My fascination with glory holes began with a visit to the old-fashioned men's room of the city's natural history museum. Needing to pee and wanting to avoid an odd fellow who seemed to be exposing himself at the open row of urinals, I went into a booth and let a long, noisy stream splash into the bowl. The lengthy relief gave me time to look around at some surprisingly well drawn male sexual graffiti, which I found very arousing, but when I spotted an eye behind what I thought was a very large peephole, my eyebrows shot up in surprise, and the eye was withdrawn. Immediately, I felt that if he could look in on me, I had the right to look in on him. It seemed indecent, yet something about it also seemed very erotic, and, as an ever-horny eighteen-year-old, I couldn't help myself. I peeked after peeing.

The impression the man in the next booth made hit me hard. He seemed nude. His shirt was off and his pants were down on the floor at his ankles. He had stretched out and was very muscular, with firm skin and little body hair except at his crotch. It startled and excited me to see that his fist was slowly riding the length of an enormous erection, up and down. The head of his cock seemed to be larger than my entire fist and was so completely engorged that it was shiny with pre-orgasmic arousal. I stared in complete amazement.

I saw his body tighten, as if doing a stomach crunch, and realized that he was moving to the hole. Suddenly, he whispered, 'Com'on, kid, put it through!'

I was shocked. I shoved my cock into my pants, realizing I had an erection, too, and left the booth, finding the large room empty. Immediately, chancing detection but apparently unfazed, he opened the door to his booth, and I saw him sitting there, big balls hanging down below the giant cock, which he continued to fist erotically. His free hand beckoned me to enter. I stood rooted there dazzled by the sight of the huge erection, wanting to go in and take up his apparent offer to play with it, yet scared of what he might do and fearful of getting caught in a public place playing with a dick. I chickened out, backing slowly away as he smiled knowingly at me. Then I heard him say, 'Com'on back, boy. You want it!'

That phrase rang in my brain and stopped me in my tracks. You want it! I knew he was right but wondered just what it was, exactly, that I wanted to do with it. But he was right. I wanted it. I wanted to look at him through that hole again. I wanted to look at his big cock through that hole again. I had found it to be very exciting! So as I slowly moved forward to go back into the booth I had left, he gave me a big grin, while still fisting that big cock! Both booth doors closed at the same time.

I stood there wondering what to do. I felt my still stiff erection throbbing.

'So do it, boy!' he commanded softly. 'Put that big cock of yours through this hole and I'll take care of it for you.' His lips were at the large hole, whispering at me erotically.

'Take care of it?' I whispered questioningly.

'Sure, man! I'll suck it for you. It's called a blowjob. I'll bring you off in my mouth. You'll like it much better than jacking off.'

'Jacking off,' I repeated, surprised that someone would actually mention jacking off yet obviously meaning that he somehow knew I jacked off. It seemed very knowing, very personal, but I liked it, because I love jacking off.

'Sure. We all jack off - I do, you do. I love jacking off. You love jacking off, too, I'll bet ya. If you hadn't shown up, I was going to jack off by myself, here. You saw me doing it, right? Take another look, now.' His lips left the hole.

I sat down on the commode and looked through the hole. There he was, stretched out again, pumping that giant cock! It really looked spectacular. Having been given his permission to look made it even more exciting. I noticed that his balls had tightened up against the base of his cock and, even as inexperienced as I was, I knew he was getting very horny. I had seen my own balls tighten up, like that, too often not to know what was happening.

'Wow!' I whispered excitedly.

'Looks great, doesn't it?' he asked.

'Yeah,' I responded honestly.

'Lemme see yours, again,' he asked in a sexy tone, emphasizing the word 'yours' in a way that seemed to me to be flattering. His head moved towards the hole.

I opened my pants. My cock stood rigidly.

'Stand up,' he requested quietly.

I stood up, my pants and underpants sliding to the floor. I raised my T-shirt.

'Man! What a handsome, sexy sight you are. What a fine body! What big balls! What a great cock!'

'Uh... Thanks,' I whispered hesitantly.

Com'on now,' he encouraged, 'put that big thing through the glory hole.'

'Glory hole?' I repeated, surprised to learn the term, but immediately delighted by it.

'That's what us cocksuckers call these holes,' he explained, his lips back at the hole.

'Cocksuckers?!' I repeated, feeling rather surprised that he should use a word I had heard used only derogatorily, yet he used it with such obvious pride.

'That's what we are, kid, and it's a good thing. Cocksucking is a job for a real man. Done right, cocksucking makes both guys feel good, and I do it right, you'll see. Now, com'on, put that nice big cock of yours through this glory hole and find out how terrific getting it sucked will make you feel.'

My cock was so stiff and hard, leaking juices, that we both knew I was going to put it though the hole. But when he said that's what 'WE' are I immediately discovered that, yes, I am a cocksucker, too, because I had been fantasizing about sucking cock and I knew I wanted to suck a cock! Then I realized I wanted to suck his cock! That thought surprised me, too!

I moved towards the hole. I saw his eye watching me. I was so hard that I have to shift my hips and use my hand to press down on my erection to aim it at the glory hole.

'That's it!' he whispered enthusiastically, 'slip it to me! Lemme suck it! I'll suck it good!'

I liked the way he talked dirty to me. I found that I wanted to know what he planned to do and liked hearing him tell me. I had no idea how it would feel, but my cock was heading into the glory hole like a bear to honey.

As my cockhead eased through the large hole, I felt his lips slide over the tip. It felt like he was kissing the head of my cock. Immediately, I felt light, exquisite suction. I felt pre-cum being sucked up out of the shaft. I pushed inwards and the entire head slid into his hot, moist mouth.

'Oh, God!' I sighed.

'Ummm...'he hummed, vibrating my cockhead, acknowledging to me that he, too, was enjoying this carnal contact.

He sucked. I humped more cock into him. He sucked. I humped more cock into him. He sucked. I rammed home the last inch or two 'til I was pressed up tightly against the wooden partition and my cock was in as far as I could get it. My balls were pressed partially against his chin and partially against the wood. I felt his mouth and throat on every inch of my meat! It was spectacular!

I stayed pressed against the wall and he began to raise and lower himself on the long shaft, sucking diligently. This was a feeling I wanted to last. This was magnificent! But the sensations were also incredibly overwhelming and after only two or maybe three trips up and down my throbbing shaft, I grunted and came! And came! And came! And came! And came! It was better than any jack off orgasm I had ever had, and I knew it immediately. I enjoyed it completely. I loved it and wanted it often.

But his continued suction was beginning to pain my over-sensitized cockhead and I drew back. He seemed to understand and he released me. I plopped down onto the commode and tried to catch my breath, closing my eyes.

When I opened my eyes I got a real start! His cock was standing tall through the glory hole! It was a thrilling sight! Up close it was even more spectacular! My belly churned, my mouth went dry, I licked my lips and I knew I was going to suck his cock!

'Suck it,' he pleaded softly, encouragingly.

I hesitated, not because I didn't want to suck it, but because I wanted to hear him ask me to.

'Try it! If you don't like it, you can stop. No hard feelings. But just try it. You may love it! Like I do!' As I hesitated, he added, 'I'll warn you when I'm about to shoot my load, if you don't want to take it. It's okay, I'll understand, but just give it a try.'

My hand reached out and encircled the big organ. It felt wonderful! Strong and hard, with easily drawn skin that moved as I began to pump the cock.

'That's it!' he sighed. 'Pump my cock like you pump your own when you jack off. That's it! It feels great! But, now, try touching the head with your lips, while you keep pumping my cock.'

It was an erotically whispered instruction that churned my balls. I knew I was going to suck his cock as I leaned in towards it, still pumping the shaft like he instructed and like I so often pumped my own. The fat cockhead was moist with oozing goo. It smelled great! My lips formed an oval as I leaned in to experience for the first time the feel of a hot cock at my mouth.

'Ah!' he sighed loudly as he felt my hot lips touch the tip of the cockhead. 'That's it!' he added, sounding very pleased. 'Do that!' he added.

I was startled by the heat of the meat. Instinctively, I applied some suction as my lips curved over the head, taking some of it into my mouth but not past my teeth. A large dollop of hot juice flowed inward coating my tongue with its syrupy lubrication. I had tasted my own pre-cum so often that I recognized the similar sticky fluid. But receiving it from another man was exciting, especially while enjoying the masculine tastes of his cock, my first cock! I felt my own cock re-strengthen in arousal.

I pushed my mouth down over the large cockhead and allowed it to pop into me. It expanded in my mouth with an amazingly delightful fullness, pressing against tissues in a way that both tickled and caressed. I sucked! The cockhead swelled even larger and got stony hard, yet when my tongue pressed against it, it remained plaint. I sucked harder! He humped into the glory hole and pushed the cock against the roof of my mouth. I was elated! I was sucking cock and he seemed to like it! I sucked some more and swallowed the saliva that was building up in my mouth, and I heard him groan with pleasure. 'That's it!' he repeated, 'That's it! SUCK MY COCK!'

I don't know how loudly he said it, but that phrase rang though my brain. Yes! I'm sucking your cock! I thought, and I LOVE it!

Almost unconsciously I continued to pump the thick shaft while sucking the cockhead with great effort.

'Oh! God! It's so exciting for me to realize you're doing it, that you're sucking cock for the first time. The idea of it has me on fire. You're doing it just great. Do you like it?' he asked huskily.

'Ummm!' I hummed, vibrating his cockhead just as he had vibrated mine, knowing I was telling him I was enjoying myself.

That's got it!' he suddenly whispered urgently, 'I'm about to shoot my load!'

He warned me, but he didn't pull back. It was up to me. But by now, I knew I wanted his load in my mouth. I had been fantasizing about this for a long time. I knew that by drawing my hand down to the base of the cock and holding it there, waiting, and by sucking as best I could, he would be brought to orgasm as he humped a final thrust through the glory hole.

An explosion of cum burst into my mouth! It was hot and thick and delicious! I savored it for a moment but then swallowed. Immediately, another powerful shot of cum filled my mouth. It seemed to taste even better! I swallowed, and another hot jet of fluid filled me again.

'Ugh!' he grunted, 'you're swallowing my load! Ugh! Take it all, cocksucker!' With each 'Ugh!' more cum flooded into me. I never wanted it to stop! Right then, I knew I wanted to drink as much of that wonderful man-juice as I ever could.

Finally, he tugged back, sighing, 'Enough, I'm done!' I released him, and watched, both fascinated and disappointed as the large cock was withdrawn back through the glory hole. It had been an overwhelmingly wonderful experience!

'God, you did that so good, man,' he whispered to me. I felt proud. 'Did you like it?' he asked softly.

'I loved it!' I admitted honestly.

'Great! I thought you would,' he said, adding before I could think he was somehow putting me down, 'you're much too sexy not to enjoy cocksucking.'

'Thanks. It got me all hot, again,' I told him.

'Wonderful! Shove that big cock of yours back though and let me take care of it, again. I'd really love to suck it again.'

My cockhead brushed his lips before he got the last word out of his mouth. The second blowjob seemed even more intensely powerful than the first! It lasted much longer, was incredibly pleasurable, and brought me an awareness of how thrillingly great a really good blowjob really is. As I humped my hips and enjoyed the feel of his throat on my meat, I vowed to myself to become as good a cocksucker as he was and to take cock as deeply as he did; and I knew I would be giving great pleasure to my partners. Looking back, now, I realize I kept my vow, as I remember that there have been so many who have enjoyed my remarkable, deep-throating, cocksucking skills. And I've often said, 'I love sucking cock!'


Jack Sofelot


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