It was a Saturday, the first of February. I got up and as I was making coffee I heard voices outside the door of my apartment. I walked to the door and opened it and saw that someone was moving into the apartment across from mine.

That apartment was a mirror image of mine. It, like mine was a one bedroom and all I saw were four well built hunks carrying furniture. I didn't know which one was moving on until I heard the taller and best looking of the group say, 'Put the entertainment center on that long wall.'

I would have offered to help but all I had on was my bathrobe and the weather was chilly. I went back in and got a cup of coffee and turned on the TV.

A few hours later, I dressed and was headed out when I saw the new neighbor hauling in boxes from his pick up by himself.

'All your help run out on you?' I asked.

'Yea, they all had other plans but I figured I could handle the boxes myself.'

'Since we're going to be neighbors, the least I can do is help,' I said as I grabbed a box and followed him in. After setting down our boxes, I said, 'I'm Greg Lucas,' and extended my hand.

'Nice to meet you. I'm Brad Vickers, and I really appreciate the help.'

'My pleasure. Look, why don't you come over about six and I'll have something thrown together for dinner.'

'Thanks, Greg, that sounds great.'

We finished unloading the boxes and I went to the store. I wanted to get to know Brad better. What I really wanted was to get him in bed. Hopefully, in time, that would happen.

That night as we ate, I found out that Brad was twenty-seven, single and dating a girl he had met on-line, worked for a large accounting firm. He was about six-two, well built with a muscular body and large arms. He worked out three to four times a week and jogged daily.

We became good friends and the more I saw him the more I wanted him but it all seemed hopeless. I wanted desperately to see his naked body. I even went to the gym he went to but he never changed there. It was always at home. It was now spring and I had seen him jogging without a shirt revealing his muscular hairy chest and perfect abs.

Then the idea came to me. Our apartments were identical except mirror images of each other. Our bathrooms shared a common wall. That's when I became devious.

I went to a local security company and told them a false story about someone coming into my home and taking small items of value and asked if they had any extremely small cameras and recorders that I could conceal. They said that they did and I bought one that included two wireless cameras and monitor with built in recorder.

Luck was with me. As I began to hatch my plan,Brad came over and said that he had to be out of town for a week at a training meeting.

'Here is an extra key to my apartment and an extra mailbox key. Could you look after things for me?'

'I'd be glad to,' I said, trying not to show my eagerness.

'I'll be leaving Sunday afternoon and wont be back until next Saturday morning.'

'I'll take care of everything buddy. Don't you worry about a thing.' I'd take care of things alright.

I checked out my bedroom and bath and decided where I could place the wireless cameras. I found the spots I needed.

Sunday night I went to Brad's apartment and began work. I installed one camera in the corner of his bathroom at the ceiling aimed down the length of the bathroom. I couldn't see him in the shower but I could see the toilet and the rest of the room.

As for the bedroom, I put that one in a corner at the ceiling as well where it would show him coming out of the bathroom and his entire bed.

Once installed, I returned to my apartment and hooked up the monitor. I turned it on and prayed that everything worked. There before me on a split screen was both rooms clear as could be. I turned on the recorder and returned to Brad's apartment and walked through both rooms, turning out the lights as I left. I returned to my apartment and checked the recorder. It had captured my every move. Perfect! I shut the system down and erased the recording. Now I just had to wait for Brad to return.

The week was long and agonizing. Finally Saturday morning about eleven Brad knocked on my door. I answered and invited him in for coffee.

'How was the trip?' I asked.

'Long and boring. It was things that I already knew but had to take the course anyway to get certified. I'm just glad to be back home.'

'I know what you mean,' I said as I retrieved his keys to hand to him.

'Oh, just keep those. You never know when I might come in drunk and not be able to find mine,' he said with a laugh.

'Well, if that happens, just knock and I'll pour you into bed.'

He handed me a bottle of bourbon as a thank you and headed to his apartment. I hurried to my bedroom and stripped and sat at my desk. I turned on the monitor and cameras and waited.

Finally I saw him enter his bedroom and toss his suit case on the bed. Then he began to undress and soon he was totally naked. Then he began to unpack. I watched as he put away clean clothes and tossed the dirty ones in the hamper. He then went in and pissed and left both rooms, still naked.

I was in awe at the size of his cock. It looked to be at least eight inches soft and thick. It was also uncut. It was beautiful and my own cock was rock hard. he then returned to the bath room and started the shower and stepped in, out of sight.

When he stepped out he was partially erect and I wondered if he had jerked off in the shower. Undoubtedly he hadn't because after drying off, he returned to his bedroom and opened the drawer of his dresser and removed a magazine and lay on the bed. As he turned the pages, he began to masterbate. Soon, he was at full speed as was I. When he climaxed, he shot huge thick ropes of cum out onto his chest and stomach. he returned to the bathroom, wiped up and laid the washcloth on the counter. He dressed and I heard him leave.

I watched him jerk off many times after that.

I waited a couple of minutes and went to his apartment and grabbed the washcloth and tasted his cum. It was delicious. The magazine was a hard core fuck magazine showing girls sucking and getting fucked by huge long cocks.

I watched Brad jerk off two to three times a week, and fuck his girlfriend on weekends. I wished he was fucking my ass.

I couldn't take it any longer and enlisted the aid of a beautiful straight looking lesbian friend of mine. I told her about my desire for Brad and she agreed to help.

I had her over on a Friday night along with Brad and I made sure the booze was flowing freely especially for Brad. His was also spiked with a mild seditive.

Karen began making passes at Brad and he was enjoying it. She was fondling him and rubbing his hard cock as I watched. He just smiled at me. When he could barely stand or talk, she suggested that he take her to his place. They left and when he was fully asleep she came back over and said, 'He's out like a light. He's all yours. Go get it, Greg. You'll like it.'

I went over and went to his room. As I had seen on camera, he was on top of the covers, totally naked. I got between his legs and began sucking his cock. It gradually came to life and he began mumbling as I sucked his massive tool. 'Oh yea,' he mumbled.

Before long I could tell he was ready to climax. I was ready. He began to moan and groan as his load burst forth into my mouth and down my throat. It was not only huge but oh so sweet. When he was drained, I quickly slipped out and returned to my apartment, totally satisfied. At least for the moment.

About noon the next day, Brad knocked on my door.

'Greg, what the fuck happened last night?' he asked as he came in.

'What do you mean?'

'I remember Karen making passes at me and rubbing me and all but what happened after that? I've never been that drunk before.'

'You took her to your place and I assume you fucked her.'

'I don't remember that. I vaguely remember her undressing me but nothing else until later.'

'What happened later?' I asked nervously.

'I think someone was giving me a blow job but for some reason, I don't think it was her. I roused a little but couldn't focus on anything but for some reason, it looked like a guy blowing me, but I couldn't stop him. Whoever it was was damn good. And if it was a man, he was the first guy to ever do it to me.'

'Well, the say a guy can blow a guy better than a woman can.'

'Yea, I've heard that and if that was a guy it's true, but who the hell was it?'

'What?' Are you wanting him to do it again?' I said halfway joking.

'Fuck Greg, I don't know. I hope you don't think of me as weird or gay, but I have thought about it in the past. I've wondered what it would be like to have sex with a guy just once. And I hope this confession stays between you and me.'

'It will. Don't worry about that. But I have a confession. What you have thought about, I have done.'

'What? You've been to bed with a guy?'

'Yes, I have.'

'Can I ask what happened?'

'Sure. The first time he sucked me and asked me to fuck him.'

'You fucked him in the ass? How was it?'

'Yes, I did, and it was fantastic. Tight as it could be and better than pussy.'

'What did you mean by 'the first time'?'

'Well, it happened more than once. The second time I returned the oral pleasure and he fucked me.'

'Damn, I've been curious about all that but I never knew anyone to talk to about it or try it with. I don't know if I'd ever do it again, but I'd like to try it all just once.'

'Brad, look, I'm gay. I've been gay since high school.'

'Greg, you sure don't look or act gay.'

'Not all of us are the limp wrist type people associate with being gay. I know cops, firemen, Marines, construction workers that are all gay and don't look or act it.'

'Damn, you've had me fooled all these months.'

'I'm glad. I'ts not that I didn't want you to know but I was afraid it would affect a friendship.'

'It wouldn't have. Can I ask you another question?'

'Sure, go ahead.'

'If I do decide to try anything out, will you show me what it's all about?'

'Yes, I will, but I want you to be damn sure you want to try it. I don't want our friendship ruined.'

'It won't be, regardless of what I think of it.'

'Just let me know when.'

He said he would and left. I didn't have the nerve to tell him that it was me that had sucked him off.

The week went by as normal, and Thursday night Brad invited me over for dinner. As we ate, he asked, 'Do you have any plans for tomorrow night?'

'No, none at all. Why?'

'I want to spend the night with you.'

'Are you sure?'

'Very. I've thought about it all week and it excites me.'

'Fine. Come on over when you get off and I'll fix dinner for us.'

'Sounds good.'

The subject wasn't mentioned again, until I was ready to leave.

'Brad, you ought to know that I live in the nude. Since you know about me I plan on being that way when you arrive.'

'No problem. I go that way a lot myself. See you tomorrow.'

The next evening Brad knocked and I let him in. As I had told him I was totally nude. He came in and I saw him look me over. I returned to the kitchen and watched as he began to strip and when he came around the bar he was naked also.

'Any beer?' he asked.

'Yea, in the fridge. Help yourself.'

We ate and cleaned the kitchen and went back to the living room and sat on the sofa. I could tell he was nervous.

We talked for a while about other things and he looked at me and said, 'Where do we start?'

'Well, like with a female, it's usually with kissing and making out.'

He leaned toward me and as he did I leaned toward him. Our lips met and I didn't hold back. I extended my tongue and after a couple of seconds he opened his mouth and returned the kiss. we kissed passionately and as we did I reached over and began rubbing his chest and stomach. He soon did the same to me.

I then went further and gripped his hard cock and began slowly stroking. He followed my lead. We continued our hot wet kiss as we stroked each other.

When I broke the kiss I slowly moved lower and began licking and sucking his nipples. He moaned softly as I did so. I moved lower and tongued his navel. I slipped down to the floor and began licking his balls. He moaned again. Raising his legs, I began tongueing and licking his ass.

'Oh, fuck, that feels good. Don't stop.'

I ate his ass for several minutes working my tongue up it as far as I could. I returned to his balls then to his leaking cock. I took the head into my mouth as he said, 'Oh, shit, yea.'

I soon managed to swallow his cock and began sucking him hungrily. This time he was fully aware of what was happening, and from listening to him he was thoroughly enjoying it.

Before long, he said, 'I'm about to cum.'

I stopped long enough to say, 'That's the reason for sucking.' I returned to what I was doing and soon I was gifted hith his huge thick creamy man juice as he let out with a loud 'AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH.'

After I had swallowed all that he had to offer I sat up and looked at him. 'Well?' I asked.

'Man, that was fucking unreal. It was better than the one I had last weekend.'

'Maybe it was because you were sober this time.'


We kissed again and he began working on me as I had on him. He hesitated at my ass but soon was getting into it, burying his tongue deep into my hole. Then he moved up to the cock and began sucking me. He soon got into a routine and I began to near my climax. I warned him but he kept going and soon my cock emptied and filled his mouth. After one mild gag, he began swallowing and took it all. when he pulled off, he looked up at me and asked, 'Well, how'd I do?'

'Perfect,' was all I could respond with. 'What did you think?'

'It was different, erotic, exciting and damn it Greg, I fucking enjoyed it.'

I only smiled. He sat back next to me and brought his face to mine, his tongue extended even before we kissed.

For over an hour we kissed some, cuddled and talked. He kept saying how much he enjoyed sucking my cock. 'I never thought I'd ever suck a guy much less say that I enjoyed it.'

Later I asked him if he was ready to fuck me. He said yes. I took his hand and led him to the bedroom. As I reached for the lube and straightened up he kissed me again.

'I think you're really getting into the kissing,' I said.

'Fuck yea. I like that.'

I lay on the bed and lubed his cock and my ass. He was soon entering me and saying how fucking hot it felt and how tight it was. He saw me tense up as he entered me and asked, 'Is it hurting?'

'Some, but I'm used to it. If you get fucked it will hurt like hell for a while.'

He continued sliding in and soon I had it all. He began fucking me and leaned forward and kissed me as he did. He continued his assault on my ass and I was loving it.

'Fuck me baby,' I told him. 'Does that feel good to you?'

'Oh fuck yea. I'm getting close.'

'Go ahead and cum in me. I want to feel it shoot up in me and fill me up.'

He did and I loved the feeling of his huge load spraying up inside me. He collapsed on my chest and slowly began breathing normal again. He eased out and said, 'You were right. That is better that pussy.'

He rolled off and lay beside me and we kissed more. He then looked at me and said 'Now, fuck me.'

'Brad, it's going to hurt, but if you relax and don't tense up, the pain will turn to pleasure.'

'Okay, now do it.'

After greasing us both up I first started out with the fingersa before switching to my cock. As the head popped in he screamed in pain. I stopped and let him get used to it. He began taking deep breaths and soon said, 'It's feel ing better. Keep going.'

I began going in and out. On each forward thrust I'd go a little deeper. By the time I was completely in him he was moaning that it felt great. 'Fuck me Greg. Show me what it's like.'

I began fucking him steadily, going all the way in with my forward thrust. He was moaning with pleasure and saying, 'Oh fuck yea. That's so good. Fuck my virgin ass. Make me your whore.'

I had no idea where that was coming from but I was loving it. I later found out it was what his girlfriend said to him. I fucked relentlessly and soon climaxed up his ass. 'That feel so fucking good,' he said as my load sprayed up into his ass.

When it was over, we went to the bathroom and showered together, kissing in the shower. We returned to bed and cuddled. He spent the night and when I awoke the next morning he was sucking my cock again. when he had swallowed my load, I sucked him.

Sex between Brad and I became a regular thing. He broke up with his girlfriend after admitting to himself that he was gay and preferred sex with guys. I eventually told him that it really was me that sucked him the night he was passed out.

I left the cameras and have many hours of video tape of Brad having sex with numerous guys. When he asked me to become his lover I confessed and told him about the cameras. He laughed and said for me to leave them.

'You can move in here with me and when we have a guy in for a three way we can record it and watch it later. And we can record our love making.'

I love Brad dearly and he loves me. We play together but not seperately. We have been lovers for six years now and every year is better than the one before.




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