone walls. the floor looked like dirt but wasn't sure. Nothing was making sense to me. Mr. grey walked around to the foot of the table,mumbling something and stopped for a moment and began removing his clothing slowly while he chanted. my head was restricted and unable to lift it too high, but as he removed his clothing I blinked and blinked again to get my eyes into focus. His massive muscular body was covered in hair. His nipples were thick as my thumb and nearly 3 inches long. I kept saying to myself I wish there was more light to see. I couldn't tell in the little light I had,but if I didn't know better I would have said his eyes were pools of black.





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