'Bloody hell!' Andrew said, grabbing my wrist. 'James, back up, mate. You don't know where that goes!'

I didn't move. The door was intriguing. It was thin, for a door, a black oak finish, and a symbol on the front. It was a metal rose, just the flower and a bit of the stem. One thorn lay on it. It was about 5 inches in length. I was too curious for my own good.

'Andrew,' I said, turning to the man I was falling for, 'I've got to see what's behind this door.'

'No, James, come on. Let's just go back to your room and we can have fun like we just did all night. We'll fuck until dawn breaks and earn our money. Please, don't do this!'

His offer sounded so tempting, but I just couldn't.

'Listen, babe,' I said after giving him a peck on the cheek. 'This is nothing bad on you, but if you take me back in there and have your way with me, I'm not going to be able to concentrate. All I will be thinking about is this door and where it might go. I would love you to fuck my brains out, but I want to be mentally present. Does that make sense?'

Andrew looked at me, an adorably cute look. Then, he sighed.

'I guess I can wait to get you off, as long as you promise that after we check out whatever this is, we come back up here and surrender your tight ass to me for as long as I want.'

'I can get into that,' I said, and kissed him on the mouth. 'Now come on.'

His beautiful eyes caught mine before I turned to look at the door again. I couldn't help but shiver, thinking of the fun we could have together after this whole thing was solved. I turned the golden handle, and the door creaked open.

A blast of putrid air greeted my nostrils, sending me into a coughing fit. Andrew patted my back and made sure I was alright. After a moment, I was. Braving the moldy stench, I continued down a wooden hallway with bare light bulbs hanging from single wires in the ceiling. The effect was eerie.

I eventually got used to the smell. Both Andrew and I were completely silent as we carefully treaded down the hall, taking caution to look behind us to make sure we weren't followed. He never let go of my hand.

Suddenly, a set of stairs led down. There was no other way to go. Turning to look at Andrew, he gave me a shrug before I stepped down.

The silence screamed around us. Our footsteps barely made any noise on the hardwood. After what seemed an eternity of shuffling down the stairs, we reached a stone archway. No light lay beyond.

'Holy shit,' I whispered to no one in particular.

Beyond the arch was, as far as I could tell, a room.

'Got a light?' I asked him, and he reached in his pocket and retrieved a lighter. 'Thanks, babe,' I said, flicking it.

Soft light illuminated an office of sorts, with papers and old photos littering the floor. I couldn't believe it. This fascinating old house had secrets, just like I had always dreamed of!

But, this was hardly the time or the place for those thoughts. Three people had been murdered tonight already, and surely there would be more before the night was over. Moving swiftly toward a desk, the breeze from my walk blew some things off the desk. I hastened to pick them up, and dropped to one knee to reach them. Andrew also began to help; I noticed him step in front of me. When I looked up, I was greeted by a pleasant sight:

Andrew's ass was hanging out of his jeans as he bent over. My cock immediately sprang to life as I imagined the things I could do to that butt. Before I could help myself, I was reaching out to get a handful of premium man meat.

'Hey, stud. Remember what you said?' he half whispered to me. I could hear the grin in his voice.

'I know what I said, but I can't ignore such a hot ass. Mind if I have a taste?'

'Mm, frisky, huh?' he said, slowly pulling his jeans down around his ankles.

Andrew also had a tattoo on his bubbly backside. Just two words.

"Your name"

I thought it was hilarious...

I softly kissed the tattoo and a few other places on his warm, slightly hairy cheeks, making him shudder, slightly. I held his firm buttocks in my hands, squeezing, feeling, basically trying to memorize how he felt.

Which was amazing, by the way.

As I felt his backside, he slowly began to bend forward, causing his cheeks to open slowly, which in a moment revealed a perfectly pink, round hole. God, it looked amazing. Slowly, I touched it with my finger, making Andrew moan a bit. Then, I couldn't take the waiting anymore. All of my fears flew away and I dove into that perfect ass face first. My tongue probing deep into the hole.

Andrews cries of pleasure echoed off the stone archway, bouncing back to me and making me feel fantastic. It had been so long since I'd had a beautiful ass, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I bobbed in between the ass and his erect cock, tasting some cum left from the encounter in my room.

After several minutes, Andrew forced me to my feet and placed his mouth on mine. His cock brushed the fabric of my jeans, which he pulled down in a swift movement. Our mouths never left each other's.

'Fuck me, hard,' he said.

He didn't have to tell me twice. I forced him across the desk and shoved my throbbing 8 inches inside of his quivering hole, and both of us cried out.

'Oh, fuck yes!' I heard him say, and I continued to thrust harder and harder. Loving the pleasure. Loving his moans and wails. I knew he was loving it as I was.

Too soon, my cock began oozing precum and I knew it wouldn't be long. I wondered if he wanted my load.

As if reading my mind, Andrew shouted, 'Don't you fucking dare pull out!'

He then started taking control with his buttocks. Although I had him splayed across a desk, he forced himself back and forth on my rock hard prick, never missing one of my thrusts, his tight hole squirming and squeezing the tip.

Suddenly, I felt a roaring in my ears and I felt such a release...I splattered Andrew's insides with a good 20 spurts of jizz.

'Oh, fuck yeah!' I shouted as I found myself again. 'Your ass is incredible!'

'Don't cut yourself short, mate,' he said back, as breathless as I was. 'With a cock like that you could make me squeal for hours!'

I let my cock return to air and pulled up my jeans as Andrew put his back on. Completely forgetting that we were now in the dark, I flicked the lighter once again and was treated to two sights. One good, one terrifying.

One was the sight of Andrew getting things back into place after our rigorous fuck.

The other made every good feeling I'd just experienced go away. A photo was laying on the floor next to Andrew's foot.

'Oh no,' I said aloud, causing Andrew to look up in worry.

This was a picture I had never wanted to see again in my life.

It was my ex-boyfriend...



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