Have you ever been to a show and absolutely been in awe of the people on the stage?

I have.

When I moved to Branson, I never expected to find anything worth while. I was a recent college graduate, and having visited Branson once before, I was brought in to be the stage manager of a show. It was one of those acappella shows, where the singers don't use instruments.

It was kind of neat, actually. It was a popular show, and the pay was good. Even though I sat in the back, wearing nothing but black, I still took pride in my appearance. I had blonde hair, blue eyes, and I worked out almost religiously. Girls used to tell me that they could wash clothes on my abs. I'd had a few girlfriends, but none that were too serious. I moved away from home to start a new life for myself, and to find someone I could relate to.

Anyway, back to my original story.

A meeting had been scheduled for the crew and the singers, and I was running a tad late. One of the singers had just quit, and it had been a tense period. I was happy about this, because the guy was an asshole. He treated everyone as if they were beneath him, and that he was God's gift to singers. He wasn't even that good!

I parked my car outside and ran in, bag heavy over my shoulder and coffee in my hand (I never go anywhere without coffee). I burst into the conference room, and everyone was already there. Everyone was staring at me. I knew all of the faces, save one. He stared intensely at me, and seemed shocked for some reason. 'This must be the new guy,' I thought to myself.

'Sit down, Sean. We're just welcoming Chris to our team,' said Bryan, the manager of the group. 'Sean , meet Chris Stokes. Chris, this is Sean Jones, our stage manager.'

Chris looked at me, intensely again, and said 'Hello,' and then we shook hands. As our hands touched, I felt something stirring in my lower stomach. 'Hi,' I responded quickly and then sat down, and focused on getting my notebook and planner out of my bag. There was something about his eyes I wanted to avoid. I was afraid that if I looked into them, I'd never want to look anywhere else.

The rest of the meeting passed without incident. We had an easy schedule for a bit. Shows every other day, and only at 8 p.m. It was a cake walk for about a month. When the meeting was over, everyone left in a hurry, leaving for a quick dinner before the show that night at 8. I had just finished putting my stuff away when I realized that Chris and I were the only two people left, and he was looking at me. I felt a pang in my stomach.

'Hey, Sean?' I heard him say.

I finally turned and looked at him decently for the first time. He was handsome, with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. [oh wow, was I gay?] His body looked like mine, only he was about 4 inches taller than I was. He was incredibly cute.

'Yeah?' I responded.

'I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner with me, and explain this stuff a little more. I've never sang with a group like this before, but I've been told I have a great voice.'

'Sure, no problem,' I said. My heart started pounding. I'd never felt like this about anyone before.

Before I knew it, we headed to Wendy's, as it was just around the corner from the theatre, and we had to be back for the show in an hour. He let me do most of the talking about the show, and he seemed to have a better picture of it after half an hour. Then, the topic of conversation changed...

'So, what brings you here?' I asked him, wanting to know about him.

'Well, there's not really a whole lot to tell,' he replied. His speaking voice was so sexy, and I made a mental note to really pay attention to the show tonight. 'I'm from New York City, and I like to sing.'

'Really? Come on, man, give me more than that!'

'Do you really want to know, or are you just wasting time?' he asked.

'I really want to know!' I said. 'How are we supposed to get to know each other if we don't talk?'

'Okay. I moved here from New York because my dad kicked me out.'

'What? Why would he do that?'

'I told him that I was gay, and he didn't like it. Even though I'm 23 years old, making my own money, and I do everything right.'

'That's awful,' I said. Secretly, my mind was racing...


There was something about his pained expression that touched me in a way I couldn't explain. I resisted an urge to reach out and grab his hand. We sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Then, he asked me the same question: what I was doing here.

'Well, I moved here to get away from my life back home. I was so sick of it.'

'Sort of like me, huh?' he responded.

'Yeah, sort of.'

'So, do your parents know you're gay or not?'

The question caught me off guard.

'No. I mean, I'm not. Gay, I'm not gay.'

'Oh, I'm sorry,' he said. He sounded embarrassed.

'Yeah, well, I think I'll be going now. I'll see you at the show.'

And I left the table, acting a little more angry than I was. I didn't look back. I nearly jogged back to the theatre, and my heart felt it was in my throat. I felt ashamed of how I stormed out, but the whole thing caught me off guard. While I was attracted to Chris, I wasn't sure of anything. I reached the theatre, walked to the bathroom, and splashed some water on my face. I was so embarrassed. He was just making conversation, and I threw it back in his face.

I then plucked up my courage again and stepped into the booth. I had to get things ready. Soon, the doors opened and the audience came streaming in. I made my pre-show announcement of turning off cell phones and no photography, etc...and the show began. The curtain opened and then I saw Chris, looking handsome in his black suit jacket, tight jeans, and red shirt. Then he opened his mouth to sing, and the world stopped. He had the voice of an angel!

For two hours, I could barely keep my head on straight. [ha ha] I was utterly in love with this man. I barely got the cues on time for microphones, lights, and everything else. But it was still a great show. Chris was the new star, and the audience loved it. Eventually, the audience filtered out, and I set to my task of re-setting everything for the show in a couple days. The other guys started packing up merchandise, and Chris looked like he wanted to talk to me, but was nervous to approach. I beckoned to him.

As he approached, I said loudly, 'Come over here and help me, would you?'

Chris then helped me put microphones back into their cases. We then began a conversation in a whisper.

'Listen, Chris,' I began, but he cut me off.

'Sean, I'm sorry I just threw that out on the table like that. I just have this thing where I assume that every hot guy that looks like you is gay. Can you forgive me?'

The whole thing caught me off-guard, again. He had a habit of doing that...soon, everything else was done, but he and I were still putting things away. The other guys waved goodbye, I promised to lock up, and Chris and I were alone.

[oh boy!]

'Of course I forgive you,' I said, after the mics were packed up and put away.

'Thank you, so much,' he breathed. He looked immensely relieved.

'Because you were right.'

He stared at me, open mouthed. 'What?'

'You were right about me. I'd had my suspicions about myself, but I'd never realized it until I heard you sing. You're amazing.'

Suddenly, I was crying. Not sobbing, or anything, just silent tears. Chris walked over to me and hugged me. My face went into his chest, and we stayed that way for a little bit.

'I'm glad you told me,' he said. He felt better than he looked. He felt like he had muscle everywhere! I looked up at him.

'I'm glad I could tell you,' I said.

And then I kissed him. Full on the lips. Soon, he pressed back, and we were making out, full on. I'd never felt such passion before. He was wonderful.

Here I was, and 22 year old stage manager, making out with a beautiful 23 year old singer on the stage where he performed. It was as if the world suddenly made sense. Soon, he pulled away and started taking off his jacket. His red t-shirt was sleeveless, and his arm muscles were incredible. He then took off the t-shirt, showing his abs and perfect pecs. I was in Heaven!

My shirt and pants almost disappeared immediately, and there I was in my boxers. He was in his almost as fast, and we started kissing again. Although I'd never done this before, I was moving like I did. He then picked me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pushed me up against the back wall of the stage and I could feel his cock stiffen against my hole through his underwear. I dropped my legs to the ground and pulled his boxers down. I was greeted with a fully erect 7 inch member. Before I even thought about it, I took it in my mouth. Chris groaned with pleasure. Without removing my mouth from his cock, I removed my own underwear. He then pulled me back up to him, started kissing me again, and picked me back up, only to lay me down on the cool stage floor. Only pausing a moment to ask me if he could continue, [to which I immediately moaned yes] he began to tease my ass with his finger, while kissing me passionately.

I was moaning with pleasure as his fingers quickly worked my tight hole. Soon, I was begging him.

'Do it. Do it now!' I moaned. And before I knew, his cock was pushing inside me. Yes, it hurt at first, but for only a moment. He began slowly as to not hurt me, but soon it felt so good. My own cock was pulsing, and I began stroking it. Soon, Chris began pumping me harder and harder until I felt him go rigid, and he came inside me. He moaned so loudly that I became even more turned on, and I pulled his head to mine and kissed him. He continued fucking until I came, not ten seconds later. It went everywhere.

Eventually, we were laying on a pile of clothes, panting and sweating.

'That was incredible!' I panted. I'd never felt like this before. 'I am so turned on by you.'

'I feel the same way, man,' he crooned at me. 'You're so fucking hot!'

'Mmm, so are you. Can we do this again?'

'We can do this any time you want. You're my guy.'

I'd never been so happy in my whole life.


Alex Chamberlain

[email protected]


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