Chapter 1

My mobile phone bleeped loudly interrupting my day dreams. Automatically I reached into my rucksack to see who had text me. I sighed when I saw that it was Alex, to remind me not to be late again for my shift. Don't get me wrong I am never intentionally late for anything but distractions always seem to present themselves at the last minute. I try hard to remain focussed but sometimes they are so hard to resist, especially when the distractions come in the shape of men.

"Who was that?" asked a drowsy voice.

"Just Alex" I replied rolling over to face the supine figure of my boyfriend, Morten.

With his eyes shut tight against the glaring mid-afternoon sun, he absent-mindedly stroked his bare chest and stomach before moving down to fondle his ample package. My eyes followed his every move drinking in the sight of his tanned naked body. I felt myself becoming aroused and my free hand strayed down towards my own cock, until that is I heard footsteps approaching across the pebble beach.

"What did he want?" he asked in a slightly disapproving tone.

"Reminding me not to be late for work, that's all" I replied rolling over onto my stomach to hide my erection.

"He fusses too much over you, but he does have a point."

"Don't be like that; he's a good mate and always looking out for me."

"Mmm" was all he said as he too rolled over revealing his pert bum to the world.

The footsteps I had heard approaching turned out to belong to a group of teenagers, fully clothed despite the fact that they were on Brighton's famous (or should that be notorious) nudist beach and the day was hot. For several minutes they wandered around making lewd comments about the naked sunbathers, men and women alike. Morten muttered under his breath about them being from Whitehawk and needing to grow up. I nodded sagely in agreement wishing that they would move on, which they did once they realised they weren't getting a reaction from their targets.

Still they did look cute in a chavvy sort of way and I pointed this out which brought a chuckle in response and a comment about me being partial to a bit of rough. He knows me so well. Unable to resist any longer I shuffled sideways until our bodies touched, planted a kiss on his shoulder savouring the salty taste of his sun soaked skin. He raised an eyebrow, grinned mischievously and clambered on top covering my body with his.

"God, I wanna fuck you right now" he whispered into my ear.

"Bastard!" I giggled trying to throw him off me before we attracted unwanted attention.

Morten pressed his hips into my bum, just hard enough to tease before rolling off and sitting upright on his beach towel. I looked over my shoulder and watched him gazing thoughtfully out to sea. I wondered what he was thinking, sometimes he could be so hard to read. A seagull cried out loudly as it flew low over us making me jump and breaking Martens' train of thought. I glanced down at my watch and was dismayed to see that it was already four o'clock. Only an hour to go before the beginning of another gruelling shift at the 'The Golden Ring' pub. I would be working there until the early hours of the morning.

"Do you fancy a burger before you start work?" Morten asked as he reached for his clothes "My treat."

"Why kind Sir, you sure know how to treat a lady" I replied in a falsetto voice before receiving a playful slap on my behind.

"You're no lady that's for certain and I've got the photos to prove it!"

I bit my tongue determined not to be drawn on that subject, not when there were so many people around us. I wasn't going to give Morten an excuse to announce my exhibitionist trait to the world! In a place like Brighton you simply don't know who knows who. Grinning at my discomfort he watched me finish dressing before taking my hand he led me off the beach and in the direction of Burger King.

Over a Whopper meal I asked what he had planned for us over the coming weekend only to be told that he was visiting his parents in Croydon on Saturday and off to see his sister in Basingstoke on Sunday. The fact that I was being left alone was made doubly worse because I never got to see much of him during the week due to the long hours he worked at the Art College. I cherished the time we spent together, especially Sundays, when we stayed in bed until mid-day before heading into the lanes for lunch and generally mooch around. My face must have reflected my disappointment because he reached across the food strewn table, held my hand and looked me in the eye before telling me how much he would miss me. I smiled back and ate the rest of my meal all too aware of the passing time.

I dragged my feet as we walked hand in hand up St. James Street insisting on looking in the charity shops, anything to prolong the time we had together. On the pub's doorstep he gave me a lingering, cock twitching kiss and then he was gone with a promise to call me on Sunday.

Chapter 2

Friday evenings were normally slow to start off with just a couple of pensioners propping up the bar while making their pints last as long as possible. Dean, the landlord, always moaned that they didn't drink quickly enough and created the wrong impression for passing trade. He had a point I suppose but personally I think they're great and we often had a chat while I cleared up empty glasses and wiped down the bar. I loved to hear about the bad old days, when being gay was illegal and what they had got up to in secret when they were young. So what if they flirted with me and pinched my bum when they thought the coast was clear, they meant no harm and I enjoyed the attention they gave me.

Then by about seven o'clock the first of the regulars would start arriving followed by the party goers around nine. By ten o'clock the ground floor would normally be heaving and the first floor filling up rapidly. But tonight though was different for there were only a couple of regulars and that was about it, even the old timers had gone home.

Alex and I busied ourselves at first but there's only so much that could be done so we ended up the other side of the bar and caught up on gossip in the Argus newspaper. There on the second page we found the possible source of our lack of customers, a new club 'Sinners' opened its doors tonight offering free entrance and cheap drinks. Alex groaned aloud as he read the article and told me that Dean would not be happy as it would reduce our already meagre profits. Gay businesses had suffered along with everyone else during this recession and the last thing we needed was another competitor.

Having spoken of the devil, he appeared five minutes later looking as smart as ever. If I wasn't already with Morten and Alex hadn't got in there first, I would have made a serious play for him. He's right up my street, an ex-copper with all the demeanour and arrogance of a serving officer, blonde with icy blue eyes and an impressive pair of guns. Standing at over six foot tall few sane or sober people argued with him, word had got round quickly that he was handy with his fists.

He scowled as he looked around the virtually empty room and us on the wrong side of the bar but said nothing until he had poured himself a drink and joined us.

"Quiet in here tonight" he said stating the obvious.

We looked at him warily not quite sure how to respond. I made to stand up but he placed a hand on my shoulder and told me to relax, he'd deal with what little custom there was. Sometime later and in a less than subtle move he sent me off to buy fish and chips for everyone left in the pub. I glanced through the pub window as I headed off, already Dean and Alex were deep in conversation, I wondered what they were talking about that needed me out of the way.

I didn't find out until much later that night, once the pub had closed and we'd tidied up. Over a cup of coffee Dean told me that the pub's income had been falling steadily over the last six months and that with Sinners opening our future looked even bleaker. In his accountant's opinion we had to turn things around quickly otherwise we'd be out of business within a few months. I had been expecting to hear that I was out of a job there and then, so this final statement brought a little relief to me. He went on to say that he had a couple of ideas but needed more which was why I was being included in on this conversation. Alex had apparently been singing my praises saying that I was good at thinking outside of the box and was certain I would have plenty of ideas. No pressure then!

I walked home deep in thought. How was I going to find a solution for us when I was no good at maths or business matters? My strengths lay in dealing with people and knowing how to please them, which is why even if I do admit it myself, I make a damn good barman. Tired and despairing that nothing was springing to mind I climbed into my empty bed wishing that Morten was here.

Chapter 3

I woke the following morning feeling more optimistic. I felt that I my life was at a turning point, all I had to do was solve the problem presented to me last night. Sitting at the kitchen table with a mug of coffee in one hand and a piece of toast in the other I read through the gay guide to Brighton. I was looking for a clue. What had Dean and Alex missed in their business plans?

On my second mug of coffee the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place, excited like a blood hound discovering a scent, I re-scanned the business listings animatedly. The Golden Ring's advert was lost amongst the others, even I was lucky to have found it. That would need to be changed along with the fact there were loads of similar pubs with nothing to distinguish them from one another. I felt we needed to diversify and offer more to our customers to regain their loyalty and much needed cash. What could we do to make ourselves stand out? What could we offer locals and visiting tourists that the others didn't?

Taking a step back, figuratively speaking, I looked for any gaps in the market that hadn't already been covered. At first nothing sprung to mind but slowly the fog lifted and there stood the solution crystal clear. We should split the business into two, one part remaining as the traditional pub venue, with other part offering themed evenings run on nights not available elsewhere.

Genius! I thought to myself, now what sort of themes to offer and where? The where bit was simple, the upstairs rooms could be converted with controlled access for paying members. The theme bit took more researching as I wanted to find out what was available elsewhere in the country. After an hour of surfing the internet I had made a list of what I thought were possible themes. Pleased with myself I sent a text to Alex giving him the news before I put my list to one side and got on with household chores.

By lunch time I was getting a little stir crazy, there's only so much dusting and hoovering a guy can do! I hate being alone for any length of time, so keen to hear a friendly voice I called Morten on his mobile only to be put through to his voicemail. I left a rambling message declaring my love and how much I missed him before trailing off a little lamely. A little embarrassed by my neediness I decided that I should man up and leave him to contact me, after all it was him who had arranged to be away for the whole weekend.

With a couple of hours to kill before my shift started at the pub I showered and changed before heading off into town to have a coffee and watch the world go by (okay the guys going by if I'm being honest). One lad caught my interest, his face looked familiar and as I struggled to recall where I had seen him before he spotted me watching him. Smirking slightly he sauntered over and stood in front of me with hands buried deep in his pockets.

"Spare some change please?" he said furtively glancing around him.

The moment I heard his voice I remembered where I'd seen him before. On the beach yesterday, he was one of the chavs who'd been ogling the sunbathers!

"No but I'll buy you a drink and something to eat" I replied noticing the way his clothes hung on his slender frame.

This appeared to catch him off guard for he hesitated, glanced at me suspiciously before muttering "I suppose so."

"Your choice" I replied acting more coolly than I felt.

He pulled a chair over and sat down opposite me with his back to the passing shoppers. I offered him the menu card and told him to choose whatever he wanted from it. From his expression and the way he mouthed the words silently to himself I gathered that he wasn't very good at reading. Eventually he said he wanted a coke and a ham sandwich and just remembered to say a 'thank you' afterwards. I attracted the attention of a waitress and placed his order and requested another coffee and a croissant for myself.

While we waited for the order to arrive I casually asked if he recognised me. He shook his head slowly he said that he didn't and had only come over to beg some money as I looked like a soft touch. I burst out laughing at his honesty and had to admit that perhaps I was but the reason I had made eye contact was because I recognised him. Now I had his attention. Just at that moment the food and drink arrived bringing a halt to the conversation. He ate his food quickly and in silence before asking me where I knew him from.

"I saw you yesterday on the nudist beach larking around with some mates of yours."

He looked a little embarrassed at this information, glanced down at his empty plate before looking up at me.

"Yeah well, we were just messing around like, didn't mean nothing though."

"Oh right" I said casually and watched the waitress clearing nearby tables.

"Are you queer?"

"Yes, have you got a problem with that?" I replied feeling my hackles rise at the word 'queer'.

"Nah, but I'm short in my benefits and I could do with some cash........"

I choked on my coffee spraying the hot drink over the table and my croissant, bringing a snigger from him while I gasped for breath.

"Are you suggesting..... Sex for cash?" I whispered once I'd regained my composure.

He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly "Sure, why not? I'll let you suck my cock for a tenner."

"I've got a boyfriend! Why would I want to pay you for a blow job?"

He swilled the last of his coke around the glass before downing it and then looked at me with a calculating glint in his eye. For the first time I sensed his intelligence, perhaps he wasn't the brain-dead chav he appeared to be. Then he snorted.

"That guy I saw you with on the beach? He's old enough to be your dad!"

"Cheeky beggar he's not!" I replied "Well he's only fifteen years older than me, that's all."

Again that nonchalant shrug.


"How old are you?"


"Ok..... You still haven't told me why I would want to pay you."

Without replying he stood up, scraping the chair loudly on the pavement as he did so. He pulled his jogging bottoms tight across his thighs, and then I saw it, the outline of his cock. Oh boy oh boy was he big! I licked my lips reflexively, with great difficulty I tore my eyes away from his crutch and looked up at his broadly grinning face.

"That's why. Common let's go."


"Just follow me. I know a place to go."

He strode off not looking back, cocky in the knowledge that I would follow him. Which I did without hesitation, well after having quickly left money on the table to cover the bill that is. Not once did I consider the risks or the consequences of my actions. I'm ashamed to say that I didn't even think about Morten, all I could focus on was how big he would be when erect. I followed him along the high street at a discreet distance before he turned into a side road and then up an alleyway. Now I began to slow down allowing more space between us, what was I doing? I could be beaten up and mugged at any moment!

Perhaps sensing my hesitance he turned round, smiled, told me that everything was cool and to keep up. About fifty feet into the alleyway he disappeared from view. Catching up I found that he had climbed through a hole in a wooden fence into an overgrown garden of a boarded up house. Under an ancient apple tree he stood with his trousers already round his ankles stroking his cock through his pants. Nervously I looked around at the neighbouring houses before walking over to him and realised that we were effectively hidden from view.

I knelt down and reached forward to pull his pants down. As I gripped the waistband I was surprised to see that they were Calvin Klein branded, I had assumed that he was more of a Primark guy. After a moment's hesitation I slowly slid his pants down until his cock sprang free bobbing in front of my face. I continued pulling them down his outspread legs until they had joined his jogging bottoms and then ran my hands up the back of his slim hairy legs. In the afternoon sun the hairs on his legs shone like gold as did his small thatch of pubic hairs. I placed my hands on his tiny waist and pulled him towards me.

At the same time I felt his hands grasp the back of my head holding me in position as he aimed his cockhead at my now open mouth. Despite my concerns about his personal hygiene there was only the slightest whiff of man smell about his cock and that quickly disappeared as I licked his cockhead with my willing tongue. By now he was rock hard and although it hadn't grown that much longer it had definitely become thicker. It filled my mouth completely as he pushed it inch by inch past my lips until it was hitting the back of my throat. Gagging slightly I pulled back and adjusted my position so that I could take it down my throat easier.

I could tell by his confident attitude and well aimed strokes that he'd had plenty of practice doing this sort of thing. I fleetingly wondered how many times had he brought punters back to this secluded spot to earn a tenner or two. Did it matter? I asked myself, not really I guess, none of my business for I didn't even know his name! My thoughts were interrupted by his cockhead pushing further down my throat until his tight little balls were pressing into my goatee and my nose into his pubes. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations I was experiencing. With my tongue I explored his veiny shaft as it slid leisurely backwards and forwards over it. My lips were locked around it in a loving embrace while my nose inhaled his natural aroma. I fumbled to undo my jeans and extract my raging hard on from my constraining boxer shorts.

Slowly the urgency of our union increased, before I knew it his body was bucking and his cock pulsing as he sent his jism shooting down my throat. Like a man possessed I wanked my cock, within a few seconds I was sending my own seed flying into the long grass at his feet. With a grunt he pulled his slimy still oozing cock out of my mouth and quickly pulled his pants and bottoms up.

"You owe me a tenner mate" he said all business now.

"Okay okay, give me a minute" I replied climbing to my feet and doing my jeans up at the same time.

"What's your name?" I asked as took a tenner out of my wallet and held it towards him.

He snatched it out of my hand and stuffed it into his back pocket before striding quickly towards the alleyway. He paused as reached the hole in the fence and then looked back at me.

"You can call me Stevie."

And then he was gone.

Chapter 4

My head was all over the place as I walked to work, the same thoughts kept whirling through my brain. Did I really just pay a tenner to give a stranger a blow job? Should I tell Morten about it? Why hadn't Morten returned my call? What would I do if I bumped into Stevie again? Did I want to? The answers to these questions changed each time I thought about them.

The only thing I knew for certain was that having acted impulsively and taken a risk for a change I felt alive with excitement. I love Morten very much and wouldn't hurt him for anything in the world, but sometimes I feel we're stuck in a rut and that I'm simply part of the furniture. The energy carried me through the entire evening shift for I served every customer with a smile and cleared tables with quick efficiency. This didn't go unnoticed, for on more than one occasion I spotted out the corner of my eye Alex watching with me with suspicion in his eyes.

He said nothing until Dean threw the bolts on the door as the last of the drunken customers left, and then the inquisition started. As we cleared up he asked innocent enough questions but cumulatively they backed me into a corner until I had no option but to disclose my encounter with Stevie. My confession brought unexpected and different reactions from the two guys. Alex was shocked; horrified at the risks I had taken and angry that I had been unfaithful to Morten. Meanwhile Dean just raised an eyebrow, looked at me thoughtfully for a moment before he broke into a grin and told me what a bad bad boy I had been. I got the distinct feeling that I had just gone up in his estimation.

To turn attention away from my earlier activities I raised the subject of the pub's future and the ideas I had come up with this morning. Over the next half an hour I outlined what I would do if I was given a free hand with the place. I told them how I'd leave the downstairs alone to retain the ambience of the pub and existing customers but the upstairs was a different matter. It would be gutted and transformed into a nightclub on two floors with restricted to ticket access or members only. Alex clearly still had a bit of an issue with me for he tackled me hard on the practicalities and how we would attract the extra custom to cover the costs involved. Ignoring the undercurrents in our dialogue I maintained a businesslike approach, to Dean's approval and Alex's irritation. I said we could attract the custom and income by holding themed nights such as underwear only, boots only, totally naked, uniform or rubber/leather etc. on evenings not available elsewhere in Brighton.

By the end of the meeting Dean was enthusiastic about the possibilities my ideas had raised and even Alex grudgingly admitted that I might be onto something. As I made to leave Alex gave me a hug to clear the air between us, then suggested that I didn't tell Morten anything about Stevie as he didn't think he would take it very well. I nodded in agreement as I was pretty sure myself that the shit would hit the fan if I did.

Walking home I checked my mobile for messages but still nothing, this was out of character, either something was wrong or he was up to something.

Chapter 5

My phone never did ring. I was slobbing out on the sofa catching up on Eastenders on my iPad when the door bell rang. Who was that? I sighed as hit the pause button. Barefooted I padded to the door ready to give a mouthful to the person who had dared to interrupt my peace. As I opened the door a large spray of pink and white roses were presented to me by a sheepish looking Morten.

All irritation I felt evaporated as I took the roses from him and inhaled their heady scent, for they are my all time favourite flowers. I stepped aside with a smile to let him inside. Closing the door with a quiet click I slowly followed him into the kitchen where he was already filling the kettle and humming to himself. He was dressed in his customary style, jeans and close fitting jumper pushed up to the elbows. His hair as ever immaculate if a little dated in the curtain style, he's a big 80's fan you see.

Hearing my approaching footsteps Morten switched the kettle on before turning round and giving me one of his special smiles, the kind that I find impossible to resist. I took a couple of steps towards him and found myself quickly enfolded within him arms. I wrapped my own arms around his middle and hugged him hard. Kissing me on the top of my head he returned my hug and together we swayed gently as if slowly dancing to inaudible music.

Finally we broke apart prompted by the clicking of the boiling kettle switching off. I opened my mouth to ask him about the voicemail message I had left for him but he beat me to it.

"I'm really sorry I didn't return your call. I turned my phone off while driving to mum and dad's and forgot to turn it back on again until last night. By then it was too late, I knew you'd be at work."

Suspicion wheedled its way through my brain encouraged perhaps by guilty feelings about my recent encounter with Stevie. Morten was normally very reliable and conscientious about keeping in touch with me. It was definitely out of character.

"You could have called me this morning" I said pouting a little theatrically.

"True, but Carol cancelled at the last moment so I decided to come straight home and surprise you. Which I did, right?" he finished using that smile of his again.

"Yeah, you did that alright" I conceded as I put sugar and coffee into two mugs.

Subject closed we sat cuddled up on the sofa as he recounted his day with his parents. Two people who I have only met once, in passing, at his sister's birthday party. I had simply been introduced as a 'friend' to them for they were still blissfully unaware that their son liked to fuck guys rather than girls. I hated the dishonesty. It made me feel like a second class citizen not worthy to be counted as his partner. However there was no discussing the issue with him. He simply would not broach the subject with them always arguing that they were too old to accept or understand the fact that he was gay.

Finally finished he asked me about my last twenty four hours, so I told him about my meeting with Dean and Alex over the future of the pub and the ideas I had put forward. I also told him the more mundane aspects of yesterday carefully editing out all references to Stevie. I needn't have worried for I had lost him when I mentioned my ideas; he was frowning and deep in thought. Finally he surfaced returning to the here and now. In one smooth move he rose disentangling himself from my arms and strode over to the lounge window.

I sat there looking up at him waiting for the inevitable lecture from him, sometimes he forgets that I'm not one of his students to be told what to think and do. Sure enough once he had tired of watching the world outside he turned round leaning against the windowsill with an inscrutable expression. Then he started his critical analysis of our ideas and how he thought it might work if done correctly (i.e. his way) and marketed cleverly. Warming to his own ideas he spent half an hour talking technical business plans which went straight over my head. All I could suggest at the end was that he speak to Dean about them for I was just a simple barman.

Perhaps in hindsight this last comment was a tactical mistake for it simply reinforced the idea that I was not very intelligent in his eyes. He gave me a slightly patronising smile and agreed with me. I thought he had finished with the lecture but no, he started to tell me that he wasn't comfortable or happy with the thought of me working in the club on the themed evenings. By now I was more than a little irritated and tackled him about his stance when as far as I was concerned I would still be working as a barman. What I didn't understand was how come he liked the idea of business plan but not me being part of it?

I could see that this was in danger of turning into an argument so to prevent the afternoon being spoilt completely I changed the subject. I suggested we get some fresh air and go for a walk which he took as a sign of victory and agreed to the suggestion.

Chapter 6

An hour later we were walking through Preston Park with ice creams in hand first watching the tennis being played in the courts before moving on to the main park and watching a couple of kick around football matches. I love watching football partly because of the fit bodies and partly for the testosterone fuelled aggression between the players. The thought of being used as a cum dump for the two teams never fails to turn me on.

Morten apparently shared my feelings for he whispered in my ear that he still wanted to fuck me and wasn't going to take no for an answer. I continued to watch the football but raised my eyebrows, nodded slightly and asked where was he going to do this in such a busy park? Grinning he told me that he was going to the central toilets and that I should follow him in a minute's time, if a cubicle was free we would do it there. I simply nodded and returned my attention to the game as he casually sauntered off across the grass towards the main toilets. He's taking a risk I thought, but it was ticking all of my boxes so I counted the seconds before making my way over.

Despite the park being busy the toilets appeared to be empty, perhaps because they're not the cleanest in the park. I coughed to gain Morten's attention, in response a cubicle door swung open to reveal him standing with his trousers and pants around his ankles. He had a broad grin on his face while he stroked his cock to erection. With one final look around me I darted into the graffiti covered cubicle and locked the door behind me. It was cramped in the cell designed for one but with a little careful manoeuvring I managed to remove my jeans and boxers. Hanging them up on the door hook I then knelt on the toilet seat so that my feet couldn't be seen from outside and braced my arms against the grimy walls. Looking over my shoulder I watched Morten reach down into his trouser pockets and retrieve a sachet of lubricant. We had tons of them at home thanks to the freebies supplied in the pubs and nightclubs. They always come in handy for an impromptu fuck!

Stepping in between my outspread legs he pushed his greased up cock between my cheeks and straight into my puckered hole. Without waiting for me to relax and adjust to the sudden intrusion he thrust his cock smoothly all the way in until it was fully buried up to the hilt. As I went to cry out from the pain he clamped his hand over my mouth silencing me in an instant. Just as well for a few seconds later I heard the toilet door open and the shuffling footsteps of what must have been an elderly man. Morten didn't pause for a moment, too carried away by the moment he simply started to fuck me with all his might. After the pain had subsided I began to really enjoy the rough fucking, the feel of his cock impaling me, his hips banging against my cheeks, me holding my breath while the old man pissed into the pan just feet away from us.

With one hand I reached underneath me and stroked my cock to erection, it didn't take long for me to cum sending my jism splattering into the toilet pan. As I orgasmed my ring clamped tight around Morten's cock tipping him over the edge. With a stifled grunt he slammed his cock into me for a final time and sent his own jism shooting deep into me. We remained locked together for a couple of minutes to catch our breaths and wait for another visitor to leave the toilets. Pulling out of me with a quiet plop Morten carefully wiped his cock clean before cleaning my crack up too using the scratchy toilet paper. I climbed off the toilet and reached round him to retrieve my clothes, as I did so he pulled me to him giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

"I love you" he said.

Smiling in response I replied "I love you too but I really need to get dressed before we are discovered."

With a little awkwardness I pulled my shorts and jeans on again, while I did so Morten checked to make sure the coast was clear. Satisfied that it was he opened the cubicle, then closed it behind him and left me to follow on after a minute or so. Five minutes later we were both standing once more at the edge of the football pitch where the game was still playing. I glanced down at my watch and was surprised to find we'd only been gone fifteen minutes. Our fun in the cubicle had seemed to last much longer than that.

Once the game had finished we wandered slowly home again. Taking the bull by the horns I tackled him over his contradictory stance over the pub and my involvement in it. He looked at me thoughtfully for a moment before explaining how much the idea of the themed nights turned him on as had the fuck in the toilets just now but he was worried about the impact it would have on our relationship. I asked him in what way and was told that he didn't like the idea of sharing me with anyone else even though he was finding our current setup stifling. I laughed at this last admission for that was exactly how I felt and told him so.

By the time we arrived back home our heart to heart talk had cleared the air between us and I felt we were much closer than before.

Chapter 7

One evening about a week later while we cleared up the pub after the last of the customers had left, Dean dropped a bombshell on me. He told me that he and Morten had been busy having discussions and together had drawn up a viable business plan for the pub. Oh really? That's news to me I thought to myself. I must have a word with Morten when I get home.

After a moment's hesitation I smiled tentatively and asked if I was still included in the plans. Clapping me on the shoulder he winked and told me that I would be playing a major part, all would be revealed once Morten arrived with the contracts. Bloody hell! Things were moving fast, contracts? I didn't even know what had been agreed. It was becoming clear that I was not being kept in the loop but why would I be? After all I was only hired staff, running the business was not my concern, having fun and getting paid was what I was interested in.

Twenty minutes later there was a sharp knock on the door. Alex undid the bolts and stepped back, in walked Morten looking very suave in his business suit holding a bulging briefcase under his arm. He dumped the case on the nearest table, while Alex locked the door again, and walked over to where I stood. He threw me a mischievous smile before kissing me gently on the lips. Then he was all business, undoing his case he withdrew a raft of paperwork and sat down with Dean, together they went through it. Bored and slightly impatient Alex and I helped ourselves to a drink from behind the bar while we waited for our partners to finish their discussions. It seemed to go on forever but finally they both seemed happy with the contracts for they shook hands and signed them off. Only now were they prepared to share their plans.

Dean and Morten were now business partners with equal stakes in the new venture. The pub was going to be renamed "The Polished Ring" a deliberate reference to a certain part of the anatomy and one that would stick in people's minds. This of course was the purpose of the name change. The ground floor was to remain as it was, a welcoming traditional style pub, while the first floor was being transformed into an exclusively gay restaurant and the top floor into a members only lounge bar.

I hadn't expected that a restaurant would be part of the business plan, so expressing my surprise I asked who would run it and how would we bring in enough customers to make it successful? Morten looked a little smug as he informed us that he would be managing the restaurant but it would only be open on Friday and Saturday evenings. With the help of an assistant chef he would be serving up fine cuisine providing one of the attractions, another attraction being the fact that the diners would be served by a naked waiter.

I choked on my drink at this last comment, spluttering I asked if he meant literally naked. He nodded before explaining that the waiter would be completely naked with only a black waist apron covering his modesty and matching bow tie collar and cuffs. I said that I liked the sound of that, picturing some lush hunk in my mind and asked who did they have in mind for the job? Morten laughed and pointed a finger in my direction. Not for the first time tonight I had been wrong footed, I opened and closed my mouth silently a couple of times before coming out with a lame 'oh'.

Dean took over from Morten assuring me that it would be done very tastefully. They both thought that I was the ideal person for the role. I was young, slim and reasonably attractive, plus with my friendly outgoing nature and exhibitionist streak I would be popular with the diners. I beamed with pleasure from all the compliments but I did have to agree with his character summarisation, for that's what makes me a good barman. Before I could say anything else he went on to talk about the member's only lounge which would be his and Alex's domain. He had liked the idea of the themed evenings so from Sunday to Thursday they would be open for the following themes - underwear only, boots only, totally naked, leather/rubber gear, army/uniform, sportswear and finally arse play/fisting. It was still to be decided which theme would be on which evening but there was plenty of time for that to be finalised.

I was pleased to see that my ideas had remained largely intact even though by the sound of it I wasn't going to be taking part in the evenings. But considering what I would have to do in my role I dreaded to think what would be expected of Alex on those evenings. Looking at his expression I think he was thinking along the same lines as me!

My thoughts were interrupted by Dean outlining the plans for the coming weeks. The pub would remain open for business as much as possible while the two upper floors were transformed into the restaurant and lounge bar. But inevitably there would come a point when it would have to completely close for about two weeks whilst the whole interior was redecorated. Morten jumped in to assure both Alex and I would still be paid for those two weeks and there would be plenty of work to be done during that time. Alex raised his eyebrows and asked what would be involved for he was still looking nervous about the whole matter.

With barely a pause for breath Morten launched into an animated speech about the need for publicity and getting our faces known amongst the gay community both in Brighton and around the rest of the country. In fact the whole world he enthused, warming up to the idea, we could launch our own website so that gay guys visiting the UK would know where to find us before they arrived. He planned to use professional photographers and marketing experts to create publicity posters, flyers and adverts to get the message out there.

Dean thumped the table in triumph as he had a Eureka moment, for in two month's time it would be the Gay Pride Festival in Brighton. That would be a perfect opportunity for us to reach loads of guys in a short space of time he explained. Morten nodded in agreement, he looked thoughtful for a moment before adding that he knew one of the event organisers for Gay Pride and was sure that he could get a stall arranged for us even at this late stage. We would have to work fast to get the publicity material together but it could be done if everyone helped out. Despite my initial concerns about being a naked waiter I was swept up by their enthusiasm and volunteered to help out in any way I could to make this venture be successful.

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